[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] KWANGSOO is groggy!! (feat.JONGKOOK's finger) (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] KWANGSOO is groggy!! (feat.JONGKOOK's finger) (ENG SUB)
KWANGSOO is Groggy..?
JONGKOOK's super flicking!

  • Char EXOL
    Char EXOL

    Lmao!! Tnx 🤣😂

  • Captain Doll
    Captain Doll


  • Jogja Toy Review
    Jogja Toy Review

    I tried to flick my own forehead like the way they did, thinking "how hurt it could be?" And it hurt. Lol. It didn't hurt like "ah, this is painful" but the smack was shocking (kinda like someone knocks your skull) and the sensation lingered for some minute. Imagine Jongkook did that to you. 😂😂😂

  • blah blah
    blah blah

    Who is she 0:19 so beautiful

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni



    So PAIN CHANGES PEOPLE hah! arraseo arraseo 😂😂

  • Spartace Shipper
    Spartace Shipper

    the male guests look like PO n JinGoo for me.. 😂😂😂

  • Blessie Grace
    Blessie Grace

    i’m a fan of spartace but i always got annoyed whenever jk is hurting kwangsoo

    • Afiq Ikmal Roslan
      Afiq Ikmal Roslan

      @KRG true..

    • KRG

      it's either you keep an open mind about variety, skip the scenes, or watch cartoons instead.

  • taleen abughoush
    taleen abughoush

    Where can I watch the full episodes with eng subtitles

    • Awg Amirul Ashraf
      Awg Amirul Ashraf


  • Jony Youtuber
    Jony Youtuber

    WOW BootyLoversWorld.com :P

  • Kody Jung
    Kody Jung

    this was the only good part from this ep eun b is great! they need to bring her more

  • D E
    D E

    hahaha eunbin mannerism is like another sunbin😂

  • farihinrashid12

    Eun bin so cute ❤❤

  • Pchen AERIS
    Pchen AERIS

    Feat. Jongkook's Finger Okkkkkkk

  • paivaiva

    kwangsoo a step closer to join his ancestor

  • Nur Khalidah R___
    Nur Khalidah R___

    I wish Sechan sit beside KJK as he got many correct answers! I want to watch he flick KJK's forehead as we know that he has very powerful hand 😂😂😂😂

  • Joseph Nunez
    Joseph Nunez


  • Patricia Mae Mato
    Patricia Mae Mato

    Jihyo got hit by jaesuk, HAHA taking revenge❤️😂

  • Lestari


  • Jazel

    I really felt bad here for kwang soo oppa

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      me too

  • Christian Santiago
    Christian Santiago

    Joongkook flick really hard LOL😂😂

  • Angel Barbie
    Angel Barbie

    LKS so funny, poor..all red forehead, hope he is fine, luck revenge and win, so amazing, individuals find the game violent so it is best to limit it

  • Nur Syakirah binti Mohd Fauzy
    Nur Syakirah binti Mohd Fauzy

    Sung cheol 😍


    I really like the sudden bow eun bin do with kwang soo 🤣🤣

  • mie goreng
    mie goreng

    Jihyo ya~🤣🤣🤣

  • Anh Kim
    Anh Kim

    Somin is a poison frog, get out of running man right away. We Vietnamese fans hated somin when she joined RM 😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Anh Kim yess... That's good.. Just stop watching.. Haters like u should stop watching this show.. And by the way...don't u remember.. Even sometime jihyo beated male guest and rude to them.. But still it's a funny thing and not seriously things.. This is variety show.. Not mellowdrama.. So.. Nice if u stop watching this show.. Hahaha..

    • Anh Kim
      Anh Kim

      @Stephone Cloud No no, somin is the weird frog, I stopped watching but I fell in love with a cut on the fb and I saw her holding the guest hair and disrespecting her senior.

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Anh Kim yeah she is a frog and funny cute and nice.. You're not a fans if u hate one of them.. So better if u watch other show. Your hate will not change her place.. Even korean fans love her and support her..

    • Anh Kim
      Anh Kim

      @Stephone Cloud I really like running man but having somin in everything or everything, somin is a frog with thick face.

