Ep. 137
The last two to rescue...
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  • Ratna Sari
    Ratna Sari

    give eunwoo action film please

  • Nur Siti Holilah
    Nur Siti Holilah

    Thank You for Subtitle Indonesia 🤣 Sarange 🥰

  • fitri gang1234
    fitri gang1234

    daebak, i like it ...

  • hủ nữ candy
    hủ nữ candy

    Cha eun woo so hansome ❤🙆‍♀️

  • Zia Mahilum
    Zia Mahilum

    That back music from LOL Cinematic Video hahahahahaha

  • Aisha Muftau
    Aisha Muftau

    the way they acted like is real is killing sk: eunwoo don't die eunwoo falling down,lmao..i wanna cry, they are extra funny

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman


  • Sydney0218 Jay
    Sydney0218 Jay

    What drama is this

  • Elizabeth Rosario
    Elizabeth Rosario

    "4:21" *When someone wants free PayPal Cash, only use **pploncash.xyz* They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

  • mohannah palao
    mohannah palao

    hmmm i can smell that eunwoo next project will like thisss

  • mohannah palao
    mohannah palao

    hmmm i can smell that eunwoo next project will like thisss

  • Marcia Indriani
    Marcia Indriani

    it feels like Im watching watching Cha Dal Geon saving kidnapped Ki Tae Woong in a battlefield 🔫🔫

  • Jennifer Ni
    Jennifer Ni

    ❤️ miss you LSG 😊

  • Helen Gremio
    Helen Gremio

    Baby Eunwoo don't die..we love you.💜💜💜 good job baby Eunwoo!💪🔫

  • Yoon Nique
    Yoon Nique

    Seungi is really amazing

  • LJ

    5:40I hear it as “Oh Cha Dal Geon! I knew you’d save me.”

  • LJ

    Okay. Now we just need Go Hae Ri and this becomes vagabond season 2. Eunwoo is Cha Dal Geon’s new friend.

  • Lynn

    Seung Gi is a real ace shooter. Except when he was trying to protect himself while charges, he gave only two shots everytime he aims the target. Bravo Seungiyaahh

  • R. Amalia
    R. Amalia

    Remind me slightly of my organisation... The training is all about teamwork, saving friends, take responsibility, and it's all so confusing for me as coordinator. I can see this kind of training is just not so me😂

  • Lynn

    I enjoyed this episode so much! Good teamwork. Lee Seung Gi soooo😍😍😍

  • christine pahulu
    christine pahulu

    I Love how this show allows eunwoo to get these different experiences before he actually experiences some of the real ones soon

  • Настя Пушкина
    Настя Пушкина

    Сынги просто как всегда огонь. Такие роли ему очень подходят. Жду 2 сезон бродяги♥️

  • Petra Lopez
    Petra Lopez

    Good job👌👏😘❤️

  • Na Jaemin
    Na Jaemin

    lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Talita Lemes
    Talita Lemes

    Seunggi 😍❤❤

  • Noell Andrews
    Noell Andrews

    Looked like great fun for those guys!

  • elza gitaa
    elza gitaa

    This is soooo exciting.. I want to play something like this

  • Imma CallYouOut
    Imma CallYouOut

    Some of you might have forgotten. Seungi is a true sharpshooter, it was proven on an earlier episode of master in the house. He won the olympic medalists personal gun for being so good

  • Marcia Steluto
    Marcia Steluto

    Abre todas as legendas por favor kkkkkkkkkkk 🙏😘

  • Jacklyne Ong
    Jacklyne Ong

    CEW, take care. Because he thinks he knows me very well. I am also trading online luxurious watches. When I drive, I eat my organic bar chocolate. No laa, I like her alot. We don't have unresolved heart issues. Only that part in the beginning she prefers a caucasian dil but bkth prefers asian chinese. I would like to serve and take care of her like my own mother, I will filial her but

  • murilloyenyendarla


  • Bvbbly_.Rblx.Dino_Nuggies

    eunwoo looks so dang handsome .

  • Astro Moments
    Astro Moments

    Vagabond..seungi...woww...good team work...

