[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] "LET ME GO!!" A Game Ace JIHYO is attacked!! (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] "LET ME GO!!" A game ace JIHYO is attacked!! (ENG SUB)
Special RUGBY (Part.1)
JIHYO is grabbed by...!?


  • Jada Alston
    Jada Alston

    They do know that they don’t have to lie on the ground for it to be a touchdown right?


    Jihyo like gary

  • Susmita Debbarma
    Susmita Debbarma

    Kwang soo it's best❤️🔥👍

  • Muhd Azroy32
    Muhd Azroy32

    eps?anyone plsssss!!!!

  • blackpink in your area
    blackpink in your area

    we don't have touchdowns in rugby but it's okayy because i never thought i'd live to see the day where rm members played it

  • Regina Fuentes
    Regina Fuentes

    we want more Jihyo content

  • Sarrahlyn Reforsado
    Sarrahlyn Reforsado

    Ace Ji hyo!! Pero sana yung BG music nya na angry bird marinig ulit ❣️😂

  • Riz A
    Riz A

    ACE JIHYO ❤️

  • starlight

    what eps is this?

  • بًنِتٌـ أّلَجّـزأّئر
    بًنِتٌـ أّلَجّـزأّئر

    هههههههه عربي مر من هون جزائرية 😍 شكرا علي ترجمة ان شاء الله ترارجم كول شيء

  • elf avicenna
    elf avicenna

    jihyooooo jjang!

  • Luis S
    Luis S

    I watched this cause it said "special rugby", next minute watching forward passes everywhere 🤣 This is more like American football, but ji hyo and kwang soo never fail at making me laugh 😂

  • Pebbles Aquino
    Pebbles Aquino

    Kwang Hee I hate him for saying bad things about runningman

    • Pebbles Aquino
      Pebbles Aquino

      That running man is annoying and nothing special watch his interview search on JPflow

    • YH MSF
      YH MSF

      What did he said?

  • Janiel Carbon
    Janiel Carbon

    ACE Jihyo 👏👏

  • Hunter Piece
    Hunter Piece

    Ha Do Kwon's determination! 😂😂

  • Sarce Uli
    Sarce Uli

    Ji Hyo onnie 😍

  • Potatoe Head
    Potatoe Head


  • Saqi Nadi
    Saqi Nadi

    But the way they played the game is a bit like rugby netball it’s a fun game we play after some hard training for a laugh but with full contact tackles

  • Saqi Nadi
    Saqi Nadi

    It a mix between nfl and rugby Rugby ball is bigger Rugby pass backwards Rugby touch down is call a try

  • gray ft
    gray ft


  • spreadpositivity

    Yes, I am entertained. 🤪

  • Diweni

    song ji hyo is bae

  • myint thuza win
    myint thuza win


  • Norjamellah Baute
    Norjamellah Baute

    I like ji hyo veryvery much because shes so kind,helpful and first of all pretty

  • Cool Your Heads Off
    Cool Your Heads Off

    is it me or jihyo looks a little bit like billie eilish

  • cleopatra Julius
    cleopatra Julius

    나 는 내일 을 기다 릴 수가 없 었 다. 왜냐하면 이 모임 이 내 텔레비전 에서 방영 되 었 기 때문에 나 도 내일 을 기다 릴 수 없 었 다.어슴푸레 하 다.

  • Tami Wi
    Tami Wi

    She athletic and she's not ancient.

  • Ayeprille Roz
    Ayeprille Roz

    The more I watch this variety show, the more I learn why suicide is rampant in this country. It's because they've normalised bullying, betrayal and selfishness. They hide it under the impression that it's a joke and it's funny when in fact it's disgusting and bothering. And their viewers are from 12 years old and above. Young viewers will learn from this and they'll think that everything that this show shows is normal and there's nothing wrong about it. 😔

  • Ali

    1:26 look how cute somin's walk uwu

  • Chie Wolf
    Chie Wolf

    Who's the female guest? She looks like the older version of my girlfriend 😅

  • Harrison YT
    Harrison YT

    it became funnier when you learned Jihyo and Kwangsoo are actually partners lol.