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Go out my ass... Just don't watch them.. The more you hate her.. The more support she will get.. You're toxic fans.. Don't u see how they love each other like fam.. Even Jihyo always call somin like her little sis..

  • Ehsan Pirlo
    Ehsan Pirlo

    Eun bin so cute

  • Robin L
    Robin L

    You see how jaesuk try to give jihyo more screentime by choosing to hit her

  • Its QwinHong Channel
    Its QwinHong Channel

    I got one today from my friend for the first time ever and now I know it's really hurt


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  • rina wf
    rina wf

    Green group male members can avoid getting hit by KJK by putting the girl in the same group as him. Everyone knows KJK dont hit girls. Lol But for the entertainment's sake, LKS step in. U can see he purposely let YSC take the seat next to the male guests

    • My name is Yoda
      My name is Yoda

      A Real Man..so selfless

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      exactly but poor soo oppa..

  • ahn

    4:07 oh my 😂 what a weird happy ceremony hhaha

    • ahn

      @KRG cause they've won, anything from jongkook is acceptable 😂

    • KRG

      He was so excited 😹 but YJS and JSJ went back to him for high fives 😂

  • eifaneeyyy

    I notice kwangsoo tease jihyo noona a lot in this episode 🤣

  • Jen Di
    Jen Di

    More SpartAce moment❤️

  • Mohd Raymee
    Mohd Raymee

    Ji Hyun is back for the second time and she has matured with RM style..

  • Abby Rudh
    Abby Rudh

    I would have cried

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      me too

  • ahmad aizat
    ahmad aizat

    4:25 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alone JAI
    Alone JAI

    And that is how kwangsoo win

  • Faiq Syahmi
    Faiq Syahmi

    Pity kwangsoo always get hit by Jong kook.🤣 What he can do when Jong kook doesn't want hit girls 😂

  • Leo Brazil
    Leo Brazil

    Cause of Kwang Soo's seizure, Jong Kook hyung's powerful finger strike.

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      LKS poor..all red forehead, hope he is fine


    Korean subtitle please 🙏

  • Ko Htet
    Ko Htet

    I prayed everytime kwang soo get win or get penalty🤣🤣

  • Mahbub saite
    Mahbub saite

    If every hit LKS had received from KJK can be converted to money, LKS would bought KJK's whole gym and prohibiting the muscle man from entering for a payback 🤣🤣🤣

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie


  • deeeeeeezzzzaaaa

    I really like this game, they should play it more often.

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      Personally, I think that the game is violent, so it is best to limit it, poor LKS is always ranked with kjk..

  • Athine Agnes
    Athine Agnes

    Kim min jae ♡

  • Poochi Cam
    Poochi Cam

    Running man fan here from the Philippines (𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖽 𝗆𝗒 𝗇𝖺𝗆𝖾 𝖻𝗍𝗐)

  • Meri Maria
    Meri Maria

    Lol this was hilarious

  • Samantha Felicidario
    Samantha Felicidario

    I love how members supporting Sung Cheol to take revenge and helping the guest to have screen time. I really love Sung Cheol in Prinson Playbook and To Jenny. When I see last week teaser I got worried since he is not that famous he'll get fewer screentime. Turns out great in the end.

    • Lestari

      YESSS, it was so nice to see him in variety show!

  • Arya Wibawa
    Arya Wibawa

    Good to see.. LKS didn't have serious injury from last eps.. keep the good work Kwang Soo

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      Personally, see danger. Hope soo oppa okay

  • Morissette De Guzman
    Morissette De Guzman

    it was so funny especially when yjs jokingly reprimanded lks not to hold hands with a girl because he has a gf lol cracked me up because kwang soo looked so flustered 😂😂

  • cheristar

    Kwangsoo never disappoint. He such a scene stealer in every episodes.

