[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Stop exercise!! JINYOUNG & JONGKOOK's role play😂😂 (ENG SUB)
JINYOUNG, Stop exercise!!

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  • Ally Red
    Ally Red

    Heechul loves drama his face 1:35 he was ready for a fight he was so focused 👀👄👀🍿popcorn pls

  • Martabak manis
    Martabak manis

    I realised some people (basically kjk hjy shippers) were disappointed at this episode bcs sbs did too much "cutting". Buuuttt I think SBS HAD TO DO SO, maybe guys, maybe there's just too many interactions they can't air or it'll create scandal. And btw, jong kook loves working out, but lets wait until he gets married and has kids.... I suspect he'll change ahahah 😂

  • Germaine Tan
    Germaine Tan

    I ship Jongkook and Jinyoung... like let's be honest, he needs to find a girl like her. Only Jinyoung can control Jongkook properly, like he does everything she asks

  • lonelyappley

    From Which episode is this?

    • KRG


  • Syifa Afandi
    Syifa Afandi


  • utas art
    utas art

    KIM JONG KOOK ❤HONG JIN YOUNG [김종국❤홍진영] jpflow.info/sun/bideo/gJ6bdHqJrJRjrKM.html

  • Yuna

    Working out to KJK is more than the looks. It’s the lifestyle. To say goodbye to hours each week at the gym is to say goodbye to the dedication and commitment to eating right, balanced nutrition, avoiding any bad habits that throw him off course.

  • Bruce Bayne
    Bruce Bayne

    I honestly think the JK and HJY loveline or the JK and SJH loveline would never come true. SJH is satisfied being single, JK’s ideal type is super specific while HJY and JK are just good friends. Unpopular opinion but I think there isn’t any chemistry between HJY and JK, in all the variety shows I’ve seen of the 2 of them together, it looks too artificial for them to have any real romantic feelings btw the 2 of them.

  • Nari_ Kiri
    Nari_ Kiri

    um.. i hope Jinyoung was being funny.. because Jungkook's face started to get serious as if he was offended or annoyed after she told him to stop working out at the gym.. exercise is like part of him he loves it, there is no way he's going to stop doing what he love to impress a girl.

  • Andrew Fahrina
    Andrew Fahrina

    Just kiss already kjk.

  • Khup Vangluah
    Khup Vangluah

    Oh...koreans are sad people, too much rich,wealth,money appreciation...

  • Jane Marcelina
    Jane Marcelina

    1:41 you can see kjk making cute expression when hjy attacking tjh

  • Komsyatu Ade
    Komsyatu Ade


  • Devica Mangsatabam
    Devica Mangsatabam

    Kim kiss lmao hahahhahahaha

  • YUNZAL Jonalyn Mae D.
    YUNZAL Jonalyn Mae D.

    I feel sad for the first guy. I think he really experienced that. O maybe he is stressed out in earning money

  • Annie Sudario
    Annie Sudario

    What episode is this? Ty

  • Ma. Bianca Isabel Santos
    Ma. Bianca Isabel Santos

    I'n drinking coffee and I burst out laughing. Now the coffee went on my nose and it hurts like hell. You Jin Young, you are so smart and funny. Iloveyou! ❣️

  • Ako J
    Ako J

    He’s crying because he’s not role playing

  • Remiel Morningstar
    Remiel Morningstar

    2:39 while asking TJH, JINYOUNG'S eyes is in KJK

  • Ranix M
    Ranix M

    hjy is just reiterating what kjk"s uncle had told him in mom's diary ep 178 (Feb 2020) at 57 mins onwards

  • cheristar

    Jae hoon is such a funny dude.

  • Undramatic Fan of World
    Undramatic Fan of World

    I need to watch this episode and hopefully the whole previous episodes of them lmao ... My cheeks are hurting laughing so much !

