[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Find out who the DRAW is..!不不 (part.1) (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Find out who the DRAW is..!不不 (part.1) (ENG SUB)
Looks like a wide MANGO..?
GUESS who the DRAW is!!


  • JE

    so min so cute!

  • Saki Doo
    Saki Doo

    Song jihyo 歹 歹

  • Celeste Chan
    Celeste Chan

    I wish Kwang Soo would get a haircut, his hair is getting longer and he looks......weird in my opinion

  • Ryuu Akira
    Ryuu Akira

    Too bad for so many skipped game scenes...

  • Pragati Babar
    Pragati Babar

    ...kookie oppa n jaesuk oppa are just really amazing... can't beat them.. even kjk oppa nag a lot . everytime he has a point which make our brain force to think about it... He suspect the theif by his hunch feeling..n with eagle eye he keep reading expression n behaviour of members..m really impress.. in this episode kookie oppa made the whole recipe while jaesuk oppa add a pinch of salt n other seasoning 歹 great episode 歹"#RM

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni

  • Farras Jihan
    Farras Jihan

    the same place as SEVENTEEN HIT comeback

  • Borahae

    2:35 is sukjin trying to hit the woah?

  • garlisya rochyani
    garlisya rochyani

    Kwang soo mango it's like potato hahahah lol

  • Kerushi

    I think the next episode will be really funny the teaser is hilarious

  • novika sijabat
    novika sijabat

    3:52 jae seok to jeon somin "sobara, are you okey?", love this

    • Yulia Fatfa Azizah
      Yulia Fatfa Azizah


  • Jonathan Yao
    Jonathan Yao

    i wonder who looks like a rotten cucumber?

  • Norfatiyya Jannah A. Macatanto
    Norfatiyya Jannah A. Macatanto

    The thumbnail is Jihyo but she has less exposures in this clip.. unfair to her fans when they are waiting for nothing..

  • Momo Kukululu
    Momo Kukululu

    Jongkook and jaesuk really are brilliant! I got goosebumps after watching this eps... their hunch are amazing

  • WanX

    Kim Jong Kook is the real detective.

  • Grace Tamayo
    Grace Tamayo

    Running man is getting more and more interesting lately. I love it!

  • kaykhine nyunt
    kaykhine nyunt

    賄 PD !!! 篞賈 渥 禺木 諡渥 穇湊 諰 拖 諈圉潰 ??? 渥 渣渣 蛟. 黖 潰穈 圉收 8 窶湊萼諝 諤諢 諻. 鴔諤 寢 諯潰窶 寨 諡渠未 賱秒拘 !! ???? 寢 篞賈諝 鮈拘篧 諰 篞賈穈 寢窶 諨穈諝 鴗月庖 ??? 寢 PD 諡賄 篞賈穈 恢渣 禺 諤鴔 ? 鴔木 賵木潺庖 鮈窶渥. 賱 渥 RM 澎 諤穈鴔 穇 儦 . 寢 麮厝窸 月 魽渥拘 寢 篞資 趣 諢 諰鴔諝 貒厝拘. 諰鴔諝 趣 鴥潰到潺庖拘. 木 潰 鮈 窶 穈


    I just wonder why the PDs need to go thru difficulties to create new games and explain the rules to them when they can actually recycle the past games such as "nonsense answer" But still I love the new games and they have done the great job

    • KRG

      Other viewers complain if the past games were recycled

  • Arya Wibawa
    Arya Wibawa

    KJK knew the Man Thief really well... His feelings as a brother really sensitive... Its so funny.. but also just show us how close they are... love this eps.. the guest was interesting... No Idol Idol.. make its just as interesting as old time RM..

  • Kaly Alik
    Kaly Alik

    all good draw picture their all cute.everybody's happy.

  • Reza Hidayat
    Reza Hidayat

    Jihyo is always blur yet she is a beauty

  • Angel Barbie
    Angel Barbie

    LKS comment and reaction so funny, nice drawing

  • Kachi Jeek
    Kachi Jeek

    am i the only one who actually liked that they edited the games out? like i was so immersed in the story that i didn't realize it was nearing the end. adding the games would have broken the immersion, especially if they were boring and would not have added much interest to the guests' screen time. the editing was great, finally breaking out of the pattern they usually do.

    • Syazana Syazana
      Syazana Syazana

      You aren't the only one my friend

    • Syazana Syazana
      Syazana Syazana

      YESSS! FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT! I agree completely! I don't understand why people hated that they cut the games. If they didn't, it would've just ruined the whole thing in my opinion, I thinking the editing was pretty okay

  • KRG

    I'm still amazed with KJK's composite sketch. It looked exactly the same.

