[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] JINYOUNG teaches how to take a SELFIE well不不 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] JINYOUNG teaches how to take a SELFIE well不不 (ENG SUB)
How to take a SELFIE

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  • lei jorno
    lei jorno

    i love you both..too much laugh hahahaa

  • Dissaengka 1307
    Dissaengka 1307

    Why their cute doggie never appear again? The dog is no longer stayed with them?

  • audalee long
    audalee long

    Watching these 2 always remind me of my little sister and i miss her.

  • I salute her sister's patience. she really loves her. If that was me I'll be so irritated. haha

  • kamylle m mesa
    kamylle m mesa


  • Chamito Weasley
    Chamito Weasley

    Gosh! I cant stop laughing

  • Harshita Sawhney
    Harshita Sawhney

    Wat is the bg song at 2:24


    When you have nothing to post on ig不

  • Angela Lee
    Angela Lee

    I just wonder did jinyong tell sunyoung what she was going to do or did sunyoung just go along with it? True sisters either way.

  • Siti Adam
    Siti Adam

    They are de funnest sisters ever!!

  • AnnaMade di meglio
    AnnaMade di meglio

    Do the sisters have an Instagram account? I'll be glad to follow both of them 歹

  • heechulliebabo

    ahahaha they missed the part where the lower body should be supported to be as level with the basin's edge.

  • Winda Merry
    Winda Merry

    Now i understand the story behind her Instagram photos recently

  • jimin good boy
    jimin good boy

    Omggg hahahahahah I laughed till stomach pain.. hahhaha

  • V Gomez
    V Gomez


  • not cora
    not cora

    they are so funny omg i love them

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni

  • Ssunxxo

    5:55 篞賈 諯賄原賈 篞科域

  • Martina Taylor
    Martina Taylor

    Love the 2 of them so funny

  • Myo Thein
    Myo Thein

    Almost died from laughing! 不不不不不不

  • zahra Talebi
    zahra Talebi

    They are so cute 弘and beautiful

  • Khup Vangluah
    Khup Vangluah

    So small, need bigger you wise younger sister...

  • Lyncloia


  • Me' Lyric
    Me' Lyric

    I hope she pay her sister more than her's .. she deserves it .. you almost make me choke with spicy food .. omg my eyes teary from laugh too much...

  • Naz

    She needs exercise

    • Naz

      MBB SEPH MX For you judging. For me not.


      @Naz you are just jugding. If you watch this show you'll know that's something she does and struggle with (+diets ect )

    • Naz

      MBB SEPH MX Thats my business. Giving positive advice to people.


      You need to mind your business

  • Imma jojo ur siwa
    Imma jojo ur siwa

    Lol 5 minute crafts

  • Blck Ist
    Blck Ist

    I swear they are the best thing that happened to this program I'm team Sun Young all the way 弘 #LoveHer

  • mimiyago

    They are both so beautiful and funnily cute!

  • nur nabilla
    nur nabilla

    Does anybody know the song at 2:15?

    • Black_ Luna
      Black_ Luna

      Its from the kdram gangnam beauty its called something in your eyes

  • Chimay MzhTxRLuUW
    Chimay MzhTxRLuUW

    3:06 I dont know her but her smile is soo cute and adorable.. 伐

  • toh ping Tiang
    toh ping Tiang

    They have a much smaller pail(?) than the photo

  • Farah Yumi
    Farah Yumi

    Lol I laugh so hard

  • chubipower

    These two sisters are the best

  • JKApplepie ss
    JKApplepie ss

    This is my second favorite siblings pair (since I met them 3 months or so ago) after Will-Ben I love how they r literally like best friends

  • Reino D.Aflah
    Reino D.Aflah

    Terlihat kasar maennya tapi ya namanya sibling wkwkwkw

  • Shunu

    They really out here doing 5 minute craft hacks

  • Tulips Lily
    Tulips Lily

    Ohmygod, i clicked this bcause im curious, well im not regret. This is so funny

  • Tiffany Ko
    Tiffany Ko

    It almost looks like a crime scene got me不不

  • Arliva Beauty
    Arliva Beauty

    Anyone know song at 2:18 ?

    • Arliva Beauty
      Arliva Beauty

      @Manel Mouissi THANKSSSSS

    • Manel Mouissi
      Manel Mouissi

      Something its an OST from gangnam Beauty

  • Naeun Lee
    Naeun Lee

    So funny不不

  • Rare Star
    Rare Star

  • Watery Jelly
    Watery Jelly

    This happens when you try to resemble 5 minutes crafts....

  • Soonae Bigornia
    Soonae Bigornia

    The pictures turned put beautiful!!

