I can't give up!!
JONGKOOK, a Food Fighter

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  • milo lomi
    milo lomi

    looks dont matter peraonality is always standout...

  • Ell Chie
    Ell Chie

    i dont like sechan

  • cheristar

    I love it when RM members come on the show. They make everything funnier.

  • myat king
    myat king

    he's going for super diet and workout after eating that much noods

  • Chan1xxi

    아놔 갑자기 그면을 땡겨 ....

  • JJ S
    JJ S

    What? He eat instant noodle?

  • Lady NZ
    Lady NZ

    I cant imagine the workout he would do the day after this 20 pack of ramyun. Must be all day long 😂

  • DA H
    DA H

    Those muscular arms and a wink?! Dayymmmn...KJK surely being generous 😆

  • King Sisyphus
    King Sisyphus

    Jsj is hilarious as hell hahaha


    I finished a pack of these out of pride and to prove my friends wrong, but my stomach was not happy for like 3 days lol. The thing is, it's not spicy until you swallow the first bite, and then the spice hits you out of nowhere after you've gained confidence that it isn't that spicy. Can't imagine what his body is feeling after 20 packs.

  • Moshino AlphaOmega
    Moshino AlphaOmega

    somehow i dont like seechan around.

  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins

    Since when did this guy eating ramen?

  • Kraft T.
    Kraft T.

    Seen his clothing photoshoot/advertisement. Looked awesome! Great job! Give my boy more work.

  • Tim Duo
    Tim Duo

    Jungkook only agrees to this since he see this as a reason to work out..

  • Nor chan
    Nor chan

    Imma gonna buy samyang noodle the next time we buy groceries😍😍😍

  • Dogron Gamsay
    Dogron Gamsay

    I know this is so random, and I don't usually leave comments like this because I personally find them somewhat,, idk. But my dog just died like hours ago, and videos like this especially Running Man members helps me be put at ease during a hard time like this. I have no words to say, but thank you for My Little Old Boy, and Running Man family for being my escape from reality. Rest in Peace Shiro, 2017-2020. He will always be our good boy.

    • Eunike Dewanggasani
      Eunike Dewanggasani

      Shiro will always be happily looking over for you from heaven!

    • Jacks G A
      Jacks G A

      I'm sorry.. love you.

  • p sk
    p sk

    so even in Korean standard, that brand is considered Spicy. won't feel weak eating it again 😂

  • cailne

    Everyone lets go watch now to haha pd jpflow.info/sun/bideo/moClnmyM1Xqfkp8.html Lets go 1M for the next challenge with Kjk 🤣

  • Syaza Rosli
    Syaza Rosli

    Get a friend who hype you up like this.

  • GundamFreedomz

    How did he go from not eating ramyeon at all to this? What did I miss?

  • xxxzzz zzzx
    xxxzzz zzzx

    they should have an running man episode like this lol

  • wz

    Runningman really invade this show😂😂

  • Rusydiah Hamzah
    Rusydiah Hamzah

    Omg craving for ramen and jongkook oppa hahahahaha

  • Alex khai
    Alex khai

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  • Wilda Ida
    Wilda Ida

    Where ji Hyo?

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea

      This isn’t running man..

  • 台灣就是國家

    韓國泡麵太單調了! 看起來就很乾.... 應該吃吃20碗的滿漢大餐,台灣泡麵

  • Sushmita Rai
    Sushmita Rai

    Sechan looks tensed

  • iren hertika chandra
    iren hertika chandra

    I can't believe kim jong kook eat noodles

  • Eavy Eavy
    Eavy Eavy


  • Nur Lailaa
    Nur Lailaa

    It’s that have jungkook bts mother ?

    • Nyumi Liz
      Nyumi Liz

      @Nur Lailaa no it's the Running Man member's mothers

    • Nur Lailaa
      Nur Lailaa

      @Nyumi Liz i think i saw bts jungkook photo

    • Nur Lailaa
      Nur Lailaa

      @Nyumi Liz ya i know . But i want to know it’s that jungkook bts mother beside kim jongkook mother

    • Nyumi Liz
      Nyumi Liz


    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea


  • 훈이에리

    Wow kim jongkook eats ramyeon ㅇㅡㅇ

  • 훈이에리

    Samyang is so good :)

  • Lainee

    We need kwangsoo also :D

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • ymir

    Indomie u should takes this as oppurtunity to sponsored

  • Mauricio Gomes
    Mauricio Gomes

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Neko_bold

    Running man behind the scene : spicy ramyeon mukbang show lol 😂

  • Maria Meza
    Maria Meza

    The wink....😵😰🤩😍

  • Mel Shepard
    Mel Shepard

    As much as I like JK, I don’t think he will finish the food-really don’t know why anyone would try this, I know he loves his friends but there’s a limit.

