[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] True? or Lie? "I want to be on here everyday"不不 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] True? or Lie? "I want to be on here everyday"不不 (ENG SUB)
Ep. 133
New Master HEESUN!!
Let's don't LIE for a day!?
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  • Christinemay Buhat
    Christinemay Buhat

    Fans from Philippines here English please

  • Yaifabi Chanm
    Yaifabi Chanm

    Eun woo

  • Aira Rukawa
    Aira Rukawa

    She's so pretty and funny 弘弘弘

  • Jennifer Ni
    Jennifer Ni

    歹 miss you LSG

  • hezel maghinay
    hezel maghinay

    Subtitle pleasee

  • Rhea Babe Oporto
    Rhea Babe Oporto

    Please make bts v and jungkook a guest

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    you're so honest seung gi.

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    seung gi.

  • Patience Mutami
    Patience Mutami

    Kkkkk omg the way they are remenencing what they said kkk

  • HCwing

    Eunwoos reaction is good. He is seriuosly thinking what he has said before.

  • 娟HINO


  • Ashlexy

    I love my baby angel so much! 朮歹

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Kim Hee Sun is beautiful

  • Abril Mayonisha
    Abril Mayonisha

    Waiting for the 135 episode算

  • JK渣

    But seriusly before watching this, I was checking upcoming dramas and I decided to watch hers .. the drama seemed complicated and interesting ..

  • mai pine
    mai pine

    Imagine asking someone you are talking to if they are speaking the truth after every statement and doing thums up/down lol.

  • Merry yangfo Merry yangfo
    Merry yangfo Merry yangfo

    Where can i watch the whole episode.???

    • Arda Normm
      Arda Normm

      IamAnonymous is it 480p or 720p

    • Luo Luo
      Luo Luo

      im watching it in Viu

    • Mariana Okuda
      Mariana Okuda

      it is also available on kokowa, but you need to pay, but the quality is probably better

    • Merry yangfo Merry yangfo
      Merry yangfo Merry yangfo

      @IamAnonymous thank u really.

    • IamAnonymous

      Dramacool website. Type "Master in the house Dramacool eng sub" in google and it will appear in the top of the search and then you can bookmark it. I am also watching all the episodes there.

  • Skystarry75

    I don't think I communicate enough to commit 200 lies a day... Maybe 50, including the lies I tell myself. Most of it is lies I tell myself. Most of my day I don't communicate at all so... Uh... Yeah... Kinda hard to tell a lie when you barely talk at all.

    • Dexter Amores
      Dexter Amores

      Depends on what country you live

  • Shalini Saraf
    Shalini Saraf

    They all must be keeping their other hand fingers

  • Lhean Anne Cruz
    Lhean Anne Cruz


  • Huang Zai
    Huang Zai

    Eunwoo so cute!

  • Hanina07

    cha eunwoo's really cute!!!

  • Sarah Gamerz
    Sarah Gamerz


  • nhi hoang
    nhi hoang


  • bea mendoza
    bea mendoza