How to treat a RICH..?

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  • Fahiza

    Janghoon saying "my hands would always go down from the top"😂😂😂🤣

  • 喜歡看日出

    Let's vote for Jin Young in AAA😍😍😍( Asia Artist Awards) Hong Jin Young fighting!! 👑💋💋💗💗 p.s Voting date:2020.10.14~2020.11.15

  • Rare Star
    Rare Star


  • pkij140

    It's crazy that his wife never really loved him and lived separately...

  • Jera Kim
    Jera Kim

    awwwww I miss Junho samchoon

  • ghibi

    Unfortunate for many American companies who decided to become publicly traded prioritizes the profit of shareholders above taking care of the people who do the hard work. They give them just enough so they don't leave but not enough rewards to make them feel proud. They stay because the next corporation is worse.

  • Ann Rita Tran
    Ann Rita Tran

    I dodnt relaize how much i miss junhos humour! Dont worry you guys, according to a fortune teller on jongmins channel, things are gonna go great for junho in the future!

  • Paula Funes
    Paula Funes

    Check out his youtube channel and collab youtube channel

  • E.M

    i clicked because I saw kim jun ho. I miss his jokes 😂😂

  • Reagan Avery
    Reagan Avery

    This makes me miss junho's crazy antics on 2d1n

  • My Bagcation
    My Bagcation

    Miss him and his joke.

  • Jillian Wong
    Jillian Wong

    Wish Kim Jun Ho all the best😀

  • Crayo Popp
    Crayo Popp

    Junho opened a new company?

  • Kevin Vo
    Kevin Vo

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Jenny Baluarte
    Jenny Baluarte

    I miss junho and all members of 2d1n season 3

  • Nana Fey
    Nana Fey

    🤣🤣🤣🤣Charlie Kim !🤣🤣🤣

  • Mauricio Gomes
    Mauricio Gomes

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  • Harold Sumanpong
    Harold Sumanpong

    i love junho hyung!!! i love jin young excited for this colla

  • Mauricio Gomes
    Mauricio Gomes

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Rabi.7 bi
    Rabi.7 bi

    JUNHOO looks so COOL & HANDSOME he should be casted as a Host on this show !! I Miss WATCHING HIM & the Old Members So Much on 2D1N!!

    • Aafiyah Farh
      Aafiyah Farh


  • 왕재 스민
    왕재 스민

    😍 😍 😍

  • Cynthia A.
    Cynthia A.

    Junho will forever hold a special place in my heart

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    Man he’s a Great Comedian 😂😂

  • clara_ park
    clara_ park

    Junho was still funny tho miss season3 members some will know

    • poppy pop pop
      poppy pop pop

      can’t say shit like that anymore 😔😔

    • aliana thok
      aliana thok


    • Yeezie Chua
      Yeezie Chua

      Besides that 1 nasty bastard 🤢

  • clara_ park
    clara_ park

    Wow my junho😇😇miss himm

  • R U JELLY?
    R U JELLY?

    He deserves a new variety show 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir
    muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir

    I'm learning from them! I want to watch more.

  • King Bobbie
    King Bobbie

    Junho is my favorite

  • Kath

    Wahh nakakamiss si junho sa 2D1N 😢 HJY 😍

  • fg account
    fg account

    so proud of this girl!!! hope you can support her comeback this coming November 2. ❤️

  • LYN 21
    LYN 21

    Junho!! I wish you come back to 2d1n. Miss you alot

  • Hong Jin Young Vietnam
    Hong Jin Young Vietnam

    On October 12, 2020, media reported that IMH Entertainment (the company established by Hong Jin Young) confirmed that Hong Jin Young will comeback with a new album after 7 months since the release of Love Is Like A Petal in April 2020. Please pay attention and give lots of love to Hong Jin Young and the upcoming song.. You may not know 2020 is the first year Hong Jin Young has 2 official comebacks in 1 year (with official music video and full promotion of the music show) QUEEN IS COMING SOON ❤

    • Martabak manis
      Martabak manis

      Yaayyy high chance she'll come back to running man too 😍😍

    • A L
      A L

      @Cherry Bloom WOOOT FINALLY she’s RETURNING TO RM!! 😍

    • Hong Jin Young Vietnam
      Hong Jin Young Vietnam

      @Cherry Bloom Sure that she will come to RM soon hiii

    • Cherry Bloom
      Cherry Bloom

      Omg I am so happy for her and I am so glad if she promoted guesting for RUNNING MAN🙏🙏🙏☺️☺️☺️☺️LOVE HER

