My pretty JIHYO..!?
Old days of JIHYO & SOMIN


  • TvMania 2020
    TvMania 2020

    the way of the others members badmouthing the girls😂😂 that's show how close they are😂

  • zia lee
    zia lee

    i missed gary

  • Diu

    Felt so bad for So Min because there werent more clips of her... she seemed genuinely depressed there

  • Priyanka Selvam 58
    Priyanka Selvam 58

    Hey guys the contest of asia awards 2020 is soon to be seen, Voting has started I request every one to vote for song jihyo Just download the choeaedol celeb app and click on the black circle icon and you will see actress section kindly vote for her 🙏❤ Untill yesterday she was 1st and currently ranking 2nd kindly support her with your love and let's show how much we support our mong ji hyo ❤

  • Priyanka Selvam 58
    Priyanka Selvam 58

    Hey guys the contest of asia awards 2020 is soon to be seen, Voting has started I request every one to vote for song jihyo Just download the choeaedol celeb app and click on the black circle icon and you will see actress section kindly vote for her 🙏❤ Untill yesterday she was 1st and currently ranking 2nd kindly support her with your love and let's show how much we support our mong ji hyo ❤

  • Vek tikus
    Vek tikus

    Song Ji Hyo was and is still my Ultimate Crush

  • bluesky

    jsj made me cry when he said " we did forget our original resolution about ji hyo "

  • Micky Kim
    Micky Kim

    i wish they'd also make a special for somin and sechan

  • lleonppp B
    lleonppp B

    What ep.

    • mella merina
      mella merina

      Ep 524

  • Aien Nabila
    Aien Nabila

    Who know the song that jongkook sang to jihyo ??

    • mella merina
      mella merina

      Come back to me by Jong Kook

  • faithh !
    faithh !

    i actually really like haha and jihyo's relationship HAHA they're like siblings now and when they saw the old clip they just started pushing each other around i love it HAHAHA

  • Joana Espinal
    Joana Espinal

    Gosh times fly so fast😭imiss the old ep💖

  • 7012런닝맨

    Its nice to bring back the old episode but i notice somin and sechan keep on asking questions HAAHHAHAHHAHA they cant relate at all.

  • Farhaan Farhaan
    Farhaan Farhaan

    Jihyo is the best always 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Mork Lee
    Mork Lee

    I feel proud of them I love how they are comfortable with somin and having throwback with jihyo

  • Russell Fong
    Russell Fong

    Eww 😷 what’s with kwang soo

  • Catlirious


  • so dumb
    so dumb


  • Rhyanne Tagulinao
    Rhyanne Tagulinao

    hope they do a race where they will only react to their old clips and guess what they did that ep.

  • Norlaine Geronimo
    Norlaine Geronimo

    song jongki and song ji hyo was the song song couple /pair that i shipped so much

  • Aldho Pratama Hasibuan
    Aldho Pratama Hasibuan

    Damn back then Noona was so stunning, like wow the fusioin of cute pretty and kind of sexy, seriously one of the most beautiful person I saw, I mean yeah she's beautiful now too ofc, but no matter how young u look u can't fool age

  • Jaire Bano
    Jaire Bano

    The way they cringe lmao but yes we can't deny the fact that we miss the first members :(

  • Tuấn Phạm
    Tuấn Phạm

    It's been a long run😢😢 time can't change their friendship for each other

  • wan atika
    wan atika

    i'm crying watching this.. first they reaction for very pure..

  • Razid40 Razid40
    Razid40 Razid40

    Jihyo pretty So min cute

  • Yvonne Yemima
    Yvonne Yemima

    I love the pd make kind this eps...m

  • jay jay 27
    jay jay 27

    Most of the video is kim jong kook and ji hyo.. are the staff's is shipping them too?? 🤔

  • Mary Joy Quiambao
    Mary Joy Quiambao

    whaaa I'm cringing hahhaha I see them as bros and sissies ^^

  • Apple

    i hope running can invite pentagon group in there show



  • Sarah_

    i keep watching this video while flashback how running man start 💗

  • Michael Vincent
    Michael Vincent

    I hope they make a segment where they react on there embarrassing moments years ago, their reactions are so funny. Our RM Ji Hyo is still looking so good even after ten years. Don't worry Somin, they don't react much with female guests now compared to years ago.

