[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] JINYOUNG cries on a Rollercoaster不不(ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] JINYOUNG cries on a Rollercoaster不不(ENG SUB)
JINYOUNG in Chaos!!
Rollercoaster in Hongkong

[Seoul Broadcasting System]
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  • loubna loubna
    loubna loubna

    She lost some weight

  • Nouf .o
    Nouf .o

    堶堥堛 唐

  • Cooler Than
    Cooler Than

    Omg they went to Disneyland

  • fabulousprofound

    In young is crying and about to pass out but she is still holding rock solid the camera out in front of her


    Can anyone tell me where is this place? Thank you

  • jessica wong
    jessica wong

    Well this rollercoaster is not in Hong Kong... Hong Kong info board includes TRADITIONAL CHINESE WORDS This one is in China...

  • Dayah Senrose
    Dayah Senrose

    I ride that too, i sit at the last row, it when so fast until my double chin choke myself.

  • Ako J
    Ako J

    Its really scary. .... imagine the amount of cells being killed because of viking......

  • v22u

    No grimace lines on Jinyoung's face...guess it was pulled tight!

  • HeHa

    This is an old clip right pls tell me they didnt go to Hong Kong during a pandemic

  • Dry Japanese Tofu
    Dry Japanese Tofu

    I like the guest here ! His reactions are so real !

  • Noora A
    Noora A

    5:53 that scream lmao I feel her

  • eden lin
    eden lin

    when i tried that Rex racer ive said all the cursed phrases i cn remember.

  • Claudia Kong
    Claudia Kong

    There was not HONG KONG, was Shanghai !!!

  • Tsubaki Lee
    Tsubaki Lee

    she can try going to the us to try most she can probably ride

  • Jillian Marie Rosal
    Jillian Marie Rosal

    Woah! I remember this ride. I rode this alone coz my friends were afraid. It was a bit scary but fun! Wish I could have rode it with these 2 sisters! 伐

  • Loren Yeap
    Loren Yeap



    Try riding on space shuttle in the philippines jinyoung will probably pass out HAHHAHAHA

  • raj kalapkam
    raj kalapkam

    she looks bloated , her lips and cheeks wtf ... she is so ugly

    • Anime & Manga is Life
      Anime & Manga is Life

      You're uglier

  • Sims Rock 99
    Sims Rock 99

    that little boy look so scared and confused bless him lol

  • Monika Tk
    Monika Tk

    I can't even rode marry go round 唐 Me too I'm scared of height.

  • Monika Tk
    Monika Tk

    Is it cold there in S.Korea now?

  • George Chrome
    George Chrome

    they went to Shanghai not Hongkong

  • Kerang Bulu
    Kerang Bulu

    Over sibling.. Another people not Screaming at all.. That's to much.. Fail..

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Went there last year... The ride isnt that that scary or extreme, i was actually fun just like vikings

  • Ain Nurafifah
    Ain Nurafifah

    I really like their bond

  • meutia fitri hasan
    meutia fitri hasan

    Sunyoung so pretty 歹

  • Denia Bi簽alon
    Denia Bi簽alon

    No wonder my classmates always look to me to lead them and tease me to be older than them.. sheesh I 100% agree with what they're saying


    Salute to the person recording the take while riding the ride with them 不

  • Kami Chan
    Kami Chan

    I rode that once in disneyland HK and wtf I underestimated that little fck it's scary as hell!!!

  • Nor Azah
    Nor Azah

    Is jinyoung and sunyoung sibling I don't really know it

    • Nor Azah
      Nor Azah

      @GKS oh thank you

    • GKS

      Yes they are

  • Nur Aisyah
    Nur Aisyah

    this thing does not looks scary until you were there yourself.. it does not looks that high until you sit there youself.. your excitement eill become a nighmare

  • Cheuk Lam Ng
    Cheuk Lam Ng

    FYI, this is not HK's RC racer. This is Shanghai China's Rex racer

  • braatszn

    they so beautiful tho


    I went to Hong Kong in June 2019, thay was in Disneyland and it was super duper scary Your organs be like:漎儭

  • Frosch TV
    Frosch TV

    Sunyoung looks like jessy of little mix

  • OtakuSleepyhead

    I remember riding that In primary and I was crying, Now I ride that about 6 times in a row XD

  • Thi礙n Hがヾng Phan Ph廕《
    Thi礙n Hがヾng Phan Ph廕《

    I really like this guest. His reaction is awesome. He also shows great attentiveness the details in the video Great job inviting this guest!

  • nightingale26

    Am I the only one or do you guys like to sit in front of the rides 予 being in front is so fun

  • nightingale26

    Yo when did they come to hk 唐

  • Ocelot

    lmao but not as scary as the pirate ship. This ride only goes halfway and has a full body harness. Pirate ship goes almost upside down with only a lap bar...

