Ep. 135
Drag about yourself
EUNWOO, you passed!!

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  • Kiersten B
    Kiersten B

    When they said brag they did something way different then me I was kinda insulting I was saying Im the most pretty out of everyone and the smartest and the most active and Yall suck! Lol

  • Esthefany Flores
    Esthefany Flores


  • chenny tico
    chenny tico

    came for seung gi stayed for eunwoo

  • Astro Knock
    Astro Knock

    Eunwoo is smart. I really like his principles in life..

  • Allyssa Jay
    Allyssa Jay

    Eunwoo never brag his good looks. Uwu

  • Aroha Changjo
    Aroha Changjo

    Nobody told donghyun about voting for student president!

  • D3bS ACDM
    D3bS ACDM

    Eunwoo is the perfect man, the main lead in K-Drama you think dont exist in real life because nobody can be this perfect.... Im always jealous of people like that asking what went wrong with me?! 不

  • Niah De Guzman
    Niah De Guzman

    Good Vibes

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni

  • Charli Lee
    Charli Lee

    He didnt even brag about his As. And how hes athletic too being the captain of a basketball team.

  • aqua aria
    aqua aria

    A good looking person that doesn't even think about bragging about his/her looks knows what he's/she's really worth... I applaud Eunwoo for his humility

  • Dn Jnr
    Dn Jnr

  • Leah Arre
    Leah Arre

    Eunwoo is such a humble guy.. Like him even more歹

  • Clarize Duenas
    Clarize Duenas

    eunwoo yah always make Aroha proud, the way he mention Astro and Aroha wow so humble, He always do that wherever and whenever, im cryingggggg

  • Felicia Gunawan
    Felicia Gunawan

    it's not even aroha he can say all the girls around the world will support him haha like some of my friends who don't know anything about astro will support Cha Eunwoo XD

  • AngelVlogging

    does anyone know what ep is this

  • ashley

    1 min won't be enough dude

  • Priya Khwairakpam
    Priya Khwairakpam

    Aroha u cha eunwoo... Fighting

  • Intime Intime
    Intime Intime

    Wooooow. Eun woo is too perfect. He had things to day in a minute without even mentioning his face and it felt like an actually job interview when he was talking.

  • Constanza Robledo
    Constanza Robledo

    Sin duda Eunwoo le ha dado frescura, ingenuidad, diversi籀n y encanto a este programa. Bravo por eso. Fue lo m獺s inteligente wue pudieron hacer #CHAEUNWOO #EUNWOO #ASTRO @offclASTRO

  • Sommerad Monique
    Sommerad Monique


  • oke cumbiwalyo
    oke cumbiwalyo

    ASTRO COMEBACK with their FIRST Sub Unit MOONBIN & SANHA. Please Stream lots of "BAD IDEA".

  • Ryka Lopez
    Ryka Lopez

    Lee seungi bi like

  • anielyn mainit
    anielyn mainit

    Yes we are your Aroha's! Thank you for introducing Astro whenever you got a chance. The Intelligence is overflowing. Nunuya fighting!!!

  • Nazish Razzaq
    Nazish Razzaq

    Lee Seung Gi is the mood maker, he's so funny I couldn't stop laughing just because of his funny AURA.

  • Ariane De Leon
    Ariane De Leon

    And yes yes we will support you Nunuya!

  • Ariane De Leon
    Ariane De Leon

    Yes, Eun Woo will always be best boy.

  • Ariane De Leon
    Ariane De Leon

    No one can resist him

  • Crazy Aroha
    Crazy Aroha

    Now let me brag about EunWoo since 1 minute was too less First as he said, he is Astro' EunWoo and Arohas all over the world will (always) support him. Then he is very intelligent which is already proven (let's forget about chicken with 4 legs) He has leadership skills (he was the school president too) He is really good at sports. He sings really well. He is always prepared for new things. (Saw in lotj, and other variety shows as how he prepared information about the MC so he could talk easily with them.) He is a great actor. He always tries to improvise himself (that might puts a lot of pressure on him but we see it every time he comes on stage) He is amazing dancer. He is cute (and a bit of scardey cat). He is handsome (can be proven how people look at his face when they first see him). Even after all the above abilities he is humble and modest. And he is Arohas most loved Cha EunWoo.

