[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] JAESUK suffers from JONGKOOK's teaching不不 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] JAESUK suffers from JONGKOOK's teaching不不 (ENG SUB)
at the Game King JAESUK!!

  • abram gonzalez
    abram gonzalez

  • byoutifully

    Eun Bin actually has quite a good personality for variety shows since shes really witty and catches on easily. Also great reactions too Lol

  • calicocat

    wow kwangsoo is so nice helping other even though he don't need to do it.

  • Catherine Stark
    Catherine Stark

    even though its funny, pity jae suk 唐


    So min teach eun bin how to cheat 不 eun bin so cute when her face red

  • Marc C. Piamonte
    Marc C. Piamonte

    Its okay to eat, no one knows 不不

  • Nathan Chong
    Nathan Chong

    5:37, It's like hitting your child after they make mistakes.. 5:41, Haha is very happy..

  • erdina nasuha
    erdina nasuha

    i like running man

  • Danh Hi Thnh Duy
    Danh Hi Thnh Duy

    Ch繳 Jea Seok d廕︽ ny g廕囤 th廕 !


    I missed Kim Min Jae so much 歹

  • Aviee Kim
    Aviee Kim

    I like this episode

  • ashna c paul
    ashna c paul

    Poor Jae-Seok

  • Mohd Raymee
    Mohd Raymee

    I like the part where KJK yell and slapped YJS thighs... That was a 20 years plus of friendship dating back when they appeared together in Xman Dangyuhaji in the early 2000s with Haha as well..

  • PizzaNinja Hero
    PizzaNinja Hero

    Game name?

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Strawberry.. They call it strawberry


    "Is someone named strawberry" ahaha

  • Mr HenshinRider
    Mr HenshinRider

    I love this game

  • Jodie Yang
    Jodie Yang

    in this game, Jae Sok always worst than Suk Jin

  • Mis SEA
    Mis SEA

    if anyone want to laugh so hard and relieved of stress i strongly recommend RM, this show is everything you need

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud


  • Melanie Grace Bantula
    Melanie Grace Bantula

    Is it only me or Jae Seok team color changes with every different camera angle? By the way, their Team is a mess but in a very funny way lol

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      It's because of the light..

  • abram gonzalez
    abram gonzalez

    Love running man

  • Kaikai Benigno
    Kaikai Benigno

    Kim Minjae

  • Kaikai Benigno
    Kaikai Benigno

    Kwangsoo is getting more handsome Good job Sunbin

  • Martin M
    Martin M

    I cant cope with how cute Eun Bin is. Even more than with her short hair imo.

  • amd imrn
    amd imrn

    Lol haha just swear at somin using his gaze

  • Marina Scott
    Marina Scott

    Noone: Jaesuk: 滕鳶

  • Jony Youtuber
    Jony Youtuber

    WOW BootyLoversWorld.com :P

  • Uun Nurhida
    Uun Nurhida

    Jaesuk Jongkook got angry

  • S Eyingbeni Lotha
    S Eyingbeni Lotha

    Running Man forever... Just miss Gary sometimes...

  • cita kang
    cita kang

    One week without Running Man is like searching oasis in the desert.

  • DynamicPeach

    is it just me somin stylist is better than song jihyo stylist

  • Fadli Omar
    Fadli Omar

    Beside kwang soo is beautiful and yummy

  • ryujin luv
    ryujin luv

    If I get it wrong again, just *beat me up* -YJS HAHAH MOOD

  • Hangugoereul Daebak
    Hangugoereul Daebak

    This is the best variety show ever

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud


  • ousneyyy

    No one talking bout the color changes from orange to red

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      It's because of the light, i guess so...