  • Mohammad erfan Akhtar hussain
    Mohammad erfan Akhtar hussain

    Pfffffffft hahaha

  • Kate John
    Kate John

    Im like the guest when his soul left his body. On scary rides my soul stays on the platform and I give no reaction. Been like that since the ring of Fire when I was 9

  • 1of9

    Where and when was this filmed? Why are they in winter jackets??

    • Fatema Jannat
      Fatema Jannat

      this was shoot before corona pendamic,10 months ago

  • Geleen Faustino
    Geleen Faustino

    They should have sat in the back.. it's much scarier haha

  • Tamaka_Misami

    I miss Disneyland in HK. My childhood memories >< I once play Hotwheel too.

  • Donatella Valentini
    Donatella Valentini

    Ahhhh simpatiche

  • kountrygirl 84
    kountrygirl 84

    i miss seeing sunyoung on the show. They should have her on the show more.

  • Janine Aiko
    Janine Aiko

    These two sisters are too funny wen they are together.. 不

  • 渥梓祭

    I am from hongkong and I played this before in Disneyland its not scary

  • Jenn Stewart
    Jenn Stewart

    Sun Young is LET'S DO THIS!!! Jin Young Please no....

  • Maria Eydmans
    Maria Eydmans

    Shes 40?!?!

  • I'm your Avocado
    I'm your Avocado


  • J Jkook
    J Jkook

    Where can i watch full episodes of this show??

    • J Jkook
      J Jkook

      @kountrygirl 84 thank you

    • kountrygirl 84
      kountrygirl 84

      i use a web site called kshow123

  • Yasmi Gurung
    Yasmi Gurung

    Huh when did they come to Hong Kong??

  • Maryam_

    I misssss them the most 朮

  • Candice Sibanda
    Candice Sibanda

    This would have been a 100 times better if she wasnt ridiculed about her weight the whole .........time they where there at first it was like okay she always does this but was it really necessary for the whole time and nobody come at me with she is trying to help her sister out Nooo its a NO from me for that

  • Angel-Blanch Fam
    Angel-Blanch Fam

    hk Disneyland land

  • Nicole Kate Bayogos
    Nicole Kate Bayogos


    • 隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions
      隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions

      I see a Youngkook shipper!

  • Qonita Ghina
    Qonita Ghina

    Why no one wearing mask

    • Michin

      This was filmed before the pandemic last year

    • Carolyn White
      Carolyn White

      Qonita Ghina this was filmed last year.

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Hahaha. .Do won feel like he is in that ship.. hope running man invite him again.. Now we see Jin young scream very loud.. I guess She cried too

  • Carina Nugroho
    Carina Nugroho


  • Jerelyn Tayco
    Jerelyn Tayco

  • Dontbe Octopus
    Dontbe Octopus

    Kwak do won

  • Anwar Raley
    Anwar Raley

    Jongkook will adore her.. If he there..

  • Mr.Ardian Shah
    Mr.Ardian Shah

    It's not the worst tho.. I've rode on the one that hang upside down for a few secs. I thought that my soul is slowly going out of my body. it was terrifying. I could only laugh the entire time

  • Dwayne Ang
    Dwayne Ang

    Where can watch the full episode?

    • Mira Gurung
      Mira Gurung


    • Dwayne Ang
      Dwayne Ang

      @Michin tqqq

    • Michin

      @Dwayne Ang Unfortunately I can't get the link . But if you search for KissTvShow on chrome when you click it search mom's diary 2020 and all the eps. will show up from 2020. The ep. of this one is episode 204 , the latest:-)

    • Dwayne Ang
      Dwayne Ang

      @Michin do you have the link?

    • Michin


  • henan li
    henan li

    They are the only one shouting isnt that bad and ruining other peoples

    • 隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions
      隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions

      Because only their sounds are recorded, LOL.

  • henan li
    henan li

    Thats not even scary they should try roller coaster backwards and really fast or a hunted house

  • jannicolerz

    I also cried while laughing ahahah! The Hong sisters are the best! I love them!

  • I Stan Eveything Wholesome Nocturnal Queen
    I Stan Eveything Wholesome Nocturnal Queen

    One time, I rode so many things after eating that I vomited in the ride. I still feel bad for the person that was sitting next to me.

  • I Stan Eveything Wholesome Nocturnal Queen
    I Stan Eveything Wholesome Nocturnal Queen

    Soyoung is so me. This is why my friends always take me to amusement parks, because I always want to ride everything there.

  • 隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions
    隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions

    You'll need to change the thumbnail. Actually this is in Shanghai, PRC.

  • Au Auq
    Au Auq

    The guest talking with moms, not just give a lil respon to video... But really really a conversation and responding well to them. His gesture and words are gentle too... But when he act, he always acting evilish. So it make me goes, "what a great personality and charm he have".

