[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] Hit the World Boxing Champion!!😱😱 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] Hit the World Boxing Champion!!😱😱 (ENG SUB)
Ep. 132
Hit only ONCE!!
Members vs World Champ

[Seoul Broadcasting System]
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  • Pamela Ramírez
    Pamela Ramírez

    Really hate that comment the UFC guy said "is it okay if I fight with her?" like as if she was weak...... really disappointing comment

  • Soe Thinzar Htet
    Soe Thinzar Htet

    Cute eunwoo😂😂💜

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman

    Good VIbes

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman


  • 채성임


  • Tainá Andrade
    Tainá Andrade

    anyone that practice martial arts can see that she's the one holding back

  • Firdaus Rahim
    Firdaus Rahim

    Blessed those guys, they're really a great gentleman

    • gthanavi

      The misogynist jumped out

    • Bella Noor
      Bella Noor

      she is the one who went easy on them she is a professional waooo misogynist

  • Karebear

    What a baddie! She’s such a great instructor too. Boxing is an amazing workout and it’s too bad people in Korea are not into it.

  • leasamimee

    Oh She's a North Korean (defected) originally. As per wiki...Choi Hyun-Mi (Korean: 최현미; born November 7, 1990) is a South Korean female professional boxer. She is a two-weight world champion, having held the WBA female super-featherweight title since 2014 and previously the WBA female featherweight title from 2008 to 2013.[2]

  • Siti Adam
    Siti Adam

    Senior male actors havin to protect their gentlemanly reputation and did their best to not hit a woman. Even tho it's a super strong and legit boxer.


    She so pretty and hot 😍😍😍😍

  • irene reveluv
    irene reveluv

    lol at all the misogynists in the comment section who cant believe that their oppar couldn't win over a world champion and believe that they were holding back when she was the one holding back

  • Edmond Herrera
    Edmond Herrera

    Wait so theyre only allowed jabs but she gets to do straights?

  • Jocelyn Magallon
    Jocelyn Magallon

    hahaha seung gi is so funny

  • fake love
    fake love

    waaah i dont know cha eun woo join masinhoz. next i will watch them . and where is sang hoo and other older hyung?

  • Huang Zai
    Huang Zai

    Love the show!

  • Beenthere

    "Are you fine? I have a strong punch." "It wasn't... it was fine." Lmao i love herr!!! Also, the misogynists in the comments who can't take that their favs couldn't land a punch on a pro boxer and are acting like they went easy on her because she's a woman when in fact she was the one who went easy on them till Donghyun... are so funny 😁

    • Tiffany

      She was going so easy on them! She specifically said "only jabs" when that looked a lot like a hook and she still accepted it so they can feel like they won. And that was too easy of a bait for her to be fooled 😜 The audacity of him asking "Are you fine?" was honestly hilarious

  • Nita108 Nata
    Nita108 Nata

    I hope you can invite the wushu world champion from Korea as a master.

  • Skinny Hands
    Skinny Hands

    I think eunwoo had the best overall movement in the ring.

  • S L
    S L

    Lee Seung Gi couldn’t hit her coz he knows not to because she looked tired... such a gentleman ❤️

  • S L
    S L

    Aww poor Lee Seung Gi... he couldn’t even get a hit lmao

  • Thuy Nguyen
    Thuy Nguyen

    is there a new episode every week if yes then where can i watch. sorry im new to this.

    • Marie Eel
      Marie Eel

      it's aired on sbs once a week or every Sunday...

    • Marie Eel
      Marie Eel

      u can watch it on viu apps or dramacool...

  • Dawn

    Cha Eun Woo, just wait for Yook Sungjae. I think the both of you could be a perfect duo. I can't wait for that moment.🤣

    • Rock Moon Star
      Rock Moon Star

      @Arda Normm no, eunwoo is two years younger than sungjae :D

    • Arda Normm
      Arda Normm

      Imagine if eun woo married that boxing girl does korea fans will go crazy

    • Arda Normm
      Arda Normm

      They are same age right

  • Juliette Ndala
    Juliette Ndala

    Ils ont tous pris une raclée c'est pas parceque c'est une femme 🤣🤣🤣

  • mrsbatres1

    Eunwoo don’t want hit her how sweet.

  • Jennifer Ni
    Jennifer Ni

    ❤ miss you LSG 😊

  • Carrie _S
    Carrie _S

    Why does it have to be Eunwoo to try first in every challenge? hahaha.. I always notice it. Suenggi you are so cute and funny inside the ring.

  • Anton Ponsalan
    Anton Ponsalan

    I like manny pacquiao to be guest in here, I hope so and that would be surely “Lit”.

