[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Find out who the DRAW is..!不不 (part.2) (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] Find out who the DRAW is..!不不 (part.2) (ENG SUB)
A Rotten PUMPKIN..!?
Prime suspect, KWANGSOO


  • Zimbah Puss
    Zimbah Puss

    I knew already it was kwangsoo when the pd said rotten zucchini lmao

  • moon river
    moon river

    Who is here for na dong geun? 弘弘

  • Anita Purja
    Anita Purja

    I really adore kwangso soo much. Such a lovable guy.

  • PreciousMemoria


  • Inno Blue
    Inno Blue

    ..............and that rotten zucchini has drawn himself.

  • fati summer
    fati summer

    "he is not human" poor dude

  • LADY Zafreen
    LADY Zafreen

    Rotten Zucchini. Poor Kwangsoo!

  • fadumafarh

    PD: 'Rotten zucchini' LKS: 15 days past the experation date PD: 'Not fully rotten' Seokjin: there is no one else but LKS LKS: it's not me, don't be ridiculous( he was the one who drew it)

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni

  • Tasi Chogie
    Tasi Chogie

    Spoiler Alert:- I somehow already knew that the culprit was Haha bcx whenever he is the one.. He becomes chatty

  • Anita Purja
    Anita Purja

    I love how LKS accepts all the staff and members banter and entertains them more than they have initiated for. His timing for humour and acting skills are impeccable. Bless his kind soul, RUNNING MAN PD has such a good chemistry with him and even though he is compared to rotten zucchini he is spreading just happiness. 不

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      Anita Purja It's a typical RM filming day for Kwang Soo. 歹 The staff is most playful with him.

  • Lilibeth oren
    Lilibeth oren


  • Sara M.
    Sara M.

    Right when the PD said 竄Rotten Zucchini罈, I already knew it'd be Kwangsoo xD I mean, he's the easiest member to bully even for the staff !

  • meluvpany

    I just realized, the rotten zucchini most relatable shape/sketch was Kwangsoo's and he draw his own face不不不..even Sukjin said the drawing was him

  • Rein

    When PD said ROTTEN ZUCCHINI, got a hunch that it's Kwang Soo 不

  • Shada Ibrahim
    Shada Ibrahim

    0:03 either something is wrong with my eyesight or jihyo's head looks too small on her shoulders

  • Aiman Haziq
    Aiman Haziq

    1:20 Hahaha he looks like KJK dongsaeng

  • KkKaep Jjjang
    KkKaep Jjjang

    I knew it already lol

  • fana fnd
    fana fnd


  • chi shamsudin
    chi shamsudin

    Lmao kwang soo draw himself perfectly and pd description of kwang soo rotten zucchini face kinda harsh but it really look like that


    Kwang Soo spots the cameraman, a living caricature..that was effortlessly hilarious

  • Ella Gonida
    Ella Gonida

    Not completely rotten hahahaha poor kwangsoo

  • angie tiffany
    angie tiffany

    the way kwangsoo drew himself without even realising it

  • RedEx

    Kwang soo seems a lil bit ill? is he okay?

    • RedEx

      @Rogine 426 this happened like the last 3 episodes, i hope he's okay

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      He seems fine to me. If anything, maybe just tired. He mentioned that's he's been filming a movie.

  • Hi Arinaa
    Hi Arinaa

    Kwangsoo's self portrait (his drawing of himself) is actually very good and it resembles him well

  • Hi Arinaa
    Hi Arinaa

    This segment is actually so funny and entertaining, the members unexpectedly draw so well and guess well to so its very interesting

  • RYAN F.M.
    RYAN F.M.

