[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] EUNWOO got the World Champion Punch..? (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] EUNWOO got the World Champion Punch..? (ENG SUB)
Ep. 132
EUNWOO, as strong as
the World Boxing Champ?
[Seoul Broadcasting System]
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  • Daphne R
    Daphne R


  • blank account
    blank account

    does anyone know what song in the beginning?

  • Rodieve Daclan
    Rodieve Daclan

    So cute Eun Woo 😅💕

  • Emmy Del Rosario
    Emmy Del Rosario

    Eun Woo is such a cutie...ha ha ha, so soft in terms of boxing.

  • avelina cornejo
    avelina cornejo

    CHa Eun Woo Es Genial Amable Trabajador Esforzado Muy Hermoso 💯👑💯✨💯💖❤️😍🥰🌹

  • 吉田淳子


  • ST

    ♥️🤣♥️ Astro eunwoo

  • Clémentine Thao
    Clémentine Thao

    Eun Woo too cute! And UFC star is so cool!

  • Margie Abe
    Margie Abe


  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman

    Funny Eunwoo LMAO

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman

    Fighting ! Good Vibeds

  • lee felix
    lee felix

    1:49 From the Philippines manny

  • Jasmine Basco
    Jasmine Basco


  • Jemima Sánchez
    Jemima Sánchez

    Gracias por traducirlo al Español, me da mucha risa verlos..

  • NiaNia

    Eunwoo Oppa, don't worry I will do the fighting for you. 😙

  • Asnimah Abdullah
    Asnimah Abdullah

    Can someone tell me the title of the song they play first???? Jebaaaal🙏

  • Ayan Jourlim
    Ayan Jourlim

    The point difference was no joke tho

  • abdulbasit abdul
    abdulbasit abdul

    what ep

  • Sheila Valencia
    Sheila Valencia

    Watching Eun Woo do the boxing makes me laugh so hard. I just really can't stop looking at his cuteeee face i'm so inlove 😍😍😍

  • justhuman

    I swear im gonna die laughing so much

  • justhuman

    Eunwoo happy that he’s not the lowest is so cute hahahahahaha

  • Araceli Vargas
    Araceli Vargas

    Lee seung gi more handsome no matter what 😊

  • Shanelle faith Gabriel
    Shanelle faith Gabriel

    Eunwoo is too weak HAHAHAHA no hate

  • ACE

    i blushed when eunwoo is not good at fighting,,,,,,

  • Hilda N Martinez Lopez
    Hilda N Martinez Lopez

    They're so funny 😍😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣. I was feeling sad but watching them made my mood happy 🤣🤣😂🤣

  • Karebear

    She’s my fav master this season, super badass!

  • めぇめめぇめ


  • Patrick Alfaro
    Patrick Alfaro

    Eunwoo reminds me of lia when she got the lowest in the hammer thing hahaha

  • Hayet Amel Djebbar
    Hayet Amel Djebbar

    they are babying eunwoo

  • ASTRO'S aroha
    ASTRO'S aroha

    Our eunwoo 🥰🥰🥰🤗👍😁💓🌷😊☺️😃😚🥰👌🤩😀👍👍🤗🥰😚

  • Monica Paredes
    Monica Paredes

    she looks like joy. especially @4:49.

  • Tattedup Kitticat
    Tattedup Kitticat


  • Darhene Coleen Alvarez
    Darhene Coleen Alvarez

    im a proud pilipino

  • hero horse
    hero horse

    thick girl.....I love😍

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin

    when they mentioned Manny Pacquiao owemjii

  • Rose P.
    Rose P.

    Anyone remember the title of the song playing in the beginning ° !!!! I havent heard that song in forever!!