  • Pumpkin Bean
    Pumpkin Bean

    Omg....sung woong

  • Jin Young
    Jin Young

    Sorry for the one who said that our Jinyoung likes Jongkook but he rejected her, it's so funny do you know? You can protect your idol but stop being noisy like that. For me, I also ship them because I really like his personality, but our girl deserve to get happiness, your words seems only our Jinyoung likes Jongkook :) Sorry I will never agree this. They deserve to get happiness. The time will answer if they're a real couple in the future. #JINKOOKCOUPLE ❤

  • Sugapop

    Kjk need a baby so he'll be busy look after the baby and forget about gym 😂

  • M.A.D Psycho
    M.A.D Psycho

    JK can said I will f*** u as much as I have Exercise. But he didn't because is a shows. 😂😀😶😑😏🤔

  • Kim Kim
    Kim Kim

    i think i know what JK oppa want in a wife .. a hopeless romatic one with alot affection yet indipendent realistic , maybe a sporty girl +eat alot + aeyo like hell + rich too ..haha

  • Alis .m
    Alis .m

    Do HJY married yet

  • Robert Rodarte
    Robert Rodarte

    Literal tears every time Jae Hoon is on this show. So hilarious and quick witted. 😂

  • lumii

    what show and episode is this??

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      My Little Old Boy ep. 203 (part 1 was in ep 201)

  • white tiger
    white tiger

    5:07 HJY: your muscles are too bulky right now. KJK: What? HJY: I hate it. ..................... 5:14 KJK: but you liked me because of these muscles in the first place.

    • naufal tegar rahmani
      naufal tegar rahmani

      Jin young flustered because his answer is good so she started to continue with unreasonable and absurd line

  • Jimmy Solanki
    Jimmy Solanki

    One thing for sure jung kook is serious for jin young.

  • grey apple
    grey apple

    tak jaehoon is soo funny 🤣🤣

  • diannvs []
    diannvs []

    jongkook looks happy

  • Kingdom SANA
    Kingdom SANA

    man kim jong kook dosent have a smart mouth he should have said " you do know that i have scoliosis? and i need the support of these muscles to reduce back pain preventing it from coming back and if you forgot that you just dont care about me and our future ,so please dont be like that you know i hate those words" I think song ji hyo is so much a better marriage partner for him since she understand him more after working together for more than 10 years and hong jin young has a lot of time SPARTACE!!! wishing!!!!

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      Please dont take it too seriously. They were roleplaying. She knows that

  • Lisa Juliana
    Lisa Juliana

    How much do u need😂😂😂

  • dani spare
    dani spare

    @1:42 KJK’s pity face at the other guy. Lmao

  • Nicki N
    Nicki N

    Red flag! Exercise means the world to him...accept this and he will be a happy man. Try to change him or something he has loved doing for over 45 years...you are stirring trouble.

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      This is just roleplay. Don't take it too seriously

  • nur ramli
    nur ramli

    What episode is this?

    • KRG


  • Oink Oink
    Oink Oink

    아니... 팩폭으로 치명타를 넘어서 죽창을 찔러 넣었네...

  • Hanhil

    I am planning to stay single for a long time and I realize I have to try to be as strong, confident, humorous and hard working as Jinyoung to enjoy my life. Haha

  • Hanhil

    Jinyoung is one of those girls that can hang out with the guys freely.

  • Peter Tuawng
    Peter Tuawng

    Tak Jaehoon is so witty tho. 😂😂

  • Kliver John
    Kliver John

    Jk is too sweet jahhahaa! My old pal need womaaannn!!

  • Kraken Dock
    Kraken Dock

    This is technically the 2nd time HJY told KJK to lessen his workouts The first one was in this show as well. I said technically because the first one was a question which will he prioritize between workouts and getting married. Please listen to her KJK, workouts moderately

  • Kim Jong Mike 2004
    Kim Jong Mike 2004

    I hate JIN YOUNG because KIM JONG KOOK Is musles is perfect

    • Pama Lavea
      Pama Lavea

      I think everyone likes it but he has hurt him.some recently he getting old hjy cares but regardless its a nice story line hahahahah

    • jacqualyne beatrix
      jacqualyne beatrix

      who you want to hate HJY? if you hate it..don't watch it..that simple thing you..

    • Michin

      Excuse me before you hate on someone please check your spelling first . Or maybe go back to school because you seems lacking on a lot of things , like educating yourself 🙂.

