[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] JINYOUNG, "Thank You So Much" the true heart❤❤ (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] JINYOUNG, "Thank You So Much" the true heart❤❤ (ENG SUB)
JINYOUNG sisters' tears
Telling the honest feelings
[Seoul Broadcasting System]
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    Who’s that man that was crying with them?

  • Joe bo
    Joe bo

    Imagine being a worker walking in on them both crying after you made them their noodle

  • Red hot pepper
    Red hot pepper

    They are so natural, sincere, kind, funny and always show their true feelings. Love watching them together. Plus their dogs especially dust 🤭🤭

  • Wong Mr
    Wong Mr


  • doma who?
    doma who?

    Life is hard and I am happy that they have each other to lean on 👍🏻

  • Aydee Arredondo
    Aydee Arredondo

    Lovely sister bond 💕

  • Maid Sama03
    Maid Sama03

    I became there fan from know on the big sister is funny and kind how nice to have a big sister like her

  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit

    괜잖아요...울지마요... 알아요 정말 많은 사람들이 얼마나 밝고 생각이 곧고 두 자매 가족 사랑이 얼마나 보기 좋은데요. 세상 그렇지 못한 사람들이 부러워서 그런거예요!!

  • lost in illusion
    lost in illusion

    sunyoung, don't cry :((

  • Namala Lillian
    Namala Lillian

    This had me tearing

  • Fresh face rockzzz
    Fresh face rockzzz

    jpflow.info/sun/bideo/lGSOZ4On052koYU.html Nice 👍

  • Shena Mae
    Shena Mae

    I want a sister like her 🥺

  • ASTRO is Lifeu
    ASTRO is Lifeu

    Their so lovely I love themಥ_ಥ♥

  • Ellis Kim
    Ellis Kim

    is sunyoung adopted btw? she doesnt really look korean to me? they’re the cutest sisters tho ❤️

    • Connie Kim
      Connie Kim

      No she's not adopted

  • isntshelovely yyy
    isntshelovely yyy

    Let us always be kind with our words.everyone of us hav its own struggles and problems.lets cheer up each other instead.💚

  • Aishah Uzihan
    Aishah Uzihan

    i just love both of them ❤️🤬🤟

  • Aimee 에이미 Reyes
    Aimee 에이미 Reyes

    Sisters ❤️

  • 로 라
    로 라

    Who's the guy with the glasses he is so adorable

  • Melody Lyn
    Melody Lyn

    Can you see how kind-hearted Sunyoung is ? She’s really beautiful too, she may be fat, but she’s soooo beautiful. Just wait until she gets the ideal body shape, people will be speechless !

  • I U
    I U

    This is true real sisters . Don't get all suffer inside.

  • DreamBeauty

    Aghh god bless them since I watched this show they have been my favourite so far and I love them.so much I cried with them when I watched this so hearttouching ❤❤❤❤👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • sitiazizah sadikon
    sitiazizah sadikon

    I can understand both of them. This episod is sad.

  • itamae

    The thing i hate about majority of knetz or netz in general is they're quick to judge and never realize all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. People like jinyoungs sister work just as hard sometimes sure they might not be on stage singing or dancing but do people really think idols or singers really prepare everything themselves?!? Like no... they have make up artists, stylists, drivers ect. Like i can keep going. Its a whole team effort everyone works hard.

  • chrysanthemumtea

    i'm glad that jinyoung told her sister to lose weight bc of her health

  • laila exo
    laila exo

    I have a sister, we're so close, i can totally relate

  • BarkerFamily Farms
    BarkerFamily Farms

    I’m a over weight lady as well and have Been loosing so I can be here for along time for my family. I know your struggles. I don’t know you personally. But love you and respect you so much. I love watching y’all., be blessed.

  • Nini

    It's not easy to lose weight so I understand her

  • theSingingChef Noelle
    theSingingChef Noelle

    I love these two. They are the reason for each other success. Both very beautiful inside and out

  • newbie becca
    newbie becca

    Why do I only see English comments. Hello international fans like me.

  • Aira Rukawa
    Aira Rukawa

    They could hire a lawyer and file charges to those haters. Like what IU and Heechul are doing.