    Invited Blackpink. Please?🙏🙏

  • Yaña Aviñez
    Yaña Aviñez

    The sibs (jihyo and Kwang soo) are back at it again 😂

  • sheyshey Bagasina
    sheyshey Bagasina

    Bring back the old kwangsoo and jihyo where always having a fight in every episode and more screentime to the original princess of running man, original queen gangster and ofcourse the original Ace of the group ♡ bring back the old running i love how they always messed up jihyo unlike now

  • Tanushree Soren
    Tanushree Soren

    Of course no will dare to hold Ji Hyo like that except her brothers Kwang Soo and maybe JSJ if they want to live 😁

  • bongeka ngema
    bongeka ngema


  • Jisan Elf
    Jisan Elf


  • Adam Muqriz
    Adam Muqriz

    Se chan got hit three time by kwang soo somin and jae suk😂😂

  • Dewi Wulandari
    Dewi Wulandari

    I dont like somin I stop watch running man because her

  • Mayumi Matsuoka
    Mayumi Matsuoka

    That's jihyo 🤗🤗🤗

  • Novi Ting
    Novi Ting

    As a female, playing sport game like this ball game with males can be scary because of the big difference in physical strength and the quick and wide movements. So maybe most of the times the female player tends to move less to avoid collisions. I think one of the reasons JiHyo playing well here is because all of the players had their legs tied, and the male players had their hands tied too. Their movements were limited so it would't be as scary. The game became more balanced for the players, both male and female.

  • Juliana Kornelius
    Juliana Kornelius

    Ji hyo has a great stamina.. jumping all the time.. so min is younger but she sometime walking n not jumping but ji hyo jumps all the time and can catch the ball too.. suk jin also has great stamina considering his age

  • Meldy Peach
    Meldy Peach

    Kwangsoo's and Jihyo's brother and sister relationship are the best

  • wexamin

    After watching was it love, i love jihyo more. So so so in love. #girlcrush

  • Ananda Anggi Amelia Mantasyia
    Ananda Anggi Amelia Mantasyia

    Told ya, she's an Ace!

  • 1990Thunderbolt

    Since the NFL theme came to play in Running Man. This is the appropriate time to compare side by side.... Yang Se Chan: New York Jets! Jeon So Min: Cincinnati Bengals! Song Ji Hyo: New York Giants! Kim Jong Kook: New England Patriots! Yoo Jae Suk: Green Bay Packers! Ji Suk Jin: Cleveland Browns! Lee Kwang Soo: Dallas Cowboys! HaHa: Indianapolis Colts!

    • #halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!
      #halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!

      OMG Yes! Perfect! xD

  • Anna Yang
    Anna Yang

    Did anyone see how Jihyo yeeted jaesuk at 3:08 bottom corner lmaoooo.

  • Charity Siwagon
    Charity Siwagon

    She's a good sport. She also have a kdrama to shoot along with running man.

  • hanny bunny
    hanny bunny

    Uri acee🔥🔥🔥

  • Alone JAI
    Alone JAI

    The whole episode including guest so much fun

  • snoopy aau
    snoopy aau

    Do kwon is cute and funny in his own way. The fact that he's presenting RM's fan by collecting nametags while in the game 😂

    • BAM BAM
      BAM BAM

      Hahahahaha trueeee

  • daffodil 123
    daffodil 123

    sjh is good in physical games and games that are not too complicated

  • Louna Louise
    Louna Louise

    Team Green's team work was great

  • Rampage31 Gaming
    Rampage31 Gaming

    Being the Ace will always be on Ji Hyo's blood even if she is aging. She may not that active anymore but who cares? She is the Ace. She is also the Goddess of Luck. Even RM's screen time cannot break that.