    • Anton Ponsalan
      Anton Ponsalan

      Vine Villalba yah it’s so funny🤣

    • Vine Villalba
      Vine Villalba

      Reminds me of his guesting in INFINITE CHALLENGE 😂

  • jake liu
    jake liu

    한국분 손

  • Mey Haqim
    Mey Haqim

    Korean is very good at pumping their self.everything is world champiom.😆

    • A

      en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choi_Hyun-mi She is indeed a two time world champion, suffering 0 defeat. Strong

  • fuad iqbal
    fuad iqbal

    I suppose it's unfair for master Choi when it comes to stamina , Dong Hyun should be the first sparring partner bcs Hyun is also a fighter

    • Lawrence Cantiller
      Lawrence Cantiller

      Tiffany work on you feminist ass replying to every comment here saying she let them win lol

    • Tiffany

      @Lawrence Cantiller Work on your reading comprehension because I already stated before that he is capable of doing that. Under the conditions of the show, he couldn't jab her. Y'all be calling him humble as if it was a real match in which only he held back.

    • Lawrence Cantiller
      Lawrence Cantiller

      Tiffany coz your feminist ass needs to understand between couldn’t jab her and did not jab her

    • Tiffany

      @Lawrence Cantiller And she also tried to keep it interesting by letting him win 🤷‍♀️. He didn't and couldn't jab her in this "match" here. Come on now. You're just making me repeat myself.

    • Lawrence Cantiller
      Lawrence Cantiller

      Tiffany dong hyun kim tried to make it entertaining, so you are telling me a natural male welterweight who trains mma and has a long reach was not able to jab her? Okay lol

  • Priya Gopal
    Priya Gopal

    I honestly feel like dong hyun is really a great person..!!

  • Vien DO
    Vien DO

    i swear this show is getting better each sunday! im enjoying all the contents!

  • Vien DO
    Vien DO

    eunwoo’s face is too small for the headgear^^ i prefer to see his handsome face but please dont hit it^^ hehe his brothers are really funny, they wont switch with him at first, hahahaha!

  • Awkward Guy
    Awkward Guy

    I wanna see this girl against the running man old cast

    • Ralte V
      Ralte V

      I dont know what ya'll are talking about? The Running man members are still very nimble. Watch episode 522 you'll see that they still have their skill especially Haha, jaesuk and Jongkook.

    • suwat s
      suwat s

      izudin que strong but very slow, back in the day, he was super fast!

    • Izzy Folau
      Izzy Folau

      @Arda Normm he is still strong just not as strong as before.

    • Arda Normm
      Arda Normm

      suwat s what you mean kim jong kook is still strong until today even age 40+++

    • suwat s
      suwat s

      And KJK was not in his prime anymore, back then it was fun watching those weak members tried to win over him

  • Aileen

    I hope she get the sponsors she deserves. She's a world champion so of course they should be intimidated but I'm sure Dong Hyun, Seung Gi and Sung Rok were also holding back a little because they are gentlemans. Not much hope for Se Hyeong and Eunwoo though 😂

    • Hello Kitty
      Hello Kitty

      But the master praises Eunwoo for flicking(?) very much (I can't remember the exact term plus I'm not good in English)

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    hehehe seung gi is so cute running away...

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    seung gi is afraid to hit or jab someone thinking he might be able to hurt her/ him.

  • Lorraine Lolong
    Lorraine Lolong

    HAHAHA Eunwoo you re too cute HAHA no one wants to switch with him 😂😂 you guys cool 😆

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    Seung Gi was definitely just acting for the sake of Comedy.

    • Izzy Folau
      Izzy Folau

      @rocky road what the hell are you taking about? when the hell did you mention the trending word to me?. oh and whats wrong with your obsession towards trending and views. 😂 oh for the krav . someone with more information did tell you about it. of course seunggi train for it but have he ever experienced a real life combat ? i dont think so. like i said before, just because you like him doesn't mean everything that he does doesn't have a flaw. dumbass? that's all? haha. you just making yourself look like a fool.

    • rocky road
      rocky road

      @Jay Lui this is not just thw simple krav maga that you will learn from instructors bt it was elevated by many versions in western countries. And this is an army base kmaga that is design to kill and more brutal. www.kravmaga.com/krav-maga-belt-system/#:~:text=The%20six%20belts%20in%20the,Level%205)%2C%20and%20Black.

    • rocky road
      rocky road

      @Jay Lui lol what level of krav maga did u learn.? because there are many levels to it. And we just ignore the fact the lee seung gi is a special force. If he can endure the pain of the trainings. He can received those punches.. This is a variety show remember.

    • Jay Lui
      Jay Lui

      @rocky road training self defense, krav maga is cool but as my krav maga coach says "most of the people know the moves but never experience a fight" so every week we have simulation class (aka class where you only fight). Krav maga is a good combat sport but like every combat sport if you don't fight you can't fight

    • rocky road
      rocky road

      @Izzy Folau bla bla... you have seen that his performance again is trending yesterday. And you cant respond to the meaning of the word trending" and now you're here spouting nonsense. HE IS A SPECIAL ACTION FORCE.. IF HE CAN TAKE A KRAV MAGA training that is considered as the most deadly martial arts. For sure he can take a punch as well.. well you're here because again you lack common sense that this is a variety show dumbass.