    • Aira Rukawa
      Aira Rukawa

      @Carolyn White true that.

    • Carolyn White
      Carolyn White

      Aira Rukawa On top of the companies, TV stations should take their fair share of responsibility. The way they edited the videos caused misunderstandings and thereby leading to hate comments for the celebs. They covered this on that last program Sulli was on before she passed. And I think Jang Doyeon, the comedian, said on one occasion I did what I was told by the PD but I got all the hates... yet celebs can't sue the tv stations for obvious reasons... so dealing with haters is a complex matter all in all in Korea.

    • Aira Rukawa
      Aira Rukawa

      @Carolyn White true. Some reflects but others play the victim and attack the celeb again. Hopefully the idols company will take a stance. Numerous of people already died due to suicide

    • Carolyn White
      Carolyn White

      Aira Rukawa hopefully they did reflect and not laugh it off at the end of the day... then again there isn't much celebs can do apart from legal actions.

    • Aira Rukawa
      Aira Rukawa

      @Carolyn White at least she had made actions. Hopefully more celebrities will take the mantle. Even if that's a 100, those people will still go to court and reflect there.

  • Mary Rose Martin
    Mary Rose Martin

    Being the eldest, taking care of your sisters /brothers is the best thing that you can do. And I'm sure you won't regret it... #Ilovemysisters

  • Nad Ella
    Nad Ella

    Pls guys . Stop give mean comment to them. Even to jin young sister . She is support his little sister very well. Even she willing to show herself in this show because of jin young too. So pls stop judge her look. Or even rude to them. No. Pls stop that

  • braatszn

    im not cryin- 😖

  • Donna mali
    Donna mali

    Is that the dad?

    • GanjiStyle

      Lol naw, he's the guest for that week~ he's an actor

  • Ngaoshalon Xiong
    Ngaoshalon Xiong

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 6:08

    • Kintoli Awomi
      Kintoli Awomi

      It's The moon represents my heart by hong jin young❤

  • v22u

    Sun Young is a wonderful and kind person to watch over her sister like she did and does!

  • Me' Lyric
    Me' Lyric

    I'm sorry ... But why people badmouth to her ? I watched her from the beginning , but nothing is wrong with her ... Why ? What is wrong with that people ? Sick .

  • Nur Nadia
    Nur Nadia

    this is the saddest scene aaa i love to see them so much 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Bea Laine Dollesin
    Bea Laine Dollesin


  • AgehaLady

    i'm crying because i can relate with them so much. i don't have sister but i have a wonderful young brother who always support me whenever i need someone to rely on. Without him i would be sooo depressed. He even stopped me from taking suicide 3 years ago because i felt that life was too hard and i couldn't take it anymore. Yet he has never asked for the returns. His kindness helps me a lot and i feel grateful for him. Because of him, now i have at least one reason to live : to be the one who can support him whenever he needs me....

    • Bax Tom
      Bax Tom

      Hey i dont know who you are,i dont know where you came from and i dont know your age,...but i just wanted to say tht im so sorry to hear tht,...and i wanted to say *may God bless you* hope you keep smile,stay healthy and enjoy your days,...i personally wanted to know more abt tht story of yours and i wanted to know more abt you but you dont have to if you dont feel like to😁

  • Girindra Wardani
    Girindra Wardani

    I am getting jealous whenever I see Hong sister. I wanna have this kind of relationship w/ my older brother 😭 Sorry for bad grammar.

  • Mon Liq
    Mon Liq

    The song at the end made this video more sad

  • wontaks

    just curious, what does sunyoung do as a living?

  • Yi

    I am envious of their sisterhood.

  • Yus & Sya
    Yus & Sya

    Her sister is funny lol.it just im kinda worry of her health.when she reduce weight before,she is pretty

  • Asiyat Erkenova
    Asiyat Erkenova

    I’m sorry I know nothing about a singer sister, but I fall in love with a chubby one. She is my favorite forever

  • Chloe Maro
    Chloe Maro

    다들 언니 의 직업 을 궁금하는 뿐인거 같은데요. 나이 도 있는데 뭘 하는 사람인지 공개 를 안 하니까 설마 동생 이 번 돈으로 생활을 하고 있나 싶어서. 일반 인데 티비에 출연 하고 있으니. 그래서 관련어에 직업이 있다고 생각한다.

