"No Time to Chew!!"
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  • batch batch
    batch batch

    If you'll notice at 15:50 Gary is looking miserably at jhiyo :( what did u do kwangsoo...

  • Paola Barra
    Paola Barra

    I like haha 歹

  • Mary Grace Ba簽ez
    Mary Grace Ba簽ez

    What ep is this?

  • ellen tolentino
    ellen tolentino

    This episode is so funny..

  • Maria Aren Legaspi
    Maria Aren Legaspi

    omg i thought gary came backkk :{{

  • Eiva

    Min ho對

  • so dumb
    so dumb

    Ketika masih ada Gary dan Sechan jadi bintang tamu.

  • Maria.

  • MyintMyat TheingiWin
    MyintMyat TheingiWin

    Thanks for posting it I need 7012 content

  • Suzan Alzebdeh
    Suzan Alzebdeh

    Kids saying the title is the fortnite running man emote

  • Ace


  • Raesa moza
    Raesa moza

    D-22 can't wait for Minho 歹

  • KBM 19
    KBM 19

    Hilarious love it.

  • shekaka. mua
    shekaka. mua

    episode? can someone tell me 朮

  • Hyo

    Oh how I miss Gary

  • Ylever Knew
    Ylever Knew

    2:36 my reaction when I witness a mother scolding her kid in public hahaha

  • sabreena iena
    sabreena iena

    oh my God I don't know this ep sechan (guest) while Gary still in their

  • Jenny C.
    Jenny C.

    Even I dont understand I still watching it hahahaha

  • Elsa Sub
    Elsa Sub

    Sorry, but can I ask what eps is it?

    • Arpita Prajapati
      Arpita Prajapati


  • joaniemaloney

    Omg, I can't believe this clip is finally up! I see that moment of Minho pouting with the smoke after losing a jajangmyeon eating contest with his bib and it's so cute but I couldn't find it anywhere. iconic!

  • Bhakti Andaru
    Bhakti Andaru

    Kwang Mong Couple steal my attention

  • Esraa A
    Esraa A

    it's so weird to see Gary and Sechan in the same episode

  • fluffytomato

    I haven't watched RM for years (only restarted cos recent eps have been going viral) but I recognised this episode immediately! Haha classic

  • Sakura 1310
    Sakura 1310

    Minho already looks handsome with blond hair but when he scream asking Gary swallow the food, he's look more handsome

  • Queen Marleen Balimbin
    Queen Marleen Balimbin

    What Episode is this? 不 I want to watch this again

    • Kirsten Hee
      Kirsten Hee

      323 from 2016

  • kemsdd

    Minho. ..cries in dibidibidi

  • Samsung A20
    Samsung A20


  • Neha H.N
    Neha H.N

  • lojain AL-Z
    lojain AL-Z

    TBH Kwang soo was harsh on jihyo, otherwise she wouldnt have bitten him or avoided him trying to help her. He is usually gentle, he took it a bit overboard this time對

  • Olga Reyes
    Olga Reyes

    Jajajaja ellos hacen competencias muy buenas jajajaj. Kang Soo es muy malo jajajaja

  • b m
    b m

    I came back just because I missed seeing when Ji-hyo Unnie was treated well on the show. Specially when Gary never missed giving her that extra attention even when it wasn't Monday. And our little kwangmong fights 伐朮 I miss it today. I feel specially a little down today about how Ji-hyo unnie's role has been neglected and how unfair things are for her, almost like a struggle to just stay on camera. I guess I'm going to watch old episodes for a while now. I'm just disappointed at how she's being taken for granted these days. The staff needs to learn before they end up losing her. She has given so much to the show. It can at least give her a fair screen time. Sorry guys, I really need to vent a little today so I had to say it. I love all RM memebers. But I can also see the difference that the staff is showing between them now.

  • Constantine Knowpole
    Constantine Knowpole

    Poor Song Ji Hyo

  • Significan't

    Oh my God! DID I JUST SEE GARY?!!! 晦歹歹歹

  • ChoPink Gi
    ChoPink Gi

    Gary is back?

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea

      Sure 丑

  • Jennie MongJo
    Jennie MongJo

    Halaaa. Gary came back to the show as guest?