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      Personally, see danger. Hope soo oppa okay

  • Bless Uzo
    Bless Uzo

    I actually hate the finger flicking game cuz it looks like it hurts! I felt the pain every time I hear the sound. If it was me I would get angry so I rather avoid that game lol. I’ll be ready to fight someone 😭😭. I’ll be like let me step outside for a moment so I can calm down Lmaoo. It’s just a game anyways but when you’re in pain you get angry like when you stub your toe 🤣🤣

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      exactly should refrain from playing violent games

    • Haziq 3
      Haziq 3


  • ishal

    4.26 aahgaaaaaahahahhahahahahahah i cannot

  • Istina Yanti
    Istina Yanti


  • XoIbMaRlox

    I died when Jongkook was so excited and pushed Jaesuk and Sukjin threw to the ground 😂

    • Mahbub saite
      Mahbub saite

      They get shoved every week for the last 10 years 🤣

    • H A S H
      H A S H


  • AmirDBMg

    Dude back of the head is so dangerous cause thats where all the sensitive nerve located at. That game is so dumb

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      Personally, see danger. Hope soo oppa is okay

  • King Bobbie
    King Bobbie

    When I was on the part of this episode I kept on telling myself "I hope Kim Jong Kook flicks him" it was about a hundred times btw.

  • Princess Pynah
    Princess Pynah

    Idk why i'm happy blue guy can flicking se chan's head ..maybe cuz i like Minjae 🙈

  • Nabilla Syifa
    Nabilla Syifa

    when i watched this part i wished when jongkook win, he give minjae a chance to hit sechan instead of using all towards kwangsoo since they are in the same team hahaha

    • momo's jokbal
      momo's jokbal

      @Rogine 426 uh no.. it was seperated so that they can hit the other team whenever they get a point

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      Nabilla Syifa He can't do that. They were separated into four groups of three.

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    That cracking sound.. Oh man, just like a wallnut being cracked... 😂 but Jong kook flick only to kwang soo.. He is too soft to girl.. 😁

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Angel Barbie if u see the next ep preview.. Than you will know he is just ok.. Hehe

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      @Stephone Cloud Yes..but the LKS is always like that when playing violent games, hope he is fine..

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Angel Barbie don't worry they always play this flicking game.. hehe..

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      poor soo oppa T^T

  • HibariKyoya

    Jong Kook team is orange or pink ?

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie


  • Michaela Jaden
    Michaela Jaden

    Kwangsoo won at the end after a very long time ❤ They should have uploaded JS and KS interaction too when JS said that KS should not hold another girl's hand because he has a girlfriend 🤣 JS lowkey informing us that KS and SB are still in a relationship ❤

    • Ggomo Daddy
      Ggomo Daddy

      they both love and admire each other so much. they won't easily broke up. and I believe they will stay strong until marriage.

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      exactly...actually LKS said in a recent interview that they are still fine

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      I was very happy to hear that 😍😍😍 I was worried about their relationship because they didn't mention her for so long but now I am relieved ❤❤

  • Khalid Muti
    Khalid Muti

    Love watching Song Ji Hyo. She is so gorgeous and I hope unnie will soon find her shining armor and they will live happily ever after..

  • Dwi Hasta
    Dwi Hasta

    Actually is that really okay with their head get hit like that🤔

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      @whyahh exactly

    • whyahh

      rm should really discontinue this game. it was so discomforting watching people get hit at their heads.

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      Personally, see danger. Hope soo oppa okay

    • Dwi Hasta
      Dwi Hasta

      @Gkpwu Team even if just stagger,its still head,vital organ there. And especially that flick...omg,it can make ur eyes blurry after hit

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      It may look bad but we used that same toy here and I can tell u even if hit the person at the back of the head it will only stagger ur head but not really hurt u. It may look scary but its just the sound of the toy that makes it bad. Thats why when I saw that RM use that toy, no wonder why they use since its safe.. what Im not sure is the flickering in the head. never tried to flick

  • Ashleigh Agtarap
    Ashleigh Agtarap

    minjae confess in pajama friend that his ideal type is song jihyo and now his in running man

    • Ashleigh Agtarap
      Ashleigh Agtarap

      @Keshuma Bungin :::

    • Keshuma Bungin
      Keshuma Bungin

      Hopefully will be partnered with Jihyo in Couple Race episode and win the game? Let's hope for that

  • Gkpwu Team
    Gkpwu Team

    Did you enjoy this episode? from 1 to 10 can you pls rate (10 being the highest, 1 is the lowest).