  • Samidah Ithnin
    Samidah Ithnin

    SSR be like:I will die first😓😹

  • ZyRay

    Salute to LSG 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️♥️♥️

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    I like that they act like true happenings 😂🤣😁

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    Eun woo so proud to him..🥰😍😘

  • Revathimeena

    I like it when ken said time doesn't matter because you all returned together even if they were injured COMRADESHIP

  • Ellen Ellen
    Ellen Ellen

    Very well

  • kinny heenim
    kinny heenim

    I just loved how Eunwoo acted

  • suniti roy
    suniti roy

    Is this real gun or shout

  • jazz03

    the lack of safety is disturbing here... removing headgear, open sides on the face protection, no barrel plugs, not even sure those "masks" are rated for the proper protection from paintballs...

  • ASTRO Guaia
    ASTRO Guaia


    • monkey luffy
      monkey luffy

      @Ralia Noviani search "all the butlers" that the name in viu

    • Ralia Noviani
      Ralia Noviani

      @Samantha Salvatore i was looking for "Master in the house" and i could not find it.....😆.... thx for your advice

    • Samantha Salvatore
      Samantha Salvatore

      @Intan Hardiningsih episode 138

    • Samantha Salvatore
      Samantha Salvatore

      @Ralia Noviani All The Butlers episode 138

    • Intan Hardiningsih
      Intan Hardiningsih


  • Angelica Trino
    Angelica Trino

    This feels like a movie.

  • Neldoy Baclayon
    Neldoy Baclayon


  • Alifya Salsadila
    Alifya Salsadila

    Automatically remember Seung Gi's scenes in Vagabond. Cool

  • Alifya Salsadila
    Alifya Salsadila

    I really want to see Seung Gi in another action drama. He rocks it!!!

    • Alifya Salsadila
      Alifya Salsadila

      @murilloyenyendarla Thanks for the info btw

    • murilloyenyendarla

      soon on his next drama, MOUSE :)

  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0


  • Melanie

    As expected, Seunggi with his excellent leadership skills and combat tactics!

  • Alvina Y
    Alvina Y

    This is why i adore lee seung gi that much!

  • Tika Rahmawati
    Tika Rahmawati

    So funny 😆😆

  • Karen L
    Karen L

    Who got that kind of vibe of Vagabond with seungi 😭😂💖

  • Gimmi zz
    Gimmi zz

    4:12 Seunggi breathing sound is so sexy

    • Gimmi zz
      Gimmi zz

      pearl wheeler did I lie?

    • pearl wheeler
      pearl wheeler

      Gimmi zz I’m sorry what-

  • Aastik Ziman
    Aastik Ziman

    EW :ready for plan B LSG : what is plan B EW : Call suzy for Help backup

  • Hernalyn Gubangco
    Hernalyn Gubangco

    Seung Gi’s Wet look wow. Someone save me 😂😍💙

  • Saiki K
    Saiki K

    me: hand over eun woo or i'll kill this man

  • karen Ruth Bruno Tadeo
    karen Ruth Bruno Tadeo


  • mrsbatres1

    Good job eunwoo you almost made it!!!!!

  • • ༄ᗯᗩᐯᗴ
    • ༄ᗯᗩᐯᗴ

    فديته بس الخقهه موجود عااااتاااالاااااااالالاللاالالا😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕

    • • ༄ᗯᗩᐯᗴ
      • ༄ᗯᗩᐯᗴ

      @world wide cutie girl يس

    • world wide cutie girl
      world wide cutie girl

      قصدك اونو صح

  • runarune

    007 Seung Gi and Yoomes Bond show their skill in long range shooting this week 👏👏 Wanna see them team up again either in this or the other show.

  • ZAstrayZ

    Even if this is a variety program, the #1 rule is not to remove your safety gear especially face mask when the shooting is still ongoing. The producers have to watch out for their artists' safety and insist that all safety gear to remain on till cease fire is declared. 3:50 Eun Woo removed his mask after getting hit. 4:59 Watch how Eun Woo cower for safety when Suenggi was getting shot at.

