Frustrated JONGKOOK
The reason we love him..?

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  • Frank Perconte
    Frank Perconte

    Who’s the bald guy?

  • TY's YS
    TY's YS

    Poor Chanhee

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft

    I think most Koreans dont understand Kim Jong Kook and I am kinda frustrated.

  • Bruce Bayne
    Bruce Bayne

    Lol on a episode of Running Man, JK was saying he should get married and Jae-suk immediately said he would not be able to. He should just stay happy, not be pressured to marry if he doesn’t feel like it.

  • Top One
    Top One

    When Jongkook say "Men not working out because of women" 😂 That is the version of "We, women also don't do makeup because of men!" 😂

  • Top One
    Top One

    Why the person beside Jongkook wearing a fake mustache and sunglasses? I think I saw him on RM. And still wondering..🤣😅

  • F4KNGZO Gm97
    F4KNGZO Gm97

    Working out while eating 😆💥👐👐

  • SuB SONiC
    SuB SONiC

    KJK is generally funny but this is the funniest clip I've seen in a while. I love how the gym bros all agreed on everything coincidentally and even shook hands over having a lot of redundant clothes. My fave part was when I thought they couldn't do the heart symbol but ended up making it a bodyweight workout during the meal. This is gold! Can't stop laughing XD

  • Ririn C.
    Ririn C.

    Who is the man in beard?

  • Ivori Rose
    Ivori Rose

    Jong Kook is very passionate and knows how to communicate his perspective eloquently ❤️


    Ooooo master rosiee

  • Kris Angela Viray
    Kris Angela Viray

    Funny how park joon hyung is not so talkative here... Lol

  • not cora
    not cora

    exactly, ppl go to the gym for themselves not to please others

  • Mountain

    Why is that man wearing complete face mask?

  • Tomb Raider King
    Tomb Raider King

    What do people have against people who works out? Those who are in great shape means that they have workout for years. Meaning that he workouts for himself. So what's with that kind of mentality???

  • Ririe Pillai
    Ririe Pillai

    U know ,if I were his wife(IF) ..I rather them workin out than u know ... They clearly r great people and just love to stay healthy .i don’t see what’s the problem

  • Alopex lagopus
    Alopex lagopus

    Sound like three gangster bulling a kid XD

  • Zikri Zuki
    Zikri Zuki

    eun bin😍

  • Zarek Sandstorm
    Zarek Sandstorm

    Anyone who hits the gym knows why he couldn't make the heart "at that time". He basically just finish workin them arms out. His muscles are sfill tense as fuck. One needs to stretch them wrist muscle out first to relax them.

  • Difa Mahya Zahara Tanjung
    Difa Mahya Zahara Tanjung

    Agree! I never think ppl who work out and train their muscles like these men are doing it to get women's attention or to be liked by women. They just simply enjoy what they do

  • den rockstarz
    den rockstarz

    Lol that last part they totally look like a gangster educating underline😂😂

  • sucker for wheein
    sucker for wheein

    Oh... I like men with bodies like that. It’s my ideal type actually. Maybe I’m the one JK needs lmao

  • Denia Biñalon
    Denia Biñalon

    ... okay but what kind of wife would you be if you ain't attracted to that... Muscle... Mmmm... come on love him for who he js...... This is a strange world now that some women like men with... Normal bodies.... Weird... Idk maybe its just me

  • i am groot
    i am groot

    kim jong kook is dissing people who talked bad about him 😂😂😂

  • Glenda Mae Roquim
    Glenda Mae Roquim

    Low maintenance guys are jjang 😂

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • lastdusk

    Jongkook got the point👏👏👏 People: Women don't like men with big muscles JK: We're not working out because of women, we work out because we like it = the same for when us ladies wear pretty dresses or makeup, we don't wear them to impress men! we wear them because we like it. People: Who is your favorite celebrity? Fan: Kim Jongkook People: oh so u like kt when they're buff JK: NOOOO THEY LIKE ME AS A PERSON Shin Dongyup: yeah KJk just happen to have big muscles = RELATE 💯💯💯💯💯 when people ask me who's my favorite idols and I answer with SNSD, BTS, SVT they'd say 'oh so u like the popular ones' NOOOO THEY JUST HAPPEN TO BE POPULAR. I LIKE THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE WHAT THEY ARE!!!!!!