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      People these days. They were role playing. Why take it so seriously? She wasn't offending him or anything. Oh and hey spell correctly first. Go back to school kid.

  • marissav Dagupion
    marissav Dagupion

    The reaction of kimjongkook oppa is to much funny when hong jinyoung unnie ask if other oppa earn enough money..

  • ElusiaBoomkin

    even if it's playful, when girls cry, guys take care of them. when guys cry, girls laugh and point and demean them even more.

  • trần huy
    trần huy

    Tập này coi hài quá..

  • kamulakamula

    If i was kjk.i will answer..i can stop exercise...if u stop singing.

  • Khairi Zuhair
    Khairi Zuhair


  • Phyo Maung Maung Kyaw
    Phyo Maung Maung Kyaw

    Kim Bbo Bbo 😛😛😘😘

  • Mom of Two
    Mom of Two

    I wish Jinyoung and Jongkook dating in real life! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  • miyakaovelnyto

    Lol even jong kook got stressed with 50,000 😂

    • KRG

      It was actually heechul though

  • Je S
    Je S

    Jin young high pitch laugh 😂 😂

  • kookminclan RunningMan
    kookminclan RunningMan

    i don't think kjk will ever stop exercising and i don't think he should either. his exercise routine is such a big part of the way he philosophizes about life and i don't think it is easy to give that up. if you look at his struggles with his health and his company during Turbo days, it must have been hard to find the inner peace he was looking for. exercise for him could be a way to sort things out in his head. instead of going drinking after a break up, he exercises. that doesn't mean he loves his exercise more. it is his comfort food when he feels stressed or alone. lol last year, he had slimmed down a lot and was more into football. this year, maybe because of Covid or because RM is now more physically demanding, he is hitting the gym and bulking up. whichever girl he marries should accept him for what he is. everybody has their stress buster and exercise is his. i also don't think it is his gym addiction that comes in the way of him getting married. i am sure he could meet a fellow gym rat and both would be happy together. may be he is looking for something more in his girl.

    • kuro neko
      kuro neko

      Ikr... KJK addicted to workout mostly coz his health issues.. he even admitted during 'healing camp'...

    • KRG

      Well said 🙌🏻💜

  • endah rahayu
    endah rahayu

    Very good HJY Basically HJY want to know KJK more love her or the gym activity if they being couple Its a simple question but have a deep meaning

  • Amor Bailey
    Amor Bailey

    I think KJK really wants to kiss HJY! ;)

  • gillian yong
    gillian yong

    Did anyone notice that Yiruma's When the Love Falls playing as a bgm? At 3:23

  • Hot Celebrity
    Hot Celebrity


  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

    Why her sister not with them i like her 😢

  • Laura12882

    This whole episode brought me to tears I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂💀

  • T L
    T L

    Jin young is so witty here. She really hits on their weak spots.

  • Juriah Ismail
    Juriah Ismail

    I'm glad many ship jy n jk.. So now u can see jk like it n pls fans of jh pls do no ship jh n jk anymore... I hope jh will soon get someone who loves n cares her..

  • Siti Nur Atiqah
    Siti Nur Atiqah

    what episode is this

  • N O
    N O

    My boyfriend is more like jk whenever I ask him something he just kisses me without an answer😥

  • Shamil

    I really like Jongkook

  • Da vichi
    Da vichi

    where can i watch the whole ep?

    • Da vichi
      Da vichi

      Thanks guy... So i need to subscribe monthly to watch the episodes or it is free??

    • JollyPics

      viu has the episode subbed

    • Deda Sab
      Deda Sab

      Kshow123.net or kshowonline.com mom's diary ep.203

  • britney

    i need them all together like this! ITS SO FUN AND FUNNY hahaha i love itttt

  • Nurul Izzati
    Nurul Izzati


  • nan sam
    nan sam

    Melting pot of funny yet from bottom of the heart straight foward opinions which have been boiling inside the male sub conscience.😝😝😝😝😝

  • Sponge Jin
    Sponge Jin

    cracked me up this part!!!jae Hoon is so hilarious!!!hahahahahaha!!!

