Come on JONGKOOK!!

  • izzyh24

    That background music is epic.

  • Cari Buceta
    Cari Buceta

    dios que pelotudo jajajaj tiene tanta mala suerte

  • Xenophile Thalassophile
    Xenophile Thalassophile

    Yoomes Bond 🥰 PS: I hope Yoomes Bond will return again soon ❤️

  • Marceline Abadeer
    Marceline Abadeer

    kwang soo literally went down fighting - which i love. the survival instinct of that guy is amazing.

  • DoDoSolSol LalaSol
    DoDoSolSol LalaSol

    Does this episode have guests?

  • GoneFlash 4
    GoneFlash 4

    when se chan gonna quit.his personality honestly not suit runningman.btw he is super funny in set up comedy but not spontaneous

  • Russell Fong
    Russell Fong

    How stupid can kwang soo be. He is sooo weak always playing dirty. Even though he find it funny it’s still pitiful to watch him

  • Hayati AkYahya
    Hayati AkYahya

    Kwangsooo😂😂😂 never fail. Jongkok and seokjin last action was film worthy but kwangsoo😂😂😂🤣

  • Soleil Sierra
    Soleil Sierra

    Thankfully he cheated because if not, he will hit his head really bad

  • Jecpry Kam
    Jecpry Kam

    He just like rn so much

  • Ananna haq
    Ananna haq

    I couldn’t stop laughing when JONGKOOK said: *Should I just kill him* (Kwangsoo)🤣🤣

  • Kaycee Roii Tongia
    Kaycee Roii Tongia

    Classic way of kwangsoo losing at the very end lol

  • Jerlene Greene
    Jerlene Greene

    5:06 money heist ❤❤❤❗

  • rivers and roads, bartowski
    rivers and roads, bartowski

    They even played Money Heist't OST 😂 This episode was brilliant loved it!

  • roro army
    roro army

    Oh my kwang soo is so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Siska Siska
    Siska Siska

    Indonesia subtitel plis

  • atiqua maimoona
    atiqua maimoona

    what is the name of the song that was playing at 5:17?

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      It's the opening theme song of Money Heist.

  • coldplayer

    only kwangsoo can take this movie role in runningman~~ or HAHA also

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Feel choke cross... 😂😂..soekjin win but still got the penalty.. Hahaha

  • Louthes kee Deramas
    Louthes kee Deramas

    Kwangsoo yaaaaah hhhahhh!!! I want to see u win even though u always cheat hhahahaahahahaha.

  • amai oi
    amai oi

    AlwAys crazy men

  • xxxtr -
    xxxtr -

    I really hope they do not cancel running man cause of the ratings... ik how korea industries are but running man has been having so much international fans. Click this channel and see that running man clips always have the highest views among all the other variety shows. The new PD is making things more fun and the ratings does not justify. I hope that their ratings get higher and they are more motivated, jesus bless them and make their ratings bounce high...

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      @xxxtr - Agree. Thats why I always encourage others especially international fans to use LEGAL websites such as viu.com, kocowa or viki since SBS RM is getting paid there. I always leave a comment here in RM videos to stop using kissasian, dramacool and kisstv, etc etc since those are illegal websites and SBS is not getting anything from them. I just think that if the tv ratings are low, the least thing RM International fans can do is to support their online platforms and social media. Their views in viki, viu and kocowa also helps them in BRAND RANKINGS every month.

    • xxxtr -
      xxxtr -

      Gkpwu Team same dudee i really enjoy watching the weeks episode with the subs and i hope koreans can appreciate it too. Asides from infinity challenge, this is the last real variety show that has 10 years of cast chemistry. Old roots should not be forgotten

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      Agree. im always in monitor with their ratings every week. I really hope they can get back to 7% and above..I really wanted the show to continue for few more years

  • Copy

    JOHN WICK approves this

  • Joyce

    The ending which only Kwangsoo can do .

  • Welly Jonathan
    Welly Jonathan

    I think sometimes the betrayal icon kind of too much especially kwangsoo, because if you watched it with your kid you must explain thats not a funny thing to do.

