[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] The Food BINGO in night market不不 (ENG SUB)
[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] The Food BINGO in night market不不 (ENG SUB)
Does this make SENSE!?
The Food BINGO

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  • BlackBangtan Forever賳 諻拗
    BlackBangtan Forever賳 諻拗

    Kyung Soo is the luckiest in EXO.. Kwang Soo is the unluckiest in RM

  • Aarushi Mittal
    Aarushi Mittal

    Jae seok and ik jun 不不不不不不 Legends..

  • April Cantonjos
    April Cantonjos

    Episode 327

  • Hanun Ghaaziyah Salsabila
    Hanun Ghaaziyah Salsabila

    Kak ini episode berapa ?

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      Episode 327

  • Mary Vorachak
    Mary Vorachak

    Why did I just try to blow the tattoos for them? Lmao

    • Ligaya Lam
      Ligaya Lam

  • Jaire Bano
    Jaire Bano

    Kyungsoo being so happy lift up my mood. Thank you RM!

  • Fida Sulaiman
    Fida Sulaiman

    jpflow.info/sun/bideo/Y6unmKJ5uoucfWg.html .

  • Fikri Aimran
    Fikri Aimran

    What episode ni it?

    • Tommy Huang
      Tommy Huang

      episode 327

  • roman picisan
    roman picisan

    I hope Lee sun bin back to Runningman as guest iam her biggest fan

  • roman picisan
    roman picisan

    I hope jung da eun from justice high became next guest of runningman

  • k-J V
    k-J V

    What episode is this?

  • Allyssa Jay
    Allyssa Jay

    I wish I can try this game 1 time just to eat bwahahahaha

  • Ara Bica
    Ara Bica

    Jung seok is so handsome.. . I dont know how gummy able to survive to see this face everyday..

  • Wanda Allen
    Wanda Allen

    That wad great@ I was very happy for Kwang Soo and EXO's DO!不不不不不

  • Maria.

    D O弘

  • Maria.

    D o弘

  • Maria.

  • Naufal Indriatmoko
    Naufal Indriatmoko

    this market is the famous one in Daegu, right?

  • August berry
    August berry

    I miss kyungsoo so much.

  • Gabhe Park
    Gabhe Park

    Hello cap 343 please Ji hyo and Tae joon please please.... Thanks!!!

  • Glenn Kim
    Glenn Kim

    This would not stop cause too many request and support of fans. Thogh they dont move not like before due to new. Normal always stay safe members.

  • Silfiakym xoxo
    Silfiakym xoxo

    I've watched it but still funny lmao

  • Rose Enaldo
    Rose Enaldo

    i just LOVE RUNNING MAN and i love all the members, they are so naturally funny and you can tell that they love what they are doing.

  • khrzzd

    i thought this episode is new you know, because the market has no visitors and the seller use mask and then i realized, they actually booked the market

  • Bandari Lalitha
    Bandari Lalitha

    Korean food nice I am Indian waste

  • -Angelina Choudhury-
    -Angelina Choudhury-

    Kyungsoo-ah just 100 days left for your return bub. Come soon. I'm waiting. For now I'm watching this clip because SOO BROS chemistry is very fine.

  • Danish Nini
    Danish Nini

    Kwang soo and d.o so cute hehe

  • Syukur Subuki
    Syukur Subuki

    seeing do excited scares me. what happened to our innocent, clueless, oblivious kyungsoo

  • christy cuajotor
    christy cuajotor

    Ilove kwangsoo and also his partner love it

  • Ashlei Gem
    Ashlei Gem

    6:20 Ksoo drew Marilyn Monroe AAAAAAA Luhan ehem

  • {muhammab syed}
    {muhammab syed}

    full ep pless

    • {muhammab syed}
      {muhammab syed}

      @Astri Ariani I want to finish this for a moment

    • Astri Ariani
      Astri Ariani

      How ep?

  • Nikitha

    I lost the count of how many times I watched this episode for Jo jung suk.

  • Ivan Lu
    Ivan Lu

    kwangsoo should do the mosquito dance more

  • Adelia irma
    Adelia irma


    • Yakidna Gumabarong
      Yakidna Gumabarong


  • 塈塈

    堭 塈堶堜

  • Eexb Hdyds
    Eexb Hdyds

    Love you 歹

  • CommanderAce

    Every time I see D.O., I can't unsee him in his role in, "It's Okay, That's Love"

    • Hayati AkYahya
      Hayati AkYahya

      Yep. He's acting with that character left a huge impression of him as an actor. I still cant move on from that character.

    • Hayati AkYahya
      Hayati AkYahya

      Yep. He's acting with that character left a huge impression of him as an actor. I still cant move on from that character.

  • SHWETA the crazy
    SHWETA the crazy

    Please please please bring other All ASTRO members in this show please please

    • Swan Lake
      Swan Lake

      @SHWETA the crazy u said what eunwoo did for the sake of ASTRO. So, just him is enough to represent ASTRO. Why need others when they can just send Eunwoo.

