[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] KWANGSOO, "Please don't switch the channel!!" (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] KWANGSOO, "Please don't switch the channel!!" (ENG SUB)
KWANGSOO throws up...?
Sticker on edge of CLIFF!!

  • Anita Hogan
    Anita Hogan

    That wink tho 😉😏

  • Eh Arif Pulak
    Eh Arif Pulak

    4:25 can anyone tell me what background music is that?

  • Jhayzelle Yap
    Jhayzelle Yap

    What ep is this?

  • Arabe, Charie Mariz
    Arabe, Charie Mariz

    Can someone please tell me what episode is this🙏

  • Sofea Noranizah
    Sofea Noranizah

    no offense but I don't think LKS is afraid of height.. he just an entertainer doing his job..

  • J1004

    Kwang soo never fails to make me laugh ,I love him so much

  • J Bbh
    J Bbh

    Man i was thinking id just jump on it rather than crawl to get it over with. Lol

  • Aunie Shafeena
    Aunie Shafeena

    This episode how many

  • Isfia Larasati
    Isfia Larasati

    LKS 😂😂😂

  • Syahirah Rahiman
    Syahirah Rahiman

    I keep coming here ottoeke i cant stop😂 Every time i come here i die laughing😂😂😂

  • Back To Baek
    Back To Baek

    I miss this kind of game in rm

  • HKim0072

    Since this is "Running" man, I think running and jumping to the end would be best.

  • Ikadew Permatasari
    Ikadew Permatasari

    Kedipan mauttt

  • gellay __
    gellay __

    What episode is this please,

  • Rheamazing

    Lee Kwangsoo 😂😘♥️

  • Lorena Gragasin
    Lorena Gragasin

    Lee kwang soo i love you thanks for making us happy Running man team i love you From Philippines

  • Kakira Kakira
    Kakira Kakira


  • Yerin Kim
    Yerin Kim

    4:46 .... 😂😂😂

  • EVE


  • I'm a Potato
    I'm a Potato

    Kwang soo will forever be their maknae lol

  • Nicole Venice
    Nicole Venice

    I think if i was there i wouldnt think to mich and run then put the sticker the rules are at least stick the sticker even if it fall so anyone agree?

  • Aika Jorquia
    Aika Jorquia

    is it just me finding kwangsoo attractive whenever he has a long hair? yeah i think its just me who appreciate kwangsoo's beauty

    • Aika Jorquia
      Aika Jorquia

      @Rogine 426 i like that too

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      I liked the 2017 long hair.

  • Abam Bunga
    Abam Bunga


  • Jia T.L.
    Jia T.L.

    Jongkook may have hurt his legs after jumping. The styrofoam pool isn’t deep :( Apart from the way he came down and limped a bit, you can see Sechan and Jihyo in the back looking worried and seemingly asking if he’ ok. I love RM, but I think they can do a better job guaranteeing that the cast won’t have to hurt themselves for our entertainment. 💔

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • Mustafa Syed
    Mustafa Syed

    i like this XD llll

  • Leedya Deobi
    Leedya Deobi

    I love Jaeseok's confidence ;)

  • prabina

    This episode was so funny 💙

  • I'm Cy
    I'm Cy

    "he's tall so it must feel higher" why is this comment cracking me up though 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arwin Surya
    Arwin Surya


  • Yellie Me EXO - OT9
    Yellie Me EXO - OT9

    Kwangsoo 😂😂 so funny, how I wish Runningman can be aired everyday, which is impossible because they have to shoot and everything 😅

  • Kiki Mia
    Kiki Mia

    As expected I really love the ep when there's no guest around since they're more competitive with each other also there's lots of funny moments, more screentime to every members. Some guests are boring, only few of them got humor for variety shows

  • baby wong famly
    baby wong famly


  • Zibeom Izs
    Zibeom Izs

    I won't switch to another channel no matter how long it takes. It's so fun watching you, kwangsoo ya😂

  • Park Chimin
    Park Chimin

    Kwang soo's " shut it" reminds me of Ko mun yeong shouting at the dear😂😂😂

  • paranoiadance

    he is the funniest

  • Your Pearl
    Your Pearl

    He's very handsome here😳

  • Sharon Belcher
    Sharon Belcher

    Kwang Soo is my favorite I love his smile and character He looks so handsome when he winked

  • Zaim Shakir
    Zaim Shakir

    Kwang soo is the mvp of this ep. Most unpredictable ep until the end all of u most watch all the plot twist in this ep thoo🤣

  • kiyowos baaney
    kiyowos baaney

    The switching channel and his fool face part lol 😂 this boi

  • Nelly NG
    Nelly NG

    Running Man is not funny enough without Lee Kwang Soo.

