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  • josephine otivar
    josephine otivar

    nakakaiyak naman yung music bwiset

  • jimmy siregar
    jimmy siregar

    I wanna cry..

  • Wijilah Albert
    Wijilah Albert

    This video make me cry alot remember how they laugh and making memories together in running man and one of the member leave its really heartbreaking i hope they all have a good life and remember each other until the end

  • RE Gonzaga
    RE Gonzaga

    The day we lost Song Ji Hyo's smile.

  • jae sardea
    jae sardea


  • Anjaly Notlia
    Anjaly Notlia


  • Nikka Masiado
    Nikka Masiado

    What year did he leave ? 😁

    • Asrul Afiq
      Asrul Afiq


  • stella star
    stella star

    already 2020 but still crying whenever i watch this video:'

  • Odgien, Kaironne Van -CP12A1
    Odgien, Kaironne Van -CP12A1

    why he leave?

  • Reyjean Victoriano
    Reyjean Victoriano

    Most heartbreaking episode 💔

  • May_anne Cruz
    May_anne Cruz

    Im a new to this running man since the lockdown and they made me happy so much and im so sad for gary

  • Toh Chong Xu
    Toh Chong Xu


  • Dr Jackal
    Dr Jackal

    Gary's departure is definitely one of if not the saddest moment in running man. I felt like running man lost something important after gary left. To be truthful I've stopped watching running man religiously after he left. Don't get me wrong the new members so min and se chan have their own charm but you know after 300+ episodes watching him, it's very hard not to see him anymore.

  • Justine Czarina Yntig
    Justine Czarina Yntig

    I still assume that one day Gary will join running man, even if he's going to be a guest. It will be a big hit! A lot of people misses him together with other 💔

  • Kate Lansang
    Kate Lansang


  • Dave Sinaga
    Dave Sinaga

    In the past, when Kim Jong Kook was not on fire, there was always Kang Gary who backed him up, even Kang Gary always showed his strength in unexpected times. I miss you "Mr. Random Capable" no one can replace you on Runningman! and forever you will remain a part of the Runningman family.

  • aini grnde
    aini grnde

    i still remember that ep when gary said to ji hyo that they will be monday couple. even if they're married someone else they will went to each other house every monday but now it's not the same anymore :,)

    • sharain runningman
      sharain runningman


  • Anne Mari Angel
    Anne Mari Angel

    Why did I re watched this T.T heartbreak again. Hope they made a reunion episode. As in with the original cast T.T

  • Fia m
    Fia m

    Can someone tell me what episode this is?

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken

    Please Comeback to Running Man Gary We Miss you (╯︵╰,)(╯︵╰,)

  • vin cornito
    vin cornito

    When he left i havent watched an entire episode of running man. :// just clips from youtube

  • STEM H-12 Marikit, Kelly
    STEM H-12 Marikit, Kelly

    I miss the old running man. This is the best korean variety show Ive ever watched. Its not easy to run around like that, plus the age of jin and jaesok oppa. They made us laugh and entertain us all through years.

  • k

    Does anyone know the song that starts at 2:16?

  • Angelica Rubete
    Angelica Rubete

    May I know what episode is this?

  • ItsLavenderPlays

    why did i, a 10 year old, cry-

  • Santheia Angela
    Santheia Angela


  • ty track & shotaro bby
    ty track & shotaro bby

    I'm just new fan of running man. It always play at a Philippines TV. I was doing a research why he is leaving. It breaks my heart. I love their Jihyo's Tandem tho. They are like siblings. I will miss them together.

  • 이므란RyuSenpai

    This seriously make me cry a lot :')

  • FATmeisterゲーム

    i dont know why but i cried while watching this

  • Tainiyat Hanchinal
    Tainiyat Hanchinal

    All the ep of running man made me laugh like hell but this one ep made me cry like hell Gary Oppa bogoshipda I miss you very very much please come back in running man please

  • Little Buddy
    Little Buddy

    I hope Gary can be Running Man guesst on 600 eps😭

  • Nbale93

    Running Man Forever ❤️

  • KanserGamer TV
    KanserGamer TV

    i just saw this ang waaah my tears,,, specially when ji hyo cried 😭😭😭 missing him but all the best oppa

  • Uden Rameli
    Uden Rameli

    Actually he already wants to leave rm in 2012 but he changes his mind at that time

  • Angely Chang
    Angely Chang

    It's 2020 and I'm still crying😢😭

  • Sonalibaba


    • hanniethechipmunk

      Sepi, bantu ramein

    • Mirza Ali Fahlevi
      Mirza Ali Fahlevi

      Eh ada Abang disini

  • Yosua 631
    Yosua 631

    11:10 She's really kept his place empty until now 😢😢

  • noratiqah 2611
    noratiqah 2611

    miss monday couple😭😭

  • Kosnan Malek
    Kosnan Malek

    Gary is the 2nd commander in running man jae suk the chief..joon kook 1st commander and song ji hyo the ace..ha ha master off hide n seek lee kwan soo and suk jin the betrayal..but in one team there are the best..