  • Lini xo
    Lini xo

    is that the actress from Hello my Twenties?! i miss dat show 對

    • dian skieee
      dian skieee

      Yeahh song ji won

  • lizha

    The ending tho

  • yulius willibard Guta
    yulius willibard Guta

    I love eunbi face.when she is a catch PD for steal meat

  • taeramisoo


  • zurainma

    I rlly love the episode when kwang soo is the winner .. its such a miracle :,D

  • min kim
    min kim

    aigoo !!!! hahahah teacher JSJ is so calm . one of the epic moments indeed

  • Hex Kjelberg
    Hex Kjelberg

    But it worked in the end jaesuk never failed again sometimes all you need is little bit of fear from kjk

  • Mel Rain
    Mel Rain

    Girls can't look away from foods..lol why not try it out while playing the game..

  • Blue Bear
    Blue Bear

    This Eun Bin girl is gorgeous bruh

  • Loofee

    Eunbin adapts pretty quick in RM. This is the type of guest that I like.

  • Jenny Cici
    Jenny Cici

    I really like this part... So funny...

  • Hafiz Haikal
    Hafiz Haikal

    Whats shoes ysj wearing?

  • Christian Santiago
    Christian Santiago

    When jae suk dont really get it

  • Miss Nida
    Miss Nida

    I never be loyal to any varshow other than Running Man... I feel old that it's already in its 500s episodes

  • wizone ikmal
    wizone ikmal

    if i get it wrong again , just beat me , XDDDDD

  • Kenpachi Saiko
    Kenpachi Saiko

    Jaesuk: Kwang soo, jangan merayau-rayau ketika pengambaran.

  • Otak_Otak

    If you hv a time pls check this only pre-perfomance jpflow.info/sun/bideo/e2mOgZ15yWVrb3E.html

  • Minh Trinh
    Minh Trinh

  • whyahh

    the one that brings in this strawberry game deserves a medal. this game funny af lmao. jaesuk lol im dead

  • Abigeal Stephen
    Abigeal Stephen

    @2:35 so pretty 歹歹

  • Marziana A.G.
    Marziana A.G.

    A very rare scene to see jae suk willingly get punished by jong kook and this strawberry game is always fun to watch and also didnt expect the new drama leading lady playing cheap trick like that kekeke

  • wut wut
    wut wut

    They forgot about sechan's first nickname....

  • pleh meh
    pleh meh

    I don't understand this game

  • Faezma Faez
    Faezma Faez

    Why jaesuk looks soo skinny??

  • Egy Agasta
    Egy Agasta

    where i can watch the full episode?

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Viu or kocowa

  • Wei Wei Ryu
    Wei Wei Ryu

    4:37 min jae lost it hahaha

  • Nathan Lee
    Nathan Lee

    "黺麮 赬黺麮" 赬 渥?

  • Chintya Livenia
    Chintya Livenia

    I have watch running man since 1 episode, but its still funny to watch kjk nagging at yjs

  • Artypical Store
    Artypical Store

    I like running man I like this movie the most Pls like

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni

  • Novie Vasquez
    Novie Vasquez

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 when i watch this episode and this part i almost die in laughter in our office!! 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

  • OwO

    Lol he doesnt drink so of course he sucks at games like this

  • Korean for Serious Learners
    Korean for Serious Learners

    Jaesuk can pull it off with any member or guest to give people laughter. No wonder, he is always praised.

  • Sheila Mae Replagao
    Sheila Mae Replagao

    Kwang Soo has really good manners..

    • Sheila Mae Replagao
      Sheila Mae Replagao

      Jay Fans hahaha you can see theyre both comfortable.. kwang soo loves to tease and acts like a child.. 不不不

    • Jay Fans
      Jay Fans

      Haha,true except with eunbin in this episode

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie


  • Wiwit Andriani
    Wiwit Andriani

    Omg I am laughing so hard...

  • Mc Pamai
    Mc Pamai

    I love how sukjin is sooo into this game 歹

  • Alexander Nikolo
    Alexander Nikolo

    WASN'T SECHAN'S NICKNAME STRAWBERRY in the first episode he's in, 資萼!!!! XD Jisukjin game.