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      1000.000 😂

    • Vincent Von Doom
      Vincent Von Doom


  • Jannah Margaret De Castro
    Jannah Margaret De Castro

    When Jae Suk helps Jong Kook by giving him the answer so Kwang Soo will get hit 😂😂😂

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      poor soo oppa..

    • adeq ida
      adeq ida

      PD know it, but they just silence 😂

  • Agent Por
    Agent Por

    Love the reaction of YJS & JK

  • Kamogelo Matlou
    Kamogelo Matlou

    Where can I watch full episodes of running man 😭😭😭😭😭

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Gkpwu Team okay.. I will.. Thanx bro

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      Pls watch it in viu.com, viki.com or kocowa since SBS RM is getting paid there.Plus the video is clear and with subtitle. Just skip the ads.. No need to download or subscribe to viu app, just visit their website and search for running man 2020 to see their latest episodes. Please stop using dramacool, kissasian kshow123,etc since they breached copyright from SBS... unless u want to watch old episodes from 2010- 2016 then its okay but for latest episodes pls only use viu, viki or kocowa

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Kshow123.net but install viu, it's better to supppot running man

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      I watch it on VIU. You'll have to download it. VIU or Kocowa if they're available in your country. It's free and with english subtitle.

  • precious joy
    precious joy

    When Jongkook said all gangsters have reason lol his anyang spirit 😂😂😂

  • Kahlan Red
    Kahlan Red

    It's not fun being flicked. It is like a punishment for losing the whole episode not just a segment. They need to be careful

    • WhatACovers YT
      WhatACovers YT

      Idk if kwang Soo go back n realised that he can't wash his head due to hard flick so many times but hope hes ok😔

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      Personally, see danger. Hope soo oppa okay

  • DSL97

    Love seeing jongkook flicking kwang soo, it's so funny 😂😂

    • DSL97

      @My name is Yoda why?

    • My name is Yoda
      My name is Yoda


    • Peace 99
      Peace 99

      @DSL97 couldn't agree with you more~~

    • DSL97

      @Za Hiah stop being so sensitive little kid, this is a variety show, he didn't injuried anyone, pretty sure if it was kwang soo in his place, you'll be saying that it's funny

    • Za Hiah
      Za Hiah

      Not funny but scary

  • Khurshid Huma
    Khurshid Huma

    Kim min jae is soooo adorable....❤❤❤

  • Shofi Apriliya
    Shofi Apriliya

    There is one thing i hate the most from korean variety show which is flicking ... I DO HATE IT

    • whyahh

      same here. i really dislike this game. look so unnecessary for me. there are 100000x other games can be chosen from why they want to hit people head?

    • calo

      True tho

  • Wai Yee
    Wai Yee

    LOL all the love hate fight in this cruel fun game…But feel a bit frustrated when see 🐯he get cheat n get Hit his head again by Fist😱😢…4:09…lol too funny out of control funny 🐯SPARTA😂 "Happy but scary ceremony" with teammate lol love his cute funny way😁❤🐯🔥🔥

  • CCvoJ

    i Literally skip all sechan flick ! hahaha i don't find it funny. as always he keep trying hard but he's not good . he is just thinking about himself.

    • Ashleigh Agtarap
      Ashleigh Agtarap

      @whyahh he already showed his true colors atleast he doesnt fake his attitude and you dont have the right to say that because your not him, and im not him too but if you focus on sechan you will know that his very true, yes you have right to express your opinion to him but that is very wrong why would you hate on him when he didnt even do extreme scandal or anything i think its time for you to mind your own business and focus in your favorite entertainer and dont mind sechan, im sorry if i offended you

    • whyahh

      i dont hate sechan but at this stage i have to admit he is not good enough for rm. he failed to build up his own identity by now, 2 years since he joined.