  • Ivy Gilongos
    Ivy Gilongos

    I laughed really hard 🤣 Eunwoo is so cute 😍😍😍

  • Ivy Gilongos
    Ivy Gilongos


  • Mike Tran
    Mike Tran

    Everyone talks about eunwoo no one's talking about dong hyun kim uppercut 😳🤯

  • Anghaki Loey
    Anghaki Loey

    Eunwoo always cute

  • Constanza Robledo
    Constanza Robledo

    Bello!!! Jamás ha practicado boxeo...peo no es también una prueba de que nunca ha peleado ? Lee Dongmin se dedicó a estudiar y luego fue un trainee al 100% Cha Eunwoo siguió sus pasos. Así que eso es bueno. Pero no te creas que no es un chico fuerte. Tiene puernas poderosas y sus brazos son fuertes. Y te apuesto lo que sea que ahora entre sus ejercicios diarios o semanales sumó entrenamuebto de boxeo. #CHAEUNWOO #ASTRO FIGHTING @offclASTRO

  • Fiona Azzahra
    Fiona Azzahra

    Eun woo make me laught happy😂😂😂

  • Come Shine
    Come Shine

    Bet he gonna train hard then becomes the strongest boxer 😂😂😂

  • Ariane De Leon
    Ariane De Leon

    Still like him😊

  • Ariane De Leon
    Ariane De Leon

    Eun Woo is such a baby😂

  • Smiles May Speak
    Smiles May Speak

    Eunwoo is a lover not a fighter 😅

  • V Chacha 1117
    V Chacha 1117

    Poor baby🥰🥰🥰

  • V Chacha 1117
    V Chacha 1117


  • V Chacha 1117
    V Chacha 1117

    Cha eunwoo look so sexy

  • 에바야잒

    Eunwoo is weak in boxing while bright cant open snack or bottled water...hahahaha but they are both freaking handsome

  • ayu quety
    ayu quety

    Eunwoo yaa.😍

  • Chayce S
    Chayce S

    his punch must be better than that he starred in vagabond

  • e u p h o r i a h e a r t e u
    e u p h o r i a h e a r t e u

    Why is this so funny 😂😂😂

  • Jocelyn Gatchie
    Jocelyn Gatchie


  • Leona’s Bubble
    Leona’s Bubble

    Can’t stop laughing at Eunwoo’s shadow boxing. My baby’s so cuteeeee 🥰🥰🥰

  • Akira, Tze Wei Toh
    Akira, Tze Wei Toh

    When I saw the title, I tout this pretty face pull some nasty punch until... I saw the video & understand how it was deprive... via relatively, Lol, 🤣

  • haifa dayana
    haifa dayana

    Hahahahsahah eunwoo so.cuteeee

  • Azucena

    Eunwoo is so cute!!

  • johanna Angelo
    johanna Angelo

    Mi bebe eunwoo😍😍

  • FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst
    FIGHTFANNERD9 KPOP is Trash & Twice is the worst

    eunwoo has good movement

  • Rithesh G
    Rithesh G

    I see eun woo i click

  • babygurlcha

    lmao. sooo cute. baby cotton hands. lol. it's really not the case, but it's hilarious.

  • Kaya Smith
    Kaya Smith

    Eunwoo it's ok you still have a handsome face, nobody can beat you at that💜💜💜💜💜

  • Hannah Iris Vitasa
    Hannah Iris Vitasa

    I think the asian boxer that they are talking about si manny pacman from the 🇵🇭

  • Jin Rin Jade
    Jin Rin Jade

    Eunwoo is literally so precious ~!!

  • Yanina Briela
    Yanina Briela

    Tan flaquito el Eunwoo 😅 no pudo. Cute

  • Red Uriel De Jesus
    Red Uriel De Jesus


  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    3 of them got 1500 score😁😂😁🤣

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    1500 got score eun woo ..then they laugh...it so cute 😁😂

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    The handsome face genius of EUn woo I laugh when they laugh🤣😂😁

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    With eun woo smile ....I can't fight him😁I want to hurt him ..I love him🥰😍

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    I'm here because of eun woo

  • Franken kevin Morgia
    Franken kevin Morgia

    she looks like jennie

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    😍😍😍seung gi so handsome,cute and funny...❤❤❤

  • Lovely Joyce
    Lovely Joyce

    When they mentioned Pacquiao,proud Filipino here.✋😊😊😊

  • Tohma Seguchi
    Tohma Seguchi

    Boxing was never romantic...but ok...

