[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Amazing Stages of special guests, AILEE & YIREN😍😍 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Amazing Stages of special guests, AILEE & YIREN😍😍 (ENG SUB)
Special Guests came up!!

  • RNM .albalawi
    RNM .albalawi

    Aileen’ s voice is so soothing and refreshing 💕💕

  • IA Sas 이야
    IA Sas 이야

    I love you Aileeeeeeeeeeeeee❣️❣️❣️❣️😘😘😘😘

  • Aadhi A blink
    Aadhi A blink

    As a forever I can't resist myself. ❤❤

  • BAYARQ b
    BAYARQ b

    ايرون تجننن

  • nfk

    I already listen to the full version of Ailee new song and it literally AMAZING!

  • Aan Khunaifi
    Aan Khunaifi

    jihyo look like onda

  • Cat Libra
    Cat Libra

    Running Man You always bring me smile and laugh

  • dat quy loc
    dat quy loc

    Bạn khỏe không, xin chào bạn đã đăng ký

  • Carla Yixiang
    Carla Yixiang

    Yiren the prettiest

  • Jashtinebea Badua
    Jashtinebea Badua

    5:38 kwangsoo never disappoint when he saw someone dancing..😂😂😂

  • Anisah Tsamarah
    Anisah Tsamarah


  • Park MinHyo
    Park MinHyo

    Every group comeback will invited on Running Man but why not GFRIEND? I wait for a long time for gfriend member to being invited especial hyper Sinb

  • Lina H
    Lina H

    Ailee 🥺🥺🤍

  • Vocal Goddess
    Vocal Goddess

    Ailee's new song is out now. jpflow.info/sun/bideo/qo6om22irI2RmmA.html

  • Rhadzmira Dhimz
    Rhadzmira Dhimz

    . .my queEn ailee😍😍

  • Mars Ailee
    Mars Ailee

    Here's the full Song of Ailee's "When we were in Love" jpflow.info/sun/bideo/qo6om22irI2RmmA.html Stream Peeps!!

  • cookie online
    cookie online

    Ailee Queen miss you so much 🥰

  • MO


  • John Avernia
    John Avernia

    I'm actually kinda surprised that Ailee didn't flirt with Jong Kook hyung in the episode. If I remember correctly, she had a huge crush for Jong Kook. She's one of the awesome girl that I ship with Jong Kook hyung.

    • John Avernia
      John Avernia

      @Muhammad Yudho Your English is pretty good, so don't worry about it. But yeah, Running Man is not a scripted show. They don't use "script". They use something called "treatment". Which, in the simplest explanation, is like a script, but without any dialogue. The writer of the show is responsible to write cue cards (the one that YJS usually hold in speaking segment), creating games, designing the segment and other creative stuff. But almost every dialogues and interaction you see on Running Man, are adlibs and improv. In fact, the guest of Running Man mentioned since the early days, how surprised they were when they realized, that Running Man wasn't scripted.

    • Muhammad Yudho
      Muhammad Yudho

      I think that just scripts because u can see from this episode, they meet as ordinary guests Sorry my English so bad

  • We

    Collab with ATEEZ please

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Somin please don't cry 😭 Both Somin and Ji Hyo talked about cheating ex-boyfriend in the past, these trash don't deserve them 💔 I wish that in the future they will find guys who appreciate and respect them.

  • Victor Triump
    Victor Triump

    *YIREN* is such a *TALENTED* *VISUAL* and she has worked so hard to improve her Korean. We are proud of you, *YIREN!!* Fighting!!

  • muhammad hakiim
    muhammad hakiim

    haha , did anyone realise how joonhyung doin the 90's rnb dance when ailee sang ? 4:25 xD

  • hiphop chicken
    hiphop chicken

    @4:40 I FEEL YOU GIRL

  • I'm not sure Why
    I'm not sure Why

    Really wished Jessie was there too.

  • Madison

    yiren is pretty


    This song can be used for kdrama

  • Renee Kim
    Renee Kim

    Yiren is soooo pretty and she’s sooo good in dancing wow!!! She’s so perfect

  • oi ran
    oi ran


  • Amy Mirah
    Amy Mirah

    Yiren🤩 love their comeback!

  • Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas

    omg ailee teases the song

  • Tiktok lovers
    Tiktok lovers

    Still wait itzy come to running man

  • Tae ha
    Tae ha

    what episode?