    • Hesh Krish
      Hesh Krish

      Latest news - Dumbass fans who are strangers to their favourite celebrities, who haven't been to their houses, who hasn't shared a meal, stage and screen try to interpret the relationship between friendly family of celebrities.

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Moch Arsony Fajar Adi that's why we don't need to pay attention to haters.. Let them be alone with their words.. Who cares with it..

    • Ashleigh Agtarap
      Ashleigh Agtarap

      @Moch Arsony Fajar Adi ofcourse,mess with idols mess with fans, try hating idols in twitter maybe no one can survive it

  • atluvedison

    I wonder if they suffer any internal damages from games like these. Especially through the years

    • John Mark Buagas
      John Mark Buagas

      @adeq ida true he revealed some of the injuries that running members have, that is one the reason why they change their games.

    • adeq ida
      adeq ida

      They're. Haha said running man members body is not normal anymore..

  • roman picisan
    roman picisan

    Park ji Hyun😚😚

  • MinSugaHoddie 93
    MinSugaHoddie 93

    The highlight in this episode (spoiler alert) *Jongkook and KwangSoo* *The Strawberry game* *and as always KwangSoo betraying YJS and YSC* 🤣

  • Hope Cherry
    Hope Cherry

    The best actor award goes to Lee Kwang Soo 🤣

  • Yenny L.
    Yenny L.

    In running man they welcome you as a non official member when you can flick, play ddakji, and cheat 😂

    • T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y
      T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y

      Ical Renoza it’s just weird when you ask a random person for their ig

    • aminluqman hakim
      aminluqman hakim

      nahh.. being awkward while do random stuff are more appropriate: like: kang ha na and lee sang yeob

    • Ical Renoza
      Ical Renoza

      @AnhC HoangM lol what's wrong with simping?

    • AnhC HoangM
      AnhC HoangM

      @Ical Renoza lol stop simping

    • Ical Renoza
      Ical Renoza

      Haii. What's your ig?

  • 3 seconds ago
    3 seconds ago

    Sechan is so good. 😂😂😂

  • Agar tum saath
    Agar tum saath


  • richelyn cadenas
    richelyn cadenas

    Jongkook's scary ceremony is the best hahahaha

  • km_au

    Poor Kwangaoo he deserves to win this episode! Well done Kwangsoo

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      exactly soo oppa amazing

    • Charles John Siplao
      Charles John Siplao

      @Fauzi Rahman not yet, i was planning on watching it later cuz I'm busy school

    • Fauzi Rahman
      Fauzi Rahman

      Guess u didnt watch it

    • Charles John Siplao
      Charles John Siplao

      Oh men well done for spoiling

  • Rogine 426
    Rogine 426

    JK knows how much KS can take and it's always funny and interesting when it's the two of them. KS on the other hand is the only member who targets anyone even the female guests...and the only one brave enough to hit JK. 😂😂😂

    • Thank you IZ*ONE
      Thank you IZ*ONE

      @My name is Yoda He's a variety show expert/comedian ofc he knows what he is doing lol.

    • My name is Yoda
      My name is Yoda

      Kwangsoo helped Eunbin and Jihyeon a lot in this episode..

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      It could only be the LKS

  • That one Introvert in class
    That one Introvert in class

    Jihyo and jaesuks interactions are really rare but are very unforgettable once shown

  • Nur Farhana Nor Rahim
    Nur Farhana Nor Rahim

    I can feel like my head crack too when Jongkook hit Kwangsoo's head 💀😂

    • Bangtan Boys
      Bangtan Boys

      @Nur Farhana Nor Rahim yea 😂😂

    • Nur Farhana Nor Rahim
      Nur Farhana Nor Rahim

      @Bangtan Boys its a metaphor lol the sound tho 💀😂

    • Bangtan Boys
      Bangtan Boys

      Jgn tipu la 😂😂

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      me too

  • Bea triz
    Bea triz

    Sechan is really good at this kind of game 👍 This episode was really funny 😆

  • meluvpany

    I really like this ep..so funny!..but i think Se Chan was faster than the actor for the last question in this clip . I guess the PD feel bad for the actor, n thus give him the chance instead.