  • kiruthika srinivasan
    kiruthika srinivasan

    using ji hyo picture in front and gaining views

  • Fate

    i have a crush on the staff member in the purple shirt

  • M S
    M S

    HAHA and SOMIN being a thief. What a good combo. but too sad they caught.

  • Dhirah Zulkefly
    Dhirah Zulkefly

    The moment each of them choose a staff hahahahaahaha all i can see them as a mango

  • Brookgirl

    I love this detective games! And i love it more with real detectives on the scene the deductions was really interesting

  • Syed Iman
    Syed Iman

    This episode is freakin lit All natural act, no script. Just all of them deduct the situation by themselves which is the fun because we dont know the thief are. My suspicion after Somin was Seokjin after he said wrong about opening the bag. But then.. Dang! Plot twist!Need more of this brainstorming case episode. Well done Running Man. Well done. This should be a series. Really enjoy it to the fullest. 休

    • Pragati Babar
      Pragati Babar

      Yes...kookie oppa n jaesuk oppa are just really amazing... can't beat them.. even kjk oppa nag a lot . everytime he has a point which make our brain force to think about it...

    • M S
      M S

      A little busted theme.

  • Sharon Belcher
    Sharon Belcher

    Love this so much Really good

  • The Muffin
    The Muffin

    Somins outfit is so cute

  • Jess Fu
    Jess Fu

    Does anyone happen to know what episode this is?

    • Jess Fu
      Jess Fu

      @Lavinne Naa Ah, thanks for the reply

    • Lavinne Naa
      Lavinne Naa

      ep 519, latest episode

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    I tell you guys.. This is one of the best ep.. If you see how Jaesook and Jong kook's deductions, that caught the thiefs ..it's amazing..

  • The Farah Aziz
    The Farah Aziz

    This episode make me adore MC Yoo much more.. His sharp thinking and alert in many details, make him YJS.. Im loving this variety much more! *who else wish to have a healthy body like KJK and brainy mind like YJS?

  • Its JANET
    Its JANET

    Kwangsoo drawing had me dying

  • Monette Galang
    Monette Galang

    KJK drawing skill is really awesome

  • pretty girl
    pretty girl

    Not yet watching but i already smile like crazy here kekeke

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      I tell you.. This is one of the best..

  • Iric Alexis
    Iric Alexis

    i love how RM always involve their crew member.

  • Gemini 0711
    Gemini 0711

    Somin look so cute with her glasses but she is so obvious in this one which lost the thrill. she is still the cute Female Ji Suk Jin ahaha.

  • Mahbub saite
    Mahbub saite

    Get KJK sit in between his two hyung for once in a week and make that bulldozer arm feeling restless it got no underlings to lean to

    • Mahbub saite
      Mahbub saite

      @KRG indeed, but at least there'll be a resistance visible to the eye and somebody will state it out, which i love those kind of exchanges.

    • KRG

      KJK rests his arms on YJS' and JSJ's shoulders too, basically people he's comfortable with.

  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum

    I've never seen So Min wore glasses before, it looks great on her

  • Caissie Luna
    Caissie Luna

    the thumbnail is a clickbait. Hehe.

  • Jennie

    The profiler remind me of sangtae...

  • Mrs. jeon yang yang
    Mrs. jeon yang yang

    Jihyo unnie休休乒毋

  • Mino fan
    Mino fan

    jsm pd out

  • Jum_joli E.j
    Jum_joli E.j

    Mengaku sajalah klu dah salah dan bodoh,ku rasa kjk yg buat ula semua ni,gegara hong jin young,buat tahi kena sendiri,

    • Yulia Fatfa Azizah
      Yulia Fatfa Azizah

      @Stephone Cloud dia ngomongin apaan sih?

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Kau bicara apa? Asal bicara saja kau ni. ..

    • Fakhror Razzi
      Fakhror Razzi

      Pebenda nie?

  • The facts Official
    The facts Official

    Jsm visual just wowwwww

  • rawwwrr 26
    rawwwrr 26

    can you guys all just respect sechan and somin? i fuckng tired of immature international fans making a lot of hate comments about them. if the show shows a lot of sechan and somin, it's because they think they are fun. if they are not, they wouldn't get the screen time. ofcourse the pd will choose what the best for the show so the show wouldn't fail. SO STOP HATING ON THE MEMBERS.

    • Niall Craig
      Niall Craig

      to be fair, no one hates sechan the hate is always around Somin bcs she's a girl, and SJH fans want their idol to be the only female member in the show.

  • a blink but also an ic
    a blink but also an ic

    this game is so good!

  • Kirana Anugrah
    Kirana Anugrah

    Yes yes more MongDol sister team please

    • Kirana Anugrah
      Kirana Anugrah

      @M S riiight? Instead of shipwar I need more sister power

    • M S
      M S

      They were cute when they suspect kjk.

