Is it able to do the laundry
on JONGKOOK's abs..!?

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  • Daniel Kong
    Daniel Kong

    Dun think Seok Jin washed any clothes b4

  • Tea For You
    Tea For You

    It's so funny that KJK always goes along with the plans. Guess what they say is really right, men are kids in adult size

  • Melvid Bronil
    Melvid Bronil

    Wahahahahahahhaahahah 弘歹歹歹

  • Nikita Poudel
    Nikita Poudel


  • Tifi Jef
    Tifi Jef

    Lol this would be haechan doing laundry at jaehyun's washboard abs in next 20years 不不不

  • cailne

    Everyone lets go watch now to haha pd jpflow.info/sun/bideo/moClnmyM1Xqfkp8.html Lets go 1M for the next challenge with Kjk 不

    • KRG

      It's already 3M.

  • Bundle Beez
    Bundle Beez

    Kebongokan apakah ini???? Tapi lucu 不不不不不不

  • Sushmita Rai
    Sushmita Rai


  • Zoarkado Zenos
    Zoarkado Zenos

    *Washboard was invented in 1797* People in 1796:

  • Wendy Nitro
    Wendy Nitro


  • JeongJaehyun's Milk
    JeongJaehyun's Milk

    I feel bad for jongkook's skin tho... I bet that hurts

  • Carol 99
    Carol 99

    I think about all the kpop idols who will probably try this, and lol it's a funny mental picture.

  • Tiffany Garc穩a
    Tiffany Garc穩a

    Dynamite at the final is awsm dcsbhck,ladv mndbhnac.v

  • Claudia

    Now I want someone to try that on wonhos abs

  • Istina Yanti
    Istina Yanti

  • Elle

    Aneh aneh aja deh

  • Thu Tran
    Thu Tran

    6:24 Dynamite

  • Christy Caldoza
    Christy Caldoza

    不不不im dying laughing 不不不不

  • 篞趟八awaii

    How did jong kook agree to this?

  • Alice K
    Alice K

    Omg, suddenly i feel shy watching this

  • Serwena1212

    They so silly

  • eternalname

    "let me feel it" "get in line" THAT WAS SO FUNNY WTH ARE THEY DOING GOSHHH

  • Binh Hoang Ba Pham
    Binh Hoang Ba Pham

    Anyone knows where I can see the clips at either Sechan, Haha or JSJ channel. I wanna see their perspective and editing regarding this washboard. It's gonna be hilarious

    • KRG

      I don't think it was uploaded yet

  • Lili F
    Lili F

    虴郋 郋郇邽 赲郋郋訇迮 迡迮郅訄?

  • Jeff MeMe
    Jeff MeMe

    I thought I was watching running man...

  • ZA L
    ZA L

    Lol ain't this just running man where's kwangsoo and jaeseok?

  • Victoria HM
    Victoria HM

    That must feel weird on jong kook to have 3 men taking turn rubbing soap and towel on his naked abs while they record him

  • Tamonet

    I cant with them they are crazy! Why is this so funny ?!!!!

  • Chin Eric
    Chin Eric

    haha and se chan I can't deny they are regular crazy guy,but i didn't realize now suk jin also join the crazy club.lol

  • svt mingyu
    svt mingyu

    I don't know why I feel really embarrasse

  • Timmy Tim
    Timmy Tim

    I have an idea. Joong kook should do a charity. Anybody can pay 1000 dollar if they want to do laundry on joong kook abs. All proceeds will go charity.

  • 19-PS-518 Mili Pandya
    19-PS-518 Mili Pandya

    What did I just watch?!

  • Pumpkin

    So this is what guys do on their free time when they're together. Okay, then. xD

  • CJ Navarro
    CJ Navarro

    Literally a washboard.