    It's nice to read youtube comments after going through SBS RM insta

  • kaykhine nyunt
    kaykhine nyunt

    賄 PD !!! 篞賈 渥 禺木 諡渥 穇湊 諰 拖 諈圉潰 ??? 渥 渣渣 蛟. 黖 潰穈 圉收 8 窶湊萼諝 諤諢 諻. 鴔諤 寢 諯潰窶 寨 諡渠未 賱秒拘 !! ???? 寢 篞賈諝 鮈拘篧 諰 篞賈穈 寢窶 諨穈諝 鴗月庖 ??? 寢 PD 諡賄 篞賈穈 恢渣 禺 諤鴔 ? 鴔木 賵木潺庖 鮈窶渥. 賱 渥 RM 澎 諤穈鴔 穇 儦 . 寢 麮厝窸 月 魽渥拘 寢 篞資 趣 諢 諰鴔諝 貒厝拘. 諰鴔諝 趣 鴥潰到潺庖拘. 木 潰 鮈 窶 穈

  • voni Hesti
    voni Hesti

    Funny part

  • Song Kang Seulgi
    Song Kang Seulgi


  • Jam H
    Jam H

    When we heard "Rotten Zucchini" we all knew who it was don't lie even LKS was in denial hahahaha

  • Kaly Alik
    Kaly Alik

    these guys are fun best draw of their camera men. they eps. always funny makes you laughed their good actors.

  • Reza Hidayat
    Reza Hidayat

    Rotten zucchini LOL

  • Bubbly Kirin
    Bubbly Kirin

    Knew it is Kwang Soo ahahahahaha

  • Angela Th廕υ
    Angela Th廕υ

    LKS comment and reaction so funny, got a new nickname already, pd is too harsh for he

  • Aceline Ace
    Aceline Ace

    One of the drawing looks like the model from Itou Junji collection 不不

  • Ma. Angelica
    Ma. Angelica

    He felt bad for himself then hahahahahahhaa

  • Janeen D
    Janeen D

    In this episode I was totally amazed by the deduction and detective skills of Jong Kook oppa -- when he randomly said that thieves usually sit at the corner that totally give chills to Haha, the whole time he suspected and observed Somin from the start and the fact that he supposedly and initially wanted to see Haha's set of photos (which is his advantage for his role as "security guard" which could also end Haha) totally amazed me!!! Aahhhhh this episode might be boring to some but this kind of episode are my fave since it will totally make you think and suspect.

    • KRG

      KJK and YJS always give the best analysis most of the time, and always nail it when they're on the same side.

  • Friyhada Helmalie Syuma
    Friyhada Helmalie Syuma

    Top three early comers always the thief. Thief game 1: 1. Somin 2. Kwang Soo (Thief) 3. Sechan (Thief) Thief game 2: 1. Somin (Thief) 2. Sechan 3. Haha (Thief) They always pick a strong character.

    • Simwenching

      yeah because they wanted to get a good role, maybe next time they would arrive a bit late

  • Kirono Arundati
    Kirono Arundati

    Bopil is so funny 不不不

  • Bless Uzo
    Bless Uzo

    You know I want an episode where Kim Jong Kook is a spy or thief whatever lol. I wanna see if the other members can suspect him. They already made episodes like that but I want something recent lol When the PD said rotten zucchini I kinda knew it was one of the members cuz why would he say that about the crew members?? lol. But y rotten tho instead of just zucchini 唐

    • KRG

      It's been a long while for RM to assign only one spy against all, as they are always accompanied by guests or other members. The last one I can think of is the Transformation Race where YJS and SJH also had special roles but KJK had the main spy role. He did great, and was only suspected on the latter part of the race.

  • Zero Wan
    Zero Wan

    I notice its Kwang soo when they talk about the hair, that's when i laughed so hard about all member comments

  • Meri Maria
    Meri Maria

    Omygad this was so hilarious 不不不

  • Rogine 426
    Rogine 426

    Kwang Soo isn't the mvp here, but he sure always makes memorable scene. HE DREW HIMSELF NICELY!! 歹 JK in this episode made up from the last time's mistake. I mean, it was his kinda his fault that the thieves were not caught last time. Jaesuk on the other hand has always been smart.

  • Sharon Belcher
    Sharon Belcher

    I would love to meet Kangoo Soo in Person but will never happen I live in USA

    • KRG

      He sometimes travels with Jongkook to LA. You'd probably be lucky and meet them next time.

