How to flatter SOMIN!!


  • Sophia Cafe Nido
    Sophia Cafe Nido

    Somin's literally soOOoOo AdORable :< Love herrrr

  • Vanessa Rubis
    Vanessa Rubis

    They hate Somin for being crazy and funny. Running Man please change your standard and make it "Running man should be serious and silent (boring)" 不不不不 They hate her when she is weak, but they also hate her when she tries to be strong.... haters will always hate (insecurities and jealousy).

  • Andy Her
    Andy Her

    wow its been long time jae suk mention "yoon eun hye" name for a long time to jong kook

  • Hayam Nasser
    Hayam Nasser

    堮堮堮堮堮 塈

  • saviour175

    I felt like I ve watched this scene years ago...how weird...

  • Ku Hisyamuddin
    Ku Hisyamuddin

    When lee min ho beside of the se chan.. then you realize what is handsome mean

  • danisha nur danisha
    danisha nur danisha


  • Good Lasagna
    Good Lasagna

    Wow jihyo so pretty And handsome 6 boys RM members Keep it up Running Man

  • poro ponyo
    poro ponyo

    Don't like somin.. she's so annoying

    • sky love
      sky love

      jealous haters OMG, 返

  • Racha Nicotin
    Racha Nicotin

    Yoon Eun-Hye out of nowhere. Good job, YJS. As always.

  • Code 002
    Code 002

    Kwang soo with his overreacting never disappointed us

  • Jleerah Delapena
    Jleerah Delapena

    Song Ji hyo is jealous

  • Mandel Brot
    Mandel Brot

    Best part when KJK calls JSM beautiful angel Best second part when KJK sing for JSM Best third part when KJK defend JSM from HH

  • Syahidah Nasuha
    Syahidah Nasuha

    Sechan dress up probably thought blackpink is their guest since there is an article about it...turn out its jihyo and somin

  • batman awesome
    batman awesome

    Its been long since I didnt watch RM since im so hook on Sixth Sense and Hangout with Yoo and when i see the RM cast, they looks sooo old 唐唐唐唐

  • Cel- Ventures
    Cel- Ventures

    2:32 when sechan pat somin so she can get up. 弘


    Haha look like an obsessed and pervert fan when he touch somin hair plus his eyes 3:05

  • DynamicPeach

    song jihyo got haters when jeon somin joined running but that's not the reason, the reason is because of some of sjh fans bash somin so those who loves somin started to bash sjh too

    • Aziera Hassan
      Aziera Hassan

      Yes. I cant stand anymore. Their light fingers so nonsense, scary n ugly.

  • Fierra Gurd
    Fierra Gurd

    somin is so beautiful

  • Jane Yip
    Jane Yip

    Lol kwangsoo is like a cartoon character

  • Awen star
    Awen star

    It's fine sechan hyung in next episode u will meet blackpink

  • FebieSan11

    Those pretentious expressions..hahahaha..

  • Uiyy Minion
    Uiyy Minion

    Im not hating on Sechan but he often pissed me off. Like that one friend who knows how to get your blood boils.

  • TierSven

    Jae suk brought up YEH again Ahhh the good old days

  • Ismail Roslan
    Ismail Roslan

    the ashtray joke is over the top..

  • Arie Husairi
    Arie Husairi

    Thanks, Yamada-san.

  • Putri Puspa
    Putri Puspa

    Kwangso will never failed anyone for more than a decade

  • Peace Ajao
    Peace Ajao

    i still can't stop laughing of lee kwang soo

  • VIP_nixie

    Wow, they finally posted something about Somin here. And here I thought, Snack is still scared of downvotes and Somins haters. Thanks, anyways.

  • Fatin Nazihah R
    Fatin Nazihah R

    One thing for sure, they certainly got a great PD! You can see the rating is really gonna go up up and up!

  • Mey Siang
    Mey Siang

    When I see jK oppa take blanket and cover for Somin jeon ssi Im very like it 歹歹

  • Deni Subana
    Deni Subana

    The way Kwang Soo being angry to Sechan during this eps is so legit. I think Kwang soo really get mad at Sechan behind the camera

  • Sagish Preman
    Sagish Preman

    Honestly, the only reason sechan gets noticed is only bcos of somin. She goes after him n makes his presence known to the audience. Else sechan has no existence at all...