    • Anonymous Wanderer
      Anonymous Wanderer

      Very well said❤

  • mnm mahesh
    mnm mahesh

    like master like student with the hitting, truly this team is the ultimate tiger moth team. and kwang soo bringing jihyo all the way back was too funny, reminded me of when Jong kook would carry jaesuk during the old games

  • thays delile
    thays delile


  • Learn Korean with Prof. J
    Learn Korean with Prof. J

    Wow, Jihyo caught that ball pretty good!!!

  • Dean TV
    Dean TV

    When stupid dog and madafaka kid said. Rm now days hate jihyo Leekwangsoo be like. BITCH PLEASE. WE TRY EVERYTHING TO HELP JIHYO. THE REST, UP TO HER. STUPID DOG FAN. BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT

  • Alan Rover
    Alan Rover

    Ace, indeed.

  • Toto Gorote
    Toto Gorote

    Omg she is so smart

  • cheristar

    We all know Jihyo is really good at games but Sechan is pretty good himself. Kwangsoo and Jihyo are always entertaining.

    • Keshuma Bungin
      Keshuma Bungin

      @Anonymous Wanderer She is🤣

    • Anonymous Wanderer
      Anonymous Wanderer

      @Ying and you are Somin's fan for sure 😒

    • oXiKONs__SinsXo

      Ying So because of her having the unfortunate luck in getting immature and toxic fans, instead of you going up against said toxic fans. You came to the conclusion of being petty by insulting and downgrading her. She didn’t do anything wrong at all and ain’t the one harming the other members but you decide to take it out on her instead of having the balls to tell those dumbass fans to shut the hell up. You know there are us Jihyo fans like myself that also loves and respects the other members just as much and will stick up for them against those disgusting haters but we also have to deal with fans like you too. You ain’t any better then them at end of the day

    • Ying

      ​@Madeline Liu "Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, Sukjin, Haha and Somin are already so good at that"----> you pointed it out. Precisely my point. Thanks for validation.

    • Madeline Liu
      Madeline Liu

      ​@Ying That's because Kwangsoo's role is to entertain an audience, whereas Jihyo is known for being the ace and good at games. I don't think Running Man needs a 8 entertainers, especially when Jaesuk, Kwangsoo, Sukjin, Haha and Somin are already so good at that. Also, we should normalise *not* grouping fans and the celebrity together. Those fans are called "toxic fans" for a reason, and it's basically impossible communicate with them. It's not like they will listen to us anyways. So instead of just fighting fire with fuel (ur comment will encourage more toxic Jihyo fans to hate on the other members), let's just not contribute to the war. If they can't be mature, let's set the example :))

  • Rubiah Yahaya
    Rubiah Yahaya

    Song jhi ho..is very energetic.. competitive..n good teamwork. Really awesome...fighting...go girl.

  • Jeys G
    Jeys G

    We're allowed to hit people hahahaha

  • Ikbar Rosydi
    Ikbar Rosydi

    Kwangmong 😂

  • Blank Poetic
    Blank Poetic

    I have been said this before.... If the member really into game and all out... They will got more screen time...so before this jihyo more layback....not every episode she will push herself out...she give more to other member to stand out

  • Izzy isme
    Izzy isme

    They did so well? How did Jihyo's team lost???? 😳😳😳

  • Mercy Mercy
    Mercy Mercy

    Rugby is my sport here in NZ🤣🤣 jihyo SHOULDVE tackled kwangsoo😊🤣🤍

  • Y C
    Y C

    waaah they are all awesome and sechan oppa is really good btw amidst the heated game, somin unnie caught my attention at 1:24 hahaha

  • Ace Mong Ji
    Ace Mong Ji

    What can I say, Mong Ji being the ACE., 😊😊🤗

  • Pebbles Aquino
    Pebbles Aquino

    Song ji hyo MVP in this game

  • Angel Dd
    Angel Dd

    Wish you to stay healthy Song Jihyo as long as possible in order you can run in RM until you are 70