    • Welly Jonathan
      Welly Jonathan

      @Rogine 426 yess, its happen again in the last episode

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      Welly Jonathan Then explain that if u cheat or betray, you will not win. Kwangsoo usually ends up doing the penalty. That's a lesson.

  • abdul azis
    abdul azis

    Spoiler detected

  • Sumi Ajeng
    Sumi Ajeng

    Kwangsoo oppa💜

  • الحمد لله
    الحمد لله

    I lost my breath from laughing at the end of the episode، reminded me of the episode where he crossed the river and lost his shoes 😂

  • Zero Blank
    Zero Blank

    In this clip, kwangsoo can be seen going up ladders, even peeking through the edge to see below aiming at KJK and JSJ. Is he really afraid of heights or its just his character in running man?

  • Odysseus

    I feel like Kwang Soo could've won the match, but instead of winning, he chose to turn the fight into a comedy. Thus, Jong Kook and Sukjin won. If you watch runningman since the first episode, there have been many episodes where Kwang Soo could've easily won, but sometimes he purposely lose to make the ending funny.

    • akmysf

      of course they need to put "runningman" character. most of the game he can win actually but being comedy is a choice .hehe

  • yuressa yubaba
    yuressa yubaba

    The stairs scene really got me😂 kwangsoo epic moment

  • Zieyanna

    The only reason Kwangsoo is Kwangsoo is because Kwangsoo is REALLY IS KWANGSOO😂😂😂😂😂 i mean why he's so funny and unlucky one?🤣

  • shi ka
    shi ka

    Kwangsoo in this episode is really like the lead actor of an action movie but with his usual tragic ending 🤣🤣🤣

  • 모짜렐라치즈

    I think kwangsoo is handsome on this episode

  • Isabella Cordelia Chua(:
    Isabella Cordelia Chua(:

    THE ENDING IS SO ANTI-CLIMATIC 😂😂😂😂😂 I burst out laughing when Kwang Soo fell down which led to his loss. lmao 😭😭😭😭

  • Muhammad Faiz
    Muhammad Faiz

    This episode so funny 🤣😂🤣. Who agree?

  • Vân Nguyễn
    Vân Nguyễn

    Kwangsoo looks like John Wick

  • Matel 46
    Matel 46

    Let's all remind ourselves that they are all adult/middle aged men, playing balloon shooting like their lives depend on it 😆. C'mon look at YJS, how upset he was when he was taken out. And again, LKS delivered, that was an epic and hilarious ending. Running Man never fails.

  • Horizon

    100 year old duo win again

  • betty lapeia
    betty lapeia

    I'm worried about kwangsoo's neck tho

    • 20 072_Wikal Sulistia Dwi Putra
      20 072_Wikal Sulistia Dwi Putra

      Thankfully to the anti bullet ballon

  • Nafisah Ruhana
    Nafisah Ruhana

    This is one of the best race!! i feel like im inside a game


    Hahahaha funny

  • Karan Biradar
    Karan Biradar

    Obi wan needs to teach Kwangsoo how to properly use the high ground.

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426


  • Sonozaki Raitou
    Sonozaki Raitou

    Yeah..cheater never prosper..luckily the balloon save his head

  • Rohan Prince
    Rohan Prince

    Wow now that I see it carefully, LKS got lucky instead of being unlucky. He could have incurred a very bad or even a deadly injury on the head. Thank God he was not hurt badly.

  • Pauline Tabuena
    Pauline Tabuena

    Does anyone know what gun they were using?

  • Sharp 1234
    Sharp 1234

    Even the ending scene was funny but l really don't like kwangsoo winning way, he always did dangerous thing to win...i hope he can think more about himself n safety to win, not only kwangsoo, seok jin too, last week which seokjin win, i found he near fall from stair, it is scary n dangerous at same time

  • nightingale26

    Love how the RM sound team chose money heist song in the kwangsoo solo scene 😍

  • Jennifer Ailin Tanudjaja
    Jennifer Ailin Tanudjaja

    i believe it was hurt kwangsoo :’) like variety god expect that 😂😂😂

  • Army _Bangtan7
    Army _Bangtan7

    They play the game like they are holding a real gun but hey that was toy gun😆

  • k l
    k l

    Cheating saved kwangsoo's head that fall from the stairs was really painful just by looking at it in the video. Always look after your safety kwangsoo your safety is more important.