  • Bruce Bayne
    Bruce Bayne

    Damn that hit me in the feels. Really nice to see the 2 of them getting along without making fun of each other

  • Lim Kai Enn
    Lim Kai Enn

    To think that people would criticize and ostracize such a genuine woman, it's crazy how even the most uplifting people in the world would get put down like that....

  • Simply_Yeri T.
    Simply_Yeri T.

    Omg I hope they both do know that they are loved by many!!! They have the best relationship as sisters!! They have brought joy and laughters to so many of us! I just want them to know that they are beautiful inside and out! 🥺😭😭💖

  • XoIbMaRlox

    Sunyoung is so kind. Taking care of her sister through all these years, waiting by the sidelines, not greedy for the attention and glory. She just supports from the background, cheering her sister on. She honestly touched my heart, not many people are like that anymore

  • Kathy Tan
    Kathy Tan

    Hong sisters are the best !!!

  • PrettyYoung Savage27
    PrettyYoung Savage27

    I love these too and love they have such a tight bond, it reminds me of me and my sisters the three of us and how they too have always took great care of me and looked after me when I younger and as I became older they had their own lives but somehow made out time for me no matter what happened and I to can definitely understand how and what they feel, thank you to the producers and directors for posting this than you and to both. Hong JIn young and Sun Hong young we your fans all love you

  • Evalyn Joyce Abao
    Evalyn Joyce Abao

    I love the bond of these two sisters. Very inspiring

  • NorAin Glidewell
    NorAin Glidewell

    Does anybody know what is the title of the song that was played near the ending?

    • NorAin Glidewell
      NorAin Glidewell

      Ode K thank you so much 😊

    • Ode K
      Ode K

      I'm pretty sure it's Jinyoung's cover of The Moon Represents My Heart: jpflow.info/sun/bideo/dGSQpIGhrGelrJs.html

  • Miuven

    Sunyoung has such a beautiful heart

  • Blue Flower
    Blue Flower

    me crying before they even cry T-T

  • jhlove82

    lot of people had the idea that her sister was lazy & living off her , but she’s basically the one doing all the back work & running things while jin young was training.

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    This was just so special.

  • Hafiz hez
    Hafiz hez

    Argh it make me feel hurt sometime but i can feel it from my heart also i cried cause that

  • Janine Aiko
    Janine Aiko

    Well i think.. if her Unni given a chance to be a singer.. she would be a successful one... especially she have the voice and talent..

  • DT N
    DT N

    hater hating them cause hater have bad relationship and they are jelous

  • mochisoph

    Gosh i love them so much

  • Alex Yrene
    Alex Yrene

    Love conquers everything

  • Maria

    I would have suffered from depression if it weren't for you, those words hit hard

  • Ettadlaoui ennour Zoulfa
    Ettadlaoui ennour Zoulfa

    your relationship is the best example for others who does not get it they may not experience something like that and by the way i like your big sister the most

  • dubu13

    사람들이 다 그래... 티비에 한번 본다고 잘 아는 척 하면서 판단하고 그러는거야. 일반적이니까 너무 신경 안 쓰이면 좋겠어요~ 화이팅!

  • Bramble Berry
    Bramble Berry

    Why i got teary eyed suddenly???! Thank goodness this 2 made me love them more! I hope there could be chance for them to come and have concert here in Philippines.❤

  • G R.
    G R.

    Made me miss my sisters EXTREMELY much. They're all married and have their own lives now. When we get together we make a long lists of things we want to eat, go grocery shopping together, and feast endlessly and get food coma together. After a movie or two we'll talk all through the night until the morning. Always be grateful and thankful for all your blessings. ❤

  • Dipti Mehta 12C 37
    Dipti Mehta 12C 37

    Please stay happy u both r great example of sisters.

  • Stephen Mahilum
    Stephen Mahilum

    I love this

  • fg account
    fg account

    this is why i love Hong sister 💙 I love their relationship, they bicker all the time but their love for each other is so pure. ❤️

  • wonder woman
    wonder woman

    This is so sad .nobody deserve to be criticized bcoz the way they r living..kpop netizens are the worst for this kind of things..🥺🥺🥺

    • Cynthia A.
      Cynthia A.