    • Swan Lake
      Swan Lake

      @SHWETA the crazy when i said i hate them?

    • Swan Lake
      Swan Lake

      No. Just Eunwoo..

  • Asnah Faisal
    Asnah Faisal

    D.O and kwangsoo

  • big slave
    big slave

    What episode is this? Can you share with me the episode?

    • Muhd Syahmi
      Muhd Syahmi


  • Kakarisma ma
    Kakarisma ma

    I miss the dangerous game ... Exactly, I miss our ACE jihyo :)

  • putri merrytha purwaningsih
    putri merrytha purwaningsih

    I remember the eps where they do the market race, they purposely loose game so they could eat more... And when LKS choosed a pass card SJH smacked his head... Old Episode is the best

    • bless7xo

      @bukan Gamer have you seen the latest kangnam as guest episode on running man, that episode is the worst sorry man

    • putri merrytha purwaningsih
      putri merrytha purwaningsih

      @bukan Gamer Nope, since after spesial member week episodes until chulmin PD left, they barely funny, let's admid it... YJS worked so hard to keep the sinergy balance between members... In the race where members (6) did an auction for their nametag and sign, you can see there are 2 PDs, chulmin and the cubby one, when they're still together, the program is still good, when the cubby one left CM looks like under pressure for making a new concept every week, that's why he left... And honestly,I never like Chulmin's concept from the very begining he join the show, I remember it clearly, the eps when the first time he join is more like a talkshow where they infited KJK's brother and analyzed SJH brain activity or reaction when they talk about Gary... after he joint, most of the race are done inside the studio, when before they used to introduce the landmark first, like, I COULD REALY tell whether it's chulmin or the OG PD one... And FYI, the OG PD now working with YJS in The Sixth Sence, and let me tell ya, he can still make it funny even there are not much physical activity...

    • bukan Gamer
      bukan Gamer

      Let me correct. "Every Episode" is the best

    • iin farlina
      iin farlina

      The new episode is best too. They still deliver the funny moment with new format

    • Chloe Tan
      Chloe Tan

      @bless7xo ep186 I think

  • Khairul Aqila
    Khairul Aqila

    When all groups try so hard to win, there is Jojungseok n yoo jaesuk having fun trying the foods and blocking other group's bingo 不

  • Mesha T
    Mesha T

    So Nice

  • Yeol lanz
    Yeol lanz

    Kwangsoo and kyungsoo 毋不不不

  • Big Street Food
    Big Street Food

    燜hank you so much this is nice Anyone readings this comment please support us thank you ..

  • Evie Jefferson
    Evie Jefferson

    Really nice 歹

  • Mary Rose Martin
    Mary Rose Martin

    The adorable and Handsome oppa Soo brothers 返

  • Momo Kukululu
    Momo Kukululu

    Hahaha D.o. luckiness really save kwangsoo....

  • Alma Taletovic
    Alma Taletovic

    2:32 I like that 歹

  • Noelle Denise Matias
    Noelle Denise Matias

    Runningman is cool :D

  • Jheb

    17:07 is that Kang Gary? cameraman..

  • Jane Balagbis
    Jane Balagbis

    Ilove Running Man For All Times :D .

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    I wish Bopil PD will make this kind of game again.. Where members become frustrated just to win bingo game.. Hahaha..

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Shark Loo yeah.. I know.. That's why they play indoor game

    • Stephone Cloud
      Stephone Cloud

      @Ria Arman which last game? This binggo food one?

    • Shark Loo
      Shark Loo

      Surely they would. Its covid season now tho

    • Ria Arman
      Ria Arman

      Bruh this last game was the lowlight of the episode

  • richie lee
    richie lee

    Woow woow 歹

  • Ary dsl
    Ary dsl

    Jung Seok is lovely

  • Cath T. A.
    Cath T. A.

    Kwangsoo & Kyungsoos celebratory mosquito dance.

  • TNT Igniter
    TNT Igniter

    You guys are fast

  • Nonyah Busynyss
    Nonyah Busynyss

    I'm serious I need to watch the full series...from nz and if it comes on netflix, I'm staying home until I finish the 10 years of running man....or from when song jihyo started.

    • Cristie Epuri
      Cristie Epuri

      @JustInsane lmao np that was my reaction when i first got the link

    • Emmanuel Lasam
      Emmanuel Lasam

      You can download the RM7012 app. All the episodes are there and is always updated with new episodes.

    • JustInsane

      @Cristie Epuri you just made my life so much better with this holy shit i love you

    • Nonyah Busynyss
      Nonyah Busynyss

      @Pao Thao They had another game show on netflix but I like running man better....

    • Pao Thao
      Pao Thao

      Thats 10 seasons worth too. Id buy all of them!

  • Just Minakshi Jatav
    Just Minakshi Jatav

    Why its not available here to watch it and its not happy to watch 1min or 2

  • PeterNightzGamingz

    Love it