  • Andi Brown
    Andi Brown

    I think this was harder for the guys because she's a woman and they subconsciously don't want to hit a woman even though they want to win.

    • Nizam

      @Nunu predict movement yes, but boxers also have a very high reflex to avoid punches. They couldn't hit her because they afraid to get counter. Except for Dong Hyun, all these guys are celebrities so they had to care of their face and they probably never even spar

    • Nunu

      Factual statements, you can be a World Champ all you want, but you’re bound to get hit no matter what. Boxers are trained to predict movement, not see it, only few boxers can see the punch coming, and those are the highest paying Boxers aka Floyd, Canelo, Manny Pac, etc. Don’t get me wrong though, she’s a good boxer, but you can’t just sit there and tell me in this whole segment they just couldn’t hit her lol. Even the cast member is a MMA fighter, and he subconsciously didn’t wanna hit her. And if you watch this show, they’ve gotten trained before to actually know how to throw a punch and not a scratch like how they did here.

    • Nizam

      Nah man, they just afraid to get hit. Except for Dong Hyun. He obviously holding back a lot because he also professional fighter

    • Izzy Folau
      Izzy Folau

      @Andi Brown well she's world champion. even though the cast are all guy they need some skills to land a punch or hurt her.

    • Andi Brown
      Andi Brown

      @Arora Aurora I know but she's still a woman.

  • Sikkie ram
    Sikkie ram

    hahahaha waaaa eunwoo a gentleman😊

  • Shen Cai
    Shen Cai

    HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Khairul Syaban
    Muhammad Khairul Syaban

    Gak ada sub Indonesia nya

    • We Meet Again People
      We Meet Again People

      Ada di viu bg

    • setia NK
      setia NK


  • The Baobabs
    The Baobabs

    I truly believe that Eun didn't want to fight with her not because she isn't stong but because he is a man.

    • ***Jintaekook ***
      ***Jintaekook ***

      EY EY yep. Choi Hyun-mi is her name.

    • The Baobabs
      The Baobabs

      Ysa A softie?😂😂😂😂I don’t think so that’s what the program want you to believe.

    • Lovi

      nah, eun woo is really a softie

    • Mohd Rafae
      Mohd Rafae

      @EY EY in some class, not sure which weight class tho..

    • EY EY
      EY EY

      @Mohd Rafae is she a world champion ? I thought shes only a champion ?

  • Bouya

    Damn she's hot. lol

  • Ace_ Ziel
    Ace_ Ziel

    Me after watching lee sung gi at 4:01. Its just a two thing. He is being very gentleman with the girl or Vagabond is a scam.

    • Jocelyn Magallon
      Jocelyn Magallon


    • A

      She attacked him more fiercely than the previous ones. She was starting to get tired, so she became serious I think it was genuine

    • rocky road
      rocky road

      Seung gi knows krav maga. lol and he is a special force

    • Marie Eel
      Marie Eel

      😂😂😂seung gi is too cute...

    • Semangka03

      Variety show of course. Seung Gi is an ex special forces soldier. I doubt he can't do boxing but the girl is a professional world champion. Who wouldn't get scared?

  • Loc

    5:18 the girl still win, the rule is only to use jab. But it's a hook

    • Harry Chua
      Harry Chua

      she is the one who calls "he got her," bc after he knocks her with the first blow, he could have easily followed up with jab considering she is running out of energy, still, no point to let him do so just to win, because it just a casual match for entertainment, so he wins bc is her call

    • Dinosaur

      @david chang The rule from what they set was that if they(the men) could land a jab at the boxer(woman). Which is a no-win proposition if you ask me because it is almost impossible to dodge every attack. Edit: forgot to mention that there is a time limit of 5 minutes,

    • david chang
      david chang

      Didn’t she use a cross so it didn’t matter

    • Dinosaur

      @Bouya The OP isn't nitpicking, they themselves in the video established the rules. If you land a successful Jab you win, the punch landed was a hook so it is within his right to point it out plus he wasn't complaining or anything, he was just as i said pointing it out and there's no problem in doing that.

    • Bouya

      They just playing, come on now. if he's serious he can jab her the entire time instead of just avoiding

  • Duane Angeles
    Duane Angeles

    She’s kinda hot btw

    • Soteria Parthenopaeus
      Soteria Parthenopaeus

      @Rad One shes beautiful

    • Adriana Bonifaz
      Adriana Bonifaz

      kinda?? she is just hot

    • MissGourmandeFr

      Especially when she smiles

    • Dontbe Octopus
      Dontbe Octopus

      Jennie lookalike

    • Claudia lopes
      Claudia lopes

      @Rad One what do u mean??

  • runarune

    "Bump whoever you want to switch with" *Eun Woo came over to bump them "No no no, thank you!" 😂