Don't walk on your feet!!
JONGKOOK carries JIHYO..!?


  • Haruka Haruka
    Haruka Haruka

    Yamada San 🤣❤️

  • mella merina
    mella merina

    I hope spartace will confirm their relationship soon

  • Claudi Michel
    Claudi Michel


  • Trisha Faustino
    Trisha Faustino

    yayyy a 2020 update for the both of them. Still hoping they will confirm their relationship in public ❤️❤️

  • Rhee니콜라스

    송지효의 치명적 미모에 정신을 놓아버린 나...

  • Sineidal

    What episode number is this?

  • Margie Magpantay
    Margie Magpantay

    Maria rivera

  • Daisy Flower
    Daisy Flower

    I wish Jihyo was wearing the cat's-ear thingy like on BP eps when JK lifted her. I wonder~😁

  • Yuvernessh Ganeshan
    Yuvernessh Ganeshan

    Yamada for MVP

  • Meldy Hobayan
    Meldy Hobayan

    Yang Se Chan getting ready to lift Hi Hyo and then there's Jongkook

  • Fadilla Munah
    Fadilla Munah

    What eps?

  • Baseline Vs Hangsang
    Baseline Vs Hangsang

    Ashtray ALSKKSKS lmao

  • lian jjang
    lian jjang

    Watching the old clips of jihyo makes me miss those episode with prank- camera . Y'all know that joong ki vs all . Ahhh golden days bopil PD u here ?

  • Sara Mohammed
    Sara Mohammed

    الله ستايل شعر جيهو مرهه حلو😍 أخيرا غيرت تسريته اخر مره قبل ٧ سنوات

  • My Candy
    My Candy

    What ep is this anyone please tell me ?

    • Reese Dlr
      Reese Dlr

      It’s 524

  • captain america
    captain america


  • Chinatsu McCain
    Chinatsu McCain

    What episode is this? 🙂

  • MsF

    Why does SHE had to throw a badge to LKS then hit his chin? such a f**g

  • Melanie T.
    Melanie T.

    Somin inserting herself in everything again. When it was Somin's entrance, Jihyo stays put and doesn't interrupt but when it's Jihyo's turn, Somin just has to make sure she's involved by tying Kwang Soo's hair. Geez. P.S, it doesn't have anything to do with hating Somin/hating Jihyo blah blah. What I said was based on the fact. So don't try to come at me.

    • Syazana Syafiqah
      Syazana Syafiqah

      agreed!shes try to overshadow sjh ugh

  • danisha nur danisha
    danisha nur danisha

    0:37 *KWANG SOO* ?

  • Tamar Sam
    Tamar Sam

    2:37 Thank me later spartace❤️

  • Helmi Mahmud
    Helmi Mahmud

    SJH is so polite even she want LKS to do something funny she asked politely "Kwang Soo, if he want to, can he out on moustache..." I wish SJH get someone that love her as much as she love others, she is too good for this world even if she is lazy sometimes XD

  • Ly Naysee
    Ly Naysee

    They should really date. Lol they make a cuter couple than when Gary was there .

  • Sulianah Latip
    Sulianah Latip

    Enough la somin, feel annoying la u distract the camera

  • Jleerah Delapena
    Jleerah Delapena

    Best!!! Spartace!!!! Ever!!!!!!!

  • Hà Khanh Hoàng
    Hà Khanh Hoàng

    Awww so cute

  • aboyy mka
    aboyy mka

    eng sub???

  • Talk MOH
    Talk MOH

    They are in love no one can change my mind .

  • Candra Nur Ihsan
    Candra Nur Ihsan

    replace kwang soo with yamada!!!!!!! we love yamada

  • Nur Shazlina
    Nur Shazlina

    which ep is this ?

  • Su myat Min htet
    Su myat Min htet

    What ep

    • mella merina
      mella merina

      Ep 524

  • Verrer sh_0
    Verrer sh_0

    jihyo looks sooo precious

  • Yuli iii
    Yuli iii


  • nisai nem
    nisai nem

    Am I the only who doesn’t know about YAMADA? :/

  • Han Lie
    Han Lie

    lmao jae suk be like,damn this guy want everyone know their relationship XD

  • blue black
    blue black

    'It's an ashtray,'i laugh so hard at this,yamada is the best😂😂😂

  • Lilithindaeyo

    spartace all the way :>>

  • chesilly

    song ji hyo is so pretty!!!