  • Eros dela Torre
    Eros dela Torre

    4:45 he was genuinely shocked and scared 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • bruchjennifer

    The way he said “it’s wobbling” so fast had me cracking up 😂


    kwangsoo never fail to make me stop laughing🤣😂

  • walter manzanares
    walter manzanares

    4:22 The best!

  • Hyacintha Devina
    Hyacintha Devina

    That wink is legendary 😂

  • Study for your best
    Study for your best

    I just feel Somin is an actual actress when she pretend to cry :) it's joke

  • Nurbahariyah Arif
    Nurbahariyah Arif

    Kwang soo will always be maknae. Haha

  • Yssa Ermitanio
    Yssa Ermitanio

    Kwangsoo looked extra cute in this episode tho HAHAHAHAHAH

  • raj kalapkam
    raj kalapkam

    they are acting its not a great height and all ... bullsht

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Kiki Mia some stupid haters didn't know about running man... And i guess.. Just don't give them attention

    • Kiki Mia
      Kiki Mia

      1:43 it's 4m tall. The angle + the pool makes it look like just so-so. It's normal since most of them are afraid of height except if you're like song jihyo or kim jongkook it's not a problem at all. I can see jaesuk was trembling and somin almost cry in this ep, why would they "act" like that unless it's a normal reaction out of fear

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud



    Admin please English subtitles

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      There is sub.. Captions on..

  • DīNG DòNG
    DīNG DòNG

    Error loading captions

  • DīNG DòNG
    DīNG DòNG

    Caption can’t on it

  • Marziana A.G.
    Marziana A.G.

    He actually look cool when the jimmy jib camera came to him and that wink lol i just can't help laughing

  • Katrina

    one of the best ep, i had a stomach ache while watching it

  • firas asiri
    firas asiri

    imagine if somin did this they will say she overreact lol

    • firas asiri
      firas asiri

      @Rogine 426 of course same as lks and yjs and Haha and ysc and jsj lol its variety show this is why they have a lot of screentime

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      She actually did.

  • Huzaifah Haleme
    Huzaifah Haleme

    pfftt....its not that high. they are so good at exaggerating

  • Olivia Mellamar
    Olivia Mellamar

    Where can i watch the while episode ?

    • Olivia Mellamar
      Olivia Mellamar

      @Gkpwu Team thank you so much. I really appreciate it🤗

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      or if u are using laptop or pc just search viu.com and watch it there. no need to download their app (just skip their ads) pls always use viu.com or kocowa since SBS RM is getting paid there. pls support rm

    • Olivia Mellamar
      Olivia Mellamar

      @Rogine 426 oh thank you so much

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426

      If you download VIU, u can watch it there for free.

  • Ana ki
    Ana ki


  • Angel Benavides
    Angel Benavides

    no gonna talk about their tshirt

  • BaeTaeng7

    One of the best episodes of 2020 hands down

  • Sumi Ajeng
    Sumi Ajeng

    Kwangsoo oppa so cute☺

  • Maria Santoro
    Maria Santoro

    this episode was so funny lol



  • Sophia B
    Sophia B

    I would put my toe on this thing and it would fall that's how fat i am xD

    • Rogine 426
      Rogine 426


  • Mari Mari
    Mari Mari

    The episode with out guests is the best 👍👍👍

  • Ayuni Athirah
    Ayuni Athirah

    I laugh when he scream..😂😂

  • glorya pitoy
    glorya pitoy

    Even with the add of somin and sechan which is younger than kwangsoo,, but kwangsoo is "forever maknae" for all hyungs🤣🤣🤣

    • Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai
      Lamngaihzem khongsai Zemy khongsai

      Agree she's 7 years maknae alone now somin sechan add just by 2/3 years how can they compared 7years isn't joke.

  • Wk

    Lets say thank you to Jae seok for the gift 4:20 this is the best part of kwang soo when look like a normal man 😂😂😂

  • TheBlunderman bob
    TheBlunderman bob

    Ngl I was skipping through these bits of the episode... lucky I don't watch live kn tv or I may have changed channels

  • eifaneeyyy

    He went through all that but didn't get to put the sticker. Poor kwangsoo 😩😂

  • Tatiana Tannu
    Tatiana Tannu

    I'm waiting for this channel to upload a clip of kwangsoo's wink while playing this game, it was so cute and funny

  • eifaneeyyy

    Kwangsoo is effortlessly funny. He didn't do anything and it's still funny. Him being scared and afraid of the height is so funny 🤣

  • haruna suzuki
    haruna suzuki

    running man with guests are really nice especially when the guests were fun to watch. but honestly, running man episodes without guests are so much hilarious and fun 🥺

  • Cynthia Eun
    Cynthia Eun

    4:46 : When you realize shit happens

  • wooTZZ hn
    wooTZZ hn

    Kwangsoo is the real and forever the maknaest haha

  • Atiyyah Hikami
    Atiyyah Hikami

    Episode ?