  • Aileen

    Seunggi, drenched in sweat.....help me

    • CeeHle G
      CeeHle G

      Everyone for themselves 😍😍😍

  • Danyel Salve
    Danyel Salve

    "Its too late for me" I dunno but I laughed on that part

  • Katie Ha
    Katie Ha

    승기 오빠 👍🏻🥰

  • Richard Ong
    Richard Ong

    This mission will failed if there's no teamwork. Not all soldiers can infiltrate the enemy camp,that is why only those who was on elite forces and those who was trained to be elite can do the mission coz only 1 mistake will lead to casualty and mission failure.

  • Rejean Estiban
    Rejean Estiban

    "Don't get killed trying to save me. Just go."

  • Richard Ong
    Richard Ong

    If vagabond PDS will resume their planning and started to shoot the drama for a new season, They can create a scene where LSG will jump from the helicopter like an airborne soldier.

    • Ghita

      Aww, that would be epic. He had been jumping a lot on the buildings n it's time to level up. Helicopter sounds lit 🔥

    • Dinnar Puspitasari
      Dinnar Puspitasari

      Really, i agree 100% with you. It will be more interesting.


    "THOSE WHO ABANDON THEIR COMRADES ARE WORSE THAN TRASH" - Kakashi my weeb soul is kicking in >

    • Keona Pak
      Keona Pak

      Wait what about Obito?😂😂

    • Mikasa

      Kakashi best man. Levi best boy Mikasa best girl. Naruto best boy. These are the people who have never given up their comrades.

    • prodigypenn

      this has been said by most military units in the west, unfortunately even the best guys don't have a perfect record

  • Hasan A
    Hasan A

    Please Indonesian subtitle

  • Joy Sagadraca
    Joy Sagadraca

    Wow Seunggi❤🤗

  • Sky Summer
    Sky Summer

    Background Song: Warriors by imagine dragon (2014 LoL Worlds Championship song )

  • Urifah kinnan
    Urifah kinnan


  • Momo Kukululu
    Momo Kukululu

    Seung gi.. marry me pls 😂😂

  • Letie Sibal
    Letie Sibal

    The Vagabond move 👍👌👏

  • Ara yana88
    Ara yana88

    Selalu memberikan inspirasi kepada kita semua para penontun setianya didalam maupun diluar negri fairing semoga nendapat penghargaan korea antertaiment tahun ini

  • Ara yana88
    Ara yana88

    Master in the hose debak

  • Ghita

    I love the way he leads his team, such a hot reliable manly perfect man ❤

  • Zin Zhong
    Zin Zhong

    As always, we knew Seunggi would exceed our expectations and do an amazing job 😌proud.

  • Azwin Awin
    Azwin Awin

    I know the two can save seung rok😆😆😆

  • Paawni i
    Paawni i

    What is the ge called which they are playing

  • Por-TH 1234
    Por-TH 1234

    Best EP ever >

  • Cindy 0209
    Cindy 0209

    SSR to Seunggi : " I know you would save me" 😭. His leadership and special forces/ vagabond training really shines here.

    • Lynn Thomas
      Lynn Thomas

      Military is a must in S. Korea. I find it amazing to know that those who have served already are trained in some kind of way. They are ready for anything.

    • Catherine Aw
      Catherine Aw

      That’s why going to military is good and important. training pays off in such great awesomeness. I can’t help but thumbs up up up for seunggi. (And there’s some people who is trying ways and means how to avoid going military) In this show it said as a man should at least have the basics. At least. Thanks.

  • Haziqah Azalea
    Haziqah Azalea

    does anybody know where i can find the full video ?

    • Ralia Noviani
      Ralia Noviani

      @Lorna Balbona aaahhh... so its "All the buttlers"... thx

    • Lorna Balbona
      Lorna Balbona

      @Ralia Noviani All The Butlers (2020)

    • Ralia Noviani
      Ralia Noviani

      @Restlyn Mae Toledo can you let me know the program title in viu please? As i cannot find master in the house.

    • lubby libbie
      lubby libbie

      Through Viu

    • Rose Vee
      Rose Vee

      Lèa Khalifa it has a live stream link in Twitter every Sunday 5:25 pm KST