Just like 'TOM & JERRY'
SECHAN drives HAHA Crazy!


  • David

    Lol uneducated hilarious

  • Let穩cia Melo
    Let穩cia Melo

    Thanks for sub's!

  • Ella Ellisa
    Ella Ellisa

    People hating sechan for stealing food saying is very rude but no one saying the same thing about Kwang soo for slapping jsj even though just for doing skit and you call yourself RM fan sigh

  • Bernadette Smith
    Bernadette Smith

    It shows(eng sub) it isnt

  • Yeon Mi Lee
    Yeon Mi Lee

    Sechan really looks like the maknae while running at 3:02 he looks so cute.. like a kid..

  • Yeon Mi Lee
    Yeon Mi Lee

    Love this kind of themes, just the members having fun and roleplaying.. wonder when will there be an episode where SpartAce is the husband and wife..綽

  • Her Royal Awkwardness
    Her Royal Awkwardness

    Se Chan is becoming more active on the show nowadays, he and Somin might be shipped but I sometimes see them as siblings who drives their older brother Kwang Soo crazy hahaha

  • neutralhero999

    Lmao mongdol the most graceful thieves

  • Nur Adibah
    Nur Adibah

    why no one talks about how somin got mad over kwangsoo whos stealing jihyos egg? its cuteee 朮

  • MarchHare

    I notice that after Sechan tried to betray his family and when he got upstairs and they talk about family he feel guilty. That is why he is talking a lot and stealing food and stuff from the other team that is one trademark of Sechan that I notice but tbh, I would be pretty mad if my siblings steal my food, luckily they are close to each other. I think the Kwangsoo, Jaesuk, Haha team got really mad at Sechan, lmao. All in all, I really like this episode, so funny 不不

  • 567chat. com
    567chat. com

    LIVE GIRLS perfect video.9star 0:03 伐不

  • Tudia Pacita
    Tudia Pacita

    both sechan n somin r fcking annoying in this ep

  • Diu

    Ahh even though its a game if someone stole the dumplings i cooked ... id be pissed!

  • Kentaki Rainbow
    Kentaki Rainbow

    In this ep, jaesuk, haha, and kwangsoo looks really tired and bit mad (probably bcs their point are lower than the other team and almost lose). But im super happy knowing that they win at the end. Im amazed by how kind and warm jaesuk to kwangsoo. Eventough jaesuk team win, kwangsoo have to be punished too coz his egg are fewer compare to jaesuk and haha. And when kwangsoo know that haha betrayed him, kwangsoo became sad and his mood ruined. Jaesuk notice that, and give his present to kwangsoo for cheering him up. They are so amazing 歹 But at the end, jaesuk was punished too Love you RM! Fightingg!! Special love to jaesuk from indonesia 氣抽歹 Sorry for my bad english Anyway 之

  • Tu Pham
    Tu Pham

    KJK seems to really like Se Chan. If it was Kwang Soo who admitted that he planned to cheat, KJK would have just punished him 不

  • Mira Edorra
    Mira Edorra

    perfect video.9star

  • ____

    Ji hyo silent mode

  • Jason Tung
    Jason Tung

    I loved how Jaesuk said his brother Jongkook is uneducated 不不不

  • Foyin Ajibola
    Foyin Ajibola

    I really love Jihyos hanbok

  • kamijou touma
    kamijou touma

    Need Gary come back.. Kick Sechan 不不不

  • Scha Almasyhur
    Scha Almasyhur

    I don't know..i just hate so min.lol

  • Oren Sprite
    Oren Sprite

    Ji Hyo 弘

  • Sweet Originss
    Sweet Originss

    Which episode is this?

  • stayzennies

    what's episode is this?