  • baliw kaba
    baliw kaba

    What episode?

  • Pijan H
    Pijan H

    Tpp pubg

  • Helena 666
    Helena 666

    Not big fan of Seok Jin, but it's good he win more nowadays. Also Jong Kook & Seok Jin get along really well makes me happy 😂

  • Iskandar Syahmi
    Iskandar Syahmi

    Stupid Ji suk jin

  • Nasha Razali
    Nasha Razali

    the moment jongkook put down his gun was sooooo coolllll!!!!!!!!!

  • Belinda

    It was like a movie 🤣🤣 when LK on the roof

  • Kerushi

    Even though kwang soo cheated, i cant just hate him😂

  • Anam Natalwala
    Anam Natalwala

    This episode reminds me one of those episode where he was left alone without any camera for the treasure!!! Unfortunately he was not able to win any of the time 😭

  • dynamite kimtaehyung Aragon
    dynamite kimtaehyung Aragon

    kwangsoo oppa is the best he always give entertainment in every episode😂😂❤️❤️❤️💕

  • Syvester Stanley
    Syvester Stanley

    This episode is the most funny nowaday 😂😂😂

  • Axl W
    Axl W

    Suk Jin's Win but Lose. Haha

  • YAMI

    The most tragic ending for the easy brothers😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂They can't be called anything but dump and dumper😂😂😂😂

  • AmirDBMg

    Man seok jin pissing me off in this ep

  • abbie baguisa
    abbie baguisa

    The most epic...... legendary.......out of this world....... unexpected ending.....Kwang So almost......but then again.....😂😂😂😂😂 He lost in the most hilarious way ever😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • abbie baguisa
    abbie baguisa

    I was happy becoz I thought he won😂 Nah......i never saw that coming.....he almost won but then Kwang Soo will always be Kwang Soo😂😂😂😂

  • 28sufiyan

    Suk Jin is so annoying..

  • mrlndl

    Kwangsoo is so epic! Hahaha!

  • Lisa Gd Lee
    Lisa Gd Lee

    Lol this was such a good ep!!! This was definitely a mission impossible scenario but Kwangsoo changed that real quick when he slipped! Lol 😂

  • calvinhuynh2016

    Just me or anyone else find big noses behavior this year to be more annoying then the last few years. Its like he can't ever do anything as a team and i feel like thats why everyone always tries to sink his ship first for penalties

  • Ralte V
    Ralte V

    That ending could have been worse for Kwangsoo if he hadn't taped the balloon in the first place.....man! God is looking upon him 🙏

  • Meong YT
    Meong YT

    Poor Kwangsoo😂😂

  • Aqilah Farhana
    Aqilah Farhana

    running man without guests is the best🥰

  • Sandra Verónica Pérez
    Sandra Verónica Pérez

    LOL😂😂...I love them 😍

  • ZeInvisibleThread

    Kwangsoo please be careful, we know you want us entertained but your health and safety is more important. Glad that balloon cushioned your head from the fall.

  • Mirg Of Phantom Reaper
    Mirg Of Phantom Reaper

    Take care kwangsoo oppa if it wasn't for the bulletproof balloon he might have been seriously injured. They might showed that KJK and JSJ is attacking kwangsoo but they were worried that he might hurt himself, I like how KJK put his gun down and rushed towards Kwangsoo.

    • Mirg Of Phantom Reaper
      Mirg Of Phantom Reaper

      @Lysander Camba He wasn't, if you notice before they rushed towards kwangsoo JSJ was also worried but knowing that KJK is already helping and tied kwangsoo's hands with his fist JSJ would focus on the mission knowing kwangsoo is alright. Let's not make it into a big misunderstanding.

