[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] JONGKOOK's perfect a capella and KWANGSOO...?不不 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] JONGKOOK's perfect a capella and KWANGSOO...?不不 (ENG SUB)
A CAPELLA Competition!


  • natalie

    0:43 mong ji is back again!

  • Nh廕負 Lがヾng
    Nh廕負 Lがヾng

    5:48 I really like this part

  • Superman MSA
    Superman MSA

    LKS didnt admit his mistake .lol

  • pippin hobbit
    pippin hobbit

    1:44 that laugh tho

  • BTS x ARMY
    BTS x ARMY

    Kwangsoo make me laugh so hard

  • nana ddana
    nana ddana

    ASTRO please

  • TechIn Bulletin
    TechIn Bulletin

    I didn't laugh for Kwang Soo, I laugh for HaHa 不

  • SNT

    Lmao Kwangsoo and Jinkyung from the unnies need a duet

  • Jose Angel Perez
    Jose Angel Perez

    I wonder how Lee Sun Bin reacted watching Kwang Soo

  • Dan Bi
    Dan Bi

    Melhor programa ﹦

  • juostine 94
    juostine 94

    kwangsoo's voice was so good at the beginning but they gave him too much lines he can't handle it as jongkook朮



  • joanne dorado
    joanne dorado

    kwangsoo's team is me and my friends when we're in a group project

  • hoa nguyen thu
    hoa nguyen thu

    hahahaahaha poor Kwang soo. hahahahahahahaha

  • Marissa Salom
    Marissa Salom

    omg!! cant stop laughing! hahahahahahahhahhahahahaahahhahaahha

  • G謔科

    It was also my dream to sing in an acapella like Haha

  • Honey November
    Honey November


  • nini bear
    nini bear

    Omg jong kook's voice!!

  • Alif Nasir
    Alif Nasir

    Joogkook haha is singer btw

  • LeCheng Flauy
    LeCheng Flauy

    Still, Kwangsoo won for being the funniest but kudos to Jong Kook's team they are soooo good

  • Miftakhul Fitriyah
    Miftakhul Fitriyah

    Watching this video 10 times until "bengek"

  • Yandrii

    i mean tbf, kwangsoo's team doesnt consist any singers or is it?

  • alan gabriel Malbog
    alan gabriel Malbog

    Kwangsoo was jealous when he saw jong-kook was very good lol

  • Hey its Jo
    Hey its Jo

    Hahas part is so good omg

  • Kim Mae
    Kim Mae

    Been rewatching it for the nth time, kwangsoo still gets me. Hahahahah I'M CRACKING EVERYTIME IT FEELS LIKE SEEING IT AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME.

  • Atuhaire Jenniffer
    Atuhaire Jenniffer

    Joking Kook s group did really well. 滕滕

  • Atuhaire Jenniffer
    Atuhaire Jenniffer

    Kwangsoo is so me I swear, singing like a thirsty chicken不不不不不 I kenti Lol

  • Mrs Klav_blink
    Mrs Klav_blink

    Haha's part is hard and its so amazing.


    I love SBS's running man show because It makes me forget all my tensions and makes me laugh. Always keeps me happy and cool 弘弘弘弘 thank you sbs love from India 氣喫氣喫氣喫氣喇歹歹歹歹

  • glorya pitoy
    glorya pitoy

    I wonder if Jimmy Yoo can be their Producer,,and their agencies is Original Entertainment

  • Arctic Hurricane Studio
    Arctic Hurricane Studio

    Kwangsoo reminds me the giraffe of the Unnies

  • Taufik Official
    Taufik Official

    episod ???

  • Ghozali Mahmud
    Ghozali Mahmud

    One of best running man episode without guest, I really laugh out loud evertime see this eps...


    3:10 - 3:13 is it me but that part is actually nice hear

  • taishiro tanaka
    taishiro tanaka

    XDXDXD..listen to kwangsoo singing makes me lose my voice too..!

  • Jesmery Geronimo
    Jesmery Geronimo

    Jongkook: *sings perfectly* Kwang Soo: *Wins our Hearts with his GOLDEN VOICE*

  • mango baby
    mango baby

    I am having a stomach while watching this because of the laughing

  • Nurul Hidayah
    Nurul Hidayah

    Kwang so makes my tears drop

  • Marissa Canania
    Marissa Canania

    Love you kwang soo

  • Limario 21
    Limario 21

    Running man show is the reason why i always see Kwang soo as a funny person he got much sense of humor hahaha so even though he's in a drama acting i still find him funny for that reason hahahaha

  • Dalis Park
    Dalis Park

    Watch this video when I was depressed and reuse stress it helpful . Lee kwang soo oppa is the best he never care about actor image he look like entertainer now . I love for your hard working oppa .

  • Winda Fabiola Mallasac Situmorang
    Winda Fabiola Mallasac Situmorang

    Im so in love with hahas bass!

  • tiffany. au
    tiffany. au

    The lion cant sleep tonight

  • Erica Lim
    Erica Lim

    HAHAHAHAHA now I know where to go for my daily dose of laughter and can i add JKs voice melted my heart oh my

  • Keeei

    "Something must've happened in the jungle"

  • Miss Daisies99
    Miss Daisies99

    I actually impressed with Haha's part

  • R A
    R A

    1:43 Haha's laugh - priceless.

  • lily flower
    lily flower

    dont wory Kwangsoo team, u win my heart!

  • Mary Jenefer S.
    Mary Jenefer S.