  • liana lim
    liana lim

    Jihyo most beautiful at before and after not different she really beautiful 😊😳😍💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • godit 00
    godit 00

    2:53 song?

  • Lovestorm22


  • vv cutie
    vv cutie

    the way kwangsoo teased jongkook is the same as how our friends teased us with our crush HAHAHAHA

  • Zai Nzai
    Zai Nzai

    Song ji hyo so beautiful

  • Tú Uyên
    Tú Uyên

    3:00 Name the song, pls

  • furuwarafie Yung
    furuwarafie Yung

    Whats the song title? 0.31

  • Nisa__

    After watching runningman for so long, we cringe with them now. 😆😆😂😂

  • SoundlessEcho !
    SoundlessEcho !

    Look at how Ji Hyo smiled a little bigger when she saw Gary in the video. I know Gary is married an all but their friendship and relatioship with each other will never be forgotten that easily and I also think during Gary’s time in RM, he was the most comfortable member for Ji Hyo.

  • steven solichin
    steven solichin

    Jihyo nuna is jang!!! Always the ace and beautiful woman

  • sofea hush
    sofea hush

    I still came to the old ep cause of framer kwang soo

  • adams1030

    Poor Somin =( I know it's a show, but still, I'd love to see her be openly loved for once. (Also I'm a huge Song Jihyo fan so I'm happy at the attention for her! But it's not a zero sum game, and they can both get love and attention!)

  • Amirah Sani
    Amirah Sani

    Can someone tell me what ep???

    • Vannia LLanos
      Vannia LLanos

      Ep 524

  • Antoine Konrad
    Antoine Konrad

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  • thegreenweirdo210

    I teared up and smiled when I saw Ji Hyo's old clips

  • Derrick Eu
    Derrick Eu

    Song ji hyo..... Saranghae 💝

  • mella merina
    mella merina

    I like the way joong kook just smile and accept everything

  • Shim blinkarmy
    Shim blinkarmy

    why im crying?

  • Le Phuong Thao
    Le Phuong Thao

    I really really really love SONG JI HYO. She is very pretty and lovely 😘😘😘

  • Le Phuong Thao
    Le Phuong Thao

    Jihyo so pretty ❤❤❤

  • Missteri

    Mannnn jihyo keep getting pretty day by day

  • Miss Lia
    Miss Lia

    I can't forget all the moment that rm members treat her nicely, care for her even in the Stage, when ji hyo got in a little accident, and the boys take care of her until the end of the show. She's so lovely and was born to be a beautiful woman. She's kind and still the ACE of rm❤️❤️❤️ and I love Ji Hyo since I first saw her in rm❤️ fighting Unnie! You are the Queen in our heart💞

  • song ji hyo fan page
    song ji hyo fan page

    Song ji hyo 😍😍😍

  • Dila Fatin
    Dila Fatin

    I like very much about this episod because is about song jihyo😍😍❤️❤️

  • Nonie 2438
    Nonie 2438

    What this episode?

  • Zahraa Beautiful Flower
    Zahraa Beautiful Flower

    Keep repeating on 2:49. Kwangsoo such a mood🤣

  • merla hood
    merla hood

    What is the title of song at 0:31 ?

  • andrea perucho
    andrea perucho

    It makes me cry watching them reminisce the old days

  • blala ko
    blala ko

    I was waiting for them to show Hahyo on a road trip during couple race. Back when Gary got super jealous at how close they were while he downs coffee/coke. Hahahaha wow I havent said Hahyo in a while

  • Mamr

    Like she says before, RM important in her life. She got everything in RM. That why she really sad when RM production wants to kick her before. It gonna be awkward to see RM without Jihyo.

  • ammm zeee
    ammm zeee

    I am old already. This brings me joy

  • LuLuFederation

    Am always a fan of mong ji hyo since the early days. she's been called a lot of names during the show but i love her clumsy side and of course, her 'Ace' side too. Missing the old days but I won't ask them to bring back those times since a LOT of things has changed since then(like Haha getting married, Gary exiting, change of PD etc).

  • chesilly

    Kwangsoo's reactions are so spot on hahaha

  • Another HomoSapiens
    Another HomoSapiens

    5:55 ep?? Thanks 🙏🙆‍♀

  • Romelyn Polison
    Romelyn Polison

    0:31- 0:37 whats the title of the song?