    • Krysta 0314
      Krysta 0314

      No this is an old episode where Gary is still a member

  • gems click tv
    gems click tv

    My jihyo oh no. Hahhaha

  • Khup Vangluah
    Khup Vangluah

    Who is jaesuk master????? Blue team

  • fikri Fizik
    fikri Fizik

    jpflow.info/sun/bideo/ebGHoKB8vImHrZs.html KISAH SERAM ASRAMA...sebuah kisah yang bagi kitorg asbabnya memperkenalkan 狄i2ik scream itu sendiri so kali ini fi2ik scream kembali menghantui malam korg dengan KISAH SERAM ASRAMA part2 haaaa jadi jgn ketinggalan saksikan 3 kompilasi kisah seram yang cukup unik n menyeramkan gittew...so yup...serikankan malam korg dgn kisah mengerikan bersama fi2ik scream...MALAM SEPI BERTEMAN KEMBALI領玖ope korg enjoy-gamsahamida...~anyeong

  • April Vang
    April Vang

    Minhos reaction every time jihyo slaps kwangsoo!

  • Kegedean palaku
    Kegedean palaku

    Jihyo & jungkook moment shrinke.me/wSquKn0G

  • Siti Nuraisyaan
    Siti Nuraisyaan

    what episode is this?

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea


  • Rueshmel Zenitram
    Rueshmel Zenitram

    What episode is this guys? Does anyone knows?

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea


  • Afa Asfari
    Afa Asfari

    gary's last normal episode :(

  • Hello there
    Hello there

    I didn't know Se Chan is in this ep

  • Anisa Sya
    Anisa Sya

    When se chan as the guest

  • dorama korean
    dorama korean

    tell me what episode is this?

    • Andrea JustAndrea
      Andrea JustAndrea


  • sona


  • GDisGOD

    Gary and sechan in the same frame got me confused

  • Jjkayhelp

    I saw Minho I clicked

  • Melan Ang
    Melan Ang

    Shit.. Now I'm starving

  • beautifulstranger9 beautiful
    beautifulstranger9 beautiful

    Kang Gary, Choi Minho & Lee Kwangsoo, Song Ji Hyo is 13:55 14:42 15:36

  • Sai Sneha
    Sai Sneha

    I just saw Minho in the thumbnail and i clicked

  • Jaehyunnie peachy
    Jaehyunnie peachy

    Which episode is this?

  • AnotherDay

    I got shock that Gary was there when Se chan is also there but no Somin. I Checked the title and its RUNNING MAN Legend.. ahh dats why (aka old ep)

  • Haruka Nanako
    Haruka Nanako

    I thought gary comes as guest and minho already discharge from the military

  • callme booboo
    callme booboo

    I was so shocked to see Se Chan and Gary together wtffff 不不 gave me a heart attack I forgot Se Chan used to be a guest haha

  • Yorangdan Muggle
    Yorangdan Muggle

    Minho in the thumbnail is a great trap

  • Dre^^

    Why Seok jin is "Wangko" in the sub??

    • Felicia Skolastika
      Felicia Skolastika

      It means big nose, it's his nickname

  • Paromita Roy
    Paromita Roy

    Minho 歹歹

  • Gen le
    Gen le

    Jae suk is really unlucky in games lol haahah

  • Angel Girl
    Angel Girl

    What episode ?

  • Rizqina Azizah
    Rizqina Azizah

    Just want to look at minho face xD

  • Stypayhorlikson Little Danjjak
    Stypayhorlikson Little Danjjak

    Yes, Min Ho's really competitive haha

  • kookie bias but love them all
    kookie bias but love them all

    Minho being so competitive .. I wonder what happen if running man invite Minho and Jungkook together

  • Cutie girl
    Cutie girl

    I barely realized se chan was here

  • dede fauziah
    dede fauziah


  • shero183

    Where can I watch full ep?

  • 934 9426 968 98 943 I'm
    934 9426 968 98 943 I'm



    Minho on the thumbnail, made me click 歹


    what episode is rhis

  • Alfredo Q
    Alfredo Q

    I remember when they start changimg their background music , specially the jihyo's one, i guess they got a copyrighted problem

  • my acc
    my acc


  • Tyuisy

    Where i can get new info from Running Man? Insta , Fb , or something?? I want meet them if they come to indonesia

  • Firdaus Latif
    Firdaus Latif

    May I know, what episode is this?

    • Isti Qomah
      Isti Qomah


  • Lyana Yana
    Lyana Yana

    Which episode is this???

  • Eve Dellyienna
    Eve Dellyienna

    Ngl Kwang-Ji couple is the best

  • Blue Cute
    Blue Cute

    Is that se chan as a guest?