  • Nur Elisa
    Nur Elisa

    Tiba" pngn Heechul oppa ke running man wkwk

  • Jum_joli E.j
    Jum_joli E.j

    Jangan putus asa sjh,terus kan usahamu dan senyum selalu,jangan malu dgn apa yg berlaku masa lalu,semoga sihat dan cergas seperti dulu,buktikan kmu mongji,ace dan missmong,,kamu ada idol dr dulu hingga sekarang dihati dan mataku,,,,salut pd mu,,,,,,,song jihyo 🤗😍😇

  • Justine Tobi Dayao
    Justine Tobi Dayao

    Man. I miss Ailee 😭

  • Siti Ayuni
    Siti Ayuni

    Who's came here because of Yiren ?

  • Kokopa _
    Kokopa _

    I legit cannot wait for Ailee’s comeback yall

  • Caroline Eboka
    Caroline Eboka

    Yiren really went all out with her dancing. I'm proud of her


    My Queen Ailee😍😍

  • Diep Ha
    Diep Ha

    Somin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gina Kim
    Gina Kim

    진짜 에일리땜에 라이크 누른다 .. 넘 반가워요 ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ 제발 계속 예능이며 방송이며 많이 나올수 있음 좋겠다

  • Robe Almodal
    Robe Almodal

    My queen AILEE,..... 😍😍🥰🥰🥰💗💗💗💗😘😘😘

  • airizh TOOgether
    airizh TOOgether

    I hope TOO (rookie boygroup,talented,10 members) will come to running man...hshshshs

  • Lionne.

    I’m so excited for ailee’s new song! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Naz

    Ailee fit with KJK ❤️

  • Naz

    When her new song release?

    • Gita A
      Gita A

      Oct 6

  • Ashmita Ghale
    Ashmita Ghale

    I am here for wassaup man😁

  • Raisa Rosé
    Raisa Rosé

    I cant find Ailee's song

    • Gita A
      Gita A

      Hasn't been released yet, her comback is on Oct 6

  • Penny Weight
    Penny Weight

    Please invite Gary kang to your show, I miss Gary oppa..

  • Muhd Yan
    Muhd Yan

    Ailee vocal queen

  • Rama Khadka
    Rama Khadka

    Yayyy yiren variety show queen

  • theanisdamia

    Yiren and Ailee! Both my favs

  • Anastasia Eugene
    Anastasia Eugene

    Please invite the whole everglow, we love to see them together in one show

  • Hnin Way
    Hnin Way

    I like lee kwaug soo

  • Arisya Najiha
    Arisya Najiha

    Im sure Ailee's new song will be great for ost who with me!!!!

  • Wan Mohamad
    Wan Mohamad

    Not fun tho this episode just harsh action happened

  • nvrmirx

    Give me ateez huwaa HAHA

  • Maria STAN SB19
    Maria STAN SB19


  • Danila Raven
    Danila Raven


  • severus Albus
    severus Albus

    I want lee da hee to be regular in running man.

  • Aaa.A

    이런이 너무 귀엽다 ㅠㅠ 춤을 멋지게 췄어 ! 이런아 화이팅하자~

  • daniel danity
    daniel danity

    Ailee & wang yiren special 😍

  • ice shara
    ice shara

    So Min is me when listening to Ailee singing. Even it just short chorus i feel the emotion. As expected Ailee. Amazing singer. She should sing more ballad song more. Very touching.

    • Roxanne Zaine L. Alcordo
      Roxanne Zaine L. Alcordo


  • Hiền Phan
    Hiền Phan

    I think "while we were in love" sounds like "a daily song",REALLY

  • Mia Maria
    Mia Maria

    I hope all gidle member will be here

  • Tftmnsunrise orfever
    Tftmnsunrise orfever

    Not fan of ailee. You are lie if you not said her voice make you goosebump😱

  • asdfgh jkl
    asdfgh jkl

    kookmin always the cutest moment

  • Jas G
    Jas G

    Did ailee slim down again?

