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  • Muhammad Hilmi Ramadhan
    Muhammad Hilmi Ramadhan

    To be honest, this movie makes me hate Michael Bay for some reason... How the f*ck he can be rich from making some sh*t like transformer sequel and this car commercial movie🤮. I enjoyed any of his movie, but 6 Underground is sh*t. This movie is boring as helll...

  • Daphne R
    Daphne R


  • aini grnde
    aini grnde

    i love how the camera move from han na to seok jin 😂 2:47

  • thu ha
    thu ha

    bao gio moi ra mua 2 day ta?

  • alan gabriel Malbog
    alan gabriel Malbog

    Kwangsoo was jealous when he saw jong-kook was very good lol

  • Delphine Mwania
    Delphine Mwania

    this was too funny

  • Hey it’s Jo
    Hey it’s Jo

    Haha’s part is so good omg

  • Diviner

    when he combined happy with sad, that got me dead

  • Kim Mae
    Kim Mae

    Been rewatching it for the nth time, kwangsoo still gets me. Hahahahah I'M CRACKING EVERYTIME IT FEELS LIKE SEEING IT AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME.

  • Royal Palms
    Royal Palms

    Haha...seems like they keep trying to find something Eunwoo isn't good at. One day they'll have to give up and he'll become a legend.

  • Ario Bima Prasetya
    Ario Bima Prasetya

    I Know You Got That BooM

  • Rubi Restup
    Rubi Restup

    Orang Indonesia

  • hafiz khalid
    hafiz khalid

    someone know what eps that they are going to japan haunted house?

  • Joana Espinal
    Joana Espinal

    Gosh times fly so fast😭imiss the old ep💖

  • facy kook channel
    facy kook channel

    What name song background black cat ?

  • H85SL

    They are cute CAN'T STOP SMILING😊

  • Nazifa Moon
    Nazifa Moon

    Uri dongminnie 💜the way he giggles in tiny after saying something uwuu my heart and Eunwoo is really competitive when he really wannna do good in something yes everybody that’s our Eunwoo!!That’s how this boy is!! Always polite,humble,talented,pretty savage & good looking OFC Proud Aroha😊

  • H85SL

    1:36 What are the members thinking of ;)

  • Ratna Sari
    Ratna Sari

    go go cha eunwoo he is basket captain in school

  • Yerim Dyren
    Yerim Dyren

    LoL Despacito sonando de fondo XD

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan

    I wish Gary and jiho could get together

  • putri Kirana
    putri Kirana

    Can anyone give me the link to watch this?,cuz i lost the link:)

  • prvt

    I really love him and his character in Playful Kiss before as Jingoo and i doesn’t even realize that he had a kid and is a single dad now. Things just really happened and i know God has a better plan for him and his son. I hope that God could give him a Strong and healthy long life. He’s a good dad. And he’s a good and matured son for his age to understand everything. Wish them nothing but the best 🥺

  • Afnie Xaly
    Afnie Xaly

    I wonder what happen if Kwangsoo not coming along😅🤣 they will shoot 'We got Married' instead

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan

    this edit was so funny my stomach is paining of laughing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Yonghwa's button
    Yonghwa's button

    I knew he looked familiar. Isn't he the one that lost to Mirko?

  • EiThelPhyu EiThelPhyu
    EiThelPhyu EiThelPhyu

    So Min So cute😍😍

  • Kringles Waga
    Kringles Waga

    I love that funny man with jennie I first saw him in a series of DONGYI if im not mistaken ❗❗❗

  • Ahgase VIP
    Ahgase VIP

    I need cha taehyun in more variety shows 😭❤️

  • Herald Goloya
    Herald Goloya



    So min teach eun bin how to cheat 🤣 eun bin so cute when her face red

  • Janna Dalimocon
    Janna Dalimocon

    Red velevet Joy can win this segment.

  • Jom Maican
    Jom Maican

    Blackpink fan's so stupid if they want to blame somin..they have to understand..this is a reality show and running man help to promote their song also..

  • j. pupils
    j. pupils


  • 223 subscribers with one video
    223 subscribers with one video

    1:24 I like your cut g

  • pippin hobbit
    pippin hobbit

    4:37 Yooa reaction is so cute.

  • Kwangsoo어빠

    Anyoneeee pleaseeeee 1:32 whatt is thee song title😭🥺?

