HEECHUL drinking
50 degree ALCOHOL..!?

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  • Stellarya Luna
    Stellarya Luna

    I can only pity to those who came here just because a tweet. No more.

  • Cahles

    Taste like black label i guess. But they already ruined the barrel, so they cant let it mature more without properly sealing it. It will spoil 100%

  • Annelisemu Coolname
    Annelisemu Coolname

    I'm proud to say I can take it stronger than heechul 😎

  • asya

    here because of yoongi

  • Dawn Bracamonte
    Dawn Bracamonte

    It is best to mix it with cider(sprie or 7 up)

  • Jin Mori
    Jin Mori

    Did heechul give suga this alcohol?

  • Andee P & Company
    Andee P & Company

    50%? Laughing as I drink 40% Hennessy straight like water.

  • Dokk

    50% isn't that strong. maybe for them, as entertainers, they don't drink that much. maybe beer or something less. they haven't tried 101% rum. as a former batender, 2 shots will be enough. for them, half of a shot or less will make them dizzy 😂

  • Elizabeth

    How strong is soju? I drank everclear straight and it was a stupid idea. It's like 95% abv (190 proof). Yoongi drank ardbeg Corryvreckan with the 57% alcohol.

  • Lurking Lian
    Lurking Lian

    Jaehoon and Sangmin are too old for this haha it needs to be mixed at least (also I'm pretty sure Sangmin can't drink much of it cause of his medicine?)

  • Hotaruk18

    He looks like a teen XDDD some one take the brandy away from him XD!

  • Stellarya Luna
    Stellarya Luna

    3:12 i love the fact that they inserted Hotel Del Luna music background here 😁

  • Julián Meza
    Julián Meza

    Que blanditos que son ....😏

  • Saru Lama
    Saru Lama

    came here after tweet about yoongi drinking Ardbeg wine like apple juice and these guys rooling around floor

  • magic jar
    magic jar

    I need the video when they lit a fire in that alcohol 😂😂😂 Heenim was so excited to record it

  • OT7forLife

    Them drinking 50% alcohol: *dying* Yoongi reaction drinking 57% alcohol be like : "hmmm... It's okay I guess" proceeds to drink it like an normal drink✊

  • Sophia MinYoongiSuga
    Sophia MinYoongiSuga

    So Yoongi have this expensive barrel of Ram that contain 57% alcohol and he drink it like apple Juice on Vlive. I fell bad for them it's really painful if you don't have high alcohol tolerance base on my experience it takes so much to increase it.

    • Min Yoongi
      Min Yoongi

      @Sophia MinYoongiSuga I don't even drink alcohol Because I'm Muslim😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Sophia MinYoongiSuga
      Sophia MinYoongiSuga

      @Min Yoongi more stronger 🤯🤯? I can only tolerate 50% Hahahah thanks you for correcting me💜💜💜

    • Souraj Mishra
      Souraj Mishra

      @Min Yoongi yess

    • Min Yoongi
      Min Yoongi

      Isn't it 57%?

  • BTS 613
    BTS 613

    damn yoongi sexy for this....

  • i don't wanna Park Jimin, i wanna ride him
    i don't wanna Park Jimin, i wanna ride him

    a little sip of a 50% alcohol had them dying and yoongi was just drinking a 57% alcohol whiskey like it’s nothing??,$: im feeling dizzy

  • Sariah Moore
    Sariah Moore

    am I bad if I imagine what yoongi's reaction if he'll watch this 😭😭😭

  • Sariah Moore
    Sariah Moore


  • яєηє7

    Came here with the yoongi 57.1% comparison tweet

  • Seni

    Literally half of the ppl are here after the tweet . Yo yoongi drank this like it's nothing...bruh

  • English Arabic
    English Arabic

    Its either they are overreacting 😂 or yoongi is really a cool guy

    • Alexandra Perez
      Alexandra Perez

      Its overreacting like pretty much every Korean show reaction. Also, it depends on the taste too. Hennessey (40%) tastes smooth almost like drinking minty water but beer (5%) tastes really bitter that I can't even finish half a can.