    • Lysander Camba
      Lysander Camba

      KJK was rushing to LKS to help but JSJ if you notice was smiling at LKS slipping. Then shoot the balloon not even helping LKS.

    • oh owen
      oh owen

      Kwang soo is also still recovering from his ankle injury, he should be more careful 😭😭

  • KW C
    KW C


  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Kwang Soo was trending on Naver (Korean search engine) after his performance in this episode 😍 I thought Yoomes Bond will have the spotlight but Kwang Soo was the best and got the nickname 'The Lonely Killer'

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @akmysf Lol 🤣🤣 as usual he tries his best but he's always unlucky and powerless against Sparta Kim Jong Kook

    • akmysf

      that nickname, he didnt kill anyone but himself hahaha

  • Living Quotes
    Living Quotes

    Kwang Soo is destined entertainer😂

  • Angel Barbie
    Angel Barbie

    LKS was funny and very pitiful, trying to live it through alone is good enough

  • Wanderer

    Kwangsoo, ypu never disappoint 😂

  • Junic Lee
    Junic Lee

    The OST of Money heist makes it super funny...

  • frenciel a
    frenciel a

    i dont like seokjin, no matter how "funny" it would be in a variety show, shooting ur own teammate just because youre angry just seemed wrong and disgusting to me.. AND THEN AFTER I CONTINUED watching it he just shooted jaesuk and sechan out with the excuse they did it first like what the hell is wrong with his brain?? of course they would shoot back when youre clearly aiming for them i dont get how and why he's still in rm

  • Novi Ting
    Novi Ting

    The scene on the rooftop gives FPS game vibe

  • enjell 88
    enjell 88

    If you think Jongkook oppa and Sukjin oppa run off to Kwangsoo to eliminate him then you're definitely wrong. Its seen in 6:49 that Jongkook oppa put down his gun hurriedly and run off to Kwangsoo oppa because he fell in the stairs. Thank God Kwangsoo oppa cheated and covered his balloon with the tape. It saves his head.

    • enjell 88
      enjell 88

      of course. they are older than me and me commenting here means its my pov to talk about what i see in this video clip and not to mention,naming them as an oppa is how you talk in korean in a nice way. what should I address them then? unnie? lmao

    • Black Lacky
      Black Lacky

      You really need to write oppa everytime you write their name?🤣

  • Pavi Dhanasekaran
    Pavi Dhanasekaran

    It was really an exciting race after a long Time..😍😍I was rooting for kwang soo even though he cheated and somin was really funny in this episode😍😍😗😗

  • Riyaa Limbu
    Riyaa Limbu

    I really feel he won it but the way kwang soo slip oh gosh this man is really unluckiest of unlucky

  • Sheyla Adinda
    Sheyla Adinda

    Money Heist song appears, is a good idea with kwangsoo. Hahaha

  • kkmjpkj1993 BTS
    kkmjpkj1993 BTS

    when kwangsoo slipped and hurt his head I know it really hurt but it's make me laugh so much 😆😂

  • mnm mahesh
    mnm mahesh

    Imma be real, There’s an ep in TAWOG with paintball and they actually make traps and paintbombs. So I actually wanted to try this and didn’t work at all. I was 10 then though

  • fafahfaa

    Kwangsoo’s face while running away is the best🤣🤣🤣

  • fafahfaa

    This episode is super hilarious! I love RM no guest

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Kwangsoo's betrayal is really number one..but same as his bad luck too.. Hahaha😂😂

  • aditya heidy
    aditya heidy


  • aditya heidy
    aditya heidy


  • aditya heidy
    aditya heidy


  • aditya heidy
    aditya heidy

    Ji seok jin❤️

  • Ashleigh Agtarap
    Ashleigh Agtarap

    i think he badly hit his neck at the stairs, thanks to his balloon it didnt create much damge

  • Diana Osazenaye
    Diana Osazenaye

    He going to kill him!! In a nice way

  • BTS LIVEvids
    BTS LIVEvids

    Im wheezing 😂😂😂 at the editors for using the money heist’s song as a BGM!