"You're my...Son..?"
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  • Kwangsoo어빠

    Anyoneeee pleaseeeee 1:32 whatt is thee song title😭🥺?

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    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud


  • Anna Varadise
    Anna Varadise

    I know most people acknowledge Kwangsoo and Jaesuk for being the funniest. But the only one who can makes me dying from laughter only by words is Seokjin😂

  • xin xin
    xin xin

    "Wasnt Jihyo married before?" -plays leessang's song as bgm- 😣😣 i remember how leessang's song always play in the background whenever the both of them were on screen 😝

  • Heightren

    JH looks younger with her new style

  • Astri Cahyaning
    Astri Cahyaning

    No one : Literally no one : Haha : "Wasn't Jihyo married before?" with Leessang's song as bgm XD

  • PolyMath

    What is Se Chan waiting for. Quickly marry So Min

  • I U
    I U

    They should change the character 😂😂 I'm agree with sukjin


    0:06 😂😂😂


    Jesus Kwangsoo look like a deity with that hair.

  • U M
    U M

    Thought kjk was going to scold sukjin about using the tissues like on my little old boy.

  • Bainhor Ddg
    Bainhor Ddg

    Johyo is so pretty... The hairstyle suits her

  • marbisha perdana
    marbisha perdana

    6:03-6:08 seok jin is mad really

  • toy cretu
    toy cretu

    ↘ perfect video,8star 6:86 😁♥️😍😘👍

  • Sitti Nursyafiqah
    Sitti Nursyafiqah

    plsss upload the full new episode running man with blackpink hehe

  • Mis SEA
    Mis SEA

    Best variety show ever💞💞💞

  • Lee Sang Min
    Lee Sang Min

    strangely i seems not to like se chan and so min again

  • kayt 12
    kayt 12

    even Jihyo is in her 40s , she looks so beautiful and young, Me in my 20s , people think I am old enough to retire!!! Life isn't fair:(

  • Nanette 97
    Nanette 97

    Guys what is the song on 1:35

  • Tae Nie
    Tae Nie

    The best running man 2011-2015😢

  • Kirana Anugrah
    Kirana Anugrah

    For real. I love both Kwangsoo and Somin adlibs. I think they were twins in their past live loool

  • Ally Ally
    Ally Ally

    😂🤣🤣🤣So funny


    Sino Filipino NANONOOD niyo pa subscribe ako plsss

  • ezra helvetica
    ezra helvetica

    sjh took her beauty to another level.

  • xdasda dasdsada
    xdasda dasdsada


  • mohd hafizi Daud
    mohd hafizi Daud

    soekjin look really mad when gwangsoo slap him..

  • syaoran sakura
    syaoran sakura

    Hahaha, I am crying. Ahh, this is hurt my stomach

  • Aira

    What song was playing during somin and sechan walking towards the house?

  • Nur Khalidah R___
    Nur Khalidah R___

    In this episode Suk jin really 'plays' his role all his best! He made many funny acts! Good job! Even sometimes he looks pitiful 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👍👍

  • Aiiinggg Oiiinggg
    Aiiinggg Oiiinggg

    What's the bgm playing when Sechan complemented Somin

    • Aiiinggg Oiiinggg
      Aiiinggg Oiiinggg

      @MsTomjose ahhh ty

    • MsTomjose

      Romantic melody chobi - chobi calling

  • MinYna

    Why does Jongkook and SJ roleplay for this RM dad-son relationship is kinda same to BTS JK and Jin raise issue thing 🤣🤣🤣 sorry no offense 🌹it just my own opinion

  • 567chat. com
    567chat. com

    ↑ SEXY CHAT perfect video.4star 8:56 😁♥️😍😘👍

  • Paying Thao
    Paying Thao

    What song played when Somin & Sechan were first shown?

  • Jerika mics
    Jerika mics

    Where can I watch full episodes? I love this😍 please someone give me link 🙁

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Viu app... Or viu.com

  • Izzul Izzuddin Ismail
    Izzul Izzuddin Ismail

    Saechan overact. Should be more respect not to steal other people meals. He new member btw. So annoying. You can be funny but acting like decent man please.

    • Izzul Izzuddin Ismail
      Izzul Izzuddin Ismail

      @Stephone Cloud for KS ppl already know what kind of character he is in rm. Stop that shit my ass.