    • Anteaxeno

      Nah. They overreact for the show. Because it'll be bland if they didn't lolololol

    • English Arabic
      English Arabic

      ritika sarai no he tried it without any ice 😂

    • ritika sarai
      ritika sarai

      maybe yoongi try it with water or something they drank like 50 % alcohol

  • xxnxna _
    xxnxna _

    Im here after knowing yoongi drank this in chill

  • kr td
    kr td

    Hello from twt yoongi is so cool

  • gwiiyo min
    gwiiyo min

    yoongi was so chill drinking a glass of 50% alcohol like its an apple juice, while theyre dying for a sip

    • Aisha Nawal
      Aisha Nawal

      Not even 50. It was 57.1 TT

    • Dark Genie
      Dark Genie

      Ikr thats amazing

    • stream Dynamite, Boca by Dreamcatcher!
      stream Dynamite, Boca by Dreamcatcher!

      He amazed me again

  • Kylie Min
    Kylie Min

    Who came here because of the tweet?

    • Stellarya Luna
      Stellarya Luna

      @Denise Gevieso i see.....

    • Denise Gevieso
      Denise Gevieso

      @Stellarya Luna yeah haha! A lot went here after the tweet blew up 😆

    • Stellarya Luna
      Stellarya Luna

      @Denise Gevieso so....it because of BTS? lol

    • Denise Gevieso
      Denise Gevieso

      @Stellarya Luna there's a tweet about Suga drinking the same alcohol as if it was nothing 😂

    • Stellarya Luna
      Stellarya Luna

      Wahat tweet? Im sorry i'm just an avid fan of the show. What's happening in Twitter?

  • mint yoongles
    mint yoongles

    the tweet of yoongi drinking w 57.1% alcohol content like it's a freakig apple juice got me here

    • Min Yoongi
      Min Yoongi


    • mint yoongles
      mint yoongles


    • Lina

      Me too lol

    • Red hot pepper
      Red hot pepper

      Me 3 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ɢɪɢɪ

      sameeee 😂

  • Just Vivi
    Just Vivi

    I’ve been laughing for 5 min HAHHHA they even drank an expired alcohol lmao


    Hahahahahh funny😂😂😂😅🤣😅😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣😅

  • Alya Nur
    Alya Nur

    50 percent -..-

  • BlackHeart71

    Sangmin on the floor. I can´t stop laughing. 50% alcohol ... I would be dead. 😵😦

  • fika ARMY
    fika ARMY

    This is alchohol from another program, isn't it? I remember the person from jeju who make alchohol from jeju's orange.

  • Mia Berggren
    Mia Berggren

    50 degree? Celcius, Kelvin or Fahrenheit? 😅

  • zuzi

    50% isnt even that strong i mean its not light but in my country 40% vodka is the usual one everyone drink and we drink stuff up to 80% but we obviously drink something non alcoholic right after except the old generation lmao

  • B Johnson
    B Johnson

    Heechul almost spat it back in the glass 😂😂😂😂

  • Raiha Marsden
    Raiha Marsden

    Sounds yummy! 🧊 and enjoy.

  • Laura Bernath
    Laura Bernath

    It's kinda interesting😳We have palinka and thats around 70-80% and we drink like a water😳 I think we have some problem🤣

  • marcelina aringo
    marcelina aringo

    😂😂😂😂😂 what was that???

  • Kill Zoldyck
    Kill Zoldyck

    50% it's nothing we even drink 75% but still can go home safely hahah

  • Isabella P
    Isabella P

    Lol I had that reaction when i tried a 70proof alcohol. It was soooo bad

  • Architect.Ellieth Marforie
    Architect.Ellieth Marforie

    Wow that's Tasty Alcohol When i went in Russia, Viking's Village i tried their one of the best Tasty alcohol Drinks they have. they give me 50% alcohol P. It's like similar in Tequilla but It has Special Taste. And it's so Freaking Tasty and smells good. 🌹 Oh gosh i want to go back there.

    • Nichu Nijz
      Nichu Nijz

      @Architect.Ellieth Marforie u have heart problem still u drink alcohol😱, dude r u sure its OK, anyway stay healthy 😊, staying healthy and being fit is the one of the most imp thing😁

    • Architect.Ellieth Marforie
      Architect.Ellieth Marforie

      @Nichu Nijz i have Heart Problem but i can still drink alcohol. Because our body needs some of Alcohol. Maybe you can consukt to your doctor what kinds of alcohol drink you can try.. Maybe Wine. ? Etc. Anything just Low Percent alcohol.