  • Crazy Aroha
    Crazy Aroha

    We will always support you Eunwoo

  • angelica baraoidan
    angelica baraoidan

    What episode is this

  • Susan Anderson
    Susan Anderson

    I am watching this on JPflow with subs, as it is airing in Los Angeles, California! I am glad to see subtitles on JPflow!!綾詹毋

  • V Chacha 1117
    V Chacha 1117

    Seeing the smile of this angel fills my heart with joy, he is a very sweet and special person, God bless the woman who one day is lucky to steal his heart.EUNWOO h

  • Aroha joie Love ASTRO
    Aroha joie Love ASTRO

    We miss u so much eunwoo please call us JOTM

  • Kyky Hifni
    Kyky Hifni

    Eunwoooooooo handsome smart ahhh loveu

  • Trojan Horse
    Trojan Horse

    A very competitive eunwoooooooo as always love you

  • Shen Cai
    Shen Cai


  • Happy Valdez
    Happy Valdez

    At his young age he really does conduct himself very well hes not just face genius hes a beauty with substance thats why admire this guy 鳶鳶

  • 131 Clarify
    131 Clarify

    "He lied for 15 seconds straight" hahhahhahahahaa

  • Cha M
    Cha M

    They always compliments his looks in every shows, but he didn't even brags about it now instead he mention arohas and his member, just how pure you are? 唐

  • Nic Soh
    Nic Soh

    Seunggi is just the most lovable Mr Show Off. Just tell the truth, he says. No false modesty here for our cutie pie. And honestly, he hardly scratched any truths of his achievements at all. Such a long list for someone still so young...Bravo Seunggi. You will always have your Airen and all fans' support!

  • Maria Sol
    Maria Sol

    How entertaining is this tv show! The host is very charming!! I love it!! Where and when can I watch it? Is always with English subtitles?

  • Belen Molinas
    Belen Molinas

    Its truth, we support Cha EunWoo. A big hug from France. 恫


    I oooooove how Eunwoo mentioned aroha and how aroha r a very supported fandom he trust us , and we r proud of u Eunwoo ,

  • ida hosseini
    ida hosseini

    When eunwoo talks about Aroha you can feel his kindness towards screen ; we Arohas have the same feelings ofcourse

  • Selin Candy
    Selin Candy

    1 minute is too less. i do that 24 hours a day

  • Lunaglow1

    Lee seunggi tho XD he did well and he's funny, I wish I can hear him brag more!

  • Rhea Rios
    Rhea Rios

    I feel like crying Eunwoo never forget to mention astro and aroha. Always remember that we are here to love and support you.

  • Kanthi Sri
    Kanthi Sri

    Eun wooooo


    eunwoo somehow remains modest even when he's bragging

  • 諻潰

    Well im here for seung gi...airen here

  • Bea

    He might be humble but im gonna say his whole presence should be bragged about .. I can't believe he is real.. I've never seen someone who looks like manga or manwha character .. in my opinion he is the only one has that characteristic he is too handsome and not to mention his personality.... He is definitely came out of webtoon

  • hutanbandar

    Did I just hear the CEO said EW passed when he is not even finish bragging

  • Eloxx Eugene
    Eloxx Eugene

    And I really hate it when people elect me as the class monitor or any position in school because I don't like attention on me, yet I was famous in school for being an athlete... to be someone like Eunwoo, it must be good. He's a model student too. Eunwoo must be very good at leadership and still wonder if their company ever thought of making him the leader aside from Moonbin before ASTRO debut.

  • Mark Albert Mactal
    Mark Albert Mactal

    *95% of comments:* Humble Eunwoo *5% of comments:* other stuff

  • Katie Ha
    Katie Ha

    Why isnt Seung Gi name in the title? Lots of Airens must have missed it

  • Will B.
    Will B.

    I like seung-gi's sense of humor. He's really attractive that way without any bragging at all while Eun woo was trying not to be overboard about himself.. Well, it's so obvious what he has got (his looks)

  • Ivette Martinez
    Ivette Martinez

    Seung-Gi-shi, why do you say I am not the handsomest person but.., by whos standards? All your great attributes are not to make up for anything you lack but to make you whole, not lacking . Who defines what is beauty? By whose standard? What about everyone else who does not meet those standards? We value your whole self

  • astro stole my money
    astro stole my money

    Who watched the entire episode of this clip? The part where it should've been Eun Woo's turn for giving his idea/invention, they didnt show it. WHHHYYYY? I was waiting for his brilliant idea. Even on the part where they filled out the business/calling card, it just showed his hobbies then it was cut off to this clip.

  • Angelina Susanto
    Angelina Susanto

    Wow! I am so proud of him. It shows how smart he is!