  • Sarah Marshall
    Sarah Marshall

    I like this game

  • Ayasaki Chihaya
    Ayasaki Chihaya

    Rotten zucchini is kinda accurate tho fr

  • Reese Jenzen Ceballo
    Reese Jenzen Ceballo

    0:41 so cuteeee歹

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Next time maybe PD will name him rotten carrot... ..this ep is so cool... OmG..Jae sook, Jong Kook with Jihyo were the best to tell us the hints.. Wow...

  • Esha

    Somin look so cute and bright

  • Nisa R.
    Nisa R.

    I really like how PD throw a witted comment these days, like in prev ep. when jaesuk screams who are you he replied i am PD lmao I laughed so hard it really helps to bring up the mood. And also this ep in particular, every member did a great job deducting and analyzing, and with help from professional detective and profiler it makes every steps on this game is more interesting and keeps us guessing imo. keep up the good job but always stay safe, stay healthy and happy for members, crews and staffs

  • Belle SKRT
    Belle SKRT

    I like the guests in this episode. They are so much fun to watch especially when they are analyzing together.

  • fatin180495

    Omg i laughed so hard at the rotten zucchini comment 五

  • Nanda Arieyani
    Nanda Arieyani

    rotten zucchini lol when PD on savage mood

  • lol lol
    lol lol

    rotten zucchini pls ahshhahahahhs

  • LadyKuchiki21

    The rotten zucchini moment, I was like Kwang Soo! I found it so hilarious after they put all the drawings around him when they found him.

  • Arsene Waltz
    Arsene Waltz

    Lol,, Kwangsoo can draw a Sketch that really look like himself. I know when the PD mentioned his hairstyle XD

  • Jaycee Bryan
    Jaycee Bryan

    4:11 Haha already knew its Kwang Soo. HAHAHAHA

  • Dhenlazer

    Hahaha that funny

  • Reynolds Ryen
    Reynolds Ryen

    The "rotten zucchini" sketch by Kwang soo was so hilarious不 really resemble him.

  • Nancy Sok
    Nancy Sok

  • MaDailyLife

    i love this episode

  • Amaan Yajo
    Amaan Yajo

    My poor kwangsoo I love him

  • Trung Thi廙u Quang
    Trung Thi廙u Quang

    Just some rambling words from a Somin fan from Vietnam. I'm so happy when I found this channel and its community. Such nice, appropriate comment section towards all the member. You guys cleanse me from all the tainted comment on facebook and instagram that I had to read every time. And best believe I can't find this episode unedited anywhere on my facebook (you might have heard how toxic vietnamese fan was on Somin, especially when it comes to her screen time with Jihyo, they would edit that part out immediately, or at least throw in some mean words). So again, thank you, for making these video, and for letting me know that there are nice people out there who still love Somin for what she is. P/s: sr for my clumsy english, I've just learned it for a few months.

    • Sha Kateye
      Sha Kateye

      ah just a fyi, this is sbs official channel. the name was sbs-in, but somehow they changed it

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Tell them.. If u hate one of the members, than u are not a fans...a fans support this show and all the members.. As we saw they love each other like a fam... Real fam..

  • Lady Leia
    Lady Leia

    I just knew it was Kwangsoo halfway the drawing不不

  • Hana Zhariff
    Hana Zhariff

    Not related to this scene but damn JK and YJS. Their brain is really something else. For seconds Im actually scared of how they able to catch the thief. Respect 鳶鳶

    • OH MMY
      OH MMY

      Yeah, they are the smartest ones in running man members. All runners know that. :)

    • Faddy J
      Faddy J

      That's why., if both KJK and YKS in same team, they be consider as dangerous team. I still remember in past RM episode, i dont remember which episode, one of the member said, "we cannot make them in the same team as both a dangerous when together" the words not pretty accurate but the meaning still the same.

    • Dina Tania
      Dina Tania

      JK did great on this epi

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      Hana Zhariff JK did messed up last time when he kept cornering Jaesuk. I'm glad he did great on this one.

  • keka keks
    keka keks

    What episode is this?