  • Leandra IV Eun Sekai
    Leandra IV Eun Sekai

    Omg this is hilarious不不 like seriously I just can't stop laughing watching this不

  • poohgurlsidney

    Welcome to the very first ever Kim Jong Kooks abs washing show, includes a live demo + ASMR! Ur clothes are guarantee to be clean as ever~! XD

  • Please Step On Me, Gawr Gura-Sama!
    Please Step On Me, Gawr Gura-Sama!

    Is this the work of cavemen lol

  • Reno goh
    Reno goh

    Travis Scott

  • Jonathan

    Girlfriends: He's out with his friends, probably cheating on me. Guys: Let's try to watch laundry on your abs!!

    • Why Am I Gae?
      Why Am I Gae?

      *Practically a stolen comment...*

  • David Dadoali
    David Dadoali

    This is the highest peak of "me and the boys" moment.

  • lexi014

    Im crying this is so funny

  • BIGBANG is LiFeuu
    BIGBANG is LiFeuu

    Lmao the more you see the more weirder it looks. Are you sure this isnt 18+ ??

  • BangtanArmy

    Jongkook: The human guinea pig


    if jk was on that position and i'm there? I'd RIDE THE HELL OUT OF HI-

    • Big cake
      Big cake

      Girl no

  • YbaezyTavan

    This is f*in crazy but I cant stop laughing 不不不不不. They all like what in the world are we doing but its just too funny to not done this

  • Mike Sibaluca
    Mike Sibaluca

    Just by seeing rm members in this show makes me happy sml


    HaHa is just like his name I already laughed even at his face reaction 不不

  • 8496yadii

    Am I the only one who feels like I have to watch this alone under a blanket

  • Noratikha Nordin
    Noratikha Nordin

    Where is jaesuk and kwangsoo?

  • Mary jean Ca簽ezo
    Mary jean Ca簽ezo

    Kim Jong kook 弘

  • Mom of teens Michel
    Mom of teens Michel

    What the heck are we watching whats going on here

  • Nina E.
    Nina E.

    Ich lach so hart, packs gar net.... HAHAHAHA

  • Levi Music
    Levi Music

    Hahaha iam really gratefull that we have this kind of funny people in our life . Always made my day

  • crockoaches

    He wont let it slide if this happen on running man

  • risar x
    risar x

    all these man is out of their mind

  • Rabi.7 bi
    Rabi.7 bi

    Dynamite Song suits this clip so much

  • KJK. 予

  • Jaymie Indigo-Blue
    Jaymie Indigo-Blue

    Send in the Ajumma they'll know how to do it.

  • Dinesh kumar
    Dinesh kumar

    any idea what is the background music that is played during this episode?

  • Fatma Said
    Fatma Said


  • Rhadzmira Dhimz
    Rhadzmira Dhimz

    . .im inlove with kjksince im 28

  • IAM WB
    IAM WB

    Hahahahahah haha's scream at the end

  • Josh den Mark
    Josh den Mark

    The fact that jongkook just looks down at them using his abs as washboard i-

  • Mina Kookies
    Mina Kookies

    Poor sechan,he still admire the body and proud of himself

  • Adani Khabir
    Adani Khabir

    Whoose house is this?

  • Hyun Ji 16
    Hyun Ji 16

    cant wait for kim jong kook washboard ads...

  • jouridell zeth
    jouridell zeth

    Kwang Soo has to come and visit Jong Kook too. 朮



  • Sarah Mai
    Sarah Mai

    this is so weird lmao

  • BayuCTG

    Wtf 不不不不不不

  • epiphan li
    epiphan li

    what's the name of the bgm at the start?

  • Jae Swag
    Jae Swag

    Anyone else mad that they made RM a plus member from a standard on Viki ;(

  • Michelle Sanchez
    Michelle Sanchez

    I had so much laugh in these episode and I love it that the BTS Dynamite music you can hear it in the end

  • mjay k
    mjay k

    Why does it still feel like running man again even though its a different show?

  • Daryl Jan
    Daryl Jan

    This would be a lot more fun if Jae Suk and Kwangsoo was there :D

  • vanessa Grande
    vanessa Grande

    Hahahahahaha I love them

  • Rachel Daniels
    Rachel Daniels

    Am sure it must have hurt. Even though he won't show it..

