[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] Strongest JPflowR is the new MASTER..?😮😮 (ENG SUB)
Ep. 136
Have an attitude problem?
The strongest Master!!

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  • Daphne R
    Daphne R

    HIS EYES SO SOFT AND CUTE AHAHA without the glasses he's not intimidating at all HAAHA

  • putri Kirana
    putri Kirana

    Can anyone give me the link to watch this?,cuz i lost the link:)

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman


  • Gauri Kaur
    Gauri Kaur

    the fact that cha dalgeon and gi tae eung are close friends here 😂 kdrama lovers will know what i'm talking about ;)

  • Cadi Levox
    Cadi Levox

    Ooh. I first saw this guy when he was reviewing Korean movie scenes. I like him

  • Alyna Moonbin
    Alyna Moonbin

    EunWoo is so Adventurous .. He likes challenges... What amazing To him, He still soft and and sincere To other ...As a Team, He can able To do anything just for the sake of a mission... We Proud of You...Nunuyah... Show Your Talents and ability on how COMPETITIVE you are... Your skills and Attitude are truly are really Great... AROHA was so very Proud , for Every Happy Moments of Your Life.. #Eunwoo'sMoments #I🖤ASTRO

  • Ecila Gnit
    Ecila Gnit

    Lmao Lee Seunggi always the cheeky one 😆

  • Dee Vidi
    Dee Vidi

    Wondering if Ken Rhee could be a guest on Bear Grills’ Running Wild With Bear Grylls program. That’ll be great! 😍😍 One is former Korean UDT and one is former British SAS

    • Dee Vidi
      Dee Vidi

      y s 😂 no worries.... 👍🏼🌹

    • y s
      y s

      @Dee Vidi omg i am so sorry i just checked, it was ed stafford he was with, not bear grylls!! lol bad memory 😭 now i want that to happen too!!

    • Dee Vidi
      Dee Vidi

      y s oh.. Did he? I should dig in on youtube! Thank you for the info 🌹

    • y s
      y s

      i believe he went there already!! i remember watching one back then

  • N.Syafika Muslimin
    N.Syafika Muslimin

    seung gi really show how to be man up in this show...btw respect lieutenant ken rhee!!

  • Dhruvi Khanna
    Dhruvi Khanna

    What is the ep no.??

  • Zaifa Al Yahya
    Zaifa Al Yahya

    i feel in love with Ken Rhee during Jessi Interview...hehehe

  • Royal Palms
    Royal Palms

    Whoa! Eunwoo's been working out! Look at the size of those arms.

  • Royal Palms
    Royal Palms

    Every episode makes me hungry for shots of Eunwoo. Is it in his contract to show as little of him as possible because he's new? Are the others jealous because they know beaucoup viewers really just want to see Eunwoo?

  • alyssa

    he looks like cha in pyo

  • Maria Nohemi Esquivel
    Maria Nohemi Esquivel

    Los amo

  • Nina Pollisco
    Nina Pollisco

    Can my baby sonSHINE (cha sun woo) stay as regular in the show?....think about it...please

    • Dee Love
      Dee Love

      He is a regular. :)

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez

    I love him,he's so charismatic and i also watched the show thats available on yt,, waiting for season 2. Cant waith for full episode of this subbed!

  • princess alice
    princess alice

    Where can i watch this

  • Mai T.
    Mai T.

    omg the lieutenant looked so adorably beautiful without his glasses! ^^ such a cutiepie!

  • Melissa Zestlove
    Melissa Zestlove

    What is his YT channel?

