[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] All the Cheaters are gathered here😂😂 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] All the Cheaters are gathered here😂😂 (ENG SUB)
Ep. 133
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  • 4eyes DOMAIN
    4eyes DOMAIN

    2:20 fuckin' sh1t... i knew it!! 😂.. i knew something was off the moment they started laughing like mocking everyone 🤣

  • Boo Carateu
    Boo Carateu

    Cheating? Jeonghan: Does somebody call for me? HAHAHAHA lol, only carats knew why :))

  • Duyen Nguyen
    Duyen Nguyen

    Gosh, these kids, seungki and sungrok is so funny!!

  • Kamp Gumeson
    Kamp Gumeson

    all their cheating backfired

  • Constanza Robledo
    Constanza Robledo

    Juntos son muy divertidos. El ingeso de Eunwoo y DH refescó el show. Especialmente #Eunwoo , quien tiene la posibilidad de mostrar otras facetas desconocidas para quienes no son seguidores de #ASTRO y no conocen lo divertido, simpático, ingenuo, curioso, aplicado, ingenioso, tieno e inteligente que es. Además de sus miedos y reacciones como las de un niño chiquito. Cantante, bailarín, actor, MC, modelo publicitario, bueno en los deportes, perseverante y le gusta conocer y aprender todo lo que pueda. Es buenmozo y atractivo? Por cierto. Pero él es mucho más que un rosto. Es tremendamente talentoso, porque además cultiva su mente y se enfoca en superar sus debilidades. Y no necesita estar demostrándolo. Solo tienen que darse el tiempo de conocerlo a él y a @offclASTRO para saberlo. Fighting #CHAEUNWOO

  • Christinemay Buhat
    Christinemay Buhat

    Englisshh subtitle pleasee❤🙏🏻

  • Carolina Almeida
    Carolina Almeida

    It`s funny how every thumbnail has eunwoo's face alone

  • miss 'j
    miss 'j

    the telepathy doesn't work here 😂😂 .seokjin left the group.

  • Anupriya Singh
    Anupriya Singh

    Poor Eunwoo, 😂😂he is so simple minded.

  • Yani Garsuni
    Yani Garsuni

    Watching this because of kim hee seon

  • MAleXGC

    Sub español please


    This is so entertaining

  • Andi Brown
    Andi Brown

    I think Eunwoo was the only one not cheating. 😆

  • Richard Ong
    Richard Ong

    LSG was a veteran to this game. He always has been cheated in 1n2d that is why he becomes a veteran.

  • Peachy Channel
    Peachy Channel

    So cute 💕 Twice signal BGM🍭💖

  • Domz Bolosan
    Domz Bolosan

    Hee seon unnie still like a teenager... 😍😍😍

  • Juliette Ndala
    Juliette Ndala


  • Amai Watashi
    Amai Watashi

    Don't know why but I think she kind of looks like guanyin niangniang 🤯🤯

  • Izzi E
    Izzi E

    What is the name of the variety show shown at 0.49s?

  • Hiryu Imajin
    Hiryu Imajin

    HAHAHAHA This is so fun to watch! I don't know everyone aside from Eun Woo but they are definitely fun to watch lol!

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    seung gi you cheated...hehehe so cuteee.❤❤❤

  • Caro

    Is cham cham cham really an old game? 😅 I've been watching BTS playing it for years

    • Richard Ong
      Richard Ong

      This this an old game. It was used for all variety shows before BTS was knowned. This cham cham cham is like Dibidibidip a game that most famous K-pop groups know who has been in a variety show like heroine 5.

  • Jhaun Kyle Macaraig
    Jhaun Kyle Macaraig

    @4:34 Eunwoo was just so innocent HAHAHAAHAH luv him

  • shubhnandini agarwal
    shubhnandini agarwal


  • lunatic1017

    Anyone noticing the workman bgm?