  • Smiles May Speak
    Smiles May Speak

    That was bragging? Honestly those sounded like very respectable traits and he even proudly spoke about the group and the fandom, A+ from me. I expected nothing more from my ultimate bias!唐

  • Ethan Gunadi Angstrong
    Ethan Gunadi Angstrong

    As I know he always mentions astro everywhere he goes, omg so pure and he really does love his fellow members

  • imikimi2009

    You know a good person not just with brains but with good personality

  • sabaideeDIY

    Eunwoo is so smart sweet and handsome 歹

  • April -aroha-
    April -aroha-

    that's why i love you Eunwoo

  • Divina Gracia Joyce Loreno
    Divina Gracia Joyce Loreno

    His mother raise him so well. Very humble man Fighting Cha Eun Woo

  • nisa Wiradhika
    nisa Wiradhika

    The title should not be Cha Eun Woo but Lee Seung Gi 不

  • Han Min Mi
    Han Min Mi

    the way seung gi bragged reminds me so much of Jin from BTS

  • Dee Vidi
    Dee Vidi

    Ooh how I love This show... 歹滕 keep this team together and give them more challenging tasks!!!

  • Nabila Lisna
    Nabila Lisna

    Seunggi is hilarious, lol

  • E.L.F. Petal
    E.L.F. Petal

    Eunwoo is clickbait

  • ziela aliz
    ziela aliz

    Always use eun woo face for click bait.. but when I click funny part always when seung gi talk

  • Lynn

    Seung Gi is so funny how he brag himself. I love him more

  • Come Shine
    Come Shine

    Eunwoo has the same vibe with Siwon just minus (the funny side of Siwon) He can becomes a politician someday

  • Fazrina Natrah
    Fazrina Natrah

    THAT HWAITING AT THE END THO 唐 eunu ya why are u so cute

  • Ori Za
    Ori Za

    Very nice eunwoo歹歹歹

  • melosikkie BTOB
    melosikkie BTOB

    The title should be "Seunggi aggressively brag about himself"

  • Ni_ Ningsih
    Ni_ Ningsih

    Aaaa aroha

  • Desiree Tumandao
    Desiree Tumandao

    Ahhhh, i love you lee seung gi. Youre so funny.. hahaha havent bragged abt. His 20's... But its true. Just be honest..

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    He so humble didnt even mention is looks.

  • Jen ASTRO
    Jen ASTRO

    As soon as Eun Woo started talking he already pass and even have a product to endorse ... without bragging his ethereal looks.. THATs the POWER of Cha Eun Woo, period!

  • Gayle dela Cruz
    Gayle dela Cruz

    Eunwoo has a great personality and is multi talented but he is so humble. Aroha will always support you, Nunu.

  • Sarah Lu
    Sarah Lu

    i never knew someone could brag about themselves so humbly

  • Maria Tolentino
    Maria Tolentino

    What did Shin Sung Rok say about himself?

  • Marie Eel
    Marie Eel

    seung gi is the cutest.算手手

  • Ad khuzaim
    Ad khuzaim

    Seung gi is so funny!! 不不. I love it when he's bragging about himself. The way he brags doesn't make me feel any arrogance or showing off. That's confidence!!!

  • HCwing

    Aroha from Hong Kong to support Eunwoo

  • Ananya Kachari
    Ananya Kachari

    I was seriously waiting for Eunwoo to say he was a school president too...

  • hokutoast

    Eunwoo bragging about being in ASTRO and having Aroha from around the world. I have sweat in my eyes 朮

  • Catalina Santana
    Catalina Santana

    i love eunwoo

  • bea mendoza
    bea mendoza

    Donghyun must not notice about the election stuffs at school since being an athlete makes you be absent in class most of the time.

  • Sumin Park
    Sumin Park

    Eunwoo did great!

  • blue sapphire
    blue sapphire

    Eun-woo is a typical person, a good example to others especially to youths, inspires others to his good character, a natural person, a warm-hearted, a humble and down-to-earth person.

  • EatingPedia

    Love Dong Hyun. He's naturally funny

  • MOONBIN is a mermaid prince
    MOONBIN is a mermaid prince

    but them talk and laughing while he is trying to speak kind of made my heart hurt. TT

  • rox s
    rox s

    Eunwoo mentioning Arohas' support from all over the globe is indeed a fact. We will always be by his side and support him no matter what. 歹 ASTRO x AROHA fighting!!! Nunu fighting!

  • Shandy Ronosoebroto
    Shandy Ronosoebroto

    圉收 貐 儭儭(O抪抴抪抴怉 . O抪抴抪抴怉)踱 原! 憂 -篞賈鴔專e: 禺寢鬲

  • Edina ARJ
    Edina ARJ

    So perfect man exist 扔

  • sxhun bignxse
    sxhun bignxse

    actually there is a lot to brag about eunwoo even if we don't talk about his looks: He plays the piano, he is good at sports such as football and basketball, great runner, he sings, he is also very intelligent, he's an actor, model and idol, he's tall, he's competitive and friendly

    • Paramita Naskar
      Paramita Naskar

      All in one

  • Jocelyn Magallon
    Jocelyn Magallon

    hahaha,,,seung gi is the cutest and the master of show off...so funny...