    • Melissa Zestlove
      Melissa Zestlove

      @Cherry Blossom hehe but the dont have English subtitles

    • Cherry Blossom
      Cherry Blossom

      @Melissa Zestlove It was Rokseal. 😅

    • Melissa Zestlove
      Melissa Zestlove

      @Cherry Blossom tqqqqq

    • Cherry Blossom
      Cherry Blossom


  • funkyblanket15

    He’s cute

  • CJ ZR
    CJ ZR

    Chaeunwoo saying: "Ooohh Reindeer" so cute

    • Intime Intime
      Intime Intime


  • Lisa Gd Lee
    Lisa Gd Lee

    I only know of the statue is because of Dkdktv live that they did lol

  • Nic Soh
    Nic Soh

    Glad for this episode knowing how much Seunggi loves the military. Whatever training he went through in the army was not easy and there are testimonies of how well he performed in there. Capt Lee is no nonsence and all the butlers are going in for a tough time this coming Sun's ep. Looking forward to it. All the butlers fighting!

  • V Chacha 1117
    V Chacha 1117


  • dani t
    dani t

    cha eun woo ❤

  • Kristal Tavas
    Kristal Tavas

    Me : His voice differs when he talks English 😁 Also me : ofc he grew up in US🙄

    • Intime Intime
      Intime Intime

      He sounded so good speaking english

  • Sommerad Monique
    Sommerad Monique


  • Joyce

    He looked so intimidating with his glasses 🕶on when he took it off he looks so soft and kind ☺😆

  • sorry but i am jaehyun's future wife
    sorry but i am jaehyun's future wife

    yall know how hot the lieutenant is

  • jinyoungshii

    He kinda resembles of lee joon gi

  • sabaideeDIY

    Haha he’s got the reindeer eyes ❤️

  • Michelle Santisteban
    Michelle Santisteban

    너무 좋았어 너무 재밌어 차은 우 사랑 헤 ❤️💞💕

  • Dr DisresFakeTaxi
    Dr DisresFakeTaxi

    i first saw his video doing a review of a pc game

  • nur asrar
    nur asrar

    He has a great smile

  • GeromeDehGuy

    The military training reminds me of when Yang Se Hyeong was on Infinite Challenge AND ACTUALLY WENT TO THE MILITARY. You guys should watch it cause it was really funny

    • GeromeDehGuy

      @Gloria Stephany Dias de Oliveira its from MBC's Infinite Challenge. Greatest kvariety show of all time. Just look up Infinite Challenge military full episode

    • Gloria Stephany Dias de Oliveira
      Gloria Stephany Dias de Oliveira

      episode? ?

  • Momo Kukululu
    Momo Kukululu

    Woww that captain is amazing 👍👍

  • Gina Deacon
    Gina Deacon

    Mean to our Eunwoo though, not into good natured hugs! Meanie tough guy 🤣😉🤗💜❤️🌹⭐

  • Airah Rodriguez
    Airah Rodriguez

    I want to be in the military now!

  • Haidah Syafi
    Haidah Syafi

    I was looking for his youtube channel by typing khen rhee...but then i also found out the video which the auditionee sing 'ken lee' song ...

    • musimuso

      Hahahaha funniest video ever!

    • Gee M
      Gee M


    • Flower Fantasy
      Flower Fantasy

      win win

    • Vash 018
      Vash 018

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you just woke my whole sleepy body! LMAO

    • Cheese Burger
      Cheese Burger

      Mrs. Seonghwa thaanks😊

  • Ralte V
    Ralte V

    How in the world did the bots travel from Instagram to JPflow??

  • Cy Pong
    Cy Pong

    From Short!erview with Jessi now I'm here for Ken Rhee!

    • varschini vasu
      varschini vasu

      Same here...

    • Rejina Thebe
      Rejina Thebe

      Same lo

  • Gbrll Bonjour
    Gbrll Bonjour

    The captain is so handsome. I'm willing to do military training .

    • Diony Sus
      Diony Sus

      no, you don't, after 5 minutes. Trust me

  • Zahirah Zahra
    Zahirah Zahra


  • roha 2302
    roha 2302

    1:46 when the master took off his sunglasses 😮 his eyes are really charming 👍 but omg this episode is going to be intense 😱

  • شيماء العبدالله
    شيماء العبدالله

    مرحبا مافي حدا عربي

  • Taekook _Party
    Taekook _Party

    I am first love you video❤️💖