  • Animes Nangku
    Animes Nangku


  • nur asrar
    nur asrar

    It's not about body but more to personality..you must find your husband/wife looking at their personality not their physical appearance.

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn

    Awwwwwww cute

  • Kraft T.
    Kraft T.

    "People think that I always wear the same thing, but I have about 10 of the same t-shirts." "Me too!" "me too!" *Starts shaking hands. Lmfao! This is so true. It's crazy funny how close working out can bring us all together.

  • Reika Melina
    Reika Melina

    He's gonna married soon

  • Big Men
    Big Men

    He shouldn't married HJY then..😄 jpflow.info/sun/bideo/aH-BqZqBsqmqbmA.html


    Aww... i feel the guy who is trying to get the scenario to them....it can really happen....marriages cant last long if they cannot compromise for their wife... "happy wife, happy life"

  • Soul King
    Soul King

    Lmao true. What So Min said is stupid. Them women think we men want to impress them all the time. Fuck no, we ain't care about y'all, we just love having a nice body 😁

  • توتي توتي
    توتي توتي

    ارجوكم اعملو ترجمه عربيه 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • while

    Jongkook isn't saying men who like to gym don't cheat. He's saying people who have enough discipline to motivate themselves for years and years into a routine without fail to stay in shape are less likely to fall for the temptations to make immoral decisions as opposed to those who can't drag themselves to the gym not even once in their life. He's talking about two types of people who are hardwired completely differently that will react completely differently to most circumstances.

  • Joy Atillo
    Joy Atillo

    Wow. That view of the restaurant!!!!!

  • Zoarkado Zenos
    Zoarkado Zenos

    looks like Jong Kook is not a simp lmao!

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    KJK is so funny even when he’s not trying to be.

  • kaigyo

    Jong Kook spitting FACTS

  • OneEaredRabbit

    It would be great if they could find someone that loved to work out just as much as them, how nice would it be to work out together

  • Dh kKu
    Dh kKu

    Is he the guest of rm "scarecrow" episode?

    • Akira Tagashi
      Akira Tagashi


  • WB IsMe
    WB IsMe


  • Remiel Morningstar
    Remiel Morningstar

    KJK probably have a girlfriend right now, In ep. 504 in running man where KJK is teases to Jae kyung, because they have similar initials "kjk" by haha and sechan, ji sukjin said that "they are ruining things again, same with yoo jae suk that playfully scolded haha and se chan and repeated jisukjin's line!!!

  • Rooner

    It is annoying how small-minded some people get when it comes to men taking their time to get married. If it was your unnie/noona who was still looking around at 45, it would have been uncool to say "No one is going to marry you. You should settle for the one who will take you". I see such comments when it comes to JH getting married. Fans say things like "You are such a queen for not getting married. You are complete without a man". When it comes to Jong Kook, the same fans public shame him, implying he is not complete without a woman. You all, he can get married at whatever age he wants with whoever he chooses. He doesn't need a woman to complete him.

    • KRG

      I wouldn't even say it's a double standard because the ones who say those comments only like JH and hates JK. Haha said JK can get married right away if he wants to, so his haters' claims don't even make sense.

  • The Farah Aziz
    The Farah Aziz

    1:57 wait, is she from "Do You Like Brahms?"

    • Saniyia Howard
      Saniyia Howard


  • Yellow Stone
    Yellow Stone

    i totally agree with jong kook. it is the same as women dress up for themselves and not for men. so why men can't work out for their own satisfaction too? i am stanning harder on you, kim jong kook!

    • Rooner

      I agree. The expectations are the same from both men and women. Just like it is sexist to say a woman dresses up to attract men, it is sexist to say a man works out to attract women.

  • puku brahma
    puku brahma

    Bam is so silent here

    • while

      That's not his name lmao

  • kountrygirl 84
    kountrygirl 84

    jong kook is a wonderful man in every way.

  • runningman 2019
    runningman 2019

    What marriage is that if the man go to gym and the girl go to salon and spa ? I cant imagine this

  • clay lover
    clay lover

    With all the time JK spends at the gym and his other entertainment activities, I wonder how much time he can give to his partner. Also, if he gets married and has children, how much time can he dedicate to his family. Something has to go bc there's only 24 hrs in a day. BTW, I've seen this white-bearded guy on other JPflow channels and I was wondering if he's creating a character for himself or if he's a special agent and cannot have his face revealed.