  • Jullie Anne Gaoat
    Jullie Anne Gaoat

    Ikeep on saying this but they're really funnier and better when they don't have guest

    • Syakina Syuhada
      Syakina Syuhada

      Agree tho

  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    Good. I wait for love from you

  • My Mei
    My Mei

    Running man X Blackpink

  • Masnah. Ft
    Masnah. Ft

    sechan is really suit with that kind of hair style. he looks so cool

  • Dr. Samurai
    Dr. Samurai

    This situation are reminding us to Haha and Gary

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    Very nice 伐歹

  • Jillian Wong
    Jillian Wong

    The pregnancy gag was splendid 不不不不

  • Nuryani ni
    Nuryani ni

    Seechan is so cute

  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    Nice 36:14

  • Kaitlyn Diep
    Kaitlyn Diep


  • CommanderAce

    Se Chan couldn't stand the guilt when Kook kept mentioning "family"

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    Hi Guys

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    I really like this Concept

  • arthur g
    arthur g

    So boring, why is he stealing the food it's not even funny and not even worth it.

    • truffles365

      Bruh RM members have stolen food off each other since the beginning of time. It's almost a given at this point that if they're having a lunch scene someone will try and steal. LKS is the one who steals the most I wonder do you complain about him? Or is it just because it's YSC? Idk why you're here on this clip; if you saw the full episode you'd know to avoid this clip if stealing food annoys you that much. If you don't watch RM on the regular (I.e. Full episodes) and just come to bash the members in the comments based on small clips of the show then you need to get a life.

  • amen amen
    amen amen

    Ahhhh mongdol gives me life....and sechan so loyal.

  • Kirono Arundati
    Kirono Arundati

    Sechan stealing foods is literally siblings problem Also: song jihyo is a vampire, nobody can tell me otherwise

  • Muhammad Zafran Zafran
    Muhammad Zafran Zafran

    Who win?

  • Hafsa Hannan
    Hafsa Hannan

    jihyo is hella pretty... i pray i look like her when i am 39

  • 研

    LKS bullying SJH... Somin was like waiting for bad jihyo to appear... Ok unnie hold my glass!!

  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me 伐歹

  • Oriana Swanty
    Oriana Swanty

    finally sechan made a big picture that he always want since long time ago. laughed so hard, at that tom & jerry moment不 also when maknae couples pretending like they have a baby不

    • ____

      Ji hyo silent mode

  • Vouch Nea
    Vouch Nea

    I love how ji hyo unnie steal their Ramyeon 不不不

  • Ashleigh Agtarap
    Ashleigh Agtarap

    Somin and song jihyo is very sweet to each other 伐

  • Vouch Nea
    Vouch Nea

    Oww I love how they decide to truth each other as team

  • Ashleigh Agtarap
    Ashleigh Agtarap

    Lol hahha this scene was the funniest

  • smnsqs

    somin beautiful right

  • Harris Suhardi
    Harris Suhardi

    se chan sucks

  • Harris Suhardi
    Harris Suhardi

    Gary hyung...

  • N. L.
    N. L.


  • Alone JAI
    Alone JAI

    Running man without guest ep always the best

  • Dhiren Limbu
    Dhiren Limbu

    Running man playing family line is the best one ever haha.

  • Itz NiCkTo9ite
    Itz NiCkTo9ite

    Running Man without the guest is always gonna be a good episode to watch And next week? Omg, the MongDol sister finally got the attention from RM members to be treated like a queen lol (it will be so cringy, they have known each other for a long time) The last time I remember was when G-Dragon, Daesung & Seungri came as a guest, with JiHyo as the princesses and everyone battling to win her heart

  • Nella Whtevs
    Nella Whtevs

    Just watch the preview episode 524 ,jihyo and somin will get the attention朮朮

  • N. Weewo
    N. Weewo

    They more funnier if no guest, no hate but they can be themselves w/o hurting any guest.

  • unna 01
    unna 01

    Sechan in this eps so cute and somin, jihyo sweet sister...

  • itzkeithnicole

    Oh my gosh i can't stop laughing because of Se Chan HAHAHAHA 不 great tactic

  • Lovely V
    Lovely V

    Is this the same house they played a prank to Suk Jin?

    • kath


  • Charlotte Ronquillo
    Charlotte Ronquillo

    Cute bb sechan 歹歹

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    I'm Single

  • Asma Huq
    Asma Huq

    This episode was the best of this year

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover

    Love this episode so much... One of the best best episode ever... Can't wait for the next episode...