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    When I saw eun woo face makes me happy especially when he smiling ...🥰😍

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    I saw the name of cha eun woo ..I click

  • Shalika Muhtada Putri {S.M.P}
    Shalika Muhtada Putri {S.M.P}

    Eun woo ✨❤

  • Worldwide Joonie
    Worldwide Joonie


    • Exca Zues
      Exca Zues

      Nahhh fam. Watch his videos with astro. He is the plotter. Tell MJ how to disturb others and MJ does what he is best at.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ongpong tv
    ongpong tv

    Workman bg music

  • Asri srirejeki
    Asri srirejeki


  • しのSHINO

    「チャム・チャム・チャム」、日本にも似た遊びがあって、「あっちむいて、ホイッ」と似てます。でも、「あっちむいて、ホイッ」は、ルールが逆で、指示した方向の逆を向けば勝ちです。なので、メンバーが指示した方向を向いたのに、なぜ喜んでるのが判りませんでした。 ちょっとしたゲームでも勝ちたいメンバー達がおもしろかったです(笑)

  • Ruth Cupertino
    Ruth Cupertino

    Eun Woo is so cute✨

  • Racquel Bumengeg
    Racquel Bumengeg

    HAHAHAHAHAHA awwww Twice Signal plus Master in the House cast, perfect!!

  • Ace Italio
    Ace Italio

    Eunwoo is shining ! Damn this man !

  • visgucci

    i truly believe Eunwoo had no idea what was going on lolol he just standing gracefully

  • Michelle Santisteban
    Michelle Santisteban

    Cha Eun Woo Saranghe ❤️

  • Shane R.
    Shane R.

    Is it just me or EunWoo’s angelic face just ALWAYS makes me happy 🙏😍❤️. I seriously have to see his face EVERY SINGLE DAY bcoz his beautiful face and smile just makes my day! EunWoo, YOU are a blessing sent from above for me 🙏❤️😍🥰😘❣️ I will forever support you and ❤️❤️❤️ upu❣️

    • Nurul Hakimah
      Nurul Hakimah

      i feel you ! i always feel so blessed to see his face 😍😍❤

    • Shane R.
      Shane R.

      The Baobabs Totally agree! Idk him personally but from watching the videos he’s in I can tell that he is caring, thoughtful, loving, I mean...HE IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE! I can’t say anything bad about him. I love watching the videos with him and his entire band, ASTRO. I want to meet him in person so bad.

    • The Baobabs
      The Baobabs

      He is handsome and beautiful but pretty sure he is more than that!

  • Amira Jen Tismo
    Amira Jen Tismo

    This is so funny Nunu yah baby 🤣🤣🤣


    This is one of my favorite things to watch


    (Please all be honest ) then 🤣all of them cheated 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Abril Mayonisha
    Abril Mayonisha

    Kim hee suuun unnie!💋💋☺☺

  • barista chakma
    barista chakma

    Innocent eunwoo🤦‍♀❤

  • 555 LOA
    555 LOA

    Has she gained weight?

  • BlackHeart71

    That´s hilarious. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Jabal Elias
    Jabal Elias

    I love you Eun Woo, from Philippines... 😘😘😘

  • XxiMary EmXxi
    XxiMary EmXxi

    Pleased invite sandara park juseyo

  • EatingPedia

    Seung Gi is an expert in this kind of thing. Eun Woo is far too innocent 😁

  • mohannah palao
    mohannah palao

    omg the shippp ..eunwooo

  • Mia Rose
    Mia Rose

    Wait is this from 2017 or now?

    • Mia Rose
      Mia Rose

      ler paw oh okay thanks

    • ler paw
      ler paw


  • King

    When they all cheated LMAO

  • Renu Magar
    Renu Magar

    Out of topic but song hye kyo looks so bubblish totally different from now 😂

    • Renu Magar
      Renu Magar

      @Misty Blue there is also song hye kyo at 49 second check it out 😊

    • Renu Magar
      Renu Magar

      @Izzi E there is song hye kyo as well check at 49 sec

    • Izzi E
      Izzi E

      @Renu, the actress in the video is Kim Hee Sun. I also find your comment on Song Hye Kyo odd when this is showing Kim Hee Sun

    • Misty Blue
      Misty Blue

      Kim Hee Sun

  • Catherine Amoyan
    Catherine Amoyan

    Dong Hyun is so funny 😂😂😂

  • Aminah Ismam
    Aminah Ismam

    Ahahahaha all cheated but fail

  • kristinaMaria cabuena
    kristinaMaria cabuena

    Song Hye Kyo 💜

    • Izzi E
      Izzi E

      @kristina, u r the second one commented on song hye kyo in the video. Which one is her?