  • muhammad ikmal
    muhammad ikmal

    The jokes on ashtray and cigarettes toward ji hyo and so min never get old 🤣🤣🤣

  • Abia Dhoo
    Abia Dhoo

    sechan look handsome!!💜

  • KECOA Official
    KECOA Official


  • Rossannie Yhesley Avalos Puga
    Rossannie Yhesley Avalos Puga


  • Syarin Azline
    Syarin Azline

    3:49 💖

  • MarizkyAsri Atun
    MarizkyAsri Atun

    I want they being real couple

  • Lissa 29
    Lissa 29

    Jihyo reminds me of Han Jimin

  • Gwell Maxwell
    Gwell Maxwell

    so min overreacted make this ep too boring

  • Jhayology

    Yamada! Hahaha! Kwangsoo looked 99% Han Gi Bom when he wore the moustache with his hair tied. Haha

  • meyra maulitaa
    meyra maulitaa

    the background song at 3:42 remind me of reply 1988

  • Ethan Wu
    Ethan Wu

    lol acorn

  • Aditya Sastiya
    Aditya Sastiya


  • Ashley Mendiola
    Ashley Mendiola

    Okay but se chans smile said it all!

  • Kathryn Teo
    Kathryn Teo

    Seok jins line "Miss Song?" was hilarious 😂 Also my spartace heart ❤️❤️

  • Kate Villa
    Kate Villa

    Jk lifts ji hyo: Jessi is shaking HAHAHA kidding

  • Cathy Mae Bustamante
    Cathy Mae Bustamante

    That bridal carry style. Omgggg. My spartace heart 🥰💕

  • cuz i feel so good
    cuz i feel so good

    this episode made me forgot to breath bcs laughing too hard lol

  • Gfriend Apple
    Gfriend Apple

    I honestly didn't know what they are playing but the thumbnail and the title attracted me to be here!!! I like it

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Just watch the full ep..

  • Jasonz W
    Jasonz W


  • kaka chanel
    kaka chanel

    Which episode

  • Kim Ngân
    Kim Ngân

    Forever a love with Jihyo

  • Jayvon Ocampo
    Jayvon Ocampo

    Not in the topic but I hope Kwangsoo will cut his hair tho,its getting long now,he would look so much cleaner and handsome when he have a short hair😅

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Jayvon Ocampo haha.. Yeah.. He will

    • Jayvon Ocampo
      Jayvon Ocampo

      @Stephone Cloud i know😅 I mean I hope he will cut it soon😊

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      It's for his new movie

  • chordean Tan
    chordean Tan

    7:12 that’s the moment when kwang soo was ded

  • aisyah hairani
    aisyah hairani

    Why everyone keep saying rm was scripted. I dont think so though

    • coco loko
      coco loko

      They follow a script like questions and situation but adlibs are always the best 👍

  • Me Tomatoes
    Me Tomatoes

    yamada-san is friggin hilarious im crying >

  • Kerushi

    We can't deny it, somin and jihyo look extra pretty in this episode

  • Nurul Farah Aini Mokhris
    Nurul Farah Aini Mokhris

    I love when RM members treated Song Ji Hyo like this. She deserve to be treat like princess...and i'm not surprise if Ji hyo and Jong kook get married in the future.

  • Amirul Mukminin
    Amirul Mukminin

    Look at so min reaction when jk carry ji hyo. Before 2:37 / After 2:40

  • Mee-aw

    Jihyo is so pretty 😭😭 she looks like a teenage girl when she actually almost hit 40 : ' D

  • Joseph Anthony Ferrer
    Joseph Anthony Ferrer

    jihyo looks beautiful again lately

  • Y al
    Y al

    Yamada 😁

  • Ida Ryani
    Ida Ryani

    "...Yeorebun chaichayo...." her deep voice kill them 😴😴😴 ehm....her voice is so nice....I think if she had a night show in radio (reading story or letter) it must a good show. 🙂🙂

  • Lin

    My spartace heart😭😭

  • kay bee
    kay bee

    I think i can live with kwang soo

  • kay bee
    kay bee

    Omg kim jong kook just express ur feeling 😍😍

  • kay bee
    kay bee

    Ji hyo is a real living doll

  • Jiyuu.