  • Monica Jofre
    Monica Jofre

    Porfavor subtítulos en español!!!!

  • Haneulie_하늘이

    07:00 Jinyoung still looks good even he drew on his face =))))

  • dh baby
    dh baby

    i lost count on how many times i rewatch this clip. i ship somin and sechan so hard <3 <3 <3

  • Ratna Sari
    Ratna Sari

    eunwoo always daebakkk

  • chen woo
    chen woo


  • Ratna Sari
    Ratna Sari

    yes i came here for eunwoo hehe eunwoo voice daebakkk so soft

  • Nabilah Apriliani
    Nabilah Apriliani

    How to become jihyo 6;30 hug suga omo

  • rohika Magar
    rohika Magar


  • Mixed —-
    Mixed —-

    She’s so Prechious

  • Mae Calubaquib
    Mae Calubaquib

    4:24 What do u call this foot dance?

  • Kiersten B
    Kiersten B

    When they said brag they did something way different then me I was kinda insulting I was saying “I’m the most pretty out of everyone and the smartest and the most active and Y’all suck!” Lol

  • Toru xOikawa
    Toru xOikawa

    what the song title when the song make want to say his name??

  • Aldrin Nacio
    Aldrin Nacio

    This would been more scarier if no 2 cameramen following them 😆

  • Lilynemo101

    I can't stop thinking about how entertaining Rosé was in this. This girl was ridiculously charming. I laughed and smiled so much whenever she was on screen. This scene here stole the show for me. It barely beat out the part where she fought off 3 people lol. Honestly she just had so many golden moments

  • Nur Athirah
    Nur Athirah

    Everytime kwangsoo held the curse when Han Na dance is so hilarious 😂😂

  • nomnom dope
    nomnom dope

    What episode is this?

  • bree cloud
    bree cloud

    wat happened ?

  • jutathip o
    jutathip o

    เหมือนเจนนี้พยายามมากเกินไป ไม่ดูเป็นธรรมชาติเหมือนทุกๆตอน รู้ว่าออก4ตอนแล้วอาจสนิท แต่แบบ ตอนนี้โรเซน่ารักเป็นตัวเองสุด / แต่ถึงไงก็รักทั้งสีคน ❤

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    My little old boy is better for me than master in the house.. 😂 coz this guys are more real and no fake..hahaha..

  • so dumb
    so dumb

    Ketika masih ada Gary dan Sechan jadi bintang tamu.

  • A. Naufal Rafii
    A. Naufal Rafii

    Kwon Ryeol is mood xD

  • faithh !
    faithh !

    i love how all the guys got protective of somin when sechan's ears moved HAHAHAHA

  • sharkbaiter

    Cha taehyun would be laughing his ass off at KJK right now

  • Sarah kairul
    Sarah kairul

    can i know where can i get the game things or the name of the game so that i can buy

  • DE AN
    DE AN

    Somin is really pretty

  • Acer Chang
    Acer Chang

    This is officially my favourite moment of 2020

  • Ukama- Kun
    Ukama- Kun


  • fahmi choiruddin
    fahmi choiruddin

    What is the tittle of jiho sang with gary?

  • lorenzo

    My stomach about to explode 😂😂😂

  • Chamber gang
    Chamber gang

    Jong kook is wonderful Kwang soo is amazing Sechan is nice Seokjin is high confidence singer


    what happened when it moved? what does that mean

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      It means her heart beat faster.. It can be a lie too..

  • Chukame R. Marak
    Chukame R. Marak

    The moment when Kwak Do Won hit his head after laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 burst out of laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PRINCESS DYAN S. Sumaylo
    PRINCESS DYAN S. Sumaylo

    Oh jimin-ahhhhh~~~~🤣 quarantine feels💜🇵🇭

  • ella galvez
    ella galvez

    what episode is this???

  • 吉田淳子


  • vibhor vaish
    vibhor vaish

    They are so cute.

  • Deborah Ding
    Deborah Ding

    Watching this for the 3rd time...still laughing like a fool 😂

  • riana ari
    riana ari

    Song ji hyo is soo prettyyy i couldnt agree more

  • KandLpoplovers

    I like sechan rap..

  • m.s b.r
    m.s b.r


  • I O I
    I O I


  • Herald Goloya
    Herald Goloya

    Sana nasa hallypop itong episode na to Sana nga please I'm waiting please

  • Sigit Git
    Sigit Git