    • D Y
      D Y

      I saw the show on TV and just searched JPflow for comments, lol. This guy is wearing an entire prosthetic over his entire head and face. That’s probably why he’s covering his eyes and mouth bc it’s not fitting properly there. What’s the point in entirely covering your head unless you’re a recognized celebrity? He could easily just wear a wig and glasses if he’s a non-celebrity anyway???

    • Rooner

      Entertainers and actors are all busy and still manage to find time for their family. Working out for 2 hours a day in no way takes away time from other things. His profession demands that he stays in shape and so does his health. So his wife should understand. He is a guy with a sense of commitment, so he will manage to find time for his family .

  • Kody Jung
    Kody Jung

    me 2!!!! i got 40-60 same white t. shorts are diffrtent jeans, got about 5 pairs of the same

  • Jono Keren
    Jono Keren

    Kjk club has been created.

  • Mel Shepard
    Mel Shepard

    I think he’s fine - if he wants to work out let him, we all have things we enjoy, it’s different for everyone. I personally would love to meet a man like KJK. You can’t change anyone so if your looking for a person to change you need to stop looking, if you need to change him then your not happy with him- love is excepting as is

  • Iddia Hasmat Ismuni
    Iddia Hasmat Ismuni

    Kim Gye Ran become a guest in Runningman once, and now he close with KJK. that was the brotherhood between mens how like to work out 😆

  • stranger

    somehow park eun bin park eun bin is like a younger version of lee da hae/lee da hey (SE7EN GF)

  • Siti Najihah
    Siti Najihah

    Woww neat bald

    • WB IsMe
      WB IsMe

      He is wearing a disguise...

  • Lini xo
    Lini xo

    i love the editing arnd his mom's face when her son talks abt relationships 😂

  • Sara Bts
    Sara Bts

    1:48 I totally agree with JK

  • fernanda maria
    fernanda maria

    What KJK said it's makes sense not only with the people who like to stay fit, but with people in general. If someone work out and have a fit body, then people will think that their partners like them only because of their body shape. Just like someone's dating a person whose don't fit the beauty pattern imposed by society, will be looked down if their partners are too " beautiful" to be be dating someone so "ugly"/ "fat".( i hope i made sense, english is not first language😅).

  • Reel Zero Tuned
    Reel Zero Tuned


  • Rose Black
    Rose Black

    If you really love someone just love them don't change them Acceptance and trust is what makes love stronger #hope you find the one oppa 😂😂

  • vanna8914

    What they said is very true. They knew what they were like before marrying them. Why is it now suddenly a problem. I’d prefer to have a husband that is at the gym working out than one who goes out clubbing and drinking.

  • I.A.N.Y Gaming
    I.A.N.Y Gaming

    That just same, build up body man with ugly face man its no different.. they being looked by their apperances, its just women want a good loking boy with good heart, there is no place a good heart boy with ugly face or body build.. 🙄 agree with jongkook, if you dont like them as they looklike, then they wont give a sh1t about them too.. if you really love ur boy/girl just loves them as they are..

  • Rhoia Lity
    Rhoia Lity

    Kjk oppa will be forever alone in this lifetime 😂 no matter how much he mentions that he wants a wife and a kid, with his mindset...he either gets divorced early or like what jae hoon oppa suggested his wife might run away instead 😂

    • Awees S
      Awees S

      Agree with this all his friend are married and they have kids and better life than his like Haha with his women and three kids it’s not that we are hated him but as fans we can see that he never can married because what he do is workout and eat and jus sleep and work the whole year so im sure his gona like that after another 4 years

    • Rhoia Lity
      Rhoia Lity

      kuro neko kuro neko well technically u don’t need to get married to have a partner but with just his character, i don’t think dating and not getting married is his goal in a relationship...and with his mentions of wife and kids he seems to want it badly but he just couldn’t find the right woman even now...no bad blood here...it was just an opinion. 🙃

    • kuro neko
      kuro neko

      @Rhoia Lity you said he gonna be forever alone... Do everyone had to get married to be with someone...

