[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Love Test, JINYOUNG, "How much do you love me?" (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] Love Test, JINYOUNG, "How much do you love me?" (ENG SUB)
How much you love me?
JONGKOOK, his answer is..

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  • Bruce K
    Bruce K

    Jinyoung to Jongkook: ‘how much do you love me?’ Jongkook: YES

  • utas art
    utas art

    KIM JONG KOOK ❤HONG JIN YOUNG [김종국❤홍진영] jpflow.info/sun/bideo/gJ6bdHqJrJRjrKM.html

  • random person
    random person

    What do is this?

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith


  • Animes Nangku
    Animes Nangku


  • Devica Mangsatabam
    Devica Mangsatabam

    I wish there cud be an episode where jinyoung visit jongkooks black house. Shipping this two since last year.

  • catzhakury

    I probably fainted if HJY asked me "How much i love her?" 😅

  • Miri’s

    Aishhh I cannot with these two, get married already pleaseeeeeee

  • Rodfhred Soco
    Rodfhred Soco

    Wait whose house is this again?

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey


  • Niken Dinda
    Niken Dinda

    It looks KJk have a crush on her. Obviously. His eyes speak louder than words

  • Florie Macapagal
    Florie Macapagal

    Ughhhh these two 🥰

  • Deep Purple
    Deep Purple

    Are this two together? I mean they’re just probably keepin’ it on a downlow since netizens are just too judgmental and rabid especially when things do not work out.

  • Hello

    2:40 idk why but that just made my heart skip like a thousand miles 😂

  • Nancy Excel
    Nancy Excel

    My answer would have been I love you more than you love me

  • Haru_ Saki
    Haru_ Saki

    Ok This is oot, but Jinyoung use that galaxy z flip thom browne I'm green with envy

  • Maria Izza
    Maria Izza

    Ji hyo and jong kook shippers hereeee!!♥️ Labas lahat

  • Rex KSD
    Rex KSD

    As someone suffering severe slip disc, I can see that Jong kook is suffocating and having trouble sitting down on the floor for long time. It's sad to see he had to bear with it and keep up

  • Elisa ptt
    Elisa ptt

    I don't get it too😂😂😂

  • Elisa ptt
    Elisa ptt

    I don't get it too😂😂😂

  • cia

    "I'm sorry for making you question my love" oh my god goosebumps

  • Nuraini Ambrin
    Nuraini Ambrin

    jongkook sitting there the entire time cringing 😂

  • Tey Treet
    Tey Treet

    Jinyoung got a special camera or something

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey


  • IntelligentFool

    "more than yesterday, less than tomorrow"

  • joan vanguard
    joan vanguard

    Hey guys! Watch eps. 203 kim jongkook with Hong Rawon of TROS💖💕

  • Moguri

    Jongkook and Jinyoung, they're dating. This is the same feeling i felt back then with Heechul and Momo which is why i was kinda prepared when their dating news came out.

  • Lidyawati Sidauruk
    Lidyawati Sidauruk


  • Alone JAI
    Alone JAI

    Everyone must have a friend like tak jae hoon lol

    • Pama Lavea
      Pama Lavea

      We love jae hoon oppa hahaha

  • BIGBANG is LiFeuu
    BIGBANG is LiFeuu

    Honestly my answer is same as heechul answer lmao. I love my self the most if not count my love to my parents.Thats special case Its not that bad... Right?

  • Penultimatum

    More than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

  • Min Yoori Nekochan
    Min Yoori Nekochan

    I want them to date so bad. 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Hendrix Fulgur
    Hendrix Fulgur

    2:36 your welcome

  • Nheng Vasquez
    Nheng Vasquez

    Omo what episode is this?

    • Nheng Vasquez
      Nheng Vasquez

      @Zee Rey thank you

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey


  • Andrew Fahrina
    Andrew Fahrina

    Hope kjk make a move before he regret that someone takes her.

  • Ruby Bailey
    Ruby Bailey

    Let's just appreciate Heechul's self-love

  • Tiffany Gracia
    Tiffany Gracia

    Just get married already to hear that Jongkook hyung lol

  • Erra Ma'amor
    Erra Ma'amor

    I really like how JK answered everything with kiss

  • mohd naharrudin
    mohd naharrudin

    just make a first move on her hyung....either accpte or not...think abt it later....hmmm

  • HeSsA SONE
    HeSsA SONE

    Kim jongkook please stop teasing us :-:

  • Ice.Pianist

    When will our ship reach the end? = marriage of these two 😂 still here after years ago had passed

  • Minigun42 42
    Minigun42 42

    Where is English sub?

    • Brandon Wijaya
      Brandon Wijaya


  • Odi Adamm
    Odi Adamm

    2:46 I just repeat and repeat that scene xD

  • cheech chong
    cheech chong

    The answer is "if i can say how much i love you that's mean I'm still don't love you enough." 😉

  • Ares Heika
    Ares Heika

    Gosh, stop teasing us already, Jong Kook & Jin Young.