  • Tinkler yelstin
    Tinkler yelstin

    Different handshake different age group

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man

    The confident handshake and the 90° bow contradict each other 😂💀

  • Isha Magar
    Isha Magar

    He is genius to me 😁😂🤣

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • JisooJinyoungGotPink 7
    JisooJinyoungGotPink 7

    Hong jinyoung is better than jessi. Jessi is so rude. Idk how ppl can like her 😓

    • Deep Purple
      Deep Purple

      How did Jessi’s name got dragged in here? I did not even see her in this video.

    • 배지나

      @JisooJinyoungGotPink well spitting your hate here says a lot more about you. 😉

    • Christy Tan
      Christy Tan

      LOL. Where did Jessi even come from?? She wasn’t even mentioned or is she a permanent cast of the show??? Even so, why do we need to compare people? Also, labelling someone you completely don’t know as ‘rude’ is rude itself lol. I advise you to watch Sixth Sense where there was one episode when Yoo Jae Suk was commenting on Jessi, how nice she it and how she gets misconceived on variety shows. It’s not rude, it’s difference in one’s way of expressing themselves.

    • Ke SANA Ke MARI
      Ke SANA Ke MARI

      You just can't handle her

    • Suraida Adi
      Suraida Adi

      Jessi said she's better than yOu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nikita Poudel
    Nikita Poudel

    junho I missed him so much missing 2 days and 1 night

    • Nikita Poudel
      Nikita Poudel

      @tinimeanie I know but its not up to date ,I have already watched all video of the steak, gold ,jeon , visiting others restaurant, trying new year food from different places.....

    • Josie1222 C.
      Josie1222 C.

      Kimdumb w/Jong Min. jpflow.info/sun/bideo/n6iip55322OkknE.html

    • fabulousprofound

      @tinimeanie name of JPflow channel please?

    • tinimeanie

      He has a youtube 😂 you should watch

  • All ProJceT KasHyaP
    All ProJceT KasHyaP

    *sNack!* kya koi mera youtube channel subscribe kare garib ka bhala hojayaga #all_projcet_kashyap

  • Dan Lee
    Dan Lee

    lmao the handshake is really a thing? i thought it was just some alpha male stuff made up for self-improvement books LOL

    • Linh Nguyen Viet
      Linh Nguyen Viet

      I think it is exaggerated for fun in the show but it is certainly true to some extent, especially in Asian culture. See how he always uses his two hands to receive or give stuff from seniors. At least that part is true in our culture.

  • All ProJceT KasHyaP
    All ProJceT KasHyaP

    *sNack!* Thanks for this! Can't wait for More. Oh and Happy dare day! :d

  • Katarina Laura
    Katarina Laura

    I just know that Junho owns a company :o dear korean friends, do you guys know what kind of company it is?

    • Fraha HAIDAR
      Fraha HAIDAR

      He is running JDB entertainment with kim Daehui

    • KINGTaeyeon

      He already close it, previously called Coko Entertainment. His co-ceo Kim Woo Jung disappeared after embezzled company's money and of course he also investigated but found innocent.

    • Jazz Kidding
      Jazz Kidding

      I think its an entertainment company like for comedians i just dont know if it was still running

  • Shafira Salsabila
    Shafira Salsabila

    Junho is so clever😂😂😂

  • 김처윤

    الاولى هههههه

  • Jeongyeon's The Best
    Jeongyeon's The Best

    What is the business of Junho?

    • Jeongyeon's The Best
      Jeongyeon's The Best

      @Iman Shah Oh I get it now. Thank you for this information ☺️

    • Iman Shah
      Iman Shah

      @Jeongyeon's The Best he open another company with the help of his best friend,Kim Dae Hee. Their company name is JD Bros. Those that is formerly under CoKo ent(Jun Ho ex company) will move to JD Bros.

    • Jeongyeon's The Best
      Jeongyeon's The Best

      @Giyuk Ngadiyem Yeah that's what I know too but I think he started another business after that, I'm not sure what it is though

    • Giyuk Ngadiyem
      Giyuk Ngadiyem

      If i am not mistaken, he got scammed by his friend

    • Jeongyeon's The Best
      Jeongyeon's The Best

      @ktxa are you referring to his entertainment before? The one that got bankrupt ?