  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Jonathan Brothers
    Jonathan Brothers

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Jaiane Blasius
    Jaiane Blasius

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Rachel Daniels
    Rachel Daniels

    Kim Jong kook's wink is so cute.. lol.. He is a great guy at heart, always there for his friends.. 👍

  • Mariabelle Balisacan
    Mariabelle Balisacan

    cant wait to see it on Haha's YT channel hahaha so love to see them together 😍

  • 6672Kevin

    how I see My Little Old Boy Kim Jong Kook section now : a Running Man spin off :D

  • Beatriz Lima
    Beatriz Lima

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Thảo Nguyễn Cao PhÆ°Æ¡ng
    Thảo Nguyễn Cao Phương

    Hollyyyy Shitttt !!!! =))))))))) they're actually do it I thought Haha was just joking LOL~~~

  • Natalia Ayu Mega
    Natalia Ayu Mega

    Why does Kwang Soo rarely appear on mom's diary with Kim Jong Kook? Aren't those two also very close?

    • JaybOrn _
      JaybOrn _

      The real reason is because he too busy with acting schedule of his upcoming drama n movie. Plus he focus more on that where job offers for him still available, he needs to succed in that area.

    • JaybOrn _
      JaybOrn _

      The real reason is because he too busy with acting schedule of his upcoming drama n movie. Plus he focus more on that where job offers for him still available, he needs to succed in that area.

    • KRG

      LKS doesn't like to be called and seen as a comedian because his main job is being an actor that's why he doesn't go to other variety shows.

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Melody Virtudazo
    Melody Virtudazo

    My goodness, KJK! 😝😝😝

  • KRG

    One of the few weakness KJK has is spicy foods. He already hiccupped on his first serving. It's cute but at the same time pitiful. 😂😂

  • Richat

    Since when do jong kook eat ramyun.....

    • Horium

      @Richat Well, I did say it's his guilty pleasure. 😄 And HaHa is always eating unhealthily, that's why Jong Kook nags him.

    • Richat

      @Horium Last time I saw this show he was resisting on eating ramyun and getting angry on haha becoz he keeps insisting on eating junk food.....haha

    • Horium

      He actually likes to eat it, it's his guilty pleasure. He ate it in several different variety shows, too.

  • cheshire.cat

    istg i hate the volcano effect no matter who it is used on

  • Jason Tung
    Jason Tung

    Jongkook never changes as he hiccups whenever he eats spicy food lol. He is known to not be able to handle when he VS Gary on RM lol

  • Mauricio Gomes
    Mauricio Gomes

    I'm Single 😍😥

  • Reeann lois Obrero
    Reeann lois Obrero

    can i ask a question will kang gari come back ? because i want to see the monday cople again

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea

      *He’s married now which a child. Respect his private life ... fan service isn’t real life 🥴*

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Move on... That's not gonna happened.. He is married already..

  • Sonal Maharjan
    Sonal Maharjan

    In past kookie didn't used to eat noodles but now he does

  • deftnerd

    I want to think that she was licking her lips at KJK.

    • Wisteria Bernhard
      Wisteria Bernhard

      Who? Yoona-ssi? 😳

  • Cindy's Daily
    Cindy's Daily

    I really love this ep, running man member is always funny wherever they are

  • Heidi Han
    Heidi Han

    The soundtrack to Rocky would have been much more appropriate :)

  • Funny Anime Tv
    Funny Anime Tv

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    • Nguyễn Tiến DŨng
      Nguyễn Tiến DŨng

      App nay khong co o khu vuc Chau A dau

  • Big Street Food
    Big Street Food

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  • YT Burner
    YT Burner

    Yoon Ah looks a bit different with darker hair

  • TY's YS
    TY's YS

    They are so funny.

  • Win Win Tun
    Win Win Tun

    I even sweating just watching it! Ahh Our Sparta can't eat spicy properly!! Damn i'm hungry now!

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Let's watch the video when it is uploaded on Haha PD JPflow channel (Haha won on the end and he's going to post the video) and let's make his dream come true when the video reaches 1 million views 😍

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Girl Royale This is another video on Haha PD's channel with Running Man members: jpflow.info/sun/bideo/f456mKpi2n2koZc.html

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Girl Royale jpflow.info/sun/bideo/moClnmyM1Xqfkp8.html This is the link to the video

    • Girl Royale
      Girl Royale


  • Cakra Nagara
    Cakra Nagara

    Sub Indonesia

  • Cakra Nagara
    Cakra Nagara

    Sun indo please

  • Lawliet L
    Lawliet L

    Bentley: We Will We Will ROCK YOUUU!!

  • putri merrytha purwaningsih
    putri merrytha purwaningsih

    I,ve try the regular spicy noodle and the nuclear one, and for those aren't that spicy...

  • Mikha Distajo
    Mikha Distajo

    jong kook despite being a well built man becomes lovey dovey to his friends and always saying yes to their requests ❤️😂

    • Slyztercore Veanged
      Slyztercore Veanged

      because he know how variety works..he know what audience like to see..And jong kook actually has act cute many many times, winking at camera is just nothing to him. He know people like to see muscular man acting cute for entertainment. And in variety they actually ok if you do it during camera roll for entertainment, because they know any funny scene is valuable for variety.