    • Nichu Nijz
      Nichu Nijz

      @Architect.Ellieth Marforie caz of health issues,i cant have alcohol,so does know the taste of it,i always wondered what it tastes like

    • Architect.Ellieth Marforie
      Architect.Ellieth Marforie

      @Nichu Nijz that's what im trying to say. If you want to know what is the taste of twquilla you should try it for yoyrself

    • Nichu Nijz
      Nichu Nijz

      @Architect.Ellieth Marforie no never tried.

  • rhayne kurius
    rhayne kurius

    baek jong won would be laughing so hard if he sees this😂😂

  • BuBu d'Great!
    BuBu d'Great!

    BaekJongWon's 50% liquor is lit! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Ly Vang
    Ly Vang

    reminds me of my first time trying bacardi 151 .. never again

  • sagaxus

    Everclear chuckling in the background


    50% liquor is what my friends and I drink or more for liquor. Is it different in Korea?

    • Raven JS
      Raven JS

      its 50% but those are concentrated so it feels much stronger prob

  • Kredge Allain Amunategui
    Kredge Allain Amunategui

    I have the same reaction when i took a sip of a drink we got from a trip to a country(Can't mention the country) same 50% alcohol and the taste is super strong you can think of tastung gasoline for the first time

  • kmzai

    I don't know sorry but this is soooo funny. That reaction tho haha I wonder how would I react if I drink that. 6% is too much for me i cant drink it already what more if 50% I might die 😂

  • Amukajy Rameau
    Amukajy Rameau

    This is Asgardian mead...

  • Annisa Mau
    Annisa Mau

    Do you know about heechul couple cup right? Look at 2:56, there are no couple cup anymore, maybe he and momo just breakup, remember he never has long relationship, 😂

    • hi

      those cups haven’t been there for a long time, I think he just removed them because of the cameras :3

  • Kayla ward
    Kayla ward

    Unknown alcohol...But it was a gift haha

  • Andrea Nicole
    Andrea Nicole

    the funny thing is they used the bgm in hotel del luna🤣🤣

  • variety byun
    variety byun

    I never drink alcohol so I can relate 😂 I also do the same with coffee lmao

  • SÆ¡n Huỳnh
    Sơn Huỳnh

    I think they are being off guard or there's something about that alcohol (most immature alcohols in tank have a really high concentration, so 50% would be few years later).

  • Namitha V
    Namitha V

    Never drink sumthng tht is unknown . Poor guys.

  • Maldin Perdana
    Maldin Perdana

    I Tried 70% alcohol but it's totally fine.

    • Nichu Nijz
      Nichu Nijz

      ouch thats a lot.good tolerance dude,but dont take too much,its not good for health.🙂👍


    can someone explain to me the concept of this show? it looks like mtv real world

    • xAyumiluv3

      I've never watched mtv real world so i cannot compare but, the concept of this show is basically moms (who watch & react to the show) and they watch their sons daily lives & react to it, not every episode has every single son every(or most) episodes contain around three because there are quite a bit but do you see at 1:01 exactly infront of the mom there is a photograph, those photographs are of the son the mother belongs too. also each episode they have 1 guest reactor in this case it is jessi. If you want to watch the full episodes you can watch it: kshow123.net/show/moms-diary/ here. (The show has more than one name, on this site its called mom's diary but its the same exact show). Hope I helped (:

  • Jaymie Indigo-Blue
    Jaymie Indigo-Blue

    Does anyone know what it was they were drinking? Their reaction was gold.

    • Jaymie Indigo-Blue
      Jaymie Indigo-Blue

      @Luna Shu Thanks. Wow I used to drink that with my Nana as a little girl. Obviously not used to Spirits.

    • Luna Shu
      Luna Shu

      Brandy with 50% concentration

  • D L
    D L

    So dumb... that guy in black is the worst. So arrogant, if you don't know then stop poking around, you will ruin everything.. dont open the top you foo...

  • your_ AningAning
    your_ AningAning

    In here in Philippines we drink tanduay 100% alcohol yep Filipino are brave hahaha

    • Heechul's 50% Brandy
      Heechul's 50% Brandy

      Maybe some but definitely not we😅

    • blinks blinks
      blinks blinks


  • CallMeZack 7601
    CallMeZack 7601

    Only 50% dude.. That's not strong. 😂

    • Gorilla

      50 % is even high for Russians lol

    • potato tomato schmewtato
      potato tomato schmewtato

      not everyone has the same alcohol tolerance so it may be too much for them but not for you

  • john tran
    john tran

    If your drinking over 30% alcohol content daily especially for breakfast then your an alcoholic hahah. 100%. I don’t know about other countries but in asia most alcoholic go for strong alcohol and straight shot it without mixing.