  • Sofea Wahida
    Sofea Wahida

    I had a dream of gary comes to rm as a guest and everyone are sk happy :')

  • I Y A G A M I N G
    I Y A G A M I N G

    Nooo so sad

  • Fiona :›
    Fiona :›

    I cry in this episode

  • Ak S
    Ak S

    Garyy! 🥺

  • thatha shimray
    thatha shimray

    I cried 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kayenina

    Why do you keep feeding us with Kang Gary throwbacks? This is sooooo sad. He is may favorite RM Member really, our Mr Random Capable huhuhu

  • Yuyuni Hayuni
    Yuyuni Hayuni


  • Melodina Peñaranda
    Melodina Peñaranda

    Why he need's to leave ?🥺🥺soo heartbreaking i saw ji hyo cried 💔💔

  • Jovelyn Peligro
    Jovelyn Peligro

    It's been so sad that Gary is not in running man anymore, by watching this video it makes me cry coz everytime I watching running man every-day makes me laugh so much sometimes laughing with tears... Thank you Gary and godbless

  • aina modi
    aina modi

    I wish Gary would invite all the old casts of running man to meet his son on the show the return of superman.

  • Sarah Ria
    Sarah Ria

    if u ar a real fan of RM, no matter what happened, u will always love them and watch them :) just bcuz Gary not in this show anymore. and u have no right to hate So Min and Se Chan, they saved RM :)

  • Awees S
    Awees S

    No matter what nobody can takes his place in ur heart I wish him best in his new life and family and Thankyou for 7yr in this show ✌🏽❤️

  • Amika Yunay
    Amika Yunay

    i'd miss garry too

  • Ten10dae

    Its sad how one left to focus on acting and one focused on music

  • Aurell liaa
    Aurell liaa

    hwen o see song jihyo eonnie crying.. I'm getting emotional

  • Monique the Unique
    Monique the Unique

    Gary will always be a Family to them! They let Gary grow on his own,but they know Gary will always come back to them! Fighting Gary!! ps: so happy that sbs announce that gary and yoon eun hye will joined Law of the jungle as guests!!

  • Eric Geng
    Eric Geng

    i miss you so much

  • FC Barca
    FC Barca

    Gary is back?

  • Ivy Lonex
    Ivy Lonex

    We need ot7 again ft the 2 maknae

  • Seno Setiaji
    Seno Setiaji

    even he comeback as a guest, he never gonna be a guest, because he is Running man and still gonna be

  • nadya urfa
    nadya urfa

    Ji hyo’s letter is the saddest😭


    Why am I caring 😭😭🥺❤️

  • mohd asri
    mohd asri

    Ji hyo start crying 😢😢😢 I'm also crying 😭😭😭😔😔

  • Ralph Julian Denina
    Ralph Julian Denina

    It took me 2 years to watch RM after Gary's departure 😞

  • Jay Maylon
    Jay Maylon

    What is the title of the background song?

  • D.W Gaming
    D.W Gaming

    11:42 what episode is this? Pls tell me

  • Bunga Sari Simamora
    Bunga Sari Simamora

    I never watching Running Man again since gary left. I just watching the old episodes when gary still there. I always dreaming that gary and ji hyo will make it till married, but looking kang gary nom days, and his smart boy, i have No regret that he's not marrying Ji Hyo

  • Kisses airish Pearl
    Kisses airish Pearl

    I will always miss gary ihope he will be back to running man again wahhhhhhh 2020 here still stuck with this show

  • Annelyn Villarin
    Annelyn Villarin

    Why are you posting now?:(( Im still not get over to the Monday couple, I really miss them but I respect Kang Gary and I'm happy for him💕

  • rose marie rosello
    rose marie rosello

    I’ve been watching Gary and his very cmart cute son Hoah in superman. Is Gary married to Hoah’s mom?

  • Yosie Riantoby
    Yosie Riantoby

    Till now I can't even watch the episode. It is sad already without have to watch the video

  • Arabella

    I was crying the whole time. My tears won't just stop. Really.