    • Rhoia Lity
      Rhoia Lity

      kuro neko that’s why i commented he will be alone for a long time 😂 since it is hard to find a women who can accept his lifestyle...i have nothing against kjk oppa...he can do whatever he wants, its his life...it was a just an opinion lol

    • Rhoia Lity
      Rhoia Lity

      KRG 😒what’s with the aggressive behavior? Chill u fanatic of kjk geez. Its just my opinion..do you have to say something mean to protect him? Besides it was what jae hoon oppa mentioned before in their show its not a secret and most of his friends think that way anyway even his mom thinks that way...🙄 he works out too much to even find time to get a proper gf...let alone get married...that’s why i commented it that way...

  • Tabiranty Fitri
    Tabiranty Fitri

    I’m 22 years old, and i like jungkook oppa... and asking my mom, what if i married this guy.. and my mom told me that he was same with my aunt.. and i said “IT’S OKAY IF THAT KIM JUNGKOOK”... i guess 21 years different it’s okay 🤣🤣😂 and just for kim jungkook 😂😂😂

    • Ralte V
      Ralte V


  • Cr0netix Gamer
    Cr0netix Gamer

    I feel comfortable watching this guy wearing mask with fake beard................

    • D Y
      D Y

      I just saw this on tv and came to YT to see what people are saying, lol. This guy is wearing an entire prosthetic over his whole head?! If you’re a non-celebrity what’s the point? He could wear a wig and sunglasses and no one would recognize him anyway.

  • Nakirai Manase
    Nakirai Manase

    but really all they said doesn't matter , but please get married now we are tired of telling you this 😂😂

  • Soul ASMR
    Soul ASMR

    Kim Jongkook............ we ALLL like your body. But I SWEAR TO GOD the ONLY workout you should be concerned about *on your honeymoon* ............. is putting every DROP of energy into pleasing and tearing up this WAP. *SERIOUSLY.* deadass. So stay at the fucking NICE hotel instead of burning your energy at the gym leaving your wife all alone. Ffs. PUT THAT WORK ALLLLLL INTO HER WAP BIYATCH even bodybuilders NEED rest for their muscles in the short and long run.

  • Ralte V
    Ralte V

    What Jong kook said is agreeable to be honest. People are too much stereotyped at muscles when it comes to relationships.

  • Kalgeriax 101
    Kalgeriax 101

    Yeah i agree. If she likes him, but ask him to get rid of muscle, that's mean she didn't like you. It just fake like. IF someone likes you, no matter how fat or skinny, how buff or slim they will accept everything about you.

  • Ivan Lu
    Ivan Lu

    isnt that the youtuber that scared the shit out of everyone in that running man episode wearing the scarecrow

    • domsherwood. katmcnamara
      domsherwood. katmcnamara


    • Ralte V
      Ralte V


  • Unicornsnow Studio
    Unicornsnow Studio

    I would hate telling my spouse what to do with their bodies unless they are self harming themselves. I wouldn’t like that done to me, so I don’t agree with telling him to lose his muscles

  • pwenty ,
    pwenty ,

    true and also he’s really not the type of person that like forcing people he treats women obviously different so i really don’t understand why his friends come at him like that

  • variety byun
    variety byun

    Wow Wassupman is here lol I love it when Joon appears on variety shows.

  • I'm Cy
    I'm Cy

    😂Jongkook's actually right...they technically wouldn't be your girlfriend in the first place if they didn't like your body... personally I don't like so much muscles and that's one of the reasons why I don't fangirl over him

  • Swaggy Lalisa
    Swaggy Lalisa

    It's scarecrow-nim on "Running Man" that scared Kwangsoo to pee his a pants just a little 😂

    • jimmy tran
      jimmy tran

      Who is he?

  • Wai Yee
    Wai Yee

    Gym men's talk so pure…1:27: we just need one woman who likes a body like this…i like 🐯he state clearly what type of woman he just care…🐯KOOKIE has the quality n looks n Haha did said: many women who interested to KJK…🐯he just need the good luck to meet the right one who he loves she truly loves him can shake stir n appreciate his heart💕💪🐯🔥🔥

  • noel praesentaneus
    noel praesentaneus

    I like the guy with the beard he's stating facts

  • Julia Aguirre
    Julia Aguirre

    same as women wearing makeup, or dressing up

  • Dhani

    who is that Master Roshi looking dude?

    • WB IsMe
      WB IsMe


    • Akira Tagashi
      Akira Tagashi

      You remember now?

