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  • Fatin 15
    Fatin 15

    Di Indonesia itukan? 😍😍😍

  • orang desa
    orang desa

    Woww, Indonesia ❤️❤️

  • Ainni Sagitarius
    Ainni Sagitarius

    Taman safari indonesia 😀😀😀

  • Siti Jawiah
    Siti Jawiah

    Where them shooting

  • It's Say Diego Gaming
    It's Say Diego Gaming

    Indonesia, my place😀😀

  • misaki

    kwang soo the crocodile magnet!

  • Ashabul Yamin Bin Syarbini
    Ashabul Yamin Bin Syarbini

    Bukan Lee Kwang-soo dan Kim Jong-kook namanya kalau tidak berurusan dengan binatang

  • Jokey 7469
    Jokey 7469

    Even though he is a tiger he is still scared of a lion

  • S. Rn
    S. Rn

    4:30 Kwangsoo : hey what is it ? Heyy ! Are you okay? The man : nahh this is my job everyday ..i even brush its teeth bruh 😂😂

  • MCMH

    Kinda sad that they chained up that lion tho

  • Veronika Firdaus
    Veronika Firdaus


  • EVE

    the zoo guy who put his hand in the lion's mouth is a whole ass alpha guy 😂

  • mynameisaeri

    I freakin miss Taman Safari

  • Ally Red
    Ally Red

    I feel bad for that lion force to sit for hours everyday so people can take pictures with it it's a wild animal it deserves to be free

  • Yana Sham
    Yana Sham

    When Ji Sung appears as a guest, the episode totally will be hit 💯

  • EY EY
    EY EY

    did gary came back to the show ?

  • نِسْوَة قُرَّةَ اَعْيُونِي
    نِسْوَة قُرَّةَ اَعْيُونِي

    This episode is Laugh Booster. The way KJK got scared when brushing the lion never failed to make me ROTFL. I will recommended this episode to anyone who wants to watch k variety show.

  • Ifta BNHamid
    Ifta BNHamid

    JK : I'm leaving Lion : Iya hati-hati

  • Ifta BNHamid
    Ifta BNHamid

    Yeay Indonesia 😁😁😁

  • NEXT BENZ Once
    NEXT BENZ Once

    clips legends nih bogor indonesia

  • Vidya A P S 4GH17CS052
    Vidya A P S 4GH17CS052

    This is the first time I am seeing tiger Jongkook as scaredy cat😂😂😂

  • zykeveyin malone
    zykeveyin malone

    Poor Kwang Soo and KJK 😂😂

  • Muhammad Hatim
    Muhammad Hatim

    No matter how tame it was..I would never touch a dangerous animal..their origin is wild animal anything can happen

  • Shai Sarzuelo
    Shai Sarzuelo

    Kang Gary is still in running man? He didnt leave?

    • Itz NiCkTo9ite
      Itz NiCkTo9ite

      Gary already left Running Man, 4yrs ago This was an old episode, it was from 2014 (Ep.200)

  • Jenny Cici
    Jenny Cici


  • Tawel SK
    Tawel SK

    Come to Medan please.

  • To Blind Amil
    To Blind Amil

    The tiger playing joke on joongkook

  • fuji ruhita
    fuji ruhita

    Hi from Indonesia 🇮🇩

  • WillPlayz

    Someone should make a compilation of Kwangsoo sighing🤣😂🤣😂

    • WillPlayz


  • xXLilith_SarcasmXx

    Thank u running man making me feel better during cramps

  • brooklyn J
    brooklyn J

    Lks :"Wht if they fought w/ their gf" Cd: _u die, giraffe_ LOL.

  • Anita Xie
    Anita Xie

    No one : KJK : Yeorobun.. yeorobun.. yeorobunnnn

  • Yui Komori
    Yui Komori

    What?! They was in Indonesia! Aww they all so lucky

  • Being Agatha
    Being Agatha

    we love Indonesiaaa

  • Hobby Gambar
    Hobby Gambar

    Indonesian sub please, i am from indo

  • Wiwit Andriani
    Wiwit Andriani

    KJK must remember this when he was afraid of something...😂 Tiger met Lion 😂

  • Natasya Azmi
    Natasya Azmi

    Episode ?