  • Bashira Lombor
    Bashira Lombor

    Heechul realmente luce muy joven, es sorprendente.

  • Kkulbeul Hana
    Kkulbeul Hana

    Lambanog is laughing.

  • Vicky y
    Vicky y

    50% ? Me being Mexican like 👀

  • April

    Sa pilipinas nga may tanduay 100% strong eh 🤣

  • Nafisha Bakar
    Nafisha Bakar

    Was it KBS or SBS ? 😭

    • verelyn ivy
      verelyn ivy

      @Nafisha Bakar biasa klau tgk online, ahad dh klr tpi still raw.. nk tnggu dlm malam isnin baru biasa ada sub..

    • Nafisha Bakar
      Nafisha Bakar

      Malaysia pukul berapa and hari apa ?

    • Fatema Jannat
      Fatema Jannat


  • eli beauty.
    eli beauty.

    Te amamos heechuuullll

  • MYY_naisu

    bruh dying from brandy? thts not cool bro😂

  • Sarah Thompson
    Sarah Thompson

    If they want to try a real drink then they should try ever clear. It will rinse out your sinuses

    • WAP 7676
      WAP 7676

      They would die 😂

  • FMV Songs
    FMV Songs

    Why do i think that Momo is watching this? I can't help it but to smile. I really like JiNiel and MoChul.Sorry not Sorry for the haters who dont like thier relationship.

    • Undramatic Fan of World
      Undramatic Fan of World

      @Win Win Tun Damn, do you really have to Romanize that Korean word so badly ? it sounds of Kimchi lol ... Just type the whole thing either in English or Korean ... Don't be Koreaboo :)

    • Win Win Tun
      Win Win Tun

      Yeah! Me too! Momo be like when heechul suffer from drink "What should i do? Jeongyeon unnie! That's look painful!" JY: "Kimchana! It will be fine!" 😁😁😁

  • Elle

    What a waste)=

  • khushi verma
    khushi verma

    Where can I watch there full episodes???

    • Luna Shu
      Luna Shu

      @khushi verma my little old boy/my little ugly duckling

    • khushi verma
      khushi verma

      @Luna Shu does this show have other name???

    • khushi verma
      khushi verma

      @Janet Kurniawan i tried but disabled to found.

    • Janet Kurniawan
      Janet Kurniawan

      You can watch it in VIU

  • G22,Scarella Denise Andrea P.
    G22,Scarella Denise Andrea P.

    But, here in the Philippines, we even have lambanog and gin which is 80% proof.

    • Jaymie Indigo-Blue
      Jaymie Indigo-Blue

      @G22,Scarella Denise Andrea P. haven't touched the stuff since. It was nice to try once. Am a Perry and Cider drinker now. Don't drink beer unless can go halfs with someone.

    • G22,Scarella Denise Andrea P.
      G22,Scarella Denise Andrea P.

      @Jaymie Indigo-Blue I haven't tried it yet since I prefer beer and flavored gin over rum but sometime I may try.

    • Jaymie Indigo-Blue
      Jaymie Indigo-Blue

      Filipino Rhum is funny. My Aunty gave me a duty free bottle when I was 15 saying I couldn't drink it until was old enough to drink. Yes we sat down and finished it together that afternoon ☺

    • Joanna Kurpanik
      Joanna Kurpanik

      @G22,Scarella Denise Andrea P. 👍 yes I'm from Poland. and yes for many years my country was know as a nation of heavy drinkers. but time's have changed as same as drinking habits 😉

    • Sarah Hanisah
      Sarah Hanisah

      Joanna Kurpanik As a non-drinker yikes that sounds crazy! But informative at the same time, thank you for the share. I may know little about drinking alcohol, but as a science graduate I do know quite a bit about alcohol as a chemical. 95% sounds lethal I’m sure you mix it with other beverages right? Else your kidneys are just dead 😂😂

  • LOLandCIE

    It's funny when your local alcohol is this strong normally. Looks like rum

    • kpopgirly 10030
      kpopgirly 10030

      That was what I was thinkingas well😂 I mean vodka has that much percent and I can drink shots just fine 🙈

  • LOLDIA1337

    I guess they never have drunk vodka or shit like that xd

  • Rain Zhang
    Rain Zhang

    Bacardi 151 is waving 😂

  • Nz Kako
    Nz Kako

    Its an eastern european drink, called rakia.. I figured it out by them just sayin and how much alcohol it has.