    • dani hi
      dani hi



      No.. Although without Somin in his team.. . He always have more screen time from 'some' the RM members here..

    • Leesehwa G
      Leesehwa G

      You have a point but I don't agree. YSC was known to people before he joined RM, he also starred in many shows and he was also a young comedian who was quite successful at that time. Then he and JSM joined as new members on Running Man which is a famous variety show around the world and starred by well-known celebrities. At first it was definitely not easy for them, but over time they started to be welcomed by RM fans. It's true that Running Man YSC isn't as shine as JSM. JSM is the type of person who is ambitious and likes to be the spotlight. YSC isn't that type of person, he really appreciates his senior comedians and other seniors by act as a junior. Then the JSM-YSC loveline appeared, at first only the members teased them but it turned out that their loveline got the attention of RM fans and Korean netizens. Then it continued and indeed YSC began to get more attention by the Korean people. But I really regret Running Man fans only know YSC as JSM's loveline on RM. I really regretted that YSC's attitude didn't stand out so that his talents were just hidden away. I watched other shows that YSC starred in and I knew he was very talented and had a great personality. But I don't see YSC like that on Running Man.

  • k_c things
    k_c things

    Somin : came out kwangsoo : spit out water and faint

  • Kiki Dee
    Kiki Dee

    The cringe

  • Anon Nymus
    Anon Nymus

    So Min is hilarious and annoying on tvn Sixth Sense too.

  • Steak

    @2:17 how I be when I see Sakura from IZ*ONE

  • J

    i get surprised at the mention of eun hye, they talked about her a lot before but stopped (i heard she got uncomfortable) so i was surprised hearing that name again suddenly

  • Edo Alva
    Edo Alva

    Tbh the theme of this episode is kinda lame at beginning but in overall it was okay in the end. It's so funny watching So Min regretted her "princess act", because we all know on the other side Ji Hyo is too kind and silent there's no way the men don't pick So Min for punishment. 不


    Somin unnie so pretty

  • Jasonz W
    Jasonz W


  • itzkeithnicole

    When SOMIN said "you don't have to be here, you're useless" i can't stop laughing HAHAHA

  • Margareta Putri U
    Margareta Putri U

    Song Ji hyo unnie so pretty with that hair. I mean she is pretty but in this ep, she is so pretty

  • Hesh Krish
    Hesh Krish

    Kim jong kook does something for the ladies.... Yu jae seok - YoOn EuN HYe!!!

  • xxjxx

    my fav moments in this video: - 2:14 when kwangsoo "hyperventilated" with the water in his mouth & seokjin laughing at this moment - 3:55 when seokjin asked "may i have a question" & kwangsoo pointing out that he can have a question HAHAHAH

  • Krista

    Its funny how haha touch so mins hair

  • Mariella Castro
    Mariella Castro

    Yoon Eun Hye is a mood

  • roman picisan
    roman picisan

    I am laughed when Jae-suk call kwangsoo yamada

  • I hate U
    I hate U

    Come to my channel if u want to watch some runningman videos But some countries can't watch my video because copyright

  • roman picisan
    roman picisan

    I hope runningman can invite miss Korea kim ye rin as a guest

  • Sahiti Sivani
    Sahiti Sivani


  • Me Tomatoes
    Me Tomatoes

    Sechan looks good in this episode. I like it whenever he took of his cap or wear it backwards.

  • John bond
    John bond

    Sominnnn is so pretty!

  • Abdul Haris
    Abdul Haris


  • Angela

    Ah.. it's been a long time since we heard Yoon Eunhye's name being mentioned on Running Man不 Good old days

  • Sara Tae
    Sara Tae


  • Xinjua Xinjua
    Xinjua Xinjua

    Se chan looks so handsome with that hairstyles

  • Alec Lumba
    Alec Lumba

    Jaeseok's quarantine line always gets me

  • vousmevoyez

    the fact that Jungkook has the same reaction when they say Eun Hye shoo cute

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na

    Lee Kwang Soo 不

  • m a r i a
    m a r i a

    They considered the wishes of the fans, lol. An episode dedicated to MongDol Sisters. Anyways, I'm still hoping for an episode where classic guests would return, like Yonghwa, Choo Sunghoon, Choi Minsoo.