    • Kirana Anugrah
      Kirana Anugrah

      I want to slap both of their haters

  • kiki lala
    kiki lala

    I alwayssssss lovee spy ep,cuz i loveee to see YJS and KJK comment/deductions! They are too good as criminal profiler and detectivei would say...more or same level as the 2 real profiler and dtctive if haha oppa not criminal,i also like him,cuz i for me haha,yjs and kjk are genius line when come to analysis things while mknae line aree tooo good in making people confuse不不 i think if somin didnt come too early,other would less suspect her

  • taeyong is the cutest cookie monster
    taeyong is the cutest cookie monster

    the first thief race was fun, this one is too, just a bit disappointed with the editing, too much got cut so we can't really feel like "included" in the game, but overall, good episode

    • Kachi Jeek
      Kachi Jeek

      i disagree, i actually like that they edited the games out, would have destroyed the flow and immersion in the story

  • Wai Yee
    Wai Yee

    Deduction 特PARTA KOOK totally active in this ep5:05: it looks exactly the same圯ven 疲is drawing also same like deduction lol exactly match the girl胼毋休

  • Monogatari Scans
    Monogatari Scans

    This theme is so good tho. It doesnt need much physical work which is good since they're getting old. Its fun to watch and funny with their interactions. I hope RM can find a theme that is on par with name tag ripping game.

  • Laura Santiago
    Laura Santiago

    song jhyo somin siblings 手手

  • Nana Qute
    Nana Qute

    fck off for who's comment "why rm is so boring rn"? , "why jsm get more screentime than sjh"? , "why they skip the game"? , AND more negative things. I mean stfu if u doest love rm anymore. Just dont watch. The pd and staff are working hard to renew all the lack episode , editing and even working hard to protect all the members. Just appriciate and respect their work hard. If u dont like a "new" runningman , just dont watch it and compare to other show or "old" rm. I know sometimes hurt miss the old episode but if they are continue to play the "old" games some viewers are getting bored too. The cast members also grew up so respect all the staff,member and the pd. Thanks love yaa..

  • Gkpwu Team
    Gkpwu Team

    How do you find this episode? is it fun or boring? Please rate them from 1 to 10. 10 being the highest. Thank you

    • M S
      M S




    • rawwwrr 26
      rawwwrr 26

      9/10 it's funny and interesting

    • Noah Skylark
      Noah Skylark

      I'll give it 8/10. I like this episode and the previous 3 episodes. They were fun to watch ^^

  • agung fullmagic
    agung fullmagic

    Jongkook sketch really good and really look alike the real person

  • Bhakti Andaru
    Bhakti Andaru

    Ji Hyo : The Active Nerd So Min : Her only Friend Lmao Omo thanks for the likes :) {\_/} ( -) /> Here ya

  • Leon Teodosio
    Leon Teodosio

    Very nice episode. More of this please!

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na

  • Mohammad Sayuti
    Mohammad Sayuti

    Who's RM PD now

  • Yan Naing Myint
    Yan Naing Myint

    PD destroys RM show.... skipped game playing scene... why showing JSM so many screen time....

    • Septian Felubun
      Septian Felubun

      @ema id I actually wondering if they like watching people do nothing. It's not like SJH do nothing, but she's rarely (not always) do something funny. I like SJH too and want to see her more, but I prefer watching funny moments.

    • ema id
      ema id

      U r so toxic. Screen time need to earn and she work hard for it, she talk, make fun. Do they just show people who do nothing.

    • Niall Craig
      Niall Craig

      she got screentime bcs she's good at her job, i can't say the same about your favorite.

    • Black Ace
      Black Ace

      @Yan Naing Myint maybe you should go to hospital and check whether your brain is still there or not

    • rawwwrr 26
      rawwwrr 26

      @Wendy Kalvin if you think all the members need to be funny then you are wrong, jihyo is boring and all but the show still need her because of her skill. the same with sechan, he always can find topics to talk so it can bring the fun just like jaesuk and he's funny tho.

  • Nurul Ain
    Nurul Ain

    i like the intonation when KJK say mango with question mark. hahaha

    • Dina Tania
      Dina Tania

      Me too! I could still hear his voice and tone, MANGO?

  • M S
    M S


  • Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai
    Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai

    Finally somin has role after she came back from hiatus it's the first time she got role...although they didn't win so happy for somin & haha oppa.

    • Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai
      Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai

      @Itz NiCkTo9ite right poor Somin no matter what she does they attack I don't know the reason but what if Jealousy ?then somin still win

    • momo's jokbal
      momo's jokbal

      @KRG i never said i disregarded them, i'm sorry if you misunderstood-

    • KRG

      @momo's jokbal ?? just because you love Somin doesn't disregard the ones who hate her. There were threads tweeted by Somin fan accounts about the toxic ph fans

    • momo's jokbal
      momo's jokbal

      @KRG i love jeon somin what do you mean lmao

    • KRG

      @M S nah there are a lot of ph toxic fans too

  • K J
    K J

    I see jihyo, i click. Simple

  • EsYa Hafizan
    EsYa Hafizan

    love runningman

  • Sheyla Adinda
    Sheyla Adinda

    Mongdol yeayy

  • Jher

    This episode is really fun and interesting tho I don't like the editing they skipped most of the games.

    • Taylyn Phung
      Taylyn Phung

      Kirsten Hee True each episode has to be 1 hour and 20 minutes

    • Kirsten Hee
      Kirsten Hee

      They had so much content but not much time for broadcast

    • Taylyn Phung
      Taylyn Phung

      I think they edit out the boring parts of each game, but I wish they wouldve showed the other two mission games they looked very fun.

    • Uden Rameli
      Uden Rameli

      Mad. Aki actually this new PD has been around assisting Chul Min pd before, you can see him many times in the shows, but maybe his idea might be better

    • Kachi Jeek
      Kachi Jeek

      i actually like thay they cut the games, would have destroyed the flow and tense of the story

  • 144_ Lightkeeper
    144_ Lightkeeper

    Lol... He described her face as mango...

  • Ardhie soul
    Ardhie soul

    miss old pd

    • Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai
      Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai

      @KRGyou are right only song jihyo fans hate pd and somin you know it event they hated PD but still always watching I think maybe hating someone is they hobby.

    • KRG

      @Aziera Hassan only jihyo's fans hate him because of the fake stories they believe to

    • Aziera Hassan
      Aziera Hassan

      Isn't old PD got so much hate too? I thought no one ganna miss him.

    • Ardhie soul
      Ardhie soul

      @Sweet-Sour Chicken yes i know, i already watch sixth sense and i think this episode is same as before when RM 10th Years episode

    • Sweet-Sour Chicken
      Sweet-Sour Chicken

      He's working at TvN now. He has show with Yu Jae Suk and So Min in there.

  • Mhdhfzrhmn


    • Mhdhfzrhmn

      Dont read only, you should like if you reach here

  • Elouise Briones
    Elouise Briones

    who is here after seeing the thumbnail?

    • JENNY Vill
      JENNY Vill

    • Zaid Amin Vlogs
      Zaid Amin Vlogs

      Everyone do that bruh

    • M S
      M S

      @Uno. Hahaha ur right

    • Uno.

      I think you need to always go through the thumbnail to go to the video

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      Cute Mong Ji Hyo is on the thumbnail

  • puteri nur ellyna
    puteri nur ellyna

  • That one Introvert in class
    That one Introvert in class

    this episode made me realise that jongkook and jaesuk as a team can literally end everyones career even the actual detectives couldnt figure it out. The part that gave me the most chill was when jongkook was talking to the most suspected thief (wont say for spoilers) they sat beside jongkook to gain his trust but jongkook said that thieves always sit at the end of the seats and in that moment the other thief was literally sitting right next to him sitting at the end of the other end which gave literal chills. This episode might be boring for some people but for me them solving mysteries like these are the most enjoyable and satisfying.

    • Pragati Babar
      Pragati Babar

      Yes...kookie oppa n jaesuk oppa are just really amazing... can't beat them.. even kjk oppa nag a lot . everytime he has a point which make our brain force to think about it... 歹

    • Brigitta Ingka
      Brigitta Ingka

      Benjamin Who yess, but they dont really have any concrete evidence/facts ... if you truly see it from evidence, there is nothing that truly shows somin and haha are the thiefs, thats why it comes down to practially only gut feelings lol ... thats why kwangsoo and sechan said they arrest them just because of facial expressions

    • Benjamin Who
      Benjamin Who

      Brigitta Ingka they have known each other for 10years so its more advantageous for them, but they used their skill too because the others followed jea suk and jk.

    • Brigitta Ingka
      Brigitta Ingka

      well, for the real detectives, its not like they can apply their actual knowledge about criminals on RM members lol ... and the members said it themselves that they only suspect the criminals based on gestures and facial expression, not facts (sechan said it, kwangsoo said it) even jongkook immediately suspect the thief just because of his gut feeling and see those two acting weird different with the detectives because the detectives will see it from facts and evidence lol

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      I agree Yu Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook were very brilliant in catching the thieves and were even better than the profiler and detective in their investigation.

  • hafiz Drawing
    hafiz Drawing