  • Go

    Ahh, I miss Gary so much

  • azrianie hussien
    azrianie hussien

    i'm so happy to see jihyo hve many scene in this ep


    This makes me wanna watch starting from ep 1 again.😅

  • Rina Mayuki
    Rina Mayuki

    I am sooo like Kwangsoo whenever me and my friends see past pics/vids and teases each other like this lmao! Including the slap, pushes, punch, etc.

  • Neeno MS
    Neeno MS

    If joong ki was there, they would play the subway clip where Jong Ki kiss her If Gary was there, there's A MYRIAD of videos

  • Meganda Domanse
    Meganda Domanse

    Sad they didn't show the clip where joongki kissed jihyo on the cheeck😍😂

  • Maricar Esmino
    Maricar Esmino

    This is too nostalgic

  • jamimay xoxo
    jamimay xoxo

    confirmed: *jihyo is a vampire, she doesn't age*

  • awkwardnshy

    Lol I thought they were gonna show jong kook and so min. Jong Kook not feeling her in the beginning like that. But the way they treat Ji Hyo now is more like family/someone they know compared to a pretty female guest

  • I U
    I U

    Jihyo so pretty old and now still the same 😍🥰

  • sky star
    sky star

    Why im crying.

  • Meylan anggreany
    Meylan anggreany

    NCT plssss😭🙏🏻

  • pumpkin1260 Nn
    pumpkin1260 Nn

    Actually i dont like somin i like running man initial

  • Silhouette

    watching the old clips brings me back. can't believe that it's been 10 years already. I miss the monday couple, the commander and the two kids, yooruce willis, big nose, mong jihyo and bad jihyo, giraffe, the betrayal club, i miss 7012. The memories from 10 years ago was so special.

  • Nicoleyala _yolo
    Nicoleyala _yolo

    Poor somjn hahahaha, they treat her the same ahahah,alteast not in a bad way

  • John

    【1.39--1.50 】What is BGM? Can tell me? Thanks

  • undertalelife.

    jihyo looks beautiful with that hairstyle, goes to somin too

  • joyce morales
    joyce morales

    I just really love how Jongkook smiles all through out the vid, its waking my spartace heart up🥺

  • Fazira Mohkiar
    Fazira Mohkiar

    LOL. I can't stop laughing when HaHa "uwekk" while watching Jong Kook clip. 😂😂😂

  • Cyntia Puspa
    Cyntia Puspa

    Jihyo so cute and beautiful.. I think her bangs suitable for her and make her looks cute ❤️

  • saxophone520

    10 years... all those memories and laughters. Thank you running man

  • Princess Park
    Princess Park

    I love song jihyo than jeon somin..i want more jihyo screentime..

  • Jum_joli E.j
    Jum_joli E.j

    Song jihyo bertambah cantik,muka dan awet muda,


    love yuo

  • d saurus
    d saurus

    When they keep on saying that jihyo is so pretty and somin was kinda being left out.i feel so bad idk whyy.But i feel like,if i was in somin's shoe i would feel a little sad and felt less important tho.ik maybe she doesn't feel that way.pft

    • d saurus
      d saurus

      @Gracelia Prisandi that's sad

    • d saurus
      d saurus

      @Baba Tune being too honest infront of live recording is kinda bad.imagine how somin's felt.they could at least praised her too even if they're not being sincere but at least she could feel appreciated too

    • Gracelia Prisandi
      Gracelia Prisandi

      IKR, let be honest everyone always puts appearance first.

    • Baba Tune
      Baba Tune

      At least they’re honest

  • Lily was a little gurl
    Lily was a little gurl

    Jihyo Unnie is really queen. I'm straight but I want to marry her if I can😅

  • Nur Syuhaily
    Nur Syuhaily

    Who knows the title song at 0:34 ?

  • •Aida Syazwani•
    •Aida Syazwani•

    Is it me or it's getting hot... FOR SPARTACE OF COURSE

  • 리아나

    Jihyo just doesn't age 🥰 I love it how they've become a family over the years being together 😍

  • its mia
    its mia

    i miss the old ji hyo sm :(( but now ji hyo is became more quite than before 😔

  • ariadne

    10 years has passed, can't believe Haha used to be in love triangle with Jihyo😂 now he's married with 3 children

  • Miyatozaki Luka
    Miyatozaki Luka

    So pretty Songjihyo

  • local egg
    local egg

    the members to jihyo during the earlier days: nice, loving, protective the members to jihyo after being close: savage, treated the same, no remorse 😂