    • LiLTRed

      Yeah that's the same guy who was laughing really hard on running man huh. Made me laugh

    • Trisch Chan
      Trisch Chan

      I recommend you to watch the latest episodes of I Live Alone. Kwak Do Won (male host) was featured there. You'll know more of his cheerful personality .

    • aaikhmal 99
      aaikhmal 99

      Au Auq ep 516 if im not mistaken

    • Au Auq
      Au Auq

      @aaikhmal 99 which eps is Kwak Dowon appear?

    • aaikhmal 99
      aaikhmal 99

      If u mean the guest who is wearing glasses, u should see him in runningman. He is hilarious

  • daniel Ismail
    daniel Ismail

    What is the app taht can see this episode full

    • Michin


    • Herra Jung
      Herra Jung


    • Nisa Rumaisha
      Nisa Rumaisha

      If u are in south east asia, viu is available

  • daniel Ismail
    daniel Ismail

    So different between sun young and jin young

  • Uniequorn Priv
    Uniequorn Priv

    the fact that theres no workers there checking their safety bar scared me唐負hey might miss something and thought they already put on the belt but actually they didnt. im glad nothing bad happen朮

    • i am me
      i am me

      I have been to this park a few times and for every ride there's always someone checking the bar! they probably just didn't include those video clips like the other person as said :)

    • Aiman Yunuz
      Aiman Yunuz

      not everything is filmed my dear

  • Sandres C
    Sandres C

    Which episode is this?

    • godttery hjy
      godttery hjy

      the latest one. ep 204

  • itsro 25
    itsro 25

    The worst ride for me.. Felt like I was alone when riding that kind of thing.

  • Ligaya Lam
    Ligaya Lam

    Wow..i miss Hong sisters..thank you admin..another like this please, with a content with them. Thank you.

  • dina fauzi
    dina fauzi

    When that guest/actor said: Jinyoung is slowly picking a fight. Me: FINALLY SOMEBODY HAD SAID IT

  • ez22009

    Not ez to sit on rides like that. No shame in crying 儭

  • Resa narim
    Resa narim

    Sunyoung - you said it wasn't scary ..aghhh!! Jinyoung - aghh !! Aghh !! *cries Meanwhile the guest - *his soul has left the chat

    • France van Rendal
      France van Rendal

      Ur likes 69不不

  • oof

    well i saw jinyoung as a cinnamon roll while i'm like 10 years younger than her lmao.

  • Grace


    • Michin

      Last year before the pandemic

  • Jason Tung
    Jason Tung

    I love it when Jinyoung starts fighting with Sunyoung 不

  • YoonGi Scherzy
    YoonGi Scherzy

    I really loved Hong Jin Young's personality, even with her fear of heights she always tries to overcome them, I've seen her tried so many times to overcome her fears with heights and water. She is so incredible...

  • Lidia Lunga
    Lidia Lunga

    I literally laughed my a*s out

  • Brian Li
    Brian Li

    Hongkongers: Welcome to the worst Disneyland in the world that barely makes any profit since 2005

    • 隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions
      隡航嗡蝏 LCw Productions

      @ithikithik The uploader misread the information, I think. It's clearly stated that it's in Shanghai, PRC.

    • MsJyh88

      @ithikithik yeah. I was on Disney superfan mode...Been to the shanghai Disneyland 3 times and love the tron coaster... From the official description "in this week's episode, Sun Young and Jin Young take a trip to Shanghai to celebrate Sun Young's 40th birthday"

    • ithikithik

      @MsJyh88 ah I see, been to HK Disneyland but never been on Shanghai one so I didn't realize about Tron. Only know that there is Toy Story too in HK.

    • MsJyh88

      @ithikithik yeah. But if you watch the clip, Tron is featured in the first 3 seconds. HK Disneyland doesn't have that ride. So the clip description is in error.

    • ithikithik

      @MsJyh88 the title said Hongkong tho

  • RSVLove

    The guest host imagined himself in Jin Young's situation He looks stressed for her 不

    • Kpop lover
      Kpop lover

      I also imagined too

    • K M
      K M

      LOL, I know. He looks like he just got off the ride

  • Ulaaka Gerlee
    Ulaaka Gerlee

    6:18 that cameraman is MVP

  • bees happy
    bees happy

    I'm in Hongkong

  • Zarah Nicole Landar
    Zarah Nicole Landar

    Sunyoung looks so happy... thats so adorable

  • Melody Anfilla
    Melody Anfilla

    It's been a while since we saw Sunyoung


      Yeah, glad to see her again. She's the only reason why I watch this show

  • Caedus Lee
    Caedus Lee

    3rd comment

  • May Tasha
    May Tasha

    I love her

  • kath zean
    kath zean

    wow first comment

    • Christine Mary
      Christine Mary

      No I was...but you can have your moment

  • Christine Mary
    Christine Mary