  • Genevieve

    Lol, Baek-nim asked it was tasty, wasn't it.... he didn't know their painful expression after taking a sip 😂

  • Thegono Thorie
    Thegono Thorie

    3:12 Hotel Del Luna😁

    • Stellarya Luna
      Stellarya Luna

      Yea i noticed it in an instant. Moon Tree scene.

    • Christine Jean Pagunsan
      Christine Jean Pagunsan

      I waas about to comment this hahahahaha

  • Animes Nangku
    Animes Nangku


  • Habib Yuhri nawawi
    Habib Yuhri nawawi

    Heechul Must Try CIU.. Or Cap Tikus

    • rena cho luizy
      rena cho luizy

      @Anindya Meirizka wow,, that's a new for me,, tx a lot

    • Anindya Meirizka
      Anindya Meirizka

      @rena cho luizy ciu and cap tikus. when u drinks them soju felt just like a dessert, sooo light

    • rena cho luizy
      rena cho luizy

      @Anindya Meirizka which one?? Soju or CIU?

    • Anindya Meirizka
      Anindya Meirizka

      @rena cho luizy if u try the traditional one the alcohol is up to 70% (and sometimes more), but for commercial sales they stayed for 30~45%?? Trust me if u drink this ur throat gonna feel like on fire😂🔥🔥

    • rena cho luizy
      rena cho luizy

      Lol,, isn't it less powerfull than soju?? But Idk

  • Sharon Belcher
    Sharon Belcher

    I thought it was draft beer Oh my they were so funny

  • Jin Mori
    Jin Mori

    Godpromise, i haven't laughed like this in a while. Only heechuls part is being funny in mud nowadays. Hope all the sons along with tak jae hoon gets together again Ps :If anyone missed tak jaehoon and kim soo mi recent knowing bros ep 241 epsidoe. Go watch it. It's laugh riot

  • Hashimina

    they literally dying from a whiskey ROFL

    • Jenny With a Glock
      Jenny With a Glock

      50% alcohol is more than vodka...

    • amsd1231

      Says it's brandy

    • MYY_naisu


  • Rizal Lare Osing
    Rizal Lare Osing

    Did they forget that there's valve for that barrel? LOL

    • Jaymie Indigo-Blue
      Jaymie Indigo-Blue

      Some people have never been raised to know those things. Tapping a keg is something my Nana taught me as a little girl because it gave her joy to watch me do it easily while 50 year old men failed.

    • rena cho luizy
      rena cho luizy


  • zyking ssi
    zyking ssi

    Omg the waste of tissue there

    • susan sebastian
      susan sebastian

      @zyking ssi oma ahhahahaha🥰🥰🥰🥰

    • zyking ssi
      zyking ssi

      @susan sebastian no!! Get in line 😂😂😂

    • susan sebastian
      susan sebastian

      i,m your daughter mom and kim jong kok is my appa ahhahahah🥰🥰🥰

    • zyking ssi
      zyking ssi

      @Gaming Mania u can if u dare to talk with kim jong kook first. BHAHAHAHA

    • Gaming Mania
      Gaming Mania

      @zyking ssi oh you're his wife?? ok can i marry your college daughter?? 🤣🤣 Haha said : appa, bogoshippeoyo 😂

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Tak Jae Joon getting drunk 😂😂

  • Andi Yuyun Adhnitasari
    Andi Yuyun Adhnitasari

    You are doing great Oppa 🤣

  • Patricia Mae Mato
    Patricia Mae Mato


  • u100me

    Kim Hee Chul feed them to drink unidentified type of alcohol just because Baek Jong Won and Jung Jun Ha gave it to him 😂😂😂 the one from Jung Jun Ha is already expired and this one from Baek Jong Won is 50% alcohol. Their stomach must be hurt and felt burnt 😂

    • Charles John Siplao
      Charles John Siplao

      I guess but we will know that next episode hahahha

  • Horium

    A bunch of wusses, really. Hard liquor traditionally has 40-60% alcohol.

  • adeyemo oyinade
    adeyemo oyinade