    • Jeihan Jade Archia
      Jeihan Jade Archia

      Jong kook

  • D Hidayah
    D Hidayah

    Idk why but I really love to see jee seok jin here, his friendship with jong kook is kind of underrated in RM.

    • Baby G
      Baby G


    • fashionmwah

      So Slappy I remember that!!! That’s how I know that they’re truly kind to Seok Jin behind the scenes!

    • So Slappy
      So Slappy

      I can't remember which episode number it was but there was one where they had to nominate each other as angels or devils and Seok Jin said something like, "the members are all angels after the show ends but all devils during it." 😁

    • KRG

      It's because their personas in RM are different from Mom's Diary. Mom's Diary is more realistic of their personalities than in RM.

  • Wai Yee
    Wai Yee

    LOL 2:39❤cutee boy😁5:44…🐯he hiccups the way was so CUTE😁❤n this makes me remembered the first time i saw 🐯KOOKIE hiccups at RM while eating too spicy food mission lol also at same time the first time i find out muscles man also can be soo attractive cute especially when he smile cause before that i scared muscles man lol😁💪❤🐯🔥🔥

  • no name
    no name

    I love kjk wink. Thanks jsj oppa

  • Jonathan Brothers
    Jonathan Brothers

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • night fury
    night fury

    Salt bae (korean ver.) Haha

  • Suzy Suzy
    Suzy Suzy

    That wink make me fill love 😍😍😍

  • 정경년GallyC

    This is too spicy for me 😱😱

    • Rhea Ismail
      Rhea Ismail

      I'm curious tho does the spicy level the same the one in Korea and the one sell in other countries because I find it not that spicy

  • cee end
    cee end

    YSC “watch this at YangSe brothers” JSJ “no, watch this at Ji peaceful world” HH “wait on Haha PD” SBS “i upload first kids”

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Now i really wish all running man fam come to this show... Jebal PD nim... 😂..just look at them, only four of them can make this show more fun to watch.. We need another 4..hahaha... 😂

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • Christian Añasco
    Christian Añasco

    are they seriously gonna make Jong Koon a JPflow channel? Where can I subscribe?

    • Wan Muhammad Ikram
      Wan Muhammad Ikram

      I thought he already open his channel on youtube..hahha guess not

    • KRG

      He still hasn't opened one yet.

  • Samehada Ku000
    Samehada Ku000

    This eps?

  • YAY

    Now i am craving for ramyeon because of HAHA xD hahahah xD WAHHH that muscles and the wink hahaha xD

  • andi arinah
    andi arinah

    ji suk jin oppa told jungkook oppa wink just like how he told kwang soo wink at camera at ep517😂

    • andi arinah
      andi arinah

      @Yingep 517

    • andi arinah
      andi arinah

      @Kristine Ann yaa that eps ! so funny, kwangsoo oppa was so scared, but he still can winked to camera .

    • Ying

      which episode

    • Kristine Ann
      Kristine Ann

      i remember this episode in RM it was so funny how Kwangsoo winked at the jimmy jib camera 😂😆

  • Food Gear
    Food Gear

    Superb..looks delicious 😋 Stay safe..stay healthy...stay connected😇

  • L J
    L J

    I don't know why but I remember Jongkook always ate ramen during Family Outing.

    • Bintangku Waladi
      Bintangku Waladi

      i remember when he said he actually loves ramen, but he strictly prevent himself from eating that. i guess he love it a lot when he still skinny.

    • u100me

      There is a part when Seo Jang Hoon explained that since Jong Kook began to excercise, he never eat ramyeon on his own outside broadcast. He only eat it for variety show purpose when needed or when its the only thing available to eat.

  • Kira Neko
    Kira Neko

    I love it so much give me.. i wanna eat that ramyun.. 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  • ibnu s
    ibnu s

    even jk always scolding them in RM he really knows how friendship worked

    • MusZico13

      Rap Monster

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @guyseanz Yeah I know about that 👍

    • guyseanz

      @Shaima Nafa because it was KJK who nominated YSC to join RM

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @u100me Especially Se Chan! He takes him with him everywhere and clearly cares about him like a big brother cares about his little brother.

    • u100me

      Yeah, he is such a loyal friend. Since he has quite a stable popularity and appear on some popular programs, he helps his close friend to appear and get some jobs by boost their popularity.

  • tengku luqman hakim
    tengku luqman hakim

    Can someone tell me who is the woman guest?

    • YT Burner
      YT Burner

      @Lawliet L yes, she is

    • Lawliet L
      Lawliet L

      @Erra Syahera she is the mom right?

    • Erra Syahera
      Erra Syahera

      Please watch her in fun staurant. She a good cooker! 👍😁

    • Mai마이사라

      @tengku luqman hakim welcome

    • tengku luqman hakim
      tengku luqman hakim

      @Mai마이사라 thanks

  • syed asraff1
    syed asraff1

    Haha will post this video at he channel

  • u got no jams
    u got no jams

    You know when jong kook start hiccup, that means i already lose the challenge to eat it