  • Alexander Nikolo
    Alexander Nikolo

    It so funny whenever Yoosanseul sings when he's flustered. 40 YEARS OLD WAS ME 10 YEARS AGO?~~

  • Jen Di
    Jen Di

    More SpartAce moment歹

  • Muhammad Rivai
    Muhammad Rivai

    Poor yjs

    • Muhammad Rivai
      Muhammad Rivai

      Yjs always look like small thing in front of kjk. I feel bad to him, but I can't resist to lol

  • lusi

    they less doing the heavy "running" games these day but still fun and entertaining tho

  • Ghislain Sua
    Ghislain Sua

    Jongkook's lessons are the best hahahaha and also, Somin found her partner in crime hahahaha

  • jung ki ah
    jung ki ah

    This game aways makes me nervous especially when they played it in new journey to the west

  • Alone JAI
    Alone JAI

    The rivalry that never end..... LOL

  • CCvoJ

    i like her too at Hot Stove League. !!!

  • Ohmygadkimchi

    Somin so pretty wth

  • thazin 794
    thazin 794

    Pls tell me which episode is this???

    • Gkpwu Team
      Gkpwu Team

      episode 518. watch it in viu.com then search running man 2020

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      Latest one..

  • IZ The One
    IZ The One

    "If I get it wrong again, just beat me up. Really." JS saying that to JK lmao! He's asking for it.

  • Torche Co
    Torche Co

    1:42 look at how happy Ji Hyos laughter at So Min, they love each other also 2:04 And, 2:07 if youre not close to HaHa, you will not get that intense stare while he is holding laughter from him hahaha , he has done it to all runningman member

  • fahmi92

    5:07 is like Jaesuk jeans thorn apart

  • Reil Arena
    Reil Arena

    Haha's laugh at 5:42, he knows that JS is really in trouble, the next time he failed again.

  • Pon Pon
    Pon Pon

    I think for this time guest, Park Eun Bin really did a good job, despite her innocent face, she always do something cheating in a cute way...

  • laura teo
    laura teo

    Es muy bonito este programa si hubiera traduccido en espa簽ol ser穩a genial, cu穩dense mucho

  • Wilson ^-^
    Wilson ^-^

    you can see kwang soo's real personality here, at the start, he didn't hesitate to help take away the soy sauce for the other team. and many times in previous episodes we can see him taking water for guests and members as well

    • Ryu 662
      Ryu 662

      He is a good man with a good manner.. thats why we loved him.. Proud of Our Asia Prince

    • Angel Barbie
      Angel Barbie


  • Morissette De Guzman
    Morissette De Guzman

    this episode is freaking cute lol yjs being teased the whole game because he cannot apply what he practices hahaha and so min looks so youthful with that hairstyle

  • gugu lay
    gugu lay

    I'm emotional. Our Sukjin hyung is teaching something 唐

  • Army Blink Carat Teume
    Army Blink Carat Teume

    I dont know but im really into running man now. I love them more than my kpop idols HAHAHAHAHAHAH kidding

    • wizone ikmal
      wizone ikmal

      me too .

    • Ryu 662
      Ryu 662

      Welcome to Runners my friends

  • M S
    M S

    I hope somin don't cut her hair short. Long hair suits her more. She's pretty

  • 戶

    6:03 鳶 不不不

  • Hsu Ting
    Hsu Ting

    Love it

  • Theresa Long
    Theresa Long

    0:44 Jae Suk: "Break up strawberries"

  • Torche Co
    Torche Co


  • mul cans
    mul cans

    kwangsoo has a great personality

  • saiful proton
    saiful proton

    Eng sub??

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    Can't stop laughing when Jongkook punished Jaesook, he deserved it.. .. And when Somin with EunBin got caught stealing the food, they looked like naughty hungry kids .. I can't stop smiling hahaha..

  • Stegos Hm
    Stegos Hm

    Oomggg i love Eun Bin! Im so glad shes in rm

    • Jay Fans
      Jay Fans

      Me too..so happy for her...