[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] Hangul Proclamation Day (ENG SUB)
[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] Hangul Proclamation Day (ENG SUB)
Collect the Korean letter!!
Hangul Proclamation Day

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  • Noer Izzati
    Noer Izzati

    Seriusssss gary

  • Yolanda Thea
    Yolanda Thea

    Sub indo 🙏

  • chuu wuttyi linn
    chuu wuttyi linn

    Love so much ......7012❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Dhany Fernandia
    Dhany Fernandia

    Kang Gary 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • Fej Parcz
    Fej Parcz

    My stress reliever...😊😊😊

  • Reni Diah Pertiwi
    Reni Diah Pertiwi

    Indonesia🇮🇩 subtitle please 🤗

  • Shafidi DZ
    Shafidi DZ

    Miss gary

  • Rowena Martinez
    Rowena Martinez


  • Thao Xiong
    Thao Xiong

    Man all of these old videos beening reuploaded with Gary make me really miss him on running man

  • Kezia Kurniatii
    Kezia Kurniatii

    where is somin?

    • DynamicPeach

      These were the early days

  • Reunite Unknown
    Reunite Unknown


    • Sanny SO LUCKY
      Sanny SO LUCKY

      Gray DRAWING RUNNING MAN jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqZ-m4yC0YZpq3E.html

  • yuri nguyen
    yuri nguyen

    KANG GARY IS BACKKKKKKKK event only one episode is okey I AM HAPPPPYYYYYYY

  • 학수


  • Bella Yang
    Bella Yang

    Wait im confused... didn't KJK & KG make 무 first @ 4:14? Why YJS team answer first?

    • Jingz Infinite
      Jingz Infinite

      I think cuz theirs is more of a 우 than a 무

  • Munings Life
    Munings Life

    omg is gary back or is this an old episode?

    • Rowena Martinez
      Rowena Martinez

      This is an old episode

  • Ivan Lu
    Ivan Lu

    lmao theyre so mean to sukjin

  • taegyo '
    taegyo '

    My stupid ass really thought this is the recent episode, I was surprised seeing gary there smh 😭

    • Sanny SO LUCKY
      Sanny SO LUCKY

      Gayaaaaaaaaaa DRAWING RUNNING MAN jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqZ-m4yC0YZpq3E.html

  • Shin Sai
    Shin Sai

    7:14 Spartace

  • V Remsangpuii
    V Remsangpuii

    Im not complaining but i really miss the old jihyo vibes

    • Sanny SO LUCKY
      Sanny SO LUCKY

      Waaa DRAWING RUNNING MAN jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqZ-m4yC0YZpq3E.html

    • ELF JAM Choi
      ELF JAM Choi

      Same here

    • ika family
      ika family

      Me too

    • Anonymous Wanderer
      Anonymous Wanderer

      Same here.

    • Girindra Wardani
      Girindra Wardani

      Me too

  • Borahae

    Noong nakita ko ang thumbnail, akala ko guest si mimiyuh 😅😅 sorry na

  • Fox Berries
    Fox Berries

    I really Miss gary😂😭

    • Amal Almarri
      Amal Almarri

      Me too

    • Sanny SO LUCKY
      Sanny SO LUCKY

      Huuuu DRAWING RUNNING MAN jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqZ-m4yC0YZpq3E.html

    • uchuki oli
      uchuki oli

      Me too

  • constanza gomez
    constanza gomez

    Son los mejores pero me gustaría que estuviera en español

  • Josh den Mark
    Josh den Mark

    Is it only me but this do be hd

  • W T
    W T

    ji yeon at Obsessed )_(

  • Lyn Nie
    Lyn Nie

    Gary❤ Love from Philippines❤

  • Loey Nick
    Loey Nick

    gary in this episode 😭✋

  • Kevin Chaostroll
    Kevin Chaostroll

    Can someone tell me guest name...😣

    • Eirfuun Niann
      Eirfuun Niann

      Yu Hae Jin, Lee Joon, Lim Ji Yeon and Jo Yoon Hee.

  • kiem dao
    kiem dao

    What's ep pls

    • sheena

      kiem dao 320

  • Kuching.sniper


  • fatimah

    I want Jihyo to be like this again, it's not like now Jihyo is more silent and now I never hear her screams anymore.

    • Amy Amira
      Amy Amira

      You right

    • 열매

      angry bird jihyo, geumson jihyo, ace jihyo, gangster jihyo, rock jihyo... she has so many character from rm

    • Sanny SO LUCKY
      Sanny SO LUCKY

      Yihaaaa DRAWING RUNNING MAN jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqZ-m4yC0YZpq3E.html

    • Tanushree Soren
      Tanushree Soren

      I’m sure she talks a lot. I hear a lot of her in the background when other members are talking.. editing is the one to blame. Not giving her enough screen time.

    • Raja Utama
      Raja Utama

      I knew it, but u must move on..

  • iRis ._.
    iRis ._.

    Love Jihyo🌹❤ HATE SOMIN:)

    • anya kano
      anya kano

      Jihyo loves somin hehe funny youre hating the one whom jihyo loves.

    • Sanny SO LUCKY
      Sanny SO LUCKY

      12 DRAWING RUNNING MAN jpflow.info/sun/bideo/cqZ-m4yC0YZpq3E.html

    • Paqal J
      Paqal J


    • sahithi reddy
      sahithi reddy

      What did she even do to you to hate... Also how can anyone hate a person whom they didn't even meet once but just by seeing them on screens.... The prblm is in you

    • Random kVids
      Random kVids

      Lol! Most unintelligible comment I've read today.

  • Baby Phat
    Baby Phat

    Those beautiful ladies with oversized shirts. 😍😍😍

  • Ellah Obordo
    Ellah Obordo

    There's an English sub

  • dinesh upadhyay
    dinesh upadhyay

    Hi I am from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 And uu LOVE uu KOREYA 🇰🇷😘😘😘

  • Noor Huda
    Noor Huda

    Why no english subtitile?? I can't understand korean language😔😔😔

    • Noor Huda
      Noor Huda

      Oh thank you dear 😚😚😚

    • Dede Suparman
      Dede Suparman

      There is now... Just click the 3 dots on the right corner and choose the caption...

  • Christine sung
    Christine sung


  • Juliet Mercurio
    Juliet Mercurio

    English sub please 🙏🏻

    • Atomicx Falcon
      Atomicx Falcon

      open subtitle

    • I'm Jisoo I'm not scary
      I'm Jisoo I'm not scary

      Its there...?

  • 박성재

    Where's the engsub?

    • I'm Jisoo I'm not scary
      I'm Jisoo I'm not scary

      its there already...?

    • HADERZ

      @Shermine Lai hahah lol

    • Shermine Lai
      Shermine Lai

      HADERZ oh I answered the wrong comment AHAHAH oops

    • HADERZ

      Where is the English subtitle not the Episode

    • Shermine Lai
      Shermine Lai

      Ep 320 it’s in description

  • Andini Eka Pratiwi
    Andini Eka Pratiwi

    what eps?

    • I'm Jisoo I'm not scary
      I'm Jisoo I'm not scary


    • Je A
      Je A


  • Maricar Dawn Cardinoza
    Maricar Dawn Cardinoza

    Mygahd cassie early squad from 🇵🇭🇵🇭I miss gary😭

  • Krishna Subramanian
    Krishna Subramanian

    No eng subtitles

    • I'm Jisoo I'm not scary
      I'm Jisoo I'm not scary

      Its up....?