  • mhe ledesma
    mhe ledesma


  • Josh den Mark
    Josh den Mark

    up until now, I think this is my tenth time watching this and crying

  • Nayely Jimenez
    Nayely Jimenez

    😭😭😭😭 Nooooo.😭😭

  • Viranda Ariesta
    Viranda Ariesta

    miss u..

  • Cris Yu
    Cris Yu

    jihyo promise gary that no one can replace his spot to running man thats why until now jihyo still no couple in running man she did her promise😭😭

  • Cris Yu
    Cris Yu

    saddest episode of running man ,jihyo make me sad while she crying love them

  • Cris Yu
    Cris Yu

    they make us laugh for 7years but in just 1day we made us cryy😥😥😥😭😭😭 miss u soo much gary ofcurse monday couple ,, but im watching return of superman to support u and ofcurse.always love running man

  • Vania Callista
    Vania Callista

    I just rewatched this and I felt even sadder before and cried so much :( I still can't believe that Gary and Mongji didn't end up together but ofc the most important thing is that Gary is happy with his own family right now. I wonder whether the runningman members now know Gary's new phone number or not.. or whether they have met uo since they lost contact or not.. I just hope they have and if they haven't, they will, soon. I also hope that Gary will be RM guest some time in the future.

  • John Michael Corpuz
    John Michael Corpuz

    It's so sad to lose a friend, a lover and a family.

  • John Michael Corpuz
    John Michael Corpuz

    It's so sad to lose a friend, a lover and a family.

  • Jenwa Cross
    Jenwa Cross

    RM posting this video is so sad... We're missing RMs glory days...we don't know what happened behind the camera on what really happened with Gary and the members... But I can say they maintained a good relationship.. Not everything has to be broadcasted. I remember Gary saying before that YooJS help him financially in making his new studio that says alot.. Whatever decision G has made the RM are always supportive and never had bad blood. They respected each other that much.... So i think Gary being a guest on RM is a huge possibility..People need not to be mad about it...

  • Maria Jonalyn Catipan
    Maria Jonalyn Catipan

    I don't want to see running man crying and ji hyo as well But please gary do not leavea you are The first i know at running man iam crying too Thank You for all Kang Gary Like = if u dont want to leave Gary Comment = gary is gonna stay 4ever

  • M Present
    M Present

    Comeback gary

  • K S
    K S

    I always feel like one of the reasons of his departure from rm is jihyo. I feel like probably he couldn’t hold his feeling towards jihyo anymore and leaving rm is the best option for him to move on.

  • Tanjirou San
    Tanjirou San

    I want to see kim jong kook crying in this episode

  • Naaami Jeon
    Naaami Jeon

    everytime i watch this, i cant help but cry 😭☹️

  • alynn rahim
    alynn rahim

    Jihyo “I will always keep your place empty, since nobody can replace that spot that I always had for you for the past 7 years” 😢😢😢 Missing monday couple!

  • Kaitlyn Diep
    Kaitlyn Diep


  • Alennystovar

    Cómo extraño estos tiempos vale💔

  • 120 Paul
    120 Paul

    Runningman official channel upload the same video a few days before, gary is coming back!

  • hazwanee25

    To those of us who watched RM from ep1, it was really heartbreaking to know of his departure. This episode and the next were the hardest for me especially. Cos we're used to seeing all of them together. But seeing how well Gary is doing now, how he left to focus on his career and wellbeing, also the adorableness of Haoh, I think he is at the right path. As a fan, I'm happy to see him now. His departure also made an impact on how RM producers afterwards design the show. RM is still funny today and will always be funny and I hope SBS will focus more on the wellbeing of team members and staff too.

  • Gerin Bueno
    Gerin Bueno

    you really know how to break our hearts,,,,

  • Ida Dazzling
    Ida Dazzling

    the heck why am I watching this? Can't stop crying for real

  • Clarisse Gerolaga
    Clarisse Gerolaga

    Because of quarantine I discovered runningman and Kang gary made me watch runningman episodes starting from episode 1, he's my favorite. ThankyouKangGary!

  • Da Dark assasin
    Da Dark assasin

    Hope he comes back

  • genelli vllcrt
    genelli vllcrt

    ngl im waiting for him every single running man anniversary :

  • genelli vllcrt
    genelli vllcrt

    i'll be waiting for him even if he can just come as a guest at rm now,,

  • genelli vllcrt
    genelli vllcrt

    i'll be waiting for him even if he can just come as a guest at rm now,,

  • Jho Zason Squad
    Jho Zason Squad

    this makes me feel all the pain i felt when he left! cried a lot on those last episodes he was in! 😢😢😢