[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] (part.2) The Winning Strategy against COVID-19 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MASTER IN THE HOUSE ] (part.2) The Winning Strategy against COVID-19 (ENG SUB)
Ep. 138
Very strange COUNTRY..?

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  • Mardy Angel Molina
    Mardy Angel Molina

    If my history teacher is like that I would probably not going to absent.

  • Riya patil
    Riya patil

    I really fall in love with Korea

  • Carmen Sánchez Pimentel
    Carmen Sánchez Pimentel


  • Emmy Del Rosario
    Emmy Del Rosario

    This is why I love The Master in the House...it doesn't just give entertainment, it also educate the viewers as well. The resource speaker is very good in explaining the subject matter.

  • Belu Monzón
    Belu Monzón


  • Petra Lopez
    Petra Lopez

    I love this tooo👏👏😘❤️

  • Spruillgirl14

    These “Good Samaritan” type situations happen all over the globe, the media choose not to promote these things! During the pandemic here in the US many have come together and assisted one another; however, you still have those (businesses and individuals) who have chosen to profit at the cost of the unfortunate.

    • Y'all ugly
      Y'all ugly

      Sad but true. They only focus on issues about government ppl going against each other as if that'll help save lives, as if that'll cure a disease, as if that'll bring the nation together, as if that'll solve the important problems and as if that'll provide the lack of instruments we need. They want to focus on stuff like that and not on good things like Samaritans helping each other and people uniting to get through this. They just want the views. Ps. Grammar.

  • Ira Kristina
    Ira Kristina


  • Relentless Gaming
    Relentless Gaming

    I got teary-eyes. It was such an inspirational message for me. I hope every people in the world unite. Let's forget about nationalities or conflict between nations. Let's fight this virus together. Please..... I Love You All!!! Please Take Care Everyone!!! Be Safe!!!

  • Anupriya Singh
    Anupriya Singh

    I m shocked... 😨 they donated gold to support their country's economy.... Hats off to this country.

  • CeeHle G
    CeeHle G

    I hope the country can unite to deal with racial discrimination against foreigners in particular Black People

  • Da Jo
    Da Jo

    That's what a nation should be, instead of pointing to each other, should be united not just for one's self, but for the benefit of all. 😊 Sadly, during this pandemic, it seems the opposite in my country.

  • Toni Mokuau
    Toni Mokuau

    Love this episode

  • k pop channel
    k pop channel

    I don't know why my eyes become watery wile watching this

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    South Korea people ..United and helping each other. Donated to poor people in times of crisis

  • Minerva Maglalang
    Minerva Maglalang

    Thank you for putting English sub

  • Aiza Mee Pateña
    Aiza Mee Pateña

    And in the BGM just goes like "Coz a a I'm in the stars tonight" wow! F=BTS's Dynamite really do give hope in this pandemic!

  • Sydney0218 Jay
    Sydney0218 Jay

    I hope all people of the world unite fight covid not just for personal interest or for money.... The future generation needs a better world.. No sickness & no war..

  • Ceicei Kim
    Ceicei Kim


  • Alexxxa Wild
    Alexxxa Wild

    greate video i really like it🖤😈

  • Jannatul Tajrin
    Jannatul Tajrin

    Eun woo.. 😍😍

  • Neetu Giri
    Neetu Giri

    This show is very great. The host of the show is right they actually sold (gave) us 🅒🅞🅤🅡🅐🅖🅔, 🅿🅰🆂🆂🅸🅾🅽, ⓢⓄⓛⒾⓓⒶⓡⒾⓣⓨ, ⓓⓡⒺⒶⓂⓈ, 🄷🄾🄿🄴, and fͧUTuͣrͩeⷴ. Thanks a lot ! Good luck ! For the upcoming episodes.

  • Ann Mcconnell
    Ann Mcconnell

    He is so inspiring. This is why I love Master in the House.

  • Nicole Aspcia
    Nicole Aspcia


  • Abdul Karim
    Abdul Karim

    우리 나라에 (인도네시아) 설민석 선생님 만큼 역사가 있는가? 설명 엄정난 잘하고 재미있고 쉽게 알려 줘요 설민석 선생님께서는 정말 대단한 분이세요

  • Jordzen Shanine Isaac
    Jordzen Shanine Isaac

    I feel educated after watching this. That was a great story ❤.

  • Mini moni
    Mini moni

    Team work REALLY makes the dream work 👍🏻 people who didn’t aware how danger corona virus is it should be ashamed ! I felt bad for medical team in front line because this pandemic getting worse in my country 😣

  • 97김장미

    For someone who is in the medical field, I find this episode so relevant especially in this pandemic. It is now more than ever that we need to educate people. Thumbs up for this show.

  • Rainne07

    This reminds me of Rookie Historian....

  • Kamp Gumeson
    Kamp Gumeson

    here in america, we work against each other and they are proud about it. for me, the great experiment has failed

  • Princess Jang_mi
    Princess Jang_mi

    That Host is great at his job..I loved his charisma ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  • Soul ASMR
    Soul ASMR

    I love that Korea has this beautiful history of solidarity and caring for each other. someone come save me from the US........... :(

    • downundabrotha

      Actually Korea has a long history of betrayal and tragedy. Hence why this is so powerful. Because within that there has always been hope.

    • Alejandra Martinez
      Alejandra Martinez

      Merica the land of guns and dumbass citizen, and where Florida exists 😂😂

    • Mariana Mayumi
      Mariana Mayumi

      Darling.... I'm from Brazil so....

  • Jean anne Gurdiel
    Jean anne Gurdiel


  • Michelle Santisteban
    Michelle Santisteban

    Viva Master in house

  • Michelle Santisteban
    Michelle Santisteban

    Cha Eun Woo Saranghe ❤️💞💕

  • Huang Zai
    Huang Zai

    Great and together!

  • Astro Moments
    Astro Moments

    Somehow this reminded me of Rookie Historian drama scene, how prince Dowan took initiative to start with vaccination process... Great country... Hats off👍

  • Anuu Gombo
    Anuu Gombo

    Yea there are kind people in every country

  • zyking ssi
    zyking ssi

    Guys! Feel free to check Blackpink's cb teaser here jpflow.info/sun/bideo/iZuKl5N-l6Jnb5c.html they will release their first full album this Friday Oct 2nd. God bless those who read this ♡

  • Lady Me
    Lady Me

    Great, great country. By the way, hi from Spain ❤️🇪🇸

  • Joe Ancayan
    Joe Ancayan

    didnt know being weird is the best how people should be

  • Rasl l
    Rasl l