  • Shen Cai
    Shen Cai

    The machine must have been broken by Eunwoo's punch... It was hit so hard, the machine just gave what ever number 'cause it couldn't think straight anymore hahaha 😂

  • Mera

    I just watched this episode and it was so fun and entertaining the whole way through. I'm not a sports person but this show does a good job of making anything interesting, and the champion herself explained boxing in such a fun and easy-to-learn way. Tbh i'm amazed by how much I loved this episode

  • Bernardina Letac
    Bernardina Letac

    I love this! They make me non stop lounging 😂😂😂😂

  • J S
    J S

    6:21 eunwoo is talking to jinjin huyng indeed 😂🤣😂

    • Kingdom of Korea
      Kingdom of Korea

      Cha Eun woo’s New K Drama TRUE BEAUTY First Script Reading [Eng sub]🔥🔥💖 jpflow.info/sun/bideo/ko-HYW2nm6p7g2g.html

  • Jabal Elias
    Jabal Elias

    Eun Woo I can't live without you. 😌😌😌

    • Alifa Husna
      Alifa Husna

      This sounds quite creepy hahah

  • Luisiana Castillano
    Luisiana Castillano

    When I saw I video of Manny Pacquiao I was like : 😯✊

  • Zyla Faith P. Balista
    Zyla Faith P. Balista

    Omgggg they mentioned Manny Pacquiao.. proud filipino

    • PARK

      Who is manny pacquiao? Just kidding hes a legend

  • dayana azmi
    dayana azmi

    Eunwoo so cute.. I like his innocent side.. 😁😂

  • itsme_again

    4:49 omg i love her smile 😍

    • PARK

      She looks like joy from rv when she smiles

  • itsme_again

    hahahaah its kinda funny that the lady pro boxer got the same scores with the 2 boys

  • Rose Vee
    Rose Vee

    Nunuya soo cute

  • Laura Wheeler
    Laura Wheeler

    Eunwoo gives a strong punch with his cuteness 🇨🇦❤️😘

  • 13_MILE

    You’re so cute , our cutie pie #chaEunWoo#Astro

  • hotdoger nhie
    hotdoger nhie

    Eunwoo is the guy in ur school that is handsome, good at studying but sucks at fighting

  • Nina Pollisco
    Nina Pollisco

    Don’t be sad my baby sonSHINE, strength does not manifest only thru physical but in some other ways as well.....even a simple smile maybe one’s strength, like yours....

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army

    Cha eunwoo with that cap he look so boyfriend material a manly handsome!💜

    • PARK

      What is boyfriend material?

  • 김은별

    *CottonHandEunwoo* : new nickname👀

  • Aiko Ladesma
    Aiko Ladesma

    LOL I love how she was watching them like they were having a bro moment and she was uhhh sure hahaha let’s continue shadow boxing!

  • Amanda Vang
    Amanda Vang

    Out of the boys Eunwoo would be the strongest because he makes his opponent weak😂😂🤧❤❤

  • Ashleigh Agtarap
    Ashleigh Agtarap

    pacman was mentioned, wow :D

  • Tiya Paristha
    Tiya Paristha

    Eunwoo is the cutest one. Lol

  • mawi mawi
    mawi mawi

    When she smile she look so beutiful

    • Kingdom of Korea
      Kingdom of Korea

      Cha Eun woo’s New K Drama TRUE BEAUTY First Script Reading [Eng sub]🔥🔥💖 jpflow.info/sun/bideo/ko-HYW2nm6p7g2g.html

    • PARK

      She looks like joy from rv when she smiles

  • Rejean Estiban
    Rejean Estiban

    He's like Pacquiao. 😅

  • Dee Vidi
    Dee Vidi

    Cotton hands club added with pressure cooker 5:56.... I just can’t hold it 🤣😂🤣