  • Jaaam X
    Jaaam X

    Tb to when Jihyo talked more and had more screen time 唐

    • Bhakti Andaru
      Bhakti Andaru

      And whenever people feel bad about Ji Hyo, I'm pretty sure most of So Min fans will think they're fanatics for Ji Hyo It's not It's reality

    • Bhakti Andaru
      Bhakti Andaru

      @b m this may sounds offending but yeah Neither Ji Hyo fans or Ji Hyo haters or So Min fans(who have revenge on her) will always said "she's ok now, no need to complain" *"no need to complain"* i mean they literally hate to seeing a critic like this meanwhile she actually have a less screentime, That's too cruel Welp, i think i mentioned myself but I've seen the problem for a long time and yeah she actually deserves more screentime no matter she's active or not, she's still active but talk less now But when she sticks with others (being couple / teamwork) , she gets more screentime with that And Running Man Pd should give her more screentime with that way!

    • b m
      b m

      Soooooo true! I literally came here just for that. I'm actually going to watch just old episodes for a while because I feel specially bad today for Ji-hyo Unnie and how she's being treated on the show by the staff. I love watching So-min too, I love her dramas even, but the staff is being way too unnecessarily biased with screen time. They even took away Dongjun as a partner from Ji-hyo Unnie in recent episode when at least out of all the guests that come on the show, he was supposed to be hers in terms of pairs and couples. I felt so bad thinking about that. They shouldn't have taken that away. And then I don't think there's even any interaction happening between them in the whole episode since they're not partners. Ji-hyo is being side tracked all the time, doesn't get screen time, doesn't get her reactions shown, gets her game turns skipped in clips and is always being pushed with Sukjin these days. I feel really sad thinking of that. And I wonder how much more she can really take? I don't want her to leave the show because it really wouldn't be the same but then again, a part of me feels like with the way things have been, wouldn't it only be fair and more deserving for her sake? Idk, I don't want her to leave but I also feel so bad for her. Would the PDs realise her value then? :'(

  • Stella Rufino
    Stella Rufino

    What's episode is this pls

  • I Can't Stop Me
    I Can't Stop Me

    Minho is really a prince hahahahha

  • Ely Moshi
    Ely Moshi


  • Kliver John
    Kliver John

    Im true running man fan!! Gary left still broke my heart but today the wound already healed because i know i still like watch running man until now. I heard next year runningman gonna end. What i gonna watch after that..Knowing bros i dont like much just some episode i had fun. My Little old boy and Return superman i also like not much as i like runningman..

  • Edina ARJ
    Edina ARJ

    It's feels empty without somin

    • Felicia Skolastika
      Felicia Skolastika

      This episode (324) is before they join, Sechan was a guest here

  • Edina ARJ
    Edina ARJ

    Where's somin 朮朮朮 ohhh

    • Hope worldian
      Hope worldian

      This is the old ep

  • Asl覺 Toprak
    Asl覺 Toprak

    Add Turkish subtitles for all videos, please

  • Asl覺 Toprak
    Asl覺 Toprak

    Add Turkish subtitles for all videos, please

  • Asl覺 Toprak
    Asl覺 Toprak

    Add Turkish subtitles for all videos, please

  • Sharon Belcher
    Sharon Belcher

    I love watching them

  • Truth Untold
    Truth Untold

    Minhos back from the military?

    • Risma Niar
      Risma Niar

      Not yet, it's an old episode

  • Hay Hay
    Hay Hay

    Running man ep?

  • Maybel Magcongey
    Maybel Magcongey

    Watching this made me miss old running man even harder. I really miss the presence of Mr. Random Capable Guy KANG GARY-SSI

    • Aran Tobing
      Aran Tobing

      ofc the old lady, blank jihyo too

  • Mary Rose Martin
    Mary Rose Martin

    Kwangmong sibling I do love how they treated each other. Sooooo real

  • 諡渠炭諻拗

    after years i still jealous of minho's small face

  • Tenzin Lhadon
    Tenzin Lhadon

    Clear ur mind of dirty thoughts ik u all thought it 唐唐

  • siti nor aini
    siti nor aini


  • Ella Adenip
    Ella Adenip

    The thumbnail reminds me of episode which she fed SeokJin in that way too

  • Letie Sibal
    Letie Sibal

    I liked this show the games are so funny 不 espc Jihyo and Kwang Soo team.

  • andredawson Maape
    andredawson Maape

    What episode is this?

  • BJJ BJ
    BJJ BJ


  • Saki Doo
    Saki Doo

    Song jihyo 歹歹歹歹歹