  • K-Pop World
    K-Pop World

    Me who hoped they really vlogged it and post it in YT.....Im curious how much likes and views they will get...LMAO

  • Narvera G
    Narvera G

    Me: Oh wow, Seok Jin hyung is here!! Also me: This guy.....the older he gets the crazier he become......

    • Iman Shah
      Iman Shah

      The more forgetful he become.

  • gunselis

    the day has finally came, they really did it loool

  • DragonLady XD
    DragonLady XD

    I love when rm members go on my little old boy

  • Bibha Shrestha
    Bibha Shrestha

    沒hining 系hrough 系he 牢ity 肓ith 災 甸ittle 狄unk 災nd 究oul沉mma 甸ight it 罕p 甸ike 求YNAMITE 矣hh 矣h 矣h

  • zette9

    @KmmunityPH dapat pala ganito ginawa nila sa vlive

  • vitolia latu
    vitolia latu

    Boy's will be Boy's... Hahaha

  • Kahina Kahina
    Kahina Kahina

    In the end of the video the song of BTS dynamite

  • Jelyme Alcalde
    Jelyme Alcalde

    6:22 dynamite

  • Jelyme Alcalde
    Jelyme Alcalde

    6:22 dynamite

  • Gabriela I
    Gabriela I

    Did they just washed something in jongkook's abs and then put it out on national television 不不

  • fernanda maria
    fernanda maria

    I'm sorry, but Jongkook laying down with this piece of cloth on his underbelly seems like he's on the doctor doing an ultrasound

  • H A S H
    H A S H

    If running man really going to close the show, I want all the running man members to do something like this, Make another show about their lifestyle or anything.

    • Pumpkin

      @H A S H Yup. Exactly.

    • H A S H
      H A S H

      @Pumpkin so they released it on saturday, but the subtitles release on sunday or monday? btw thankyou for that info.

    • Pumpkin

      @H A S H It depends because I watch the translated versions and they take a bit to translate after the original episodes come out. The translated versions are online between Sunday and Monday, and I always watch them on Mondays.

    • H A S H
      H A S H

      @Pumpkin yeah I know about that, but do you know what day the episode release? saturday? monday?

    • Pumpkin

      I think they're only supposed to pause it for a bit after all the spare episodes are aired because of the pandemic, not actually end the show. They got a new producer not too long ago, after all. I've been watching Running Man since the very beginning years ago, so I reaaaaaaaally don't want the show to end. Yoo JaeSuk and Jeon Somin are with Jessi and other hosts on The Sixth Sense, which is an awesome show, but then all the members would still be separated if Running Man ended. :/

  • Mel Rain
    Mel Rain

    Can i do my laundry on you jongkook oppa..中

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na


  • Annabelle J
    Annabelle J

    These guys are born in 1966, 1976, 1986, and 1979 and this is what they do when they get together

  • october cing99
    october cing99

    Jongkooks future wife will definitely try this

  • MsSalmonSushi

    Please remember the average age for these guys is around 40. And here they are playing washboard on human body. And the fact that this idea comes from the oldest hyung...

  • eifaneeyyy

    Let's not forget the youngest is 34 and the oldest is 54 already

    • 阞伝幓幓s阞幓幓

      That's what "Age doesn't matter" really mean. Lol

    • eifaneeyyy

      @CJ Navarro thats korean age. He's born in 66

    • CJ Navarro
      CJ Navarro

      Seok Jin is 55 y/o.

  • byulkong yongkong
    byulkong yongkong


  • V-Berry Bangzino
    V-Berry Bangzino


  • sinaee _ BTS
    sinaee _ BTS

    Kjk is actually softie who would do anything for their friends

  • ladycurve7

    Jongkook is always very sporting and their chemistry unbeatable! Insane idea doing laundry on Jongkooks abs! Made my day!!!