  • Jhay Mie
    Jhay Mie

    I’m a spartace shipper and everytime i see jong kook with jin young makes me sad..that’s all and i’m not a basher. I also find them cute together😊

  • rex t
    rex t

    No answer from jong kook lol

  • springsoul

    I like how hong jin young handle it

  • Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana
    Andi Pandu Putra Pradhana

    I think KJK-HJH really like each other, it's just JK is too shy to make a move

  • Vadelrion Neskara
    Vadelrion Neskara

    Tak Jae Hoon is that kinda friend who always interrupts when the lead actor and actress are about to start romance in the movie 😂

  • Icex Aoki
    Icex Aoki

    Jongkook definitely have crush on Jinyoung

  • Birain 92
    Birain 92

    Jong kook say i dont love u 😆😆😆😆😆 So dont ask me 😆😆😆

  • kookminclan RunningMan
    kookminclan RunningMan

    everyone's answer showed the way they respond to love. kjk believes in showing affection rather than merely saying it. heechul's answer was very straightforward and suits him. the married guys have had their share of answering such questions, so they are more cynical about it. it was all very funny.

  • kookminclan RunningMan
    kookminclan RunningMan

    i love the chemistry of all the MUD cast. all of them have such different characters, but they blend in well together. i am genuinely happy to see a more relaxed kjk with them. Taksama is starting to display his cute hyung side now and it is adorable. i never thought heechul would fit in with these people, but he does. finally, it was great to have Jin Young joining them who is so forthright and doesn't hold back.

  • Ollie k
    Ollie k

    He did not answer

  • kinny heenim
    kinny heenim

    Are they a pair? I mean joongkook and jinyoung?

  • Golden Victon
    Golden Victon


  • Opinionated Matt
    Opinionated Matt

    I still don't understand how Jin Young and Jong Kook didn't end up dating.

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      There's still time tho

  • EA Dee
    EA Dee

    That love is the moment bgm 😂

  • Intan Kinanthi
    Intan Kinanthi

    I don't want to ship them.... but how can I not when they often act like this uwu

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na

    Kim JongKook ❤。^‿^。

  • Muhammad Afiq
    Muhammad Afiq

    I think there’s a reason why kim jong kook hyung didn’t answer the question directly. Idk like secret relationship with someone at the moment that is not hong ji young? 😏 just my theory cuz I remember he said to heechul once in mom’s diary that he gave his card to his GF when they’re at din din’s house.

  • Yeefeng Teh
    Yeefeng Teh

    Hope they can make it to real CP ❤️

  • G Sander
    G Sander

    As much as the feeling after a great dump,💩

  • Lady Chris
    Lady Chris

    I want Heechul’s confidence, we stan a king 👑

  • N Sysy
    N Sysy

    I think jungkook should married now bcs he already old now😂

    • N Sysy
      N Sysy

      @deHuntr yes I'm sorry I mean Kim Jong kook😂

    • deHuntr

      Well jungkook is still 22 yrs old, how can you said that he’s old hahaha LOL 😂 . Unless you’re speaking about Kim Jong Kook then yes he’s already old. Anw I think you typo his name and I understand that bcs so many people also got the same typo over and over again. It always happened every single time hahaha.

  • ekay regachuelo
    ekay regachuelo

    2:47, loving how Jinyoung's eyes twinkle

  • Siti Nur Atiqah
    Siti Nur Atiqah

    look at jaehoon reaction 😂😂

  • Abril Mayonisha
    Abril Mayonisha

    I almost faint last night when i watched this episode. Call me exags but yeaaah. Kinilig ako sa oppa how much do you love me. Poteeeeeek!🙊🙊😍😍😍

  • Kaye M.
    Kaye M.

    lol heechul oppa love himself more hahaha! heechul oppa! 💙😍

  • xavieraffp


  • Zarek Sandstorm
    Zarek Sandstorm

    Jong Kook should've said: I love you more than I love working out. *Think about how much Kookie love working out, and to think somethin could surpass that.

  • syed asraff1
    syed asraff1

    New nickname kim jong kook is kim ppopo

  • Top One
    Top One

    "A woman's heart is difficult to understand" 😂😂😂 HELL YES

  • Nurul Izzati
    Nurul Izzati

    Just get married already

  • Pastel Chertz
    Pastel Chertz

    I really hate this girl for JK. I'd rather choose SJH

    • jacqualyne beatrix
      jacqualyne beatrix

      who you want to hate HJY? please don't talk nonsense about HJY..and one thing..she have a name..just call her name..you must respect it..

    • sky love
      sky love

      Lol, 😰

    • a.guinez 01
      a.guinez 01

      And..who cares what do u like or not?? Wake up!! Don't say trash!

    • Michin

      @Zee Rey I TOTALLY AGREE

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      Please do not hate on the basis of your preference. Don't create ship wars or be an akgae and pull someone down. Both of the girls love each other so much so why would you even say that to someone who loves her so dearly? And don't call her "this girl". Her name is Hong Jinyoung. Effin remember that.