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni



    Jong Kook being so gross here hahahaha.. i hope they talk about this in rm episode, boohoo

  • Pika Chu
    Pika Chu

    Thumbs up for those who really wants KJK and HJY to end up together. I really want them to be together i'm rooting for them for almost 3 yrs i guess. 😂

  • Rekan Payne
    Rekan Payne

    4:23 this is like a sitcom

  • Rekan Payne
    Rekan Payne

    I like this group and their chemistry. Hope they go out camping or something overnight. Like 2d1n

  • Rekan Payne
    Rekan Payne

    1:40 jk glances over hahaha

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen

    What ep is this

    • fg account
      fg account

      ep 203

  • Ziera Fairus
    Ziera Fairus


  • Jayne Ewing
    Jayne Ewing

    Woah these guys are so hardcore. You know it's wild when even Heechul makes that face of uh oh!

  • icringe overeverything
    icringe overeverything

    I see you kjk you are really trying to flirt with hjy it's so not like you ! You guys always Make me believe something is going on but wtf it been years get together already we know you both got feelings for each other!!!

  • meydio

    Jae hoon = Chandler Bing 😆

  • Wai Yee
    Wai Yee

    1:43…stares n burst out laughing expression so cute❤…lol i love Kim kiss/bobo style😁like 🐯MOM's said: He embrace her with love, that's what 🐯means by that…as i remember at recently interview 🐯said: now he everyday just spend 2 hours at gym n i think it's not too much n we know he workout bcause of his scoliosis he need to strong his muscles to correct his backbone pain n only he know the painful n i just wish 🐯KOOKIE will find his life partner who will know how to appreciate n loves him💪🐯❤🔥🔥

    • KRG

      That's actually how his "puhahahaha" caption in IG is 😂♥️


    i really laugh hard in tak jae hoon part. 😂

  • Iman Shah
    Iman Shah

    Kim Condom & Kim Kiss

  • calvinhuynh2016

    Does anyone else have a feeling kjk and hjy interactions aren't scripted and that there's something going on? Like i get a friendship chemistry but its beyond that there is love in-between them

    • Hoonielifez193

      @Daeseong Kim well no one knows if they did too so yup hahahah

    • Daeseong Kim
      Daeseong Kim

      lol you two, these two have been doing this tv will they-wont they friendship for 5 years now, without ever dating. Theyre putting on a show for deluded fans who thinks its serious hahahahahahah

    • KRG

      I definitely feel it too. Haters will definitely say we're delusional so let's just wait for the wedding bells

  • Denia Biñalon
    Denia Biñalon

    How much do you love me? How much do you want? Yeah im definitely using that chill comeback

  • Aïza Ébénita
    Aïza Ébénita

    Kim Popo 😂😂😂😂❤

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    I love these two together

  • テレサ

    KJK is way too passive, that's why his interactions with her are inetersting, because she bring out new sides of him, everytime. maybe she can manage to change his lifestyle, who know ^^

  • Tintin Han
    Tintin Han

    Hjy never fail make me laugh😄😂😂

  • Kitty Yip Hoi Kei
    Kitty Yip Hoi Kei

    HJY is saying the same thing as JSM🤣🤣🤣Girls feel stressed when man have too much muscles🤔😁Jong Kook arrrrr, better marry first

  • Ajjeng DP
    Ajjeng DP

    hidup tak seindah drama korea😂😂

  • chi chu
    chi chu


  • Benjamin 008
    Benjamin 008

    Instead of Stopping him why not said Reduce the exercise

    • Vilma Carbonell
      Vilma Carbonell

      She is not stopping him. She said to excercise moderately 😀


    When Jin young asked Kjk " How much you love me?" Hope it come true for them.

  • Lizst France
    Lizst France

    Jong kook's facial expression at @1:42 though😍😂.. Cute Kookie

    • Han seorhaa
      Han seorhaa

      Ikr, it's so cute but look at his muscles :"

  • soobin's avocado
    soobin's avocado

    They are so funny together🤣🤣🤣

  • Efrilia M Khusna
    Efrilia M Khusna

    Isn't Jin Young is Heechul ex gf?

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      U are way too far...