  • Asyraf Rasid
    Asyraf Rasid

    Half of it just for this game 👎

  • LADY Zafreen
    LADY Zafreen

    I miss this kind of episodes from Running Man. I prefer laughters than tight competitions. Love from 🇵🇭 KEEP RUNNING, SARANGHAE!!

  • eireia aend
    eireia aend

    what ep is this?

  • Aisynad Lover
    Aisynad Lover

    Running Man member always tease Kwang Soo especially Jae seok and seok jin😂😂

  • Dimas Fajar
    Dimas Fajar

    02:55 Pretty MongDol

  • Purple Tulip
    Purple Tulip

    Omg you should upload the scene when Jaesuk asked Kwangsoo, Seokjin, and the PD "who are you?!?". It was sooo hilarious that I kept replaying the scene😂😂😂

  • Timotius Gunawan
    Timotius Gunawan

    Scripted with bad acting ruins this show. Wasted 7 minutes of my life.

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Timotius Gunawan yeaah.. Scripted my ass... Then you go to such penalties like nevis swing or sitting on a flying plane like jae sook and kwang soo did, i wanna see how would be your scripted fake face look like.. Even if you said the reaction is fake.. Than why is the show can last up to 10 years?haha..

    • Kiki Mia
      Kiki Mia

      Scripted my ass 😂 it'd be awkward if they all plan how to do this and that to make it funny. Their reaction says it all that it was just spontaneous at that moment. Maybe you should just stick with cartoon

    • Timotius Gunawan
      Timotius Gunawan

      @Rooner reason why i stopped watching it. The way they act is getting somewhat worse. Se Chan and So Min were great recruits but the script of So Min hitting on the members are just cringe. The script is bad, the acting isnt great, with combination of fans forcing romance between members.

    • Rooner

      @Timotius Gunawan You are right, RM is scripted and they are acting, but there are people who enjoy it though it is acting. Just let them be.

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Timotius Gunawan so if that was scripted.. How can they faced such a scary penalties like nevis swing..and with that dangerous penalty..,u would say it scripted? Well i don't care.. Just watch some drama bro.. That's very scripted... Hahaha... U don't want scripted show? Go watch cooking show... Hahaha..

  • Nur Aida
    Nur Aida

    Hope guk joo in this episode

  • whyahh

    indoor episodes without guests are the best. even the simplest game can be very funny

  • zaemah Zahari
    zaemah Zahari


  • Oh Mai
    Oh Mai

    I love love loved this episode! Like everyone has been saying that no guests are the best episodes. Literally, after kwangsoo, no one make the older members laugh all the time as much as Somin and Sechan. Lol this 3 maknaes are like the happy virus of the show and great at teasing others and taking the hits while they are teased. I always love how Haha and jaesuk are the loudest when it comes to teasing him but they probably have even worst cases of fear of heights haha

  • The Shield
    The Shield


  • Park MinHyo
    Park MinHyo

    Sorry for out of topic but I really want to see GFRIEND to become a guest here. It is because GFRIEND was seriously crackhead idol HAHAHAHA really want to see running man member feel fun w/them :) PLEASEEEE othersssss! !

  • Nul99 kh
    Nul99 kh

    This episode is epic

  • Ricky

    Seriously this is an episode that had me cracked laughing like crazy after try to not laugh at the convenience store .

  • Priya D'silva
    Priya D'silva

    There is no running man episode without kwangsoo swearing 😂😂

  • I love Myself
    I love Myself

    Glad Running Man is improving. This episode is sooo funny, I almost pooped my pants 😂😂

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      @Nuriza Kim episode 517. pls watch it only in viu.com or kocowa since SBS RM is getting paid there

    • ghoul tokyo
      ghoul tokyo

      @Nuriza Kim 517.. The latest one

    • Nuriza Kim
      Nuriza Kim

      I can not find....

    • Nuriza Kim
      Nuriza Kim

      what episode is this??

  • Fikri Fichrie
    Fikri Fichrie

    is jongkook ok with this game? even though it not high, the impact of landing may hurt him tho

  • Zulfahmi Scorpio
    Zulfahmi Scorpio

    BTS Dynamite MV parody alvin jpflow.info/sun/bideo/dnqwYYtovXamhaM.html

  • Khairil Yusuf
    Khairil Yusuf

    4:46 your replay button.. moat welc

  • faqiera kamil
    faqiera kamil


  • Azizi Mohamad
    Azizi Mohamad

    I love this episode

  • Franco Estacio
    Franco Estacio

    PD did a good job not editing out any of the members' attempt. Everyone got their moments.