    • Dhani

      @WB IsMe oooh its the athletic scarecrow guy? :o

    • WB IsMe
      WB IsMe

      And he appeared in running man ep once. The scarecrow ep

    • Iddia Hasmat Ismuni
      Iddia Hasmat Ismuni

      His name is Kim Gye Ran, youtuber with work out channel

  • Mitu jethwa
    Mitu jethwa

    This part is really funny that while eating even they are doing work out .Kim jong kook is really good at exercising ,I really like your body the way it is .👍🇮🇳💜😘

  • BPunisherFox

    i think the problem is not about workout but its just too much is the problem, if you willing to fight with r partner just because of ur hobby on ur honeymoon, theres a problem with you, its not only about work ot only, thats why when you are couple try to balance it at some moment, if you arr not ready with that, you better alone dont be selfish

  • SojoXable

    Everything he stated was the truth. Everyone keeps asking about a girlfriend hypothetically asking him to get rid of his muscles but that's their own insecurities being projected on to him. Basically him being in the shape he is in means he will be mobile and able long into his older years which is a hell of a benefit unto itself for any woman married to him. And why would a woman who loves him for who he is, ask him to get rid of doing the thing he loves? That's some messed up thinking right there.

    • Pork Cutlet
      Pork Cutlet

      Exactly, what if the guy in white's wife that he loves very much wants him to work out even though he hates it? Then what? Is he going to start exercising? I doubt it.

    • Rooner

      A woman who thinks he has to reduce his exercise routine he has maintained for 20 years to prove his love for her has some messed up priorities. It would be the same as a husband asking a woman to give up doing something she loves for his sake. It is not a sin to spend time at the gym for his health and it is his healthy image he lives off.

  • Miss Pluviophile
    Miss Pluviophile

    I love jk when i saw he in rm...before that, i even dont know him at all..kwangsoo too..💙

  • JIMIN C 7012
    JIMIN C 7012


  • fiq riq
    fiq riq

    Now JK got one more bestfriend. Haha

  • City Spawn
    City Spawn

    Actually it's a confident that make you get girl even your body is good looking if you doesn't have any confident to get a girl you will never get it.

  • Queen N13
    Queen N13

    i don't care if my man want to work out during honeymoon.. But i'll make sure everything goes to plan.. Bahaba

  • TheCratsky

    It's true. Hugging a guy with muscles is like hugging a rock. Not many girls enjoy that feeling. Plus, their metabolism is so high they're hot all the time so she could be freezing in the car wanting heater and he's feeling too hot to turn it on (unless car has dual climate).

    • Awees S
      Awees S

      Sheddy Yoe baam 😂😂😂😂😂✌🏽

    • kuro neko
      kuro neko

      @Sheddy Yoe savage... 😂😂😂😂

    • MakananKu

      @Sheddy Yoe :))))

    • Sheddy Yoe
      Sheddy Yoe

      Yeah..kissing a girl who put on thick make up is like kissing a bag of flour..

  • Fascienne Skytten
    Fascienne Skytten

    yeah lol it's not okay for guys to say "we dont like women who wears too much make up" bcs women don't wear make up to impress the men yet we be saying the same shit to men about working out. what are we even complaining abt lol

    • Elizabeth

      the difference is that it will definitely put a strain on a marriage if the husband keeps going out constantly to work out at the gym or spend too much exercising instead of giving more attention to wife/family. Women don't usually put on makeup if they are staying home and it doesn't consume too much time to put on simple makeup. Women will put on makeup when they go out. Jongkook has literally said a girl has broken up with him because he worked out too much and he was sad that happened. Jongkook even said he would rather not get married if it meant he had to not work out anymore lol. And the reason Somin said the women prefer regular bodies compared to men with a perfect body with tons of muscles was because Jongkook was telling a male guest on RM that the male guest would look good with a more ripped body. And well tbh I see 10x more men complaining about women wearing makeup than women complaining about men working out too much. And if women do complain about men working out to much it's because they're not spending more time at gym than with their actual girlfriend/wife and family.

    • variety byun
      variety byun

      Literally what I thought

  • abe ja
    abe ja

    One thing for sure, kjk still hold grudge against somin... 😂😂😂

    • De Hantale's
      De Hantale's

      @Ayick Gonzales ep in between 510 until now.. I dont remember the exact ep

    • Isawang D
      Isawang D

      Hahaha ohhh goshh somin and kjk so cute

    • Aziera Hassan
      Aziera Hassan

      @Ayick Gonzales Quite recent episode. Somin paired up with Dongjun.