    Which ep is this from? Can someone please tell me the ep number

  • Raphael Mantiri
    Raphael Mantiri

    3:19 when someone from my group do something stupid while presenting our project

  • Jayvee Pascua
    Jayvee Pascua

    I cant breathe laughing. like im gonna die.

  • Miftakhul Fitriyah
    Miftakhul Fitriyah


  • Heal sangma
    Heal sangma


  • Marshmellow

    I always come back here when I need a good laugh and it never fails

  • Anex415

    They must be a drought in the Savannah haha

  • Vladimir Lim
    Vladimir Lim

    Kwangsoo voice was so funny

  • Mnemosyne Flynn
    Mnemosyne Flynn

    Kwangsoo made my 2020 HAHAHAHAH

  • Ms. MJ Bernal
    Ms. MJ Bernal

    Haha's laugh is sooooo contagious

  • simple runner
    simple runner

    I just died..laughing at kwangsoo..dude that was soo baddd in a good way :D

  • joker gaming
    joker gaming

    Kwang Soo is so funny hahahahahahahaha

  • LoveKeepsGoing11

    I havent laughed this hard with RM in a LONG time!! I cried from laughing, my stomach hurt like hell, I couldnt breathe and I lost my voice! This is the magic we get when they let Kwangsoo be instead of interrupting him every single time he talks. Thank you Kwangsoo!!!

  • anis mawarni
    anis mawarni

    Just love how positive they're after finished the song.

  • Mohamed Adam
    Mohamed Adam


  • Rosalee Yang
    Rosalee Yang

    Haha won no cap

  • Jenny Pearl Taghap
    Jenny Pearl Taghap

    Every time i hear this song I automatically think of kwangsoo

  • Hochi Hamchi
    Hochi Hamchi

    Oh my gosh, one of my favorite ep haha and still can't move on. I literally laughing and crying in the same time

  • Joyce Bacani
    Joyce Bacani

    What episode is this?


    haha bass is the best

  • irdina rahim
    irdina rahim


  • L礙 Th廙 C廕姓 Ly
    L礙 Th廙 C廕姓 Ly

    Coi g廕吵 10 l廕吵 r m v廕南 th廕句 m廕畚 cが廙i

  • Lucy Amor Bansiloy
    Lucy Amor Bansiloy

    Mamatay jud kog katawa nimo Kwangsoo

  • Elijah Acuna
    Elijah Acuna

    My cheeks bones are hurting because im laughing so hard

  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall

    Im sorry but the subtitles there must be a drought 不

  • V V Yang
    V V Yang

    The glass man bass is so good 休休

  • Panda

    Lol haha 1:45

  • Phyo Wai
    Phyo Wai

    Lee kwang soo so funny

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    Hahas Laughing made it all the more Funny

  • f f
    f f

    the caption make it even funnier

  • Its Sierux
    Its Sierux


  • Vin Zibo
    Vin Zibo

    Astagah kwang soo lawak bener . Anak bayi mu bgn gara* emak nya ngakak gak tahan sma tingkah kwang so

  • yang JL23
    yang JL23

    Mr. Kwang Soo thank you for making me happy.. I can't stop laughing..屢屢鳶


    The caption made it 10 x funnier HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  • Richale Cabauatan
    Richale Cabauatan

    Hello, fellow RM fans! I hope you can help me out. I'm looking for a specific episode (an old one) in which the RM members are paired with guests, and there was a challenge where their partners were hidden behind a curtain or something of the sort and each member had to guess where their partner iwas. They had to stand on the other side of the curtain and during the reveal, the partner behind the curtain had to hop on the member's back so they could run to the finish line first. And if they were mismatched, then the partner had to obstruct's the member's attempt to run to the finish line. I hope that makes sense. Would be really grateful if anyone here can help me out. Thanks in advance!

    • Richale Cabauatan
      Richale Cabauatan

      @Diane Nguyen heyyyy~ thank you so much! It's episode 212!

    • Diane Nguyen
      Diane Nguyen

      Its either episode 211 or 212

  • Kyla Rose Lorilla
    Kyla Rose Lorilla

  • Gailsx Gaming
    Gailsx Gaming


  • Hafizuddin Razali
    Hafizuddin Razali

    Jong kook is the star but Kwang soo is over confident and make people laugh.

  • natasha martinez
    natasha martinez

    Omg this episode was so fucking funny , OMG I was in TEARS.唐唐

  • Z抪E抪N抪

    Running man was made by yoo jaesuk and kwangsoo

  • Jia Yu
    Jia Yu

    The fact that Guangsoo's face is so serious makes it more fun.

  • Zailan Ahmad
    Zailan Ahmad

    LOL ilove their friendships朮歹

  • Hanamichi Sakuragi
    Hanamichi Sakuragi

    HaHa's Laugh is the best! 不

  • Jood Tata
    Jood Tata


  • Jood Tata
    Jood Tata

    Episode number?

  • jamimay xoxo
    jamimay xoxo

    *the lion can't sleep tonight*

  • Saniha Salic
    Saniha Salic

    Kwang Soo, you always make me happy.

  • jie jie
    jie jie

    This show really makes me smile綽伐

  • Aimi Akhihiro
    Aimi Akhihiro

    Kwang soo are so funny

  • Omni Aminati
    Omni Aminati

    Jongkook was nice song

  • Luigi Marcos
    Luigi Marcos

    oh my god hahhahhahahahhahahhahaha I can't stop laughing hahaha

  • AT

    Please help. Anyone remember which episode on mission in studio, the team need to make star shape by using hand of all members. and team Jongkok been prank. Really dont remember which episode (very old one)