  • Mariella Castro
    Mariella Castro

    YOON EUN HYE is a mood and never gets old. Been hoping for her to be guest even just for once.

  • Mariella Castro
    Mariella Castro

    well the funny thing here is kim jong kook is savage again to the powerful name of yoon eun hye! :)

  • Imel Grace Flordeliz
    Imel Grace Flordeliz

    Somin was both hilarious and gorgeous on this episode.

  • Kuching.sniper


  • Geva merry Happy
    Geva merry Happy

    Is it just me that think sechan really look so handsome in this episode?

  • Waikhom Amrita
    Waikhom Amrita

    "So Min, Do you fart like everyone else?" I die 不不不

  • justcharizze

    Somin being the RM chaos starter .

  • BJJ BJ
    BJJ BJ


  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 歹

  • Im a VIP BlackJack at heart 2NEBANGBANG GIDLE
    Im a VIP BlackJack at heart 2NEBANGBANG GIDLE

    Somin amd Jihyo treated like QUEENS

  • SsinzZ 8th
    SsinzZ 8th


  • Chaeryeong's Itzeeey
    Chaeryeong's Itzeeey

    5:03 when your homie suddenly mentions your first love and you were shookt asf

  • Luqman Suharni
    Luqman Suharni

    that reaction is real when Jackie Chan came haha

  • jan raphael rafon
    jan raphael rafon

    I love somin

  • Belinda

    No one not going to talk about LKS acting to fall for somin it so perfect ahahha lol

  • nezukocchi

    This episode was super funny thanks to Somin's request for the members to give great reaction to her and jihyo we got kwangsoo's fainting a lot because of that and i realize how much the members adore and really3 comfortable with somin even when it was just 3-4 years since she joined. They keep messing up with her, tease her a lot, argue with her..they felt bad seeing her working so hard but they still voted for her because they knew she can carry the punishment well..they rely on her so much to make things fun. And the members dont even need to afraid because her fans are not dumbb and annoying. She's really a gem and a blessing to running man歹

  • serai ganas
    serai ganas

    Kwang soo

  • Soph Reads
    Soph Reads

    This episode really hilarious

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    I need boyfriend

  • Add a public comment
    Add a public comment

    Gosh, Se chan oppa is getting more attractive day by day

  • M.

    the fact that there's only small moment in the beginning where rm members treat somin sweetly proved how crazy Somin is since the beginning she have been working hard to maintain that character for the past 3 years. Her consistency is something rare to find in a long running show. even Haha couldn't maintain his playboy character, Jihyo become quiet after Gary left, Jongkook also become quiet after the firing news but after Sechan and Somin join the show, he become talkative again. It's fascinating how Somin worked THIS hard to maintain her place in Running Man, yet people keeps complaining about her. Please give her lots of love because she have been giving us her best since the beginning of her career in running man. The least we can do for her is supporting her.

    • M.

      @zzaty yes I think so. It's his girlfriend, not wife yet unlike Haha. It would be awkward for them to include KwangMin moments

    • zzaty

      But I'm surprised they didn't include the many sweet moments between Kwangsoo and Somin in the beginning of her career in RM. Didn't they even won best couple at an award show? I wonder if they were trying to be respectful towards Kwangsoo's gf

    • anam cara
      anam cara

      @shelly jefry hmmm ikr

    • M.

      @shelly jefry in around 2014/2015, there's a reddit thread that still exist on how they're discussing Jihyo's lack of participation in conversation. That's way before the firing news or even new member addition. RM have been limiting physical activities since 2014 when many members become injured. We all know Jongkook and Jihyo are good at physical activities, that's why they're quiet. But what can the pd do, they are trying to save the show too. If you realized, Kwangsoo used to be quiet(he's more to slap stick comedy) , but in around 2014, he start the conversation first and become quite talkative to suit the show. He changed

    • shelly jefry
      shelly jefry

      @M. seriously ? I did'nt know that ...