  • Chili Manelle
    Chili Manelle

    Period. Ace Jihyo returns from hiatus. Can’t wait to see her again

  • Rogine 426
    Rogine 426

    Where there is KS and JS, there's dirty play. 😂😂🎉 Ace Jihyo! 🎉

  • amen amen
    amen amen

    Ace 😎😎😎

  • broham89

    Love these games! But I wish they didn’t play it; I’m so concerned they’ll get injured 🤕

  • Diana Escalera
    Diana Escalera

    Ace Jihyo 😍😍😍

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    I love to see Ji hyo was so smart in this game.. But as usually kwangsoo can't let his unnie to win the game tho.. Hahaha😂😂

  • Adore You
    Adore You

    jongkook win again 😥, i wanna see sukjin hyung win too

  • Rahma R
    Rahma R

    Is it the latest episode?

  • Miss Dazzling
    Miss Dazzling

    I hate the sub. They said it's the weakest team. Sechan and Jihyo are ace!

  • Glyza Dee
    Glyza Dee

    Our forever Queen 👸♥️

  • Mukesh Wafhel
    Mukesh Wafhel

    I thought she was Twice's Jihyo but she is really good

  • Dell Vochelle
    Dell Vochelle

    Ji hyo always try her best to win the games

  • Animes Nangku
    Animes Nangku


  • Indra

    it's always satisfying seeing the guest having fun and doing their best for the mission.

  • Low fat
    Low fat

    The monster sibling in the house...yooooo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ayu Ismail
    Ayu Ismail

    Do kwon are so funny indeed! 🤣

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia

    Kwang soo revenge 😂😂😂 (for the last episode)

    • Marjorie Aldea Nogales
      Marjorie Aldea Nogales

      Same thoughts haha 😂😂 the never ending fights of kwangmong sibs haha 😂

  • Gracious Rosalejos
    Gracious Rosalejos

    HAHA is very supportive to SJH🤩🤩 so cute 🥰🥰

  • Angel Barbie
    Angel Barbie

    It could only be the LKS =))) Kwangmong funny/cute 😂

  • Lucas p0000
    Lucas p0000

    I keep watching RM just because of beautiful Song ji hyo.

  • Chai Mahaniyom
    Chai Mahaniyom

    1:03 is that Pokemon Theme Song? Lol

  • whyahh

    i could barely watch the last 20minutes of this ep. both jihyo and somin were eliminated so early

  • Midracle

    Only kwangsoo can beat jihyo, cursed jihyo, annoyed jihyo. Although kwangsoo will get hurt even badly. Lol

  • Peach Blossom
    Peach Blossom

    Song ji hyo is back and I love her drama was it love and her movie intruder love her acting and seeing her on RUNNING MAN back to her old self I'm so happy😗😗😗.ace will always be an ace it's either on variety show or kdrama or reality song ji hyo has done it all.💖

  • chichi do you love me
    chichi do you love me

    I'm so happy full of positive comments 😭💖

  • chichi do you love me
    chichi do you love me

    This is the reason why I like the new pd 😭 all of them are unique. All of them are funny. They have fair screen time too. Thank you 😭

  • liveLIFE

    Do kwon is really funny hahahaha....Ji Hyo is really the ace

  • ĸazeĸage

    So min not funny at all

    • Na Ty
      Na Ty

      Yup 👍👍👍👍

    • Sorna Chattiar
      Sorna Chattiar

      Wow u haters are still hating on her. U haters really enjoy hurting other right. If you don't find her funny then skip her part. Most people find her funny.keep one thing in mind that you are still below her. You haters also have a lot of haters (somin fans). She also have feelings plz don't spread hate.

  • ruth miguel
    ruth miguel

    Nice game👍👍