    • Ayick Gonzales
      Ayick Gonzales

      @De Hantale's what ep is that?

    • De Hantale's
      De Hantale's

      I notice after the episode where somin tease about jongkook's muscle.. Both of them seems apart... No longer seats together and tease together often.. Hahaha..

  • Priska Kh
    Priska Kh

    What Somin said to JK seems really "touches" him. But I think Somin is right. (Many) women actually are not too attracted with men with too (over) big muscles. But if the men have great personality like JK, the body size doesn't matter anymore.

    • variety byun
      variety byun

      It's because Asians generally have a small frame and our diet (more carbs than protein unlike the west) makes it hard to gain prominent muscles, so we're much more used seeing lean men and built ones are kind of intimidating.

    • Priska Kh
      Priska Kh

      @fajardwi utomo Well maybe Somin said that based on her or his brother experiences. I said that because many of my girlfriends are not attracted with too bulky men. My gfs feel intimidating or "scared" with too bulky men. Somin brother is bulky enough but he has cute face that intimidates women less lol.

    • Priska Kh
      Priska Kh

      @T Flo What I mean is the muscles that are too bulky. Many Kpop Idols have great body with muscles but they are not (too) bulky, so women/girls love it. Captain America, he is not bulky. Hulk, Thor, Dwayne Johnson, WWF athletes are some men who I called too bulky.

    • T Flo
      T Flo

      Idk about that tho....For example, I live here in the States and I have not met a single person (in person or online) who doesn’t check out Captain America or Thor’s fiiiine body. I do notice that in K-Dramas all of the male leads have the same body type. Not super buff but still super attractive. JK is the first buff Korean I seen in K-media. Whereas most of the male leads in America are buff. Just comes down to individual preference at the end tho.

    • Sheddy Yoe
      Sheddy Yoe

      @salindream just like how men say " we don't like women who put on too much make up "... seems fair to me 💁🏻‍♂️

  • kuro neko
    kuro neko

    Me : where have you been all day.? You must be at gym cheating on me with proteina.. 😤😤😤 To be honest having boyfriend who obsses with gym if far better.. at least you know he won't cheating on you n your rival probably some gym equipment n you know when to find him every single time... 😂😂😂😂

    • Ann Dang
      Ann Dang

      @Soul ASMR well I mean if he gonna cheat on you then it doesnt matter where he goes 😂 at least he gain something weight at the gym, not debt 🤣

    • Soul ASMR
      Soul ASMR

      Except when you remember all the hot young girls flirting around the gym in just sports bras 😂

    • Ann Dang
      Ann Dang

      true, I'd rather my bf or husband goes to the gym than the bar or gaming stores

  • Charles John Siplao
    Charles John Siplao

    Omg i actually agree in some of what jk said 😂

  • KRG

    KJK saying "We just need one woman who likes a body like this." just simply means that he doesn't care about what others think of him nor would he want to please others except for his future wife. Also, he's been talking about his own stand in a relationship these past few months, I'm kind of sure he has a girlfriend already.

    • Pork Cutlet
      Pork Cutlet

      Love Battery?

  • SayaZul Channel
    SayaZul Channel

    What is the YT name of the bald guy ?

    • tigeraid

      Just remember he appeared in one episode of RM.

    • Rekan Payne
      Rekan Payne

      Physical Gallery

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Now we see Eunbin as guest... Wow.. I guess some of you will ship her to KJK, am i right? .. Hahaha.. 😂😂

    • Han seorhaa
      Han seorhaa

      @Stephone Cloud 100% 😂

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Han seorhaa well let me guess...Son naeun apink is in the list too?? hahaha

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @H A S H me too bro.. for me only two girls that are so close with him.. jihyo and jinyoung..but kjk really know how to keep silent and secret of his relationship.. hahaha...hope next year we will hear his good news..

    • Han seorhaa
      Han seorhaa

      @H A S H well, i think i already ship him with at least 10 celebrity woman i know 😅

    • H A S H
      H A S H

      @Stephone Cloud yes probably, Idk why but I love to see him with song ji hyo, I know a lot of people are saying there's no way, they're like family, they treat each other like family bcs they knew each other way back since family outing, but who knows, im just hoping and wanted to see him get married immediately

  • Chin

    Here come self-promotion 3:20 😂😂