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

    That was sooooo funny

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

    • Michin

      @hello pushii HAHAHAHA I feel you

    • hello pushii
      hello pushii

      @Michin because it's hilarious

    • Michin

      You're not laughing too much lol hahahahahhaha

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • hello pushii
    hello pushii

  • Kiersten B
    Kiersten B

    Really sunyoung is so pretty

  • Sajani Perera Exo-L
    Sajani Perera Exo-L

    My stomach hurts. I can't.!!!! 不不不不不不不不

  • J

    I only saw the "jinyoung teaching how to take a selfie well" I did have her in mind but I raised my eyebrows *GOT7?* furrowed my brows *JYP* and then went it's hong jinyoung right..

  • pallavi mahanta
    pallavi mahanta

    Don't need translation

  • Katriina Crizel Padilla
    Katriina Crizel Padilla

    I really love these duo. sibling golas. wish I had a sibling and have a bond like theirs together.

  • mochi._. angel
    mochi._. angel

    Did they...just followed a 5 minute craft vid??XDXD

    • fati summer
      fati summer

      LOL they got scammed

    • Tammy Chen
      Tammy Chen

      mochi._. angel yep

  • callinkin

    Except the props, you just need Ulike. I learned from Shindong oppa

  • Kaela Vinuya
    Kaela Vinuya

    Their happiness is so contagious

  • Animes Nangku
    Animes Nangku


  • didisaur

    Lol 5minutes craft

  • Anita Amoah
    Anita Amoah

    I just love their chemistry...

  • Gwen Arias
    Gwen Arias

    Ohmygod this sisters are so funny

  • jhuoh rm
    jhuoh rm

    Expectation vs reality

  • Magisterium 1703
    Magisterium 1703

    Kudos to her elder sister joining her younger sisters antics

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Hope this lovely sibling become a blessing to other sibling in this world.. Look at them.. They are so funny and full of love to each other.. Hahaha..

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Sun Young has recently talked about how viewers were harassing her by bad comments on social media and she regrets appearing on the program, she even replied to the haters by saying: 'I am also human' 'I haven't done anything wrong to you', she even said that she's depressed.

    • sorry can'thelpit
      sorry can'thelpit

      does she have a social media account?? please please everyone report if you see such comments.

    • BOOSTED Boosted
      BOOSTED Boosted

      Whats her Instagram

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @UVW XYZ Yeah she is beautiful and charming, she would be popular in my country but Koreans have different beauty standards and think that being thin and looking like a doll is the most important.

    • UVW XYZ
      UVW XYZ

      Shaima Nafa wtf??????? Judging her base on their weight and NOT her personality is really a disgusting move. She's not just funny but also BEAUTIFUL

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Bruce Bayne Actually it is the fault of the production team that only keeps focusing on her weight problems and eating habits, there is much more to her life than that.

  • Flor Arsua
    Flor Arsua

    Sibling goals

  • just an INFIRED person
    just an INFIRED person

    That's how sisters play .... they are so funny

  • Studio Ghibli05
    Studio Ghibli05

    Hong sisters never fail to make me laugh

  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum

    The bowl is not is not wide enough to take selfie lol

  • Hajime Mashte
    Hajime Mashte


  • pretty joon
    pretty joon

    the dedication for good selfies, i can relate

  • jacqualyne beatrix
    jacqualyne beatrix

    HJY very funny girl..and falling again with her smile that smile make JY sweet and sexy..awwww..she witty girl

  • LOTRissa


  • Sina Sofa
    Sina Sofa

    Their mother always looks worried wheb they're up to something

    • fati summer
      fati summer

      she is here to get her daughters to marry but now she is worried that every gooms will runaways

  • Bela Aquino
    Bela Aquino

    Hahahahaha so funny ..

  • sinaee _ BTS
    sinaee _ BTS

    Do they live in the same house or no ??

    • sinaee _ BTS
      sinaee _ BTS

      @Swan Gaming awww that's sisters goals

    • Swan Gaming
      Swan Gaming

      @sinaee _ BTS Hong ji yong sister say she even watch her lil sister when hong jin young having shooting with Running Man

    • sinaee _ BTS
      sinaee _ BTS

      Oh thankyou two :-) I was confused because she would be seen Alone during other shows and the pictures on the walls as well.

    • Swan Gaming
      Swan Gaming

      Yes they live in the same house.. they're mom say they will always be together

    • Aditya Pambudi
      Aditya Pambudi

      Yes, they're

  • Vaibhavi Shetty
    Vaibhavi Shetty

    I bet they never feel bored when they are together

  • Philo

    sibling goals

  • 塈 塈堶堥 奡堶塈堸 塈塈奡堛堭塈塈堛   堿
    塈 塈堶堥 奡堶塈堸 塈塈奡堛堭塈塈堛 堿