    Never get enough of Yamada-san vs Jaesuk-ssi 😂😂

  • rindyawati ks
    rindyawati ks

    Jihyo so besutiful Kwangso please cut your hair

    • Jaz Miah
      Jaz Miah

      He is growing it for his movie character 'Pirates 2'.

  • safiuddin amir
    safiuddin amir

    Yamada! Hahaha!


    지효 이쁘지효~~~

  • blue pale dot
    blue pale dot

    Yamada 😂

  • nurul huda
    nurul huda

    did you guys noticed sechan?he become so slim now!!

  • Lawrence Yen01
    Lawrence Yen01

    "Why arent you asleep too" then Kwang Soo who just entering the room falling asleep.. Damn i laught so hard 🤣🤣

  • Ayangans vlogs
    Ayangans vlogs

    ...i know kwangsoo is hurt by somins actions..trowing the bomb on his face is 🤬...no wonder she has a lot of hates...i like her but...

    • Jaz Miah
      Jaz Miah

      Kwangsoo threw the chocolates at Jaesuk too. I doubt he cares. Did you not see them have a fight in latter part of ep. And Kwangsoo literally pushed Jihyo to the ground later. It's all just for 'fun' on the show.

  • Kenpachi Saiko
    Kenpachi Saiko

    0:53 Jae Suk about to take a close up shot of Kwang Soo nostril again 😂

  • Jack Shah
    Jack Shah

    SJH so pure 😍 nothing can stop me now, wait kjk 😥 sokey, i like both of them be together 🤤 hehe...hehe...hehe

  • Cecil Pepito
    Cecil Pepito

    I hope kjk doing this sweet gesture again is not only for the sake of ratings of the show... I hope it came from his heart... Why suddenly the pd of rm is showing this clip from the past? Are they trying to gain ratings because they know theres a lot of spartace fans international.. That would love to see this interaction so it would lead to higher ratings of rm again? We know that the show struggled with the rankings for the fast month right now maybe this is just a tactics so that they show spartace clip again... I dont want to think this way because im an avid fan of spartace.. Not again after monday couple that there doing this for business... Unnie is beautiful with a heart hope she will find someone who will take good care of her...

    • Jaz Miah
      Jaz Miah

      It's because the original eps of these were uploaded on JPflow and were very popular and most of the top liked comments were asking for reactions to this so the pd created this race. At the beginning of the ep he said it became a hot issue so he created this ep.

  • pwenty ,
    pwenty ,

    kwangso sounds like a nerd uncle when he’s in the snack room

  • Axl W
    Axl W

    ya! Yamada! XD

  • mhuxduhad3

    is this new ep of running man?

  • Dania Farina
    Dania Farina

    i dont like so min in this episode 🥴

  • avigail hermosilla
    avigail hermosilla


  • Anx Iety
    Anx Iety

    Jihyo is so pretty 😍😍😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Istina Yanti
    Istina Yanti


  • Llia's Art
    Llia's Art

    i really love their chemistry 😍

  • MinNa Taejun민나 태준
    MinNa Taejun민나 태준

    My spartace ship ↗↗↗

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung

    What is this episode?can you tell me

  • Miss Grey
    Miss Grey

    1:33 its a penalty for kwang soo. 😂😂😂😂

  • Rose Enaldo
    Rose Enaldo

    just LOVEEE running man. may they have 10 years more❤️❤️❤️

  • 마리안절라

    jihyo look so young here please stop wearing hat and let you hair down you are gorgeous

    • Jaz Miah
      Jaz Miah

      She likes wearing hat, even before Running Man she used to wear hat. And does so again in the latter part of race. And she said she doesn't like wearing makeup because her skin is healthier without it. The only reason she's dressed up this ep and next(and probably so on for the openings) is because her staff got a lot of hate and she probably feels sorry.

  • Farhan Siregar
    Farhan Siregar

    That's smooth skit transition for yamada san between jaesuk and kwangsoo, no words needed

  • Kkab Yul Jjang
    Kkab Yul Jjang

    Kwang Soo deserves a Daesang