  • Komsyatu Ade
    Komsyatu Ade


  • daniel _DRM1B_1030
    daniel _DRM1B_1030

    what eps?

    • Itz NiCkTo9ite
      Itz NiCkTo9ite

      Ep 200

  • Gdbdb Bcbfb
    Gdbdb Bcbfb

    في المقطع سعودين صح هههههه

  • kharina nomis
    kharina nomis

    4:26 4:29 hey hey are you ok?halos wlang boses dhil sa nerbyos😂😂😂😂

  • jasmiine sha
    jasmiine sha

    Hi ,which episode ? Respons pleaseeeeeeee tq

  • caroline anatassia
    caroline anatassia

    Jong kook's scene made me burst in laugh. His expression is 🔝🔝🔝🔝 when he saw that the caretaker put his hand into the lion's mouth. Lol lol it's very rare to see the sparta jong kook afraid of something :)

  • GhoulTraveller

    The crocs are much more dangerous and unpredictable than the lion. They can run fast too. Poor kwang soo

  • Arlona Faith Dimaano
    Arlona Faith Dimaano

    Where can i watch this episode?


    can't wait running man 522.... so intense...

  • Cris Yu
    Cris Yu


  • Debo

    The lion isn't supposed to be there.

  • FalconBunny

    01:22 hmmm they censored it I wonder where this is 01:27 oh thanks

  • ARMY Lena-_- AMI
    ARMY Lena-_- AMI

    The lion just wants you to brush his hair but you aint doing it and you even scared [Common Tiger] [Welldone Tiger]


    That lion is possivly drugged to attract bisitors...refrain from taking pictures with them in zoos

  • M. K.
    M. K.

    I really like this show, but I'm disappointed that they promote animal cruelty in the tourist industry. Most of the animals who are used in the tourist industry like elephants rides of where you can take photos with wild animals are severely beaten and drugged. So I hope people will think about this the next time they will go on holiday and help the responsible tourism industry.

  • oXiKONs__SinsXo

    That’s actually very dangerous with what they do to take photos with the Lion. It should not be chained up like that, they really shouldn’t be doing that at all

  • vitolia latu
    vitolia latu

    They look scared... hahaha

  • Michael Stephanus
    Michael Stephanus

    The reason I started watching Running Man... When Park Ji Sung came to Taman Safari Indonesia... Now RM is a weekly must do routine

  • 열매

    im surprised theres no mandatory snack comment saying 'im so surprised seeing gary there omg i thought he comes back to rm but turns out its an old episodeㅜㅠㅠㅜ i miss old running man ㅠㅠ'

  • Aurora

    Where are this place, I want to visit it someday, is now we can touch a lion?

    • 열매

      taman safari in bogor, indonesia

  • Acxel Kong
    Acxel Kong

    Old running man is a lot better

  • GZX_ Arbert
    GZX_ Arbert

    I from indonesia.i love indonesia safari

  • M Atr
    M Atr

    No doll? Hahaha



  • Purple Tulip
    Purple Tulip

    The lion want to play with the "tiger" lolol

  • Romero, Kin Arnold L.
    Romero, Kin Arnold L.

    What eps is this and what year?

    • Itz NiCkTo9ite
      Itz NiCkTo9ite


    • 열매


  • spicy12

    Watching from America/Florida love me some Muscle Man Kim Jong Kook

  • Nurul Azizah 7012SJH
    Nurul Azizah 7012SJH

    Semoga suatu saat nanti running man ada di Indonesia lagi, amin

  • Mich Schae
    Mich Schae

    Welcome Giraffe🐊🦒🤣

  • Rekyan

    I hope they can make Indonesia/SEA race again 🙏

  • olivia marcha
    olivia marcha

    baru sadar kalo di indo:(

  • mary-crit kwan
    mary-crit kwan

    What episode is this?

  • reakoooo

    Ji Sung did so well in both the ep he attended. I wish he could come visit running man again.