      Andrea JustAndrea doesn’t matter. you get her point

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea

      She’s not a kpop idol...

  • Ohana Ohana
    Ohana Ohana

    She is every siblings wish to have as an older sister... I envy Jinyoung having a great sister like her 😭

  • green green
    green green


  • alya __
    alya __

    i want to cry look this video😕😭

  • Andres Kim
    Andres Kim

    She(Jinyoung) just want her sister to lose weight not because she doesn't like her but because it will benefit for her sister too, she might have a hard time and die early which I hope not and to live with her for a long time, that's a SISTER'S LOVE❤️❤️

  • Chuba /
    Chuba /

    Life is really pityful and unfair but remember tat tis life u have got is the only life u will ever have so love your family and your friends . Don't hold grudges cuz it's really not worth it and try to be positive as much as possible. Live a Happy life ❤️

  • Siti Aisyah
    Siti Aisyah

    They mom must be proud to them.. They really sweet together...❤️❤️❤️ No need to discribe how close they are...

  • ez22009

    Good to see siblings taking care of each other.. it's always a tough world

  • Pama Lavea
    Pama Lavea

    This is rhe best siblings ppl bad mouth them nothing breaks their bond their mum always say SY is like the 2nd mum.ro JY more success to you both

  • Elise Vong
    Elise Vong


  • I'm your Avocado
    I'm your Avocado

    Stop cutting onions.

  • Daily life
    Daily life

    Is time to live separately when you get married. That's part of life. 😩😩. Like if you agreed with me.

  • Siti Najihah
    Siti Najihah

    Their mom is so lucky. They have such a strong bond

  • SW123 N
    SW123 N

    Love sunyoung more

  • SW123 N
    SW123 N

    So sorry that I commented that her sister is bad to jinyoung maybe we just judge and see one sided didn't see the full picture of their relationship, should be hard for her

    • Shu Naim
      Shu Naim

      So proud of you too to admit this eventho maybe not everyone notice you judge before. Its okay, everyone should be able to improve themselves to be a better person ❤️

    • flazé dam
      flazé dam

      Kudos to u admitting your wrongs....we can all work towards not judging people quickly and reacting immediately...

  • Kris anne Gamana
    Kris anne Gamana

    🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 i love this ladies

  • Godzilla SG
    Godzilla SG

    Oh my I hate sad talk My eye is wet abit ardy 💞💕💞💕💞💕 My mind came out a song Name: forever love, chinese singer Wang li hong Forever sister love 💝💝💝

  • Rebeka Silviana
    Rebeka Silviana

    was this their last episode?

  • hanifah triari husna
    hanifah triari husna

    Who's crying like me? 😭😭

  • Dana Choi
    Dana Choi

    Their sister relationship is so tight. Honestly people stop leaving hate comments pls!!!! Stop judging others !!!!!

  • Hobi-hobs

    their relationship is so envious, supporting and loving each other all the time. you don't often see siblings who will act selflessly like them. it makes me so mad when I see people thoughtlessly leave mean comments to suyoung. she's such a sweetheart

  • nonabucin

    Who's crying with them? ofc its me 🥺 I really love their relationship🥺❤

    • Aniey Hayat
      Aniey Hayat


  • rauna khai
    rauna khai

    THAT SOOO CUTEEEE...if i talk to my sibling like that ..they were just like 'did you finally lost your mind'...WHYYYYY!?...😂

    • Silvac ELF
      Silvac ELF

      hahahha, so truee!!

  • Anjerrica Sembrano
    Anjerrica Sembrano

    the mom really raised them right!

  • Hannah Gante
    Hannah Gante

    This is literally so heartwarming

  • trinideena

    Koreans need to back the hell off and let this lovely woman breathe. Most of them are jealous anyway

  • lastdusk

    Sunyoung is such a good sister, no doubt❤️ I hope she can change her way of thinking and live a healthier lifestyle. I'm struggling to do so too so cheer for all of us who are experiencing the same struggle!

  • Kotak Romantikata
    Kotak Romantikata

    Who is cut the onion here, omo