    • 1112 17
      1112 17

      latest episode: 519 歹歹歹歹歹歹歹歹

  • lalalalala meh
    lalalalala meh

    When Pdnim said a rotten zucchini Lee Kwang soo oppa be like: we'll feel about guessing who it is Me knew that it is Kwang Soo: i feel bad for you saranghae oppa

  • lyraclouds00 _
    lyraclouds00 _

    rotten zuchini lol

  • Jenny Cici
    Jenny Cici

    I liked this episode

    • jelian ramos
      jelian ramos

      what episode is this

  • Geraldine Rizaba
    Geraldine Rizaba

    Kwangsoo's drawing look like face of an eggplant

  • Reil Arena
    Reil Arena

    I really love when RM staffs and crews are part of the game.

  • Jannah Margaret De Castro
    Jannah Margaret De Castro

    This episode is hilarious. Love it So Min acts too obvious and she really look annoyed after the first trial and became silent the entire ep I did not expect the other one suspect to be him though. Jae Suk and Jong Kook does a good job.

  • Magisterium 1703
    Magisterium 1703

    Kwangsoo even exactly drew the zucchini fruit face and commented the person will be hurt by PDs description turns out its him.

  • kiki lala
    kiki lala

    When YJS and KJK are too goood as good as criminal profiler&dtctive不不 everytime spy ep,i alwaysss like to see comment and deductions from YJS and KJK cuz their alwaysss details and point out something that other didnt

  • H A S H
    H A S H

    I knew it immediately because the pd had no reasons to say one of the crew faces look like a rotten zucchini. He think it will be funny if they figured out the rotten zucchini is kwang soo and that's why he said it.

  • Anis Mustapha
    Anis Mustapha

    The moment PDnim said rotten zucchini i know that person is LKS 不不不

  • Angela Atmadjaja
    Angela Atmadjaja

    The pd decribe him a little on the wrong side though

  • november rain
    november rain

    Wahh suk jin looks getting younger every week

  • jay hae
    jay hae

    When everyone else give credit to the PD who described rotten zuccini, let me give credit to the one who asked the question . By this brilliant question and answer, it is obviously LKS

    • Afifah Yusrina
      Afifah Yusrina

      Give the credit to somin

  • Y-P Gaming
    Y-P Gaming


  • Itz NiCkTo9ite
    Itz NiCkTo9ite

    Not related but I think Somin need to improve her skills more, she can win if the strategy was right (Suk Jin recently for example) and I love the ep when she's Jihyo partner in crime (forgot what ep but she's amazing in it) She's weak in physical game, and if there's a spy episode, she always get suspected first (not as extreme as Kwangsoo but still), she needs to learn it more from experience members, her betrayal character need to be less random (that's where Kwangsoo has the advantage although he always get suspected), if there's a spy episode, Jaesuk always has his eye target on Kwangsoo while Jongkook observed Somin more frequently I said this because I love her, and of course all members too, and I'm a sucker for underdog lol, I love it when underdogs got win For this episode, Jaesuk & Jongkook is seriously too good lol, they know them really well, I rate this ep 7/10

    • Wanna Boe
      Wanna Boe

      @Itz NiCkTo9ite the replies

    • Itz NiCkTo9ite
      Itz NiCkTo9ite

      @Wanna Boe sure, it's just a game Don't worry, nothing serious here.. it just my personal thoughts

    • Itz NiCkTo9ite
      Itz NiCkTo9ite

      @zemisfits _ thanks

    • Wanna Boe
      Wanna Boe

      This is just a game why you all so serious

    • Joanna

      @Sakura Haruno true. Haha is great as a spy and Somin is usually great as an accomplice but they already said it didn't feel right when they were told they're spies. This affected their performance then. Both were obviously anxious although out

  • msn191200

    Kwang soo drew DJ from monsterhouse

  • Alone JAI
    Alone JAI

    At first i really thought it was kwangsoo LOL too much similarities

  • Paul Adrian Avecilla
    Paul Adrian Avecilla

    When the PD said rotten zucchini, I already know that it's kwangsoo!