    • reakoooo

      @Arda Normm yes bro. You should watch it

    • Arda Normm
      Arda Normm

      reakoooo the footballer right

    • reakoooo

      @Arda Normm yes

    • Arda Normm
      Arda Normm

      Do you mean park ji sung

  • 桜レイア

    The lion really love to tease a tiger

  • Ralte V
    Ralte V

    I hope to see these kinds of things with Son in the future

  • BLCKPNK Rosé Is Lifeu
    BLCKPNK Rosé Is Lifeu

    Omo the crocodile is so fat 😍🥰 SOOO CUTE

  • Savitri Amelia Putri
    Savitri Amelia Putri

    Safari in indonesian? Wow

  • Hypevlogs

    Lion: So this is the brave and bold Jungkook huh, we'll see about that >

  • Kathy Lyn Surban
    Kathy Lyn Surban

    It isn't normal for a wild animal like lions to keep calm as much as possible if not being trained hard to the point that animals gets depressed because thwy felt tortured.

    • Jimmy Lie
      Jimmy Lie

      they drugged the lions (which is bad for them) for shows and paid photograph if im not mistaken..

    • EVE

      The zookeeper was holding a whip behind his back

    • Kevin Salim
      Kevin Salim

      Not if they have been raised since they're born. They're learn that human is not a threat that's why snakes, tigers, lions which are tamed since they're born do not attack people.

  • mulyani zein
    mulyani zein


  • Shalini Saraf
    Shalini Saraf

    Somehow I don't find it funny to do tasks with chained lion who definitely must have been given tranquilizer..

  • Lizel Ramirez
    Lizel Ramirez

    Omg Jong Kook oppa HAHAHHAHA

  • Sre Sre
    Sre Sre

    Is this the new one or the old one??🧐🧐

    • Engrish hard
      Engrish hard

      Old, 2014

  • rene

    i miss park jisung on the show! 😭 i wish he visits running man again soon

  • Riana

    Aku tak comen go bhsa Indonesia dwe., TAMAN SAFARI 🇮INDONESIA 🇮🇩....kwansooo + jongkok lucuuu 😂😂

  • Animes Nangku
    Animes Nangku


  • Lovely Somera
    Lovely Somera

    If i was in that position as Kwangsoo I might faint immediately as soon as i saw those Crocodiles

  • Lovely Somera
    Lovely Somera

    5:18 What if they got scolded by their parents last night?! 5:21 What if they fought with their girlfriends?! 5:28 It's moving!!! (Because it's alive) The caption on 5:28 was so funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Kwangsoo really made my day😂

  • Stephone Cloud
    Stephone Cloud

    For the first time our tiger become weak infront of a lion.. And poor giraffe kwang soo got the crocodile mission, cute Jihyo teased him make me laugh so hard.. Hahaha

  • Lovely Somera
    Lovely Somera

    This is the time when Kim Jong-kook is still afraid of the Lion HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Rheamazing

    Lee Kwangsoo 😍

  • Uniequorn Priv
    Uniequorn Priv

    the cutest jongkook i’ve ever seen without him need to make cute face or acting cute to annoy jaesuk🤣🤣

  • red BORUT
    red BORUT

    It's always worth watching to see a rare moment of KJK getting scared and LKS getting his most fearsome experience. 😂 Btw, thank you for listening to our recommendations. Hope to see more funny and entertaining contents of Korean shows. Stay safe everyone ❤️

  • Shaina Sy
    Shaina Sy

    i think kwangsoo lived his life dangerously but to the fullest

  • gemilang teknik kontruksi
    gemilang teknik kontruksi

    Welcome to indonesia

  • Clariza Aprilia Putri
    Clariza Aprilia Putri

    Kwang Soo is always dealing with crocodiles. either in Indonesia or Australia

    • tinie angel
      tinie angel


  • Rika rahim
    Rika rahim

    Plis teks indonesia☺

  • Clover JungAh
    Clover JungAh

    Sampe sekarang masih jadi eps terfavoritoooooo... ❤

  • John Joseph Ocaya
    John Joseph Ocaya

    What episode is this?

    • 열매


  • داني فرننديا اغسطين
    داني فرننديا اغسطين

    Favorit 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • S347 Leana
    S347 Leana

    just one of the few moments kimjongkook getting startled

  • Syafira Adlina
    Syafira Adlina

    Its been a long time since I watch this

  • •Nareva Khalisa•
    •Nareva Khalisa•

    I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