  • Ramza Beoulve
    Ramza Beoulve

    Expecting JK to say: I love u as much as I love exercise at gym 💀🤣

  • Harold Sumanpong
    Harold Sumanpong

    what episode

    • KRG


  • V.

    but the glasses disappearing and reappearing though

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      They were trying to fit hours worth of content in a 30-min segment. The segment was badly edited

  • Sponge Jin
    Sponge Jin

    jongkook so shy......hahahahaha!aigoooo

  • Kraken Dock
    Kraken Dock

    Seriously KJK, why can't you answer that. It's just a game isn't it? It's looking more and more obvious how he feels about her. I wonder whether he has already make a move or not. Cause if he hasn't already, please make a move ASAP

  • Eurus

    I’m a spartace fan. I wish they would end up together, but these two also suit each other

    • Michin

      It's my first meeting a spartace fan , that doesn't say harsh comment , no hate to hjy .Thank you 😊. I hope you have a great day💕

  • I Am Me
    I Am Me

    I ship them more with ji hyo unnie😩

  • anakLaden TKO_anakLaden
    anakLaden TKO_anakLaden

    for u guys who dont know, they re already dating in secret for a while now and probably getting married next year or sooner. lot of ppl spotted them together wearing face mask and cover clothes but JK just give it away with his noticeable physique.

    • anakLaden TKO_anakLaden
      anakLaden TKO_anakLaden

      @Belinda Zhang no i meant it. go stalk them and take some pics and share it with us.

    • Belinda Zhang
      Belinda Zhang

      @anakLaden TKO_anakLaden 😅😅😅😅😅

    • anakLaden TKO_anakLaden
      anakLaden TKO_anakLaden

      @Belinda Zhang go to south korea and stalk them lmao.

    • Belinda Zhang
      Belinda Zhang

      really??where did you get this info?do you have any evidence?i love them so much but i want the solid proof thank you😘😘😘

    • Pama Lavea
      Pama Lavea

      That would be so awesome 👍👍👍

  • Mayi Beltran
    Mayi Beltran


  • Psych


  • Iron Monkee
    Iron Monkee

    I would've been like, 'babe, do you feel like you're not being loved enough?' and then 'sorry, I'll try harder.'

  • Monkey•D•Luffy

    Full please

    • Iron Monkee
      Iron Monkee

      viki, kocowa, ondemandkorea, or pirated streaming sites. sNack! just releases clips.

  • Ify Emeh
    Ify Emeh

    Who knows the mood maker name he is so funny

    • Zee Rey
      Zee Rey

      Tak Jaehoon

    • Pama Lavea
      Pama Lavea

      Jae hoon opla we love him hahaha

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • G R.
    G R.

    Heechul is absolutely right. You should learn how to love yourself first in order to be able to love another person. No one ever talks about how to love yourself so people look at it as if it doesn't apply to love.

    • G R.
      G R.

      @Iron Monkee indeed true. All the answers were all sweet and met the expectations of how love is expressed. The media, movies, music, magazines all conveyed love this way and we are all conditioned to think the same. It's only when you don't receive what was expected that relationships will end up in failures.

    • Iron Monkee
      Iron Monkee

      All of the answers are right, but it's just about what they want to hear. ;)

  • 1234gd

    I don't really like them together... :( I wish he ends up with ji hyo D:

    • 1234gd

      @Brandon Wijaya well, I can wish lol

    • Brandon Wijaya
      Brandon Wijaya

      Poor you, Hong Jin Young is more closer to him than before, and Jihyo said she doesn't want to marry

    • 1234gd

      @a.guinez 01 I'm not going to repeat myself, I watch whatever I want

    • a.guinez 01
      a.guinez 01

      Who cares what do u like or not? ..just...dont have to watch if u dont like them

    • Michin

      @1234gd Ohhh , I see. I misunderstood you , I'm sorry. You like them both not just the ship😅.

  • Ode K
    Ode K

    I've never seen Jong Kook laugh so much - like reaalllly laugh - until these past 2 episodes The effect Jinyoung has on him is really something haha

  • Jin

    How do I not ship that

  • Ram Josef Barcellano
    Ram Josef Barcellano

    0:08 Di ko alam ba't ako natawa HAHAHAAH

  • Uun Nurhida
    Uun Nurhida

    Goo KJK date Will JY don't until JY meried Will each 😁 KJK with JY really very close i think if off camera his always meet 😁 Hopefully their real date and meried...

  • Andee

    Thought it was the real deal already 😐

  • Paul Anders Bullecer
    Paul Anders Bullecer

    Is this it? Has the time finally come? Will something develop between the two(Or maybe there is already)?


    😂 Just asking eachother, why needed to smile like that KJK & HJY. 😂 shipping this two until they both find their right partner. 😍

  • Kyla Rey
    Kyla Rey

    "I love you as much as myself." Wrong. /looking so shocked/ "I love myself the most." "That's the biggest love I have." HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA jokes aside, i think, we should love ourselves as much as Hee Chul loves himself. 💙💙

  • mnm mahesh
    mnm mahesh

    ah heechul, one day you'll get it.

  • 은빈

    HJY : How much you love me? KJK : Theres no way to measure that (how much i love you) He did answer her question, but the audio overlapping with others.