    • Benjamin Who
      Benjamin Who

      Well Ji suk Jin said it was him who said it first.

    • Bless Uzo
      Bless Uzo

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed that Se Chan was faster. Why did the pd feel bad when he’s the one that created the game with finger flicks lol?? Plus Kwang soo was getting “beat up” by Kim Jong Kook lol.

  • oberlin Manurung
    oberlin Manurung

    " BUJANGinam .. 🤗

  • D3bS ACDM
    D3bS ACDM

    I was so happy he get to hit Sechan, I didn’t watch the episode yet but hope Minjae hit Sechan too so he get his revenge too.

    • Ěļľ âă
      Ěļľ âă

      Well he didnt' 😳

    • Sweet Candy
      Sweet Candy

      @Black Ace i dont think she/he mean Sechan is bad person. I watch the episode too and i agree with the comment. I really wait for the guest to counter attack like Kwangsoo and Sechan did in older(?) episode. But they missed the chance twice so it makes me feel like "ah what a shame" and something like that

    • emellda yanis
      emellda yanis

      feels so satisfy....

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Black Ace I didn't say that Se Chan is doing something bad, but it would have been 'satisfactory' to see Min Jae flick him too.

    • Black Ace
      Black Ace

      Actually sechan help them by making them 'awake' and get screen time. Usually sechan will apologize to this guest fans for hitting them hard because their fan will get mad.

  • kanchan sikder
    kanchan sikder

    HAHA be like you have talent vry gud

  • Daryl Wong
    Daryl Wong

    RM really loves TWICE. One of the quiz questions was "What is Love" and then this mesh had "More and More" as the freaking loudest. Surprised the members and guests didnt get the answer right away

    • My name is Yoda
      My name is Yoda

      @Gramo Lomib nah, JYP loves RM especially Jaesuk and Kwangsoo, he even guested in the show before, he even said its the only variety show he respects..

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea

      Gramo Lomib *What are u on 🥴🥴?? JYP must have shared in RM just because the top girl groups gets is relevant and gets invited a lot??😏*

    • Tho Nguyen
      Tho Nguyen

      @Imran_Hyung Twice x itzy x blackpink x izone Lovers They play some songs at the same time, so I think members can guess singers, but may not guess his/her songs and vice versa.

    • Syvester Stanley
      Syvester Stanley

      Maybe they cant hear clearly because of the sound system at their place, i think most of us watch this ep with earphone

    • Ammar ibrahim
      Ammar ibrahim

      @Zamster Jr. When the pd give the answer for their test grade

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na

    Kwang Soo 😂

  • Angel Dianne
    Angel Dianne

    I like to see gary ,soomin and sechan together because i dont know what will happen hahahahhaha I'm i the one who think that?

    • Infirin

      @LOLDIA1337 Gary met Sechan and Somin before. Gary Sechan and Jaesuk formed a team before

    • Syahmi Shuhaidi
      Syahmi Shuhaidi

      @LOLDIA1337 I think Gary knew somin since they had met before when she was a guest but ahah

    • LOLDIA1337

      They're complete strangers nothing would happen xD

    • mung 12
      mung 12

      Gary will be exhausted so much that he will ask for forgiveness to haha. after that he will tell her wife not to have a child like somin beacause she's hyper and hao might knock her out everytime.. lol

    • Akira Hana
      Akira Hana

      That will be super hilarious....

  • My 7 UGH!!!
    My 7 UGH!!!

    Hahahhaa you always make me laugh Thanks to you RM

  • Dk Amirah
    Dk Amirah

    Poor kwang soo😂😂

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie

      yes..luck finally revenge and win😢

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Kwang Soo and Sparta make quizzes interesting by making us anticipate who will hit whom 🤣🤣🤣

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @mnm mahesh I know right? His teammates are okay with it but the guests are experiencing a culture shock 🤣🤣

    • mnm mahesh
      mnm mahesh

      that celebration though, super hilarious especially since the other two are ok with it

  • Phan Lên
    Phan Lên

    Bật vietsud vs ad