  • sayidah napisah
    sayidah napisah

    Sechan is soo vulnerable that makes the situation more unexpected. he can be soooo kind but on the other hand he can be soooo evil (betray) HAHAHA~! + the moment where Jong Kook commit to take the penalty.. i don't know but it was so TOUCHING! T-T

  • S Eyingbeni Lotha
    S Eyingbeni Lotha

    No guest needed they are enough

  • U M
    U M

    Haha walks like an old man sometimes...I can almost picture him in his 60's.

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      Haha actually has a disk problem and he had a surgery before, it's all because of Running and doing physical games for years..poor Haha

  • Hyungwon's eyelids
    Hyungwon's eyelids

    Even the daughters in-law have a nasty habit of stealing 不

  • Sheryl Paz
    Sheryl Paz

    Sechan is so cute in running

  • Sheryl Paz
    Sheryl Paz

    Tom and jerry

  • Riea Nicolle
    Riea Nicolle

    I just can't when Jaesuk gave Kwangsoo his Korean beef set, he's really one of the best MCs I've known 歹 He's too pure damn

  • Angela Th廕υ
    Angela Th廕υ


  • garima birhmaan
    garima birhmaan

    Ji hyo is looking so pretty

  • SayaZul Channel
    SayaZul Channel

    The transfer card is used for simple penalty, poor jk

    • george winter
      george winter

      bc it's expiring haha


    Sechan HAHA

  • Rider .pollomino
    Rider .pollomino

    is it normal to feel fustrated to see jae seok's team food getting stolen by sechan.TT

  • Kayssxx Pxrk
    Kayssxx Pxrk

    窶欠資 禺木

  • DoDoSolSol LalaSol
    DoDoSolSol LalaSol

    I fell bad for Haha HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Kimiyo Sakura
    Kimiyo Sakura

    I love how Sechan being honest and they all not angry at him 弘 even jongkook offer his eggs too, omg I love this RM family

  • Nur Hafidza
    Nur Hafidza

    Sub indo ???

    • Dhiya Anaqi
      Dhiya Anaqi

      episode brapa ni kak ?

  • Elijah Umali
    Elijah Umali

    am i the only one noticing that se chan is blooming in that episode. like bruh he looks so good with that hair

    • Terevinco

      I've noticed he lost some weight, especially in the episode where he and Somin were dancing together not too long ago.

    • Nurul Hadirah
      Nurul Hadirah

      Yasss especially when somin tease him and act like she was pregnant

    • Oriana Swanty
      Oriana Swanty

      REALLY!!! i mean like he is much more handsome than usually朮

  • Syafira Srg
    Syafira Srg

    Sechan looks so handsome here, i like his haircut really fresh

  • Odysseus

    So Min didn't let Kwang Soo get away with bullying her sister(Ji Hyo). Not gonna lie, that was actually heartwarming to watch.

    • Aryanti Atun
      Aryanti Atun

      Agree ..i really like that part

    • Ace Ceil
      Ace Ceil

      haha and she didn't hesitated a bit and go straight to revenge his unnie

  • CN chandra
    CN chandra

    I can't wait for next episode

  • roman picisan
    roman picisan

    I hope this yearPark so dam will be runningman guest

  • Maj Ruby
    Maj Ruby

    Jongkook must genuinely like Sechan and want him to be a part of his family cause he mentioned his nieces hes pretty protective of family

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Aryanti Atun Let's ignore haters they just want attention

    • Maj Ruby
      Maj Ruby

      friedfish hes really protective towards his friends, esp those who are younger than him. Ugh I miss the my dongsaeng tandem of jongkook, haha and Gary

    • Aryanti Atun
      Aryanti Atun

      @____ you again..are you jh haters

    • ____

      Ji hyo silent mode

    • fashionmwah

      friedfish I know! Ive noticed that about him. Jongkook doesnt admire just anyone.

  • Jonathan Yao
    Jonathan Yao

    Sechan should have his own personal antics, he is just copying Kwang Soo's betraying and stealings antics, wish he make his own trademark actions, that is why i like his brother more than him.

