[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] HEECHUL's 0% Prescence in front of SANDARA..? (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] HEECHUL's 0% Prescence in front of SANDARA..? (ENG SUB)
FAN meeting in the house!

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  • Arlene Llena
    Arlene Llena

    I like sandara reaction and when she smiles so charming 🤗

  • once a blackjack always a blackjack
    once a blackjack always a blackjack

    We need another episode of them.

  • Charlie Cabanlit
    Charlie Cabanlit

    A tissue beside the bed? 😏

  • jc rome sapon
    jc rome sapon

    This guy is a badass in DR. Romantic, and its so funny seeing this side of him😂😂😂

  • Blue Bird
    Blue Bird

    Lucky dara she meet alot of kpop stars if she didnt start her career in ph. Is it possible she will become kpop in korea? She was shy and crying person before

  • Srie Linda
    Srie Linda

    Heechul oppa 😂😂😂😃

  • JA LT
    JA LT

    the best so far!! hahahahahhaha

  • HM sT
    HM sT


  • m a r i a
    m a r i a

    I used to ship Heechul and Dara before for a short time. Because I was pretty convinced that he had a crush on Dara. As everyone knows, Heechul is known for his straight forward and savage remarks, and he's pretty confident around women. He gets shy at some, but it would fade immediately. The only times I can remember him being so shy was when he was around Sohee and Momo (his girlfriend). During SBS Gayo Daejun, Heechul hosted the show with Dara and Sung Sikyung and he literally looks at her almost everytime she speaks, in Secretly Greatly he keeps on talking how pretty Dara is and keeps talking on how who he would pick between Dara and the actress (disguised as the owner of the pet cafe) and called Thunder (Dara's brother) as his brother in law. Also, in Lipstick Prince, he was so shy and nervous to the point that the other male idols said that it was their first time to see Heechul acting like that.


    Heechul is savage I can't hahaha I'm so happy seeing them together 😊 5:00 Lmao so Funny hahahahaha

  • Rare Star
    Rare Star

    Just like that cut 😂


    the daisy on sandara's shirt reminds me of Gd HUHUHU DARAGON PA RIN 🤭

  • Binge YouTube
    Binge YouTube

    Heechul and Dara in one frame is so pleasing in the eyes. 😍 They both look beautiful. 😍

  • 2NE1Summer Winterz
    2NE1Summer Winterz

    Thank you for this ❤️ let the world know that it was such a good feeling to be a fan and to be with Dara👑

  • VIP Bigbang
    VIP Bigbang

    Yung tawa ni Dara 🤣🤣🤣

  • bebeays star19
    bebeays star19


  • Cha Cha
    Cha Cha


  • Maximilian C
    Maximilian C

    The man in suit probably has the same age or just slightly older than the other two.

    • Jolly gl
      Jolly gl

      He's actually the youngest there

  • Kathy Gan Pablo
    Kathy Gan Pablo


  • Yuen Hae
    Yuen Hae

    His family is really lively hahaha good father

  • Jan Dela Cruz
    Jan Dela Cruz

    I really enjoy watching this episode.. it's my 10th time now. 😂😍❤️

  • shengie09

    I was like.. when is this? Is it really this year 2020? Dara's hair style here and Heechul's too, they're very nostalgic.. 😍😘

  • 마옴감기

    the new heechul hair style its suit him very well, its show him how masculine he is...

  • teddy bear jelly
    teddy bear jelly

    seeing Dara and Heechul together made my day and removed all the negativity i was feeling earlier. have loved these 2 since 2010

  • Thea Eych
    Thea Eych

    why does Heechul and Sandara looks incredibly young?

  • Josephine Cor
    Josephine Cor

    English sub please

  • anne anne29
    anne anne29

    Me too i don't watch horror movies

  • Virgin Pa Ren Dahil Sa DaraGon
    Virgin Pa Ren Dahil Sa DaraGon

    Sandara's laugh, I'm sure, burnt South Korea to the ground 🔥

  • Elenie Alangkat
    Elenie Alangkat

    I like heectul back hair nice looking

  • Erich えりち
    Erich えりち

    those flowers, look familiar. haha #peaceminusone

  • Angel

    4:59 i burst into laughing.. 😂 He is saying something seriously then suddenly laugh out loud . Haha plus the way hee chul react haha

  • Marites Tolentino
    Marites Tolentino

    Keep on repeating this clip, so hilarous and cute at the same time.