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Even kwang soo steal somin or soejin food from their mouth and hand.... Just stop that shit ok.. This is variety show

  • Random Video
    Random Video

    ji hyo so pretty 😍


    Jihyo eonni so beautiful~~~ the dress are beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Clyde ko
    Clyde ko

    haha: wasn't jihyo married before?

  • Rekan Payne
    Rekan Payne

    0:22 that's how wangko hyung laughed when he was zombie

  • Robby Burnpipe
    Robby Burnpipe

    Director. Please do something with So Min. She such a nuisance went it come to a game like this. Replace her or we will sign a petition.

  • dinbear

    I feel sorry for Seokjin. He is the eldest but the others just.... I feel sorry for So-Min. She carried heavy gift alone while climbing on hills.....

  • Daiki i
    Daiki i

    1:34 what song it is?

  • Ika's Kitchen
    Ika's Kitchen

    ji hyo so pretty ❤️

  • 猫ニャ___猫ニャ

    I really love SeoMin's OTD here..

  • Diu

    The concept and game were both great this episode!

  • Umi Hazira
    Umi Hazira

    Since Gary left, jihyo not active anymore, quite in all episode, lack of communication with other members.. even looking arkward. Im sorry but somin looks better

  • Rose Enaldo
    Rose Enaldo

    running man is GOLD. i love them soo much and there is not a single boring episode from them❤️❤️❤️

  • Vas amora Dora
    Vas amora Dora

    5:45 , Gary's vibes....Oh gosh I miss him a lot...please....i can't....!!!!!!

  • itstimetoHaJiMa

    6:39 if no one understands, they both basically have a business selling kbbq, i think they got a restaurant too

  • Kash Heart
    Kash Heart

    I though song ji hyo is Kim jungkook wife😂

  • Da


  • JC Gienne
    JC Gienne


  • Suzan Sobia
    Suzan Sobia

    awww jihyo and somin look so beautiful

  • Marvz Racadio
    Marvz Racadio

    They're so cute 😍😍😍

  • Anne Alys
    Anne Alys

    Jongkook say to Haha and Kwangsoo : If you do something wrong , your dad will get hit ... 😂😂🤣

  • Marjorie Aldea Nogales
    Marjorie Aldea Nogales

    I laugh hard in this episode haha the family vibes of running man is really strong specially when there are no guest. Looking forward to its next episode! Mongdol special ep is coming!!

  • Fxad

    Jihyo.. Its been 10years and still looking amazingly pretty and gorgeous..

  • Han Pham
    Han Pham

    I’n still laughing because this week’s episode. They should do this kind of concept more 🤣🤣🤣

  • Idja Angela
    Idja Angela

    Another funny & hilarious opening of RM hahahahah. SBS, i missed those role playing openings of Running Man, I hope more of these will be shown again hehehe

  • Melody Star A D
    Melody Star A D

    Song ji hyo.. So pretty 😍 I think one issue was Ji Hyo was once married to Jong Kook before she met Seok Jin haha I wish it was like that

  • Priya Tamang
    Priya Tamang

    I almost choked from laughing too much, this episode was really funny👍

  • mnm mahesh
    mnm mahesh

    Goddammit if u do something wrong ur father will get hit was just too funny

  • Qdhh

    What ep is this?

  • muhammad ikmal
    muhammad ikmal

    Kwang soo never fails with his slapstick act when he slap seok jin and also HAHA never forget to promote his business. Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jum_joli E.j
    Jum_joli E.j

    Haha its chaotic family,super,,,,like he name,,,,clever🤣🤣👏👏

  • Amrita srivastava
    Amrita srivastava

    Seok jin oppa telling ture Kim Jong Kook suit Song Ji Hyo unnie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Shaima Nafa
    Shaima Nafa

    Gary is joining another show on SBS 'Laws of the Jungle' with Yoon Eun Hye so now Running Man Channel posts his videos and the members mention him from time to time (more frequently)

  • Jimrie Park
    Jimrie Park

    Less than a minute in and my cheeks already hurts from laughing....

  • Jaymar Schwi
    Jaymar Schwi

    Somin's voice is making me melt hahaha am I the only one?? Hahahaha

  • Yu Gu
    Yu Gu

    멤버들이 너무 좋아요. 모두가 매우 재미 있습니다. 모두가 건강하게 계속 달릴 수 있기를 바랍니다.