  • Lovie lol
    Lovie lol

    Yiren is so cuttttte

  • Ana Shii
    Ana Shii

    YG please send treasure to running man too . We all know every artist come to running man will get more recognise in korea after that . Jeballl

  • Deidra Bell
    Deidra Bell

    Lol when ailee started singing joon in the back was doing the 90s sway idk why i laugh so much at that

  • tsubasa clamp
    tsubasa clamp

    hey, why i dont find anything about song of Ailee ? try search "while we were in love " and not found

    • tsubasa clamp
      tsubasa clamp

      @Gita A thanks for news

    • Gita A
      Gita A

      It hasn't been released yet, it will come out on Oct 6 along with her new mini album

  • SHOSH 2609
    SHOSH 2609

    Yeein is an amazing dancer 😍😍❤️

  • SHOSH 2609
    SHOSH 2609

    Yerin is so cute 😍


    Ailee is the best. 😘😘😘

  • Qallanc Boiii
    Qallanc Boiii

    yall know who im thinking of when they said "monji alji" ? 😏

    • Qallanc Boiii
      Qallanc Boiii

      @Amirul Arif Mohamed oh my god why am i so stupid . you want to play the game . oh my god

    • Qallanc Boiii
      Qallanc Boiii

      @Amirul Arif Mohamed Twice Momo

    • Amirul Arif Mohamed
      Amirul Arif Mohamed

      @Qallanc Boiii I can guess that she is Japanese-born K-pop idol.

    • Qallanc Boiii
      Qallanc Boiii

      @Amirul Arif Mohamed the one that im thinking of ?

    • Amirul Arif Mohamed
      Amirul Arif Mohamed

      Shall we play Akinator? Is she Japanese?

  • Quỳnh Tiên TrÆ°Æ¡ng Ngọc
    Quỳnh Tiên Trương Ngọc

    Yiren jjanggg!!!!!!!!

  • It's Henry
    It's Henry

    Yerin’s dance is so powerful 💙

  • John Eyon
    John Eyon

    i'd noticed Yiren in her previous appearance - i wondered who the pretty girl was - i thought she was a extra since they didn't introduce her - she was so stunning - those eyes of hers and that long black hair - i'm glad she got an opportunity for a nice guest spot in this episode - i didn't expect her to be so charismatic during her dance in this video - she made a nice combo with ailee - in talent (one singing one dancing) - and size and looks don't often hear the singers with a live mic - most wouldn't survive the exposure - ailee has no problem

    • Amirul Arif Mohamed
      Amirul Arif Mohamed

      First of all, it's Yiren. You spelled an entirely different person's name. Second, Ailee is a solo singer. This is her expertise.

  • Kyung Soo
    Kyung Soo

    Ailee & Yiren

  • Cent Dacles
    Cent Dacles


  • lili ailee
    lili ailee

    Once I saw ailee i clicked so fast

  • Fatimah Suhaila Analisa Jusri
    Fatimah Suhaila Analisa Jusri

    i need malaysia sub please

  • laramiaizz

    If Mia was there she would have been so elated to see her idol, Ailee..

  • Ruzzellaa

    hi, Speedpaint video here!! jpflow.info/sun/bideo/gYyjkZ5zlqV6mZ8.html

  • shellamae rosales
    shellamae rosales

    Yiren 💖💖💖💖

  • Jack Lyzandez
    Jack Lyzandez

    Why did they cut the most satistfying choreo there?😂

  • FMV Songs
    FMV Songs

    I watch full and i lough so much by the way Yiren is good at game huh she pretend and she defeat the 10 years member of Running man.

  • melati rahmi aziza
    melati rahmi aziza

    Where I can find Ailee's new song "While We Were In Love?" I can't find it anywhere

    • Harris

      It will be released along with her 5th mini album 'I'm' on Oct 6th 6PM KST! twitter.com/rocket3official/status/1310414944014274561?s=09

  • Nurfathiyah Mualifah
    Nurfathiyah Mualifah

    Aaaa the way ji hyo thanked so min is so cutee ❤️

  • misaki

    it's so sweet so min gave the bracelet to ji hyo yiren and Ailee were amazing!hope they get invited again #런닝맨 #RunningMan

  • Arre 123
    Arre 123


  • milea fernandez
    milea fernandez

    I like joon park too!😁 he's quietly funny🤣

  • shasha nawali
    shasha nawali

    I love Ailee's voice

  • EiidreeyaN

    Somin so pretty! 😍

  • wafaffle

    Ailee's voice!!!!!!

  • lili ailee
    lili ailee


  • akemi serenity
    akemi serenity

    Ji hyoXsomin moment YASSSSS MONGDOL SISTERS ON THE ROCKKKK! hahahaha cuteeee

  • kyoongLEE

    Ailee is so strong !!!!!!! 😆 her comeback is October 6, please support her and her music 😍