  • Maria ExoL
    Maria ExoL

    Kim Heechul is so cute HAHAHAHA

  • Love Cound
    Love Cound

    My elf and blackjack heart is so happy. Btw hochul is so cute fanboying. I have watched this episode for like more than 10x coz i love all of them

  • Ma. Divina Canillo
    Ma. Divina Canillo

    I love seeing dara and hecheul again , friendship goals. A

  • Rona Monville
    Rona Monville

    Eng sub pls...👍👍👍

  • Sah Rah Lei
    Sah Rah Lei

    where can i watch the full episode of this, anyone knows? thank you..

  • Popping

    I love Heechul's sense of humour so much. Never fails to make me laugh 😂 in 4:11 when he asked shall i drink with my hand? When he didn't get a cup 🤣

  • AsianTankPilot

    It seems that this man would jump in front of a bus for her. So sweet!

  • Danien Fuentes
    Danien Fuentes

    Hope may ENGLISH SUB for us..i.love sandara ..mwiaah from philippines

  • Danien Fuentes
    Danien Fuentes

    Hi sandara..i love you

  • Ni Co
    Ni Co

    Heechul and Dara looks so young! They prolly found the fountain of youth! And oh, I used to ship them so hard. I stopped since Heechul have a gf already but after watching this, goodness! I can't stop myself from doing shipping them, I don't even know why. Pls, forgive me haha. PS. I'm supporting MoChul and I love them.

  • señorita peach
    señorita peach

    dara's white sunflower in her sweats reminds me so much of GD

  • Pudgee Cat
    Pudgee Cat

    Happy Dara ❤️😂

  • Kristina Aguirre
    Kristina Aguirre

    Sandara is older than heechul oh my gosh😱

  • Ceekhei Ocampo
    Ceekhei Ocampo

    Kaya mahal kita krungkrung e d nag babago!

  • Arlene Glindo
    Arlene Glindo

    "Should I drink with my hands?" (Hocheol suddenly laugh) "You scared me!" Hayp ka, Heechul. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Vrenelle Cabojoc
    Vrenelle Cabojoc

    Paranoise shirt (?)

  • Angelina Thosi
    Angelina Thosi

    My Vampire beauty HEECHUL oppa❤❤❤ he never ages.

  • titanimarklee TV
    titanimarklee TV

    Heechul calling Sandara 'noona' is so cute

  • Jay Ann Dollente
    Jay Ann Dollente

    Sandara is so kind and friendly!!

  • Jayne Ewing
    Jayne Ewing

    Hocheol is seriously cute with how much he is fanboying.

  • Danica Prellejera
    Danica Prellejera

    Dara wearing a daisy sweatshirt, if u knoooow what I meaaan 💞

  • astrid

    Las reacciones de heechul son la vida 😂

  • Anis Syazwani
    Anis Syazwani

    Penat laaa gelakkk, dengan heechul nyaaaa, aku penat laaa🤣🤣🤣 . Kbai I miss heechul

  • Nau Tawi Nau Dim
    Nau Tawi Nau Dim



    Dara: I like ordered food, shopping with my friend Fanboy: shopping ☺️ H': He don't like shopping 😏 Fanboy: how do you know?🤨 H: oh you like shopping 😋 Makes me laugh so hard 😁😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aiaheartyou Philippines
    Aiaheartyou Philippines

    Yung kilig nya kitang kita talaga. Hahah

  • 127 Bubu
    127 Bubu

    i was wondering what will happen on this episode and worrying they may get awrkward, but i didn't expect to laugh this much HAHAHAHA this little old fan boy is so cute! he really is a 100% fan of dara.. look how he treated her, make her feel comfortable juz like they're on the same age.. heechul is naturally funny.. hope to see more dara on shows esp comedy show.. i didn't expect her laugh when Hocheol hold the hot food hahaha

  • Park Inseo
    Park Inseo

    What a cute fanboy, he's so charming & funnyyy my stomachzjsjjsjssj

  • Jaden Batuigas
    Jaden Batuigas

    Dara and Heechul look young.. vampire king and queen..

  • rhani briones
    rhani briones

    Ung kinakalimutan nya na bisita nya rin si heechul😂😂😂

  • Dhebzz Mercado
    Dhebzz Mercado

    Heechul is very funny...i can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • señorita amethyst
    señorita amethyst

    1:18 4:12 how i love the confusion on Heechuls face.

  • Carl Palmejar
    Carl Palmejar

    Our krung krung looking like here audition days in Star Circle Quest 🤣

  • Soledad Buan
    Soledad Buan

    Dara is a kind soul. She’s fun to be around, unassuming, simple... No wonder her fans are faithful to her and keep on having more. 🥰

  • Vrara Ang
    Vrara Ang

    Heechul oppa call her nuna. Dara unnie is older then him.

