[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] (part.2) JAEHOON is something strange..🙄🙄 (ENG SUB)
[HOT CLIPS] [MY LITTLE OLD BOY] (part.2) JAEHOON is something strange..🙄🙄 (ENG SUB)
JAEHOON's Tasty Bribe!!
Hand over the Programs!!
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  • Farhana Ismail
    Farhana Ismail

    Jaehoon is funny since the first episode he appeared on My Little Old Boy but why he haven't yet become a member or get casted on the other shows?

  • strik_ hedonia
    strik_ hedonia

    Yeah, JTBC Men on a Mission must be very rich since the videos they post on JPflow always get a lot or million of views 😂, so I get why Tak Jae Hoon wants a spot there 😂

  • Manibharathi Malar
    Manibharathi Malar

    Why?! I like Mr. Sangmin's presence in all shows...

  • u100me

    Tak jae hoon is so ungrateful. Sangmin helped him to appear on his program and now he tried to take over Sangmin's show.

    • 공장간장

      In case you are not familiar with korean variety shows, (specially this kind of shows) they are most likely scripted. Not dialogue per dialogue but the whole concept and character is decided prior episodes. They make it more funny and exaggerate on some extent to make more content.

    • Kesh Martizano
      Kesh Martizano

      He is not taking over sangmin 🙄🙄🙄 don't you know they are a good pair???

    • u100me

      @Eiko85 if i dont have a sense of humor, I wouldnt watch it in the first place, buddy. We might have different standard or range of humor.

    • Eiko85

      Please try having a sense of humour.

    • Jackie Le
      Jackie Le

      I agree w you. I don’t like Jae hoon’s character. Some ppl might find him funny. I just don’t.

  • Nisa Afni
    Nisa Afni


  • Azreen Ayen
    Azreen Ayen

    I thought it's Jooheon Monsta X.. .. But it was jaeheon... I need to wear glasses from now on.. Hahahaha...