  • lusi

    lmao rotten zucchini

  • Trex 33
    Trex 33

    Plz give a full video at youtube

  • Rubiah Yahaya
    Rubiah Yahaya

    Pity Lee Kwang soo..rotten zucchini Awesome Kim Jong Kook..

  • Wai Yee
    Wai Yee

    1:18刑eduction 特PARTA KOOK his Sharp eyes is amazing子ol actually the guy look totally unlike the face in the picture but 疲e still can immediately search him out胼毋休

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na

    Lee Kwang Soo 歹(ST)

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man

    Zucchini not pumpkin as it says in the thumbnail

  • bobby hardika
    bobby hardika

    1:32 Ahhh... Gary's vj still there. Where is everyone else?! Kwon Ryul, Ki Jin, Sung Yong, Yoo Suk?! It's very hard to notice those legendary vj since last year. Honestly speaking. Somehow i think some of them got replaced.

    • bobby hardika
      bobby hardika

      @Lady Leia i know that fact tho. those vj's are not the employee of the broadcasting company like sbs, mbc, kbs, etc. they all working under one company only. and this company provide all these vj's to every broadcast station. that's why you can see them in another shows as well.

    • Lady Leia
      Lady Leia

      Sung Oh is Sechans VJ now. For other VJs, theyre still there too, but they also took jobs on other shows so you can see them in another variety show as well

    • salindream

      @Lance Damolo Owh. The sub describe him as PD. No wonder... Because it is so out of his expertise from being a VJ to PD. If he is camera director, then it make sense.

    • Lance Damolo
      Lance Damolo

      @salindream he is not a pd in sixth sense. Kwon ryeol is a camera director of sixth sense. Thats why the angles of the videos in the first episode of sixth sense is very very close as running man

    • bobby hardika
      bobby hardika

      @salindreamare u serious?! i mean from VJ to PD?! dang!!! what a career for him!! damn!!! hahahah....

  • Tegar Alaju
    Tegar Alaju

    I miss chul min producer, his voice is the best

    • 1234aaaa100

      watch his new variety show the sixth sense. cast members- yjs, jsm, jessi, onr

    • 20 072_Wikal Sulistia Dwi Putra
      20 072_Wikal Sulistia Dwi Putra

      Nanti juga terbiasa. Dulu sy juga aneh dengar pd chul min, karena terbiasa dengan suara pd jo.

  • Invisibility Boost
    Invisibility Boost

    I don't know its just me or not , but somin is so pretty :>

    • hunny_ b
      hunny_ b

      right?? she's getting prettier every ep

  • Sonozaki Raitou
    Sonozaki Raitou

    Kjk deduction

  • Sclarter

    When he said face like a zucchini, somehow i immedietly knew it was kwang soo, lol

    • Wan Muhammad Ikram
      Wan Muhammad Ikram

      Right.. it was like when Pd said that the face is like a rotten zucchini, kwang soo's face was the one that come out of my mind...hahaha it was hilarious

    • Amira Zeinelabdin
      Amira Zeinelabdin

      Same!! I immediately knew it was Kwangsoo

  • M S
    M S

    When they start sketching i knew it was Kwangsoo. LOL

    • Loisel Eunice
      Loisel Eunice

      Same sis

    • bonny smilefifteen
      bonny smilefifteen

      @Cornelius Abercrombie

    • bonny smilefifteen
      bonny smilefifteen

      @Cornelius Abercrombie 鉊鉊晤鉆鉊丞腺

    • Maria Santoro
      Maria Santoro

      same lol

    • Nirvana Lama
      Nirvana Lama

      Lol, and he was the one who felt bad for guessing who it is. Typical Kwangsoo. 不

  • u100me

    What a brilliant way for the pd to find the exact word to describe Kwangsoo "a rotten zucchini" 不不不

  • Dan Lee
    Dan Lee

    4:48 shes cute

  • Sakura Haruno
    Sakura Haruno

    I knew it was kwangsoo when the pd said "rotten zucchini"