  • anabelle sumaquial
    anabelle sumaquial

    I cannot wait for the English subs. And for me to watch the whole video..this is really sending smiles in everyone's face

  • wahida tatuan
    wahida tatuan


  • 林菁菁

    Hocheol, thank u for taking care of Dara!!!

  • K M
    K M

    This was so fun to watch. Dara and Heechul both look soooo young. ❤️❤️ They must have found the fountain of youth! 🙌🏽

  • Kim Asis
    Kim Asis

    I suggest spell check before posting. PRESENCE.

  • Kosuke Namekawa
    Kosuke Namekawa

    So shocked when Heechul called her noona

  • ghoul

    i bet GD is watching this

  • ReineMarie


  • Lyka Marie
    Lyka Marie

    Heechul made me laugh so hard😂

  • Johanne Ndoutoume
    Johanne Ndoutoume

    Me at 0:05 already looking for JiYong to appear 😂😂😂

  • Melanie Tacud
    Melanie Tacud

    I remember when I first see Heechul, Siwon some members of Super Junior when Charice Pempengco first time appeared as a guest on Star King years back...... That's the first time I get to know Super Junior 👑😍🇵🇭

  • Jaen Lea
    Jaen Lea

    Heenim is really cute😍😍

  • Franzelle Mhae Famularcano
    Franzelle Mhae Famularcano

    dis is momos bf right?

    • Heechul's Petal🌸
      Heechul's Petal🌸

      Yes, the one with the white t shirt is her bf. His name is Heechul.

  • Michaellah Enocia IC
    Michaellah Enocia IC

    Darayaaa ☺❤

  • veya angela de castro
    veya angela de castro

    I'm inlove with black haired heechul

  • Isabel Ramillano
    Isabel Ramillano

    My two bias From 2NE1 Dara and super Junior Heechul The Two Vampire in One Show Gosh 😍😍😍

  • adrey GD
    adrey GD

    Urii Dara 😍😘

  • Alrevia Gun
    Alrevia Gun

    Wahhhh.... I seriously can't stop laughing 😆😆😆😆 he's so hilarious plus heechul with it😂

  • Why Lena
    Why Lena

    dara in gd’s t shirt 🥺

    • Ann Michelle
      Ann Michelle

      It's not GD's shirt...it's by Moschino. No one owns the flower but coincidentally, Dara's name in her 2005 movie happened to be Daisy.

  • Paula Choi
    Paula Choi

    I’m only watching this clip for Sandara and I don’t know who Hocheol is...is he in entertainment?

    • Paula Choi
      Paula Choi

      @Ann Michelle Oooh ok thank you!

    • Ann Michelle
      Ann Michelle

      Hocheol is an actor who usually plays gangster or villain roles

  • busandg

    Heechul e dara são vampiros. Eles não envelhecem nunca

  • Siti Najihah
    Siti Najihah

    Happy virus

  • Siti Najihah
    Siti Najihah

    Dara is so young

  • Adiarby13

    Are you tellin me the youngest one in that room is actually the one that look the oldest?

    • Gwaenchana Gwaenchana
      Gwaenchana Gwaenchana

      @Taliah Lacson so he's early 30's... 👁️👄👁️

    • Taliah Lacson
      Taliah Lacson

      @Gwaenchana Gwaenchana If I remember correctly he's y two years younger than heenim and a year younger than dara.

    • Gwaenchana Gwaenchana
      Gwaenchana Gwaenchana

      For real? Not trying to be rude but how old is the other guy? 😅

    • dee De Los Santos
      dee De Los Santos


    • Undramatic Fan of World
      Undramatic Fan of World

      It's like i'm watching Goblin drama lol

  • Nori Nori
    Nori Nori

    Heechul doesn't exist in the eye of HoCheol HAHAHAHA! Poor Heechul.

  • Kristine Joy Martinez
    Kristine Joy Martinez

    Look at Dara's shirt guys ❤️

  • Blaze

    my two fav in one frame, okay I thinks its time to have another girl member in this show, we need moreeeee of Dara.

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans

    The guy is me if I ever meet a celebrity that I really like😭

  • Yenny Yeo
    Yenny Yeo

    HAHAHAAH OMG heechul and the guy is so so cute

  • Diana Osazenaye
    Diana Osazenaye

    So cute and funny


    Heenim pls invite Dara in Knowing Brothers too kkkk! ^^ Tysm for taking care of her. Love yah!

  • Lea Montealegre
    Lea Montealegre

    Acccxk my biases in one house

  • JKV Lee
    JKV Lee

    hope she'll be invited to more shows and Knowing Brothers too