[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] How can DONGHYUN sing so well!?🎤🎤 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] How can DONGHYUN sing so well!?🎤🎤 (ENG SUB)
Ep. 140
Everyone's in shock!!
Greatness of Technology

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  • Petra Lopez
    Petra Lopez

    Great 👏👏👏

  • Al trn
    Al trn

    If he practice a lot and emotion about sing, I think it will good

  • K-pop Forever
    K-pop Forever

    Alguien me dice que se llama la canción? por favor 🙏💖

  • Kaito .X .otaku
    Kaito .X .otaku

    The lyrics 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim

    Song in English?

  • BLUiSH

    Dong Hyun so cute hahaha

  • Smita Mainale
    Smita Mainale

    How happy he looks, I'm happy for him 😇

  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee

    Why r the lyrics literally Adele’s “hello” haha

  • victor santana
    victor santana

    밝은 별과 함께 보름달 마치 다운푸가 위조되는 것처럼 흐린 하늘 두꺼운 안개로 변하는 차가운 바람 밤은 침묵으로 나를 슬프게 하지만 난 여기 혼자 앉아 내 발코니에 내 동네에서 무슨 일이 일어나고 있는지 관찰 내 상한 마음 속에 있는 동안 나는 몇 가지 쓰라린 일을 살고 있어요 나는 당신의 선택을 동화 할 수 없다는 것입니다 그날 내게서 도망가기 위해 그리고 그 이유가 무엇인지 설명하지 않습니다. 내가 헝겊 인형을 던져 보자 나는 당신에게 조건없이 내 꿈을 제공합니다 나는 행복으로 당신을 채우기 위해 열심히 노력 부드러움과 사랑으로 몸을 위조 지금 당신은 지옥에 모든 것을 던져했습니다 나는 내 방에서 내 외로움을 지불하고 있어요 나는 다시 시작할 힘이 없다 나는 무슨 일이 있었는지 묻는 데 자신을 다치게 알고있다 그날 을 내 곁에 두었다

  • 吉田淳子


  • Yoon Ji Hoo
    Yoon Ji Hoo

    delivery package 😂😂

  • Anis Nabihah
    Anis Nabihah

    Play on 0.75 speed is more sadder and it's really good 🥺

  • Luthvya Tegariyani
    Luthvya Tegariyani

    I just want to laugh cuz the lyrics so hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Kim Asis
    Kim Asis

    Eun woo always the clickbait hahaha. It works.

  • Eternal Ephemeros
    Eternal Ephemeros

    He has pretty good voice and accurate pitch tbh lol

  • Julies_gamingchannel

    It was good...i have it on repeat lmao 👏🏼🙊😂

  • Nora Aminur
    Nora Aminur

    Gave me goosebumps there

  • shirothan amii
    shirothan amii

    Did they release this songg??? I srsly want to download it ngl 🥺👉👈

  • Ohnna Park
    Ohnna Park


  • Edmark Dayag
    Edmark Dayag

    May I know what's the name of the original tune they used.

    • Eunice Sarcon
      Eunice Sarcon

      Im Chang Jung's A Glass of Soju

  • Mia RP
    Mia RP


  • Pamela Ibarra
    Pamela Ibarra

    He's so good!!

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman

    great job DONGHYUN

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman


  • Esse Contractum
    Esse Contractum

    Why some are surprised? Dude is a part of Wanna Be Singers just few months ago and did great there.

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    Why they said have English but ...but the true don't have

    • asha do
      asha do

      Go to caption

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    My eun woo ..love you

  • Lyn Fallan
    Lyn Fallan

    That's good well done dong Hyun, the master give his chance to shine also

  • Noell Andrews
    Noell Andrews

    Poor guy! He's a real sport.

  • mine

    please do more song donghyunnn! singing this short with that great voice really not okayy loll...we need moreee

  • MomieIxai

    I just removed the eng sub so i wont see the meaning... lol it was too funny

  • Hassanz Hassan
    Hassanz Hassan


  • SHWETA the crazy
    SHWETA the crazy

    Please please please bring other All ASTRO members in this show please please

  • Azwin Awin
    Azwin Awin

    Seriousslyy maygadd thats was so gooddd😍😍

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • Vin vin Melody
    Vin vin Melody

    he's really funny

  • Inno Blue
    Inno Blue

    As far I remember, he used to be a guest singer in one of the episode in Immortal Song as a duet..😅

  • Gheviraa

    I finally heard Donghyun's serious singing ( because in The Players donghyun so funny if she singing)

  • kim nguwin
    kim nguwin

    he did such a good job 🥺🥺🥺

  • Adik Axl
    Adik Axl

    Sin is poison. Whoever loves to sin, then he is poisoning himself.

  • Puff

    He’s soooo good omg

  • Ary dsl
    Ary dsl

    the power of autotune

  • zyking ssi
    zyking ssi

    Goshhh he is so good. So now he can be all rounded too maybe?

  • azun azan
    azun azan

    her voice was really suit with this song...

  • thin thin Aung
    thin thin Aung

    Manly voice to love 💝💝fighter fighting

  • Michelle Santisteban
    Michelle Santisteban

    Cha Eun Woo 🙌😃😁

  • Michelle Santisteban
    Michelle Santisteban

    Cha Eun Woo Saranghe ❤️💞💕

  • Lawliet Cristobal
    Lawliet Cristobal

    From 15 comm omg eun woo is so cute

  • Astro Moments
    Astro Moments

    Wow...smile of Donghyun is so cute. Such an innocent smile he has..loved it👍

  • variety byun
    variety byun

    His voice sounds like Chanyeol. It’s deep and full.

    • asha do
      asha do

      Yeahhhh i agree

  • Margie Abe
    Margie Abe


  • secret admirer
    secret admirer

    Ohh I like the authenticity☺ its sincere.

  • Momo Kukululu
    Momo Kukululu

    That was reallllyyyy good.. fighter singing

    • rachel lee
      rachel lee

      i love his rough sounding voice!! it actually sounded pretty good!!

  • kath zean
    kath zean

    Without technology he sounds so good.... what's with the title though... if he practice if he wants he can be much better

    • Zein Shion
      Zein Shion

      @아이피구렛 I agree

    • 아이피구렛

      Don't read the title in a sarcastic tone, it's more of like a surprised one since he's not known for it and doesn't really sing on TV. There's nothing wrong with the title :)

  • Алекснадр Евтушенко
    Алекснадр Евтушенко

    0:37 active-dating24.online

  • Yassine Akkour
    Yassine Akkour

    damn he got a really good voice

  • heyy hey not bad
    heyy hey not bad

    Unknown great singer DONG HYUN

  • Allyson krish TV
    Allyson krish TV