  • Siria Db
    Siria Db

    Kwangsoo doing da fainting seen agn n agn is sooo funny in ds episose is jus bravo Their acting of being surprised is so funny haha Love the episode

  • Baby M繹y
    Baby M繹y

    I'm laughing hard at kwang soo over reaction towards somin

  • Iqbal Anandityo
    Iqbal Anandityo

    I really laugh hard when kwangsoo do that 不不不

  • Berliandiva Aulia
    Berliandiva Aulia

    Jae Seok ssi the way he brought up the 2 week self quarantine and Yoon Eun Hye is everything

  • J C
    J C

    I like it when Somin tends to notice or give everyone time to do their task. She signaled Sechan for the flowers. Then she mentioned the music to give cue for Jongkook to sing. I am quite offended that Jihyo gave Jongkook a bomb after singing to Somin. It would have been better if Somin also experiences those heart-fluttering things as she has not been treated that way (by the members) since she joined the show. She has always been one of the boys so moments like that only happens once in a blue moon.

    • shelly jefry
      shelly jefry

      @Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai aaaaaaa my heart . Honestly i saw JK was sang with smile for her..

    • Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai
      Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai

      @shelly jefry yeah it's jk favourite song one of Show( i forget)he mention. The lyrics is no joke Bruno Mars " just the way you are " search it the the lyrics also have it.

    • shelly jefry
      shelly jefry

      @Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai really ? Its his favourite song予 ??? How do you know ?

    • Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai
      Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai

      @shelly jefry right???out of blue he just sang her favourite song to somin...why ???I'm curious.

    • shelly jefry
      shelly jefry

      @J C but i wonder why JK why sang " just the way u are " for SM ,,

  • Ocelot

    Best episode in ages

  • Jonathan Percoma
    Jonathan Percoma

    Yamada san made me burst out laughing while watching this episode yesterday

  • 詹

    I Apologize guys.. My older sister told me to delete my replies and comment.. im very sorry for the fans

    • firas asiri
      firas asiri

      lol i saw you commenting the opposite in the past somins hater got you lol

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Toxic fans.. Just pray much that your soul will be saved ok.. Hahah

    • Aziera Hassan
      Aziera Hassan

      Are u doing experiment or what? Cause it sound familiar.

    • Faikar Widjanarko
      Faikar Widjanarko

      no need for dumb hate

  • andre hergiawan
    andre hergiawan

    Kwangmin make me laugh so hard again in this eps hahahhahah

  • Marvs Arcamo
    Marvs Arcamo

    I'm shocked when YJS mentioned YEH but still glad that they can still remember her.

  • Jasmine GreenTea
    Jasmine GreenTea

    RM need to invite Yoon Eun Hye.she really popular in here

  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    Hi Guys

  • Angel Dianne
    Angel Dianne


  • Cornelia Auer
    Cornelia Auer

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  • Reyh-anAinee

    The comments here about somin is so friendly and nice, but in her personal insta all the comments are hate and crap. I hope haters would stop doing that!

    • Afiq Ikmal Roslan
      Afiq Ikmal Roslan

      @Aziera Hassan you can see the comment at sbs insta. And sbsrunningman.. even somin's personal instagram

    • Afiq Ikmal Roslan
      Afiq Ikmal Roslan

      @Aziera Hassan yup

    • Aziera Hassan
      Aziera Hassan

      @Afiq Ikmal Roslan Are u referring to ig comment?

    • Reyh-anAinee

      @Afiq Ikmal Roslan yes

    • Afiq Ikmal Roslan
      Afiq Ikmal Roslan

      Tbh there are only like 3 or 4 acc but they keep spamming the comment section.. it make me sick

  • Amika Yunay
    Amika Yunay

    its so funny hahah

  • Steak

    Kwangsoo funny af in this one

  • ph廕《 d觼ng
    ph廕《 d觼ng