    • ler paw
      ler paw

      She is Kim hee sun

  • Pungkoosaigon1b Pungkooksaigon1b
    Pungkoosaigon1b Pungkooksaigon1b

    Eun woo cute

  • Jin Mori
    Jin Mori

    Seung gis signal is so smooth 😂

  • mimi dash
    mimi dash

    how old is noona? i though i have seen her in family drama in kbs

    • The Baobabs
      The Baobabs

      Louis Hudson With 20 years you absolutely could be a mother she was 20 when Eun was born!

    • The Baobabs
      The Baobabs

      Louis Hudson Kim is 43 Cha 23 she could have been Eun’s mother!!!

    • Louis Hudson
      Louis Hudson

      @The Baobabs she's not that old. She's just in her mid 40s

    • The Baobabs
      The Baobabs

      She has the age to be the mother of Eun Woo.

  • kanee

    Signal by twice are well used here 😀

  • 恵美ルビ

    Has anyone noticed that Heesun look like Belle here? 😊😍

  • twentyaight

    Never been this early in any videos hoho cham

  • Erliana Putri Hadikusuma
    Erliana Putri Hadikusuma


  • I Stan Eveything Wholesome Nocturnal Queen
    I Stan Eveything Wholesome Nocturnal Queen

    When it comes to cheating, RM members are the best🤣💙 They are also good tho

    • god daniel
      god daniel

      @Rieand Canatuan yeah ikr, i remember one episode JSM, LKS and HAHA cheat that's why the guest lose

    • Rieand Canatuan
      Rieand Canatuan

      they are even cheating in rock paper scissors lmao hahahahaha

    • The Joker21
      The Joker21

      @god daniel with Easy Brothers and LKS WITH HAHA... LOL LKS STILL HAS A ROLE IN THIS 3 TEAMS OF BETRAYAL😂

    • god daniel
      god daniel

      yeah especially the betrayal siblings (Kwangsoo and Somin) hahahaha

    • The Joker21
      The Joker21

      True Nothing can beat them in this term😂

  • Mukesh Bhoi
    Mukesh Bhoi

    Twice SIGNAL is the perfect Bgm here!

  • Ani Gurae
    Ani Gurae

    Love this show😍

  • Pink Princess
    Pink Princess

    I really love this episode cant wait for next week 🥰🥰🥰😂😂

  • tae woo
    tae woo

    So cute eunwoo ! Hahahaha!!.

  • ST

    astro eunwoo🧡

  • le agst
    le agst

    The best one🤣

  • Azreen Ayen
    Azreen Ayen

    Eun woo looking at Noona be like... 😙😙😀😀

    • Soteria Parthenopaeus
      Soteria Parthenopaeus

      Hee sun really beautiful

    • Alguém Qualquer
      Alguém Qualquer

      More like 😁😁

  • annlurking

    TWICE Signal is really on point as bgm 😂

  • Hanina07

    omo im early!! who else loves watching this?

  • Ayesha Mishka
    Ayesha Mishka

    Ily eunwoo!

  • Nik Hafifi
    Nik Hafifi


  • Yu Nishinoya
    Yu Nishinoya


  • nhi hoang
    nhi hoang

    OMGGG I HAVE NEVER CLICKED SO FAST IN MY 15 single years of life 😭👌👌👌

    • nhi hoang
      nhi hoang

      P CV uhhhh maybe I have no idea cuz my memory sucks Edit: YES THATS MEEE Ik it’s annoyinh buttt it’s trueee

    • Paul Covers
      Paul Covers

      aren't you the one who commented this same comment in "Keep Running" ?

  • Izah Nurannisa
    Izah Nurannisa

    First comment here