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How to treat your WIFE
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  • kemalasari dina
    kemalasari dina

    I wanna see Kangnam back in law of the jungle, but it seems like he's so happy to stay home now 😂

  • kemalasari dina
    kemalasari dina

    Lol I was thinking what was Kangnam doing in this show since he's so happily married now and always acts like a newlywed. He should stop abusing poor single dogs 😂

  • Restu Agustini
    Restu Agustini

    Where I can stream for the full video?

  • Katelaine Claire Perges
    Katelaine Claire Perges

    Where can i watch the full ep. of this ?

  • Chef Gangster
    Chef Gangster

    I want to see him more in law of jungle

  • Gerald Bingham
    Gerald Bingham

    Kangnam being a sweet husband to his wife, Sang Hwa😍

  • GohansRiceBall

    I didn't know Kangnam was married. Congratulations to the couple!

  • Fiona Avila
    Fiona Avila

    Kangnam looks very scared 🤣

  • Strike Freedom
    Strike Freedom

    There is always one thing you cannot do to a married couple... DESTROY their dynamics. :) :) :) Unless it is toxic!

    • Rushtam 90
      Rushtam 90

      Welcome 2 Variety Show World

    • nikosaronim

      Right?! Every couple has their own style, why butt in?

  • Esmeralditomoony Prishka
    Esmeralditomoony Prishka

    Natasha 🥫🐁🇬🇧

  • Farhana Ismail
    Farhana Ismail

    Tak Jae Hoon is funny but I guess some Korean people don't like him much.

    • Just me
      Just me

      @Gerald Bingham well it's not like what he said wasn't true. I'm kangnam's fan and I wish him a happy married life but sincerely speaking he sounds scared speaking to his wife that he loves so much

    • Gerald Bingham
      Gerald Bingham

      Me personally, i think he is funny but he complain too much! This cannot, that cannot. Having him as a friend would be toxic in long term especially to Kangnam and Sang Hwa. I mean, if being sweet helps to strengthen both of their marriage, just let them be. As a fan of Kangnam, i wish both of them will have everlasting happy marriage.

    • Dhani

      @japony i think its because he was caught illegally gambling with lee soogeun back then? but they both super witty and funny

    • japony

      No we like him alot . Why would you think so?

  • s kim
    s kim

    Love so sweet

  • D. Graze
    D. Graze

    Jungle is not the same without kangnam, i hope he join again, much more entertaining. to have certified hunter if they split group.

  • Virus Detected
    Virus Detected

    I miss watching Kangnam in variety.. Best variety was off to school because he was a member..

    • Virus Detected
      Virus Detected

      @WHAT ARE U LOOKIN AT They are "tom and jerry". Kangman is just so outspoken and straightforward at his BEST..


      yes i remember kangnam with nam joohyuk , oh god i miss them

  • enhasoo

    Having a friend like tak jaehoon is very dangerous 😂😂😂

  • Cr0netix Gamer
    Cr0netix Gamer

    KANGNAM married a wrong woman XD

  • Eodi Jib
    Eodi Jib

    I missed him on LOTJ 😑

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • Bless Uzo
    Bless Uzo

    I like that Sangmin is wearing gloves when cooking for others. I’ve noticed when they do that on this show I don’t see them use gloves. Correct me if I’m wrong tho. Like when they cook for others like friends coming over etc...

  • grey apple
    grey apple

    tak jaehoon is sooo funny 😂😂

  • Daphi Warbah
    Daphi Warbah


  • U M
    U M

    Sanghwa is a General. They better salute.

  • Thehashslingingslasher

    Omg Kangnam looks soooo much better with that hair. He kinda looks like Lee Jaeyoon!

    • Manal 98
      Manal 98

      He really does! 😳

  • Andrea JustAndrea
    Andrea JustAndrea

    *Still can’t believe our Law ofthe Jungle pair ended up getting married 🥺🥺. Ya kpop ships could neva 💀*

    • kemalasari dina
      kemalasari dina

      Lol so true. I keep shipping people on law of the jungle since Kangnam got hitched 😂

    • SlmLry

      @Jimin's Chimmy call them out sis !

    • syida.blomst _
      syida.blomst _

      well i ship song-song couple but they ended up divorce so... 🙃

    • Jimin's Chimmy
      Jimin's Chimmy

      Andrea JustAndrea like one look towards the direction of where they are is counted as a moment of

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea

      Jimin's Chimmy *especially them!*

  • Niall Craig
    Niall Craig

    Kangnam looks 100000 times better with that color and hairstyle. I think his blond and hairstyle was horrible back in the day.

    • kemalasari dina
      kemalasari dina

      That's Sang Hwa power right there. He needs to get married to get rid of the blond hair 😂

  • Ellen Ellen
    Ellen Ellen

    Surely you make food better than me.

  • Nur Farhana Nor Rahim
    Nur Farhana Nor Rahim

    Omg, the way he explained the ssam makes me hungry 😂

  • Jonengxxii

    Miss the cuteee couple 💖😚

  • Rixard

    As a guy, I can tell you than Kangnam acts like that cause he's still head over heels towards his wife and it's the purest thing ever :))

  • Rixard

    I really missed Kangnam since he's very unique and naturally entertaining. I know the shtick here is married vs divorced but I actually want him to interact with heechul since they're closer in age and it would be hilarious to see heechul react to how someone younger is already married :))

    • Iman Shah
      Iman Shah

      Likewise.Since Heechul like Anime & Kangnam is Japanese-Korean descent,they should be friends. I agree that Koreans love the married vs divorced talk,but in reality,they all looked down on single parents.

  • ruella pinto
    ruella pinto

    2:42 he literally went ‘😊’

    • ruella pinto
      ruella pinto

      mul cans Ikr😭😭 so cute and he’s funny at the same time🤣🤣

    • Thiên HÆ°Æ¡ng Phan Phạm
      Thiên Hương Phan Phạm

      @mul cans yasss. He's my favorite guess on this show now. Hopefully they'll invite him again one day.

    • mul cans
      mul cans

      this ahjussi so cute. i love his reaction. very genuine

    • Odd Eye
      Odd Eye

      when youre old but still cute

    • Germaine Morales
      Germaine Morales


  • le agst
    le agst

    Seems interesting 😀

  • Jimin Kim
    Jimin Kim

    He seems scared tho

    • Mohamed Mizuaan
      Mohamed Mizuaan

      It's because he's still head over heels for her

    • mul cans
      mul cans

      because he likes her so much