  • bon

    sukjin deserves a daesang

  • Ilfiyana_ 14
    Ilfiyana_ 14

    Plssss tell me what episode is this 🤬🤬🤬😠😤

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa


  • tan pcsmnsone
    tan pcsmnsone


  • risar x
    risar x

    this ep is so funny

  • Dandelion Shine
    Dandelion Shine

    I love this family😊

  • Daniel Asp
    Daniel Asp


  • 456chat. com
    456chat. com

    perfect video,9star 😁♥️🤣😘👍

  • Adreena Lee
    Adreena Lee


  • avigail hermosilla
    avigail hermosilla


  • Exo bbh eri
    Exo bbh eri

    Pls invite Exo too... I miss them in Running Man so much!

  • Mursyidah Mohyidin
    Mursyidah Mohyidin

    Bro sis, Jihyo looks very beautiful !!!!!!!! ~~

  • OH MMY
    OH MMY

    Running Man episode without guests are always the funniest. Please support all of the members. They shine in their own ways. We don’t want to see two Ji Hyo, two Somin, Two Jae Suk.etc...(the two persons with the same personalities). We should be glad that eight members showcase their different personalities and they compliment each other. Stop saying who is boring, who is annoying. who is blablablah.

    • Kirana Anugrah
      Kirana Anugrah

      Say it loudeeeer. I'm sick of people always mentioning quite Jihyo in Somin comments. While in fact MongDol relationship is strong. As strong as sisterhood bond. I'm sick of those comments.

  • ____

    Ji hyo silent mode

  • Main Yuk
    Main Yuk

    Jihyo cantik sekali... 😍😍😍😍

  • tarhy RJ
    tarhy RJ

    Hahahahahhahaha seokjiin hhhahhha


    Anyone episode no.Pliz

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa


  • syamimi subri
    syamimi subri

    This role plays is crazier than do hyun's crazy soap opera hshshshshhshshs

  • oXiKONs__SinsXo

    They all look nice in these clothing, I enjoyed this episode, looking forward to next weeks one with special guest Song Ji Hyo and So Min 👌

  • sherine

    Oh lord, somin and jihyo become 100x more beautiful with their hanbok and hairstyle. They look 10 years younger 😭❣️

  • Haida Syafi
    Haida Syafi

    omgieeee song jihyo so pretty 😍

  • Rona Mae Regalado
    Rona Mae Regalado

    Ahhhhb somin and sechan!!! 💖💖💖💖💖 my fangirl heart!!!

  • You Na E. JK
    You Na E. JK

    This episode was so funny XD With Somin faking being pregnant, haha. And the next episode looks so promising!

  • Kaila Nurwanda
    Kaila Nurwanda

    1:33 song please?

    • Noor Fathanah
      Noor Fathanah

      romantic melody chobi - chobi calling

  • G Nedo
    G Nedo

    Can we talk about Kwangsoo outfits? It look SO amazing. He looks like he was doing runway show here😻

  • Haliq Ngah
    Haliq Ngah

    Jihyo looks pretty in this episode 🙂

  • Dh kKu
    Dh kKu

    You should make clip when somin act "pregnant".😁

  • lxoxvxe xyxoxu
    lxoxvxe xyxoxu

    Somin looks so damn pretty in this episode. Jihyo with that hairstyle again is pretty too. & Somin morning sickness scene tho hahaha. & I remember KJK calls Somin 'Sweetheart' two times in this ep & he's saying it with no doubt. 😂

  • Presyus Nicole
    Presyus Nicole

    This is out of topic but next week ep will be lit they will treat the mongdol lika a Queens omg omg omg

  • Michelle Chong
    Michelle Chong

    What episode is this?

    • Stephone Cloud
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  • Kim Hyejin
    Kim Hyejin

    Please make episode bts and blackpink please give my request to pd running man please!!and i fan running man from malaysian please make episode with bts and blackpink i really want it

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Stephone Cloud I hope the episode will be funny and it will receive higher ratings

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Shaima Nafa nice... Will love to see them in rm again.. Hope gonna be so funny hahaha

    • Shaima Nafa
      Shaima Nafa

      @Stephone Cloud All of the members of BlackPink are coming to Running Man, an official article was released

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @RmanSuJu Nuest2PM it it's true.. That's reall gonna be so hilarious.. But hope all members will come.. Hehehe

    • RmanSuJu Nuest2PM
      RmanSuJu Nuest2PM

      @Stephone Cloud I'm not sure. But the Soompi article came out that they will film it. Looking at Somins IG story update today it looks kind of Blackpink style so they might be filming it today. So will be up 2-3 weeks.