    • kath

      @Paqal J ikr lmao people who are new to runningman are the one who keeps on bashing other members

    • Novi Ting
      Novi Ting

      Sechan's unique character is that he is Somin's love fool LOL I mean he smiles so widely everytime somin acts cute and flirty to him to the point that I worry his gum and teeth might dries up

    • Paqal J
      Paqal J

      Lol the betraying part was started by haha and its develope within member. Its a part of runningman so why sechan couldntt be one? Also sechan also has good and funny impression that made the member laugh cuz hes a gagman. Go and watch their yut game, sechan was really funny at that time

    • Odysseus

      He is much more honest than Kwang Soo. That's the difference between him and Kwang Soo. Here we can see Se Chan getting uncomfortable and bad after his team talk about family. If it were Kwang Soo, he would just keep quiet and keep on lying even if he feels bad

  • Fukei Fukei
    Fukei Fukei

    That place looks familiar

    • farhain rosli
      farhain rosli

      @Sazlin Wss i forgot too haha

    • Sazlin Wss
      Sazlin Wss

      @farhain rosli what episode is that? I forgot 不

    • farhain rosli
      farhain rosli

      Its when they do a secret mission with soyou

  • Riya Jat
    Riya Jat

    The girls look so beautiful 凌歹

  • Baddash脣

    love the scene when jihyo make some food alone and kwangsoo/ other members (im forgot)came in and lookin for eggshell

  • Muhammad Bakri
    Muhammad Bakri

    I want so min pregnant please .....

    • Novi Ting
      Novi Ting

      @Shaima Nafakekeke yeah, at least it added one reason for me to laugh yesterday..so thank you sir Muhammad Bakri

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Novi Ting Yeah his comment is completely misleading for people who haven't seen the episode yet 五

    • Novi Ting
      Novi Ting

      LOL.. I'll try to paraphrase.. did you mean that you want the clip of video where Somin was acting as if she was pregnant?

  • chill aiman
    chill aiman

    That's annoying...this is running man, not annoying man ! It has limit to do that.

    • ema id
      ema id

      So chill aiman is no chill? Lol. If kwangsoo ang jaesuk do that it is ok but if sechan or somin not ok. Haha..

    • kath


    • Afiq Ikmal Roslan
      Afiq Ikmal Roslan

      @SYAZU ONE well said


      When Kwang Soo do that no one complain.. What a double standard? What a world?

    • Paqal J
      Paqal J

      They once stole food right off the mouth so i dont see this makes it no different

  • L T
    L T

    As expected, RM with no guests is the best

  • Aryanti Atun
    Aryanti Atun

    Sjh n jsm really look like sisters..i hope i can see mongdol sisters more n more they are so cute﹦

    • Aryanti Atun
      Aryanti Atun

      @____ so what you mean?

    • ____

      Ji hyo silent mode

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Next week is special for both of them

  • runarune

    The way they edited Tom and Jerry reminds me of HaHa's action time. Then there's the scene when JiHyo just gave eggs to Kwang Soo without fight. HaHa and JiHyo have matured a lot. Sometimes I forget it's been 10 years already.

    • 瓟桭捸刉晡 -
      瓟桭捸刉晡 -

      you do know that later she follow him to the room and steal the cup noodle

    • Umairah Nadhiah
      Umairah Nadhiah

      Yes!! While the youngest member still been playful to their brother and sister just like the real sibling would do

  • Anggela Novita Sari
    Anggela Novita Sari

    'family yoo has no moral'

  • asdfgh jkl
    asdfgh jkl

    RM is so funny even without guest star

  • The Joker21
    The Joker21

    "We really shouldn't associate with that familiy" - LKS 2020... LOL

  • jay hae
    jay hae

    I really like this kind of theme episode and where there is no guest . Just them

    • Cristene Rosellosa
      Cristene Rosellosa


    • pemimpi radikal
      pemimpi radikal

      No guest episodes always the best episodes its been like that since the beginning

    • Tricia putri gunadi
      Tricia putri gunadi

      yesssss i agreeee

    • Nurul Hadirah
      Nurul Hadirah

      @sara amelia senior guest is better than young guest with immature fans 朮

    • sara amelia
